Arsenal offered the chance to sign Juventus contract rebel

Arsenal is one of the Premier League clubs being offered the chance to sign Paulo Dybala in the summer.

The Argentinian would be a free agent, and he can start negotiating with other clubs now.

He had agreed to an 8m euros per season deal with Juventus, but they changed their offer at the last minute.

He is not keen to extend his deal on lesser terms, and 90mins reports that his represents are offering him around.

The Premier League could become his next destination with the report claiming Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea have also been offered the chance to sign him.

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Dybala has been one of the finest attackers in Europe in the last few seasons, however, the former Palermo man is struggling to stay fit.

He was Juve’s main man before they signed Dusan Vlahovic and their willingness to let him leave could be a sign that his fitness problems are a concern to them.

We have bolstered our squad with quality young players, and Dybala would be a fine addition to our dressing room.

However, if he cannot stay fit for long enough, he is not worth signing.

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  1. Well, if he wanted 8 million euros a season, that works up to 135 000 pounds a week, which I dont think is that much for a player of his quality.

    He turns 29, but probably has 2-3 good years in him.

    Will command a signing on fee obviously but still quite a good deal.

    That being said, I think there will be clubs paying him 200-300k a week.

  2. Good player but never really achieved the heights expected due to injuries. I wouldn’t take him to be honest, the risk of having an expensive player in the treatment room for half a season.

  3. This is not a player we will be remotely interested in, neither next summer nor any other time.

    Just another fake rumour, in this sites long and predictable line of fake rumours!

    1. John, You are a betting man.If some one would give you odds of 100 to 1 that from now to the end of the summer transfer period we would be linked with 50 or more players would you take it. I may be a bit over the top,but 99% of the players that are “quoted” as being interest are pure speculative click bait.

      1. Pat H, Not sure what side of the bet you think I’d take. But as we are constantly linked with all sorts of, frankly, ridiculous rumours about this that and the other player, practically none of whom would be of any interest to us at all, if would be an easy bet to take up, IF it meant I could bet we would buy only 1% or fewer of them.

        On this very site, false and unfounded rumours make up a large chunk of all the articles in total. Countless hours are wasted by us all, myself included, speculating on which, if any, player we might fancy coming in.
        What that tells me is that fans have no real idea at all who might come in and neither does this site.

        Only when a consistency in respected sources, meaning certain journos, combine to say we are firmly interested in someone, do I give it ANY credence at all.
        I truly believe we WERE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED in Vhalovic therefore, even though we were being played for fools, as most Gooners knew all along

        Hope that answers your question Pat.

  4. I would take him in a heart beat if it was on a smaller salary ,29 and could easily get 3-4 years out of him similar to Auba when we signed him till it went sour .
    There will be a scrabble for him come summer seeing Juve just signed the serb
    Great player 2 -3 years ago lost his way as many players do ,but seeing how we will have no strikers -forwards come summer we could do a lot worse .

  5. Copied and pasted from

    Dybala is one of the leading players at the Allianz Stadium right now, but the attacker is injury-prone and that is probably one reason the club is not looking to offer him an outrageous deal.

    The former Palermo man will not lack suitors if he leaves Juve, but could he join a direct rival like Inter Milan?

    Valcareggi certainly thinks so, and he said in a recent interview via Football Italia:

    “Paulo Dybala will go to Inter, you’ll see.

    “His rapport with the Juventus directors has completely broken down. Everything is in place for him to go to Inter.

    “It’ll be a great transfer coup for the Nerazzurri, it’s all done!”

    Valcareggi is the players agent

    Also from juvefc

    The 27-year-old struggled for form at Juve last season and their reliance on his brilliance saw them struggle when he was no longer available to them.

    Juve is still dealing with his fragile fitness and it can be argued that tying him down to a new long-term deal is simply not worth it.

    He is already approaching 28 and his recent fitness record threatens to rob him of his peak years as a footballer. It would be embarrassing for Juve to give him a new deal and see injuries sideline him for much of its duration.

    This makes selling him now a smart choice.

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