Arsenal offers to make Premier League target their top earner

Arsenal is prepared to make Gabriel Jesus their top earner if he joins the club, as his reported wage is revealed.

The Brazilian will become the Gunners’ major signing in the coming days as he plots to leave Manchester City.

Arsenal’s absence from the Champions League means they have to tempt players with big money to convince them to move to the Emirates, and they want to do that with Jesus.

A report on The Sun claims they will offer him £264k-a-week, which amounts to £13.7million-a-year.

That will make him their top earner after the club offloaded Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Jesus is one of the top signings we can add to our squad now, and the Brazilian is worth making a top earner.

The 25-year-old is taking a gamble by leaving a team where he is guaranteed to win trophies to join Arsenal.

If we don’t make him a nice offer, he could easily join any other suitor, especially one that promises him Champions League football.

Hopefully, he would carry on the fine form he showed in the last few games of the previous season and become a leading scorer at the Emirates.

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  1. Wtf? Didn’t JK say not that long ago, and I quote:

    “We have a Champions League wage bill on a Europa League budget”

    So if there is any element of truth in this(and I take whatever the sun reports with a pinch of salt), what a complete twonk he is of he agrees to it…😡

    1. Actual quote,

      If we’re going into the finer points I’d have to defer to these guys [managing director Vinai Venkatesham and Sanllehi]. I’ve always told them we need to be as aggressive as possible.”

      “It’s no secret that we have a Champions League wage bill on a Europa League budget right now. That’s a fact. And one that we’re figuring out how to face internally at the moment.”

      “That doesn’t mean that my father or I have ever said anything about any restrictions on spending. We know where we need to be and we know the areas we need to address on the pitch. It’s not who you buy, it’s how you buy. There are multiple statements to say how to skin that cat.”

      “While we’re not going to be in the market for some of the top players in the world at the moment whilst they are the top players, we’re actively scouting the globe to find the next big thing to become great at Arsenal Football Club. And not only will we bring them to the club, we’ll be able to retain them in the fold going forward.”

      Josh Kronke, July 2019.

      Shows, what a difference 2 years make🤣

  2. Ridiculous wages if true..
    What the hell?
    This Jesus guy better be a 20 plus goal type of player, because these kinds of wages are not for 15 goal kind of player..
    Heard that Partey is on about £240,000 a week.

  3. I dont believe the article, i would like to think we have learned our lessons. He isnt a 264k a week player and i thought we were only signing players who wanted to play for Arsenal, not the wage bag.

  4. Hope this is wrong. Overpaying wages is what got Arsenal in the mire, you can’t sell them because no-one will pay their wages.

    Wenger was right to have a wage structure. Refusing to break it for Sanchez was a good decision – MU got the problem instead.

    I don’t mind if this is a year that buys players for a top-4 campaign, there’s almost no way to challenge for the PL next year anyway, it’s a case of pushing Spurs and Chelsea (maybe Newcastle and MU) out of the top 4 slots.

    Chelsea may be going through some “interesting times” in future – I expect things to change there – and not for the better.

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