Arsenal offered Real Madrid player they simply do not need

Sometimes because a player plays for a huge club there can be a mistaken belief that he must be something special and that looks to be the case with Real Madrid forward Mariano Diaz.

It is being reported that the Spanish giants have offered the 25-year-old to Arsenal in a so-called cut priced deal worth £18 Million.

The minute you read the words Real Madrid you can be forgiven for getting all excited but where Diaz is concerned that excitement could be misplaced.

Diaz has barely played for Los Blancos, he joined that back in 2012 and has worked his way up through the C team and B team before getting a break into the senior team back in 2016/17, however he played just three times before spending the next two seasons on loan at Lyon scoring 21 goals in 48 games.

The Dominican Republic international returned to Madrid last season and featured in 19 games across all competitions finding the back of the net four times and that now seems to be his lot where Real are concerned.

That is rather a mediocre record and it is hard to see what he would bring to Arsenal, especially as a forward.

Arsenal needs defenders and if they are going to splash out £18 Million you have to think it would be better spent than on a forward that has hardly set the world alight.

It will be interesting to see if Unai Emery shows any interest in Real Madrid’s offer.


  1. All this talk of sanellhi having connections and contacts to get arsenal exclusive business has so far been a load of bull. If he really was such a good director we would’ve wrapped up the loan/purchase of umtiti and/or Malcolm a while ago but all I’ve seen is Gazidis 2.0. Penny pinching and delaying transfers to the squads detriment, smfh


    1. Employees are only as good as their leader. In this case, the final decision maker, Kroenke

      We don’t need Umtiti, but I predict we would loan Malcom or Rafinha

    2. Umtiti doesn’t want to leave barca even if he did you have PSG, Bayern…, interested in him and Malcolm would be a risky buy Barca had high hopes for him but turned out to be a flop,he played for Bordeaux before and not a big club remember chamack?

    3. Long time ago we had a thumbs up or down feature for each comment ….I thought it was coming back are we going to see it again?? ?

  2. Thanks but No thanks.

    1. We don’t need a striker

    If he could play winger then that’s different but he is purely a centre-forward and we don’t need one.
    We just got Gabriel Martinelli who can play Left wing, right wing and centre forward. We also have Aubameyang, Lacazette, Iwobi, Nketiah, Asano (LOL)

    2. Funds are limited. We need to save money for other positions
    ie. A. Centre back,
    B. wingers,
    C. central midfield,
    D. back up Right Back,
    E. back up left back

  3. Not gonna happen, unless we sell one of our 50+ M strikers

    Getting Isco, Vazquez or Rodriguez would be more likely to happen, since Arsenal need a marquee signing to promote Adidas

    1. None on your list is marquee signing as you claim except isco, we need to do all it takes to sign either Zaha or Pepe,if possible sell either one of aub and laca to get both, the best way of defend is to attack

      1. How come its only you who believe in this here? I totally concur to your well articulated opinion. I’d rather we sell Auba and and get Pepe

  4. why not offering us , cabellos, isco or asensio??, we don’t want another garbage in our team.
    he’s a center foward, nketiah is there to be a back up, we should chase a winger, Malcolm will be a good addition, sign him on loan with option to buy.

  5. Wing positions and the back positions mainly are the positions we should work on this summer but when you here saliba being to be back on loan me i really loose moral sign Zaha, Trianey

  6. I hope Edu coming in as technical director he will be able to use his contacts in South America to get some emerging young talent to the club early before they get noticed.

    The South American zone is untapped and could be a gold mine for us. It would be amazing if we could get the next Malcolm or Neres before they become known.

  7. Edu was a fine player, I hope he can be as good a player spotter,we need a CB with leadership qualities and a midfield enforcer better than xhaka and Elneny lets hope he can come up with the goods.

    1. Edu, same as Guardiola they were both intelligent players so should be able to spot and recommend players something Wenger wasn’t able to do all the negotiations staffs will be done with Raul someone we didn’t have before and while at Barcelona he will go out in the morning and close the deal same day including players from Lyon like Eric Abidal and deal with Michel Aulas was just easy for Raul unlike Wenger where we will talk about a player for a year before we signed him or not and lying to Arsenal fans like he submitted a bid for Thomas Lemar (92 million pounds) in the last minutes of transfer window.

      1. enagic, who brought edu to the club then?
        I suppose that, because he was a success, you’re going to tell me it was gazidis?

        Who brought in Henry, Vieria, Petit, Wiltord, Lunberg, Toure, Gilberto, Lehman to name just a few?

        Please pass on to the waiting fanbase where you have discovered that AW lied about anything…I bet you cannot supply one iota of concrete evidence.

        Before calling someone a liar, you should check your facts because it makes you look like a real pr*tt.

        If Raul can do the business in a day, how comes the Mr. Tierney saga ( just one example ) is now in it’s 10th day since the transfer market opened, having named and identified him as a target last season?

  8. The fact that this guy is being offered if genuine of course,that in itself smacks of they cant wait to get rid, not the best reason to buy,best left well alone I think.

  9. Excellent player, actually, scored 18 league goals in the one season he played for Lyon out of which only 1 was a penalty, meaning if he were a penalty taker like Auba, it would have been around 23, which is very good actually as French league doesn’t have as many goals in it as the Bundesliga.

    But as a striker, he would only make sense if we sold Auba or Laca. Make no mistake Mariano is miles better than Nketiah at the moment and the supposed 18 mill. IS a bargain if you consider we’re talking about one of Ligue 1’s best strikers in recent years whereas we’re being quoted 25 mill. for a fullback from the useless Scottish league.

  10. LOL, amazing how all these clubs are offering us players. Malcom, Velasquez, Fekir and now this guy. They must know that we are desperate or something.

    Real Madrid have spent a lot and probably intend to spend more, as such they are looking to offload the players in the periphery, and it definitely would not be an exclusive offer. a team like West Ham is in the market for a striker and would probably be able to outbid us for him, even if we were interested in him, which I believe we aren’t.

    Would have liked Boateng from Bayern, but I doubt that he would want to drop to our level. I sincerely hope that the next Ramsey emerges from among the promoted youngsters, with our current budget limitations it looks like we are going to have to solve most of our squad issues internally.

  11. He is a good player. If we’ve lost Welbeck there are a lot worse players than this guy. He has a lot of desire.

    1. Mariano Diaz is way better than any striker we have including Auba and Laca very effective on one on one situation.

    2. Mariano Diaz is way better than any striker we have including Auba and Laca very effective on one on one situation.

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