Arsenal officially confirm Jesus surgery – Now what?

Well, our worst fears have been realised and it looks like the Arsenal and Brazil striker Gabriel Jesus will be out for much longer than we originally thought. Arenal confirmed that Jesus had had his op on his knee in the official website….

Gabriel Jesus has successfully undergone surgery to his right knee after suffering an injury during the Brazil v Cameroon World Cup group stage match on Friday.

Gabby will now begin his rehabilitation programme.

So that’s the bad news, but what will Arsenal do about it? Arteta has already indicated that his squad was thin even before the bad news on Jesus, but can we afford to get a new striker, as well as a winger and a midfielder?

Even before the transfer window opens, Arsenal have to face West Ham and Brighton, with Newcastle on the 3rd of January, so it looks like Eddie Nketiah will be thrown straight in at the deep end,

And if Brazil and England both get to the World Cup Final on the 18th December, then both Saka and Martinelli will be unlikely to play in those three games either, starting just a week after the big game.

Thankfully the first two games are not toooo hard, but we could have a completely new forward line with Nketiah in the middle, and with two new wingers. Maybe Reiss Nelson and Marquinhos?

Should we be getting worried?

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  1. If Arsenal has to buy for every injury player we had am sure by now Arteta will hav 100 squad to choose from. I say we trust Eddie, recall Balogun if need be. If we hav d chance to get one of the best striker in d world in January do it but if not wait till summer. We dnt want losers in dis team anymore

    1. Where’s the evidence Eddie’s a winner ?
      We had this discussion last January, he’s scored in 3 Prem fixtures since
      He’s had enough opportunities
      Why risk our title hopes just to confirm what we already know ?

  2. I’m worried because West Ham, Brighton and Newcastle don’t lose most of their key players

    As far as I know, a knee generally takes more than three months to fully recover from a surgery, so we really need a new CF. I agree we should bring Balogun back, if we can’t sign a new CF

    Asensio played false nine yesterday and his high press effort was pretty good, despite Enrique’s stiff tactic. Mohammed Kudus could be a better option, but he is going to be more costly because of his World Cup performance and his long-term contract at Ajax

    1. Would it not be better to leave Balogun on loan to countinue his development at Reims where he is starting games and bagging goals then come back and be backup to Eddie?

      1. I don’t think Nketiah can play all games in the next three months

        We need a backup CF. Balogun will be the most affordable option and he’s already accustomed to Arsenal’s system

        I agree the recall would slow his development down, so we should only do it if we can’t sign a new CF

        1. @gai
          Just how would bringing back Balogun from his loan stifle his development? I think he would further develop as a player by being played in our first team leading the line. He would be match fit and ready for the task at hand…Just sayin

          1. Nketiah will play in EPL games and leave Balogun with very few cup games. If Balogun stays in France, he will play more games there

            1. @gai
              Since Eddie will be our only option up top, Balogun will have more of a chance to play, either as a sub for or an alternative to Eddie…Just sayin.

        2. Let kroenki and Joash show ambition we need a new CF.Yes costly but winning EPL or staying in top4 won’t come without a cost too. Balogun should remain in Reins. If Arsenal do not make a signing in January I guess Arteta would be dissapointed and it night affect our run.

          1. There are some decent CFs with expiring contracts, so Kroenke should be able to afford one of them. I know Arsenal have to be calculative because of FFP, their 100+ M debts and next summer transfer funds

            Or maybe we can loan Joao Felix till the end of the season. I don’t think any club is willing to pay Atletico 130 M for him in January, so he could only hope for a loan deal

            1. That loan would be a brilliant idea and that’s if Athletic Madrid get over the Partey affair.

              But you will never see this hungry gaffer asking Eddie to hold his cup of coffee.

            2. Athletico are more likely to consider a Loan with obligation to buy with guaranted money going in next season than just a straight loan deal imho

              1. I wonder which club would be crazy enough to loan Felix with an obligation to buy him for 130 M 🤔

                He is a very good attacker, but he isn’t a beast like Haaland/ prime CR7 and he isn’t a rare type like Messi/ Salah

                1. @gai Athletic Madrid is running out of options, the lad value will plummet as he rot on the bench.

                  Only an English club will come near any form of solution for the kid, it may very well be a loan with an option as opposed to obligations be their best bet to get him off their wage bill while delay him from getting rusty at the same time.

                  But if there is ever a system where this lad could find his footing it’s at Arsenal where his style of play and technical abilities would be appreciated..

                  1. I guess a straight loan offer with around 10 M fee for five months loan period and without an obligation to buy could sway Atletico

                2. @Gai I agree with you that no club will pay the €130M Athletico want for him and I believe they will eventually be forced to lower the asking price significantly. Why not test the waters with an offer like loan with option/obligation to buy in the summer for €60+70M

  3. Now what?

    Now we cry and get depressed thinking about what could have been.

    Eerily similar to the 07/08 season with eduardo injury, hopefully jesus recovers faster though still looking at a min 2 months out.

    1. 100% right, unless the club break the bank to get another striker. Nketiah has never been anywhere close to good enough for even a top-4 place, so why doesn’t anyone think he can suddenly start scoring enough goals to win the league? Absolutely no chance of staying anywhere close to the top without a much better CF than Eddie.

  4. If we don’t get the January transfer window right then the wheels could very quickly come off and then be in a big fight just to stay in top 4!

    1. Ex-ac-tly. I hope the board has learned from their past mistakes.

      Without proper squad depth, we’re unlikely to stay in the top 4.

  5. I read a report on a news page here in Brazil that says that Arsenal will receive around 8M euros for Jesus’ injury…. unfortunately Brazilian fans do not understand how good Jesus is, believing in fact that this amount will make up for his absence on our team. it even reminds me of a phrase from a brazilian commentator that says “brazilian fans love to hate their players”

    1. I personally think that was a mistake and as a squad player he fits us but not as the main striker
      Don’t think he has what it takes
      If we don’t buy then I would like to see Gm moved center and esr come in to take his place
      GM has the hunger and tenacity to close down from the front plus pick up goals

  6. In an ideal situation we bring in a striker, Winger and CDM but how much are the club willing/able to spend this January is the question? I’m not sure what impact the recent financial report will have on our transfer budget. We may have to get a little creative and tap into the loan market to be able to bring 3 players as I’d be surprised if we were able purchase all of them outright.
    So maybe something like this:
    -Felix-Loan with obligation to buy(maybe wishful thinking on my part I accept!)

    Re: Goncalo Ramos, what a debut, very impressive! However I would be cautious about calling for his signing after one game, I know he has been bagging for Benfica in the Premier Division but is that enough of a sample size to say he would make an immediate impact?Benfica ask for top dollar for their players so he would be very expensive in any case.

  7. A loan til summer of an established proven goal getter,but they have to be willing to match Jesus off the ball work rate! Not an easy task I,d say.

  8. World cup inflates prices, and desperation let’s selling clubs demand more.

    We are in a tough spot and a lot of “ifs” in the equation.

    If Martinelli is moved to striker, If ESR is healthy and productive on LW then maybe we can limp our way through some fixtures.

    However, if we don’t fill some obvious holes in the squad we could fade away like how last season ended. Hopefully KSE continues to support this squad and amazing achievements by reinforcing the team.

    1. With due respect to what the man has accomplished, his stage in career and the transition Arsenal is going through, I would respectfully suggest we let this one pass.

  9. Only a deluded fan would think Eddie and Balogun can do the job. IMHO both need two year loan spells in the french or German league. I guess the same group will be moaning as Eddie fluffs chance after chance in the EPL ’cause we’ve seen this movie before. Those two CANT LEAD THE LINE at The Arsenal period

  10. For the people calling for Edie to step in, what do you expect from him? Do you expect something different than what he has shown over the last 4 years?

    Jesus wasn’t scoring goals, but you could clearly see how he still influenced matches with his play. Nketiah tends to disappear if he isn’t scoring.

    With or without Jesus, Martinelli and Saka were still being counted on to grow and improve, as well as ESR and Odegaard.

    Do we really want to take a chance and “hope” in house solutions can carry us through the crisis?

  11. England vs France result is in. I don’t know whether I should be happy as an Arsenal fan. The Brazil national team will hear a very bad news but I hope it will not affect them. On Saturday more will be said.

  12. We should be in full panic mode because without just one key player, the levels drop to League One standards and we’re looking to be without three.

    We can kiss the title race goodbye and pray to God almighty that the boys don’t lose all three games.

    1. OnceGreat, I’m glad you don’t play for Arsenal and I certainly wouldn’t want to play in any sporting team with you. Five points clear at the top of the table, an injury to one player and you want to throw in the towel!

  13. If only arsenal can get Wilfred Zaha in January arsenal will not miss Jesus much. I would want edu and arteta to do all tactically to ensure the team is not depleted.

  14. All the above comments just shows how urgent and necessary the meeting of the Kroenke in the big apple this week is.

    The gaffer and Edu realize how big and tricky the task ahead will be, we may need to have some pre contract arrangements or some gentleman agreement in place soon.

  15. A tough one alright. I don’t see a way out. The market knows Arsenal are desperate and will inflate even the most average of strikers. At the same time we know that Eddie is a one dimensional stiker who won’t ever be able to replace Jesus. Let’s hope that the others step up and at least create as many tap in opportunities for Eddie to convert as possible in the scramble for points.

  16. dear arsenal nkietah and balogun is filling the void kroenke must be to respond if not it will de another disaster

  17. People are overthinking this. There is a reason Arteta fought very hard to keep Eddie at the club. Even if you don’t agree with him, this matter is settled. Eddie is the no 9. until Jesus gets back. If we get another wide forward then someone like Martinelli can also help in that role if games pile up. But we aren’t bringing in another CF. This is clear.

    1. You have said it as it is. It’s painful how so-called fans have completely written off a player that almost sneaked us into the champions league when lacazette wasn’t doing well. I have a feeling that Gabriel Jesus will sit on the bench for our number 14 similar to how Ramsey became indispensable

      1. By scoring 3 goals in like 10 games lol!. He was worst of the options. He did not almost sneak us in CL, in actual he is one of the reasons last season we failed to reach top 4 because we we needed goals he produced zilch. If we rely on him again this season then we have not learnt anything form last. If he was that wonderful as you guys make of him then Arteta would not have bought Jesus.

  18. If loose all our front three for next 3 matches then we are doomed. Nketiah and Nelson not EPL quality (no matter how biased fans can get specially regarding Nelson but he is not top club material) and Marquinhos is just finding his feet in league & environment.

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