Arsenal offered experienced goal-scorer until January?

Arsenal are said to have been offered MLS striker Jermain Defoe on a temporary deal until January, as the former Spurs striker seeks a return to the Premier League, according to The Telegraph.

Defoe is said to be in advanced talks with previous boss Harry Redknapp´s QPR, but the player has asked his agent to sound out a move to Arsenal as his preferred destination.

JD moved to Toronto FC in January of this year, and scored 11 goals in his 16 appearances for the club. It is thought that he has not settled into the Canadian lifestyle as well as he had hoped, and is keen on a return to England.

As much as I think a two-time Spurs player is the last thing I would want to see in a Gunners shirt, his experience of the Premier League could benefit us in Olivier Giroud’s absence. He is a top finisher, but I think Wenger will overlook him. With under 5 hours left of the market, who of our realistic targets do you really want to see arrive?

Brilliant Wenger Parody of Transfer day deadline – POKER FACE!

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  1. would hate to see Defoe in an Arsenal shirt. wud rather buy nobody. Ive supported Arsene for years! ive always believed in him. I dont feel i can defend the guy anymore if we dont get a striker and a decent cdm tonight. Can only assume he feels Theo is back soon, and he will finally give him his wish down the middle. please please Theo save our season.

    1. We are not that desperate. Campbell is better than Defoe any time of the day.
      Save the money.
      I’m trying hard to digest the missing on Falcao. At least he is really out of our budget, 50M pounds with excessive wage and 28 years old with injury record.
      With the money saved in this window we should be able to afford the next best striker available in the market (like Reus) no more excuse

      1. What a day!.I’ll still support Arsenal after today…The Ladies I mean,at least I will NEVER BE…”DISAPPOINTED”,if you know what I mean

    2. We don’t want an ex spuds reject. PLEASE. this is pure bull shiiit. It’s time to give Podolski a shot upfront. Give Podolski some confidence by starting him in the next match. It’s obvious the dude has no confidence as wenger took it all away from him. Podolski and Campbell have to step up. We are done for this transfer window. Hope we wont fall behind like 10 points to the leaders by January so we can sign a couple of players and straight back in the title race.

    3. so wenger is in italy… reffing a charity match.
      well nothing gonna happpen today.
      bring back afobe and call up Akpon
      anyone other sanogo….
      wenger’s stubbornness will be our downfall

  2. “Opinions are like penises. Everyone thinks their to be the best.”
    But sadly there is a 64 year old cock whose is more important than your.

    But gotta say this-
    Arsenal dot com looks so dead today.

    1. 1. Did you just call Wenger (SoAG) a dick?
      Please don’t treat your daddy that way!

      2. “Opinions are like penises”
      Is that your opinion?

    2. I knew it! It all comes down to penis size, transfer deadline or whatever. Such a righteous lad that Freud.

  3. Nana surely this must be a kjoke ?? We only have sanogo as a striker wtf is happening ..

    With the ins and outs plus CL money .. We actually have has made profit So we stil have 100mill to spend

    Conned again

    We need this board and Wenger out ASAP but how ??

  4. Arsene Wenger’s keeping Arsenal’s business so secret that he hasn’t even told any clubs he wants their players

    outside emirates no media no fans nothing still hoping for reussssss (dream)

    1. its so sad…
      so, so sad…
      even I feel I have defended for nothing.
      I mean, Reading Falcao to ManU?? and for 12M on loan? come on…we could have done that…we have fkin UCL and they dont1!!!!!!

  5. It is sad when we are actually linked with the likes of Defoe and Zigic, and everyone takes it seriously.
    Why isnt Manu,Chelsea, City or even Pool ever linked with shit like this?

    Because they take the transfer window seriously, we are a joke.

  6. The ultimate smack in the face….NO Falcao / Cavani / Carvalho etc etc….but ex Spurs (twice) frontman to reignite our season…you couldn’t make it up (it hasn’t happened yet, but…)

    AAarrgghhh. 😀

    1. we wont sign anyone i am afraid,
      i d still support Arsenal, but it will be painful, very painful, even worse because wenger had the time to fix this,
      Giroiud out meant he hHAD to sign a striker,

  7. Defoe.. LMFAOO!!! We really have stooped this low… Getting an ex-spurs and not even their best. Reports are saying we made a 40m bid for Reus, hilariously sad. Klopp said he is not leaving and we waited until now, assuming this is even true. At this point i gave up on a striker. If we sign a decent and young CDM and a CB i ll be content.

  8. I hope a brave journalist ask Wenger in a middle of a press conference that : Mr Wenger will you be able to beat Liverpool Chelsea and city this season for the title after getting thumped by 6-3… 5-1 and 6-0 last season by them? And will you be able to beat Madrid Barcelona Bayern or psg in the round of 16? Please enlighten us with your views.!
    The whole world knows the answer but I bet Wenger will still say yes why not and with 200% confidence. Such is his delusional state of mind.

  9. I thought players would be signing up as soon as we got through to the group stages of the champions league!?

    I never understand why it’s so complicated to sign a player?

    E.g Torres goes to milan from Chelsea on a two year loan.
    Less than 24 hours later remy signs for Chelsea. Just like that

    1. ……so no good news just who we missed out on and who we need.
      Also according to the reporter Arsenal have said it will be quieter this year and will only buy if someone with quality is available….. I think I am done with the news and will check again in 4 hours time. 🙁

  10. Wenger is a genius…well am the one to blame… we have football clubs in my country but In my mind I feel am British and arsenal is the best club in the world and there is no manager better than wenger..

  11. Dafoe would add little to the squad. Sanchez or Campbell could fill that role just a easily – this does not seem rational.

  12. Less than 6 hours left to save our season

    Is Europa League a fun league? I haven’t followed it for years. I heard you have to play in far off places like Latvia, Israel, Ukraine, etc

  13. This is bullsh*t. And we’ve got fans on here calling us fickle and moaners etc. why? Because we’re passionate and want the best for our club?
    Give it until 2300 they say. He’s had since the Jan transfer window I say.

    1. Sorry man, i think he just doesn’t care who likes him or not. He only believes in what his mind tells him.

  14. We tried 23 times to score and missed. Strike rate 4 percent. Who needs a striker? We have Yaya SoNoGoal.

    Our team is great gooners but I sure hope it improves in the next few hours.

  15. I think we should just all accept it and move on. Nothing is going to happen. Usually there is noise coming out of the Emirates but not today.

  16. Someone is claiming Campbell’s representative is trying to engineer a move to Benfica. I have a feeling he’s not going to be with us for long since he’s not seeing any time on the pitch

    Ryo, Coquelin both looking like loans out.

    More talk of Welbeck.

  17. I am hoping for someone of quality. Theo back soon I hope. Why is Tomas Rosicky not playing? Tomas and Theo combined with our new talent very exiting.

  18. Winning the FA cup was the worse thing that could have happen.If we had lost Wenger would be gone and a new era would have started.Now we have 3 more years of this rubbish.Players don’t want to come to Arsenal any more .They see what has happen players like Arshavin and Ozil.Played out of postion all the time ,perform badly and the get dropped.Wenger doesn’t improve players he makes them worse.We won’t sign a striker today, and if you want change then hope for 5th place or worse.

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