Arsenal officially confirm that Ceballos is back for another season

It certainly appears that most of Artetaโ€™s top targets have been secured so far, as we have an official announcement that Dani Ceballos is coming back to Arsenal for another year loan, The Spaniard was excellent after the lockdown and we are very hopeful that he can come back and hit the ground running.

Mari, Cedric, Gabriel and Willian,

Ceballos himself admitte that he had other offers, but was more than content to link up with Arteta again forr another year. He said: โ€œIโ€™m very pleased to be back with Arsenal โ€“ Iโ€™m very happy to have come back to a club where I feel important,โ€

โ€œItโ€™s true that I had other options, such as staying at Real Madrid and going back to the Spanish league, where there were teams interested in me.

โ€œI spoke to the coach last year, before the [Emirates FA Cup] final, and told him that I wanted to stay at Arsenal and win titles. Iโ€™d been really happy with what Mikel had built at the club since he came in. I had a great time at this club last season and there was never any doubt in my mind that I wanted to come back.โ€

Welcome back Dani. Onwards and Upwards!


  1. Dani Ceballos,
    Dani Ceballos,
    He drinks Estrella, he eats paella,
    The boys f*****g magic.

    Welcome back, Dani boy!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘! people were saying his heart wasn’t at arsenal and werr using all the old clichรฉs attached to players on loan(not really committed…),I guess they were wrong,even before the end of the season he had already told MA that he wanted to continue with us ,you can’t be any more clearer!anyway happy to have him back and hoping for more midfield reinforcement.

      1. Spot on, Siamois ๐Ÿ‘ He had other offers… but no, it was always going to be us!! One, possibly two more and this will be one of our best ever windows!! COYG

        1. Yes Sue, exciting window so far. Maybe Auba’s extension is the last piece of transfer window news we’ll be getting after Partey of course.

          1. Having read his latest comments and the fact that he could have stayed at RM, I have to admit I have got it wrong with regards to his feelings and commitment to the club.

            As Pat says, Mikel is certainly getting the players he wants and if Auba signs along with Partey, we will have a squad to rival anyone in the PL – can’t wait for it all to begin.

      1. @Maxis You are dead right. I was amazed at how good Ceballos was post-lockdown. Worked really well together with Xhaka too.

  2. Partey is a must and Aouar or Benrahma or both.

    If Aouar is expensive, let’s go for Benrahma he is also waw to watch and cheaper at 25m.



    Partey/Aouar/Benrahma will be fire.It may be one of the best attacks in Europe. Just imagine it.

  3. I think Auour & Benrahma will make our transfer market more….also sell papasthopolas & Holding let Hector Stay!

  4. Understand we’re getting Partey last for negotiations tactics.
    Apparently, Aouar and Arsenal have agreed personal terms now, it’s up to Lyon vs Arsenal now.
    If we’ll get another player it’ll still be before Partey.
    I’ve kept saying Partey is going anywhere but coming to us and he has agreement with Arsenal too.
    The reason Arsenal want him last is because we can’t splash 50M on him and try to go for other players looking for payment plans, clubs would demand more.
    Lyon would think we have money and they’ll demand a huge fee upfront also.
    So we have to look broke, get other players first before spending huge last

      1. Eddie, you make Lyon sound like idiots – not sure that is correct my friend.
        Still, whatever happens, Arteta and Edu are quickly becoming a formidable pairing.

        1. I’m not saying Lyon are idiots.. But clubs have financial advisors for a reason.
          Lyon needs money. It’s why they’re willing to let go of Memphis and Aouar in one window.
          There’s no way they won’t charge enough cash upfront if they see us splash 50M then we come to them asking to pay bit by bit when they need money.
          Also, Arsenal would see it as a strategy. Arsenal don’t have much, so the best Is to start with the cheaper deals first.
          Imagine Arsenal paying 50M for Partey at first. Lille who has shown they can be smart with business would’ve demanded more than 27M.
          It’s an open invitation saying we have cash to spend when we really don’t

    1. Eddie good morning. How sure re u with aouar and arsenal agreement. Re u sure we snap up both partey and aouar

      1. Personally I still have my doubts about it but then they guy who posted it hadnt gotten anything wrong that I know of..
        Plus when you know Ornstein already admitted Arsenal are in negotiations for Aouar, you start to see the possibility of it being true

        1. Last season it was all over the place that we have only 30m to spend but it turned out to be false. I think they are using the same strategy.

    2. I hope Lyon have learned their lesson from Nabil Fakhir situation where they priced most of the club including Arsenal out if the race and at the end had to sell him for peanuts. Aouar is great player but no way worth 50million specially in today’s transfer market. I think loan signing of Dani Ceballos will send a message to Lyon that we are not desperate plus It kind of indicate we will not sign him because the financial situation at Arsenal is not that strong to allow us sign similar kind of two players one in Loan and one on permanent basis. If we were gunning after Aurora for real we would not have signed Ceballos on loan.

  5. this tactis is maybe from MA since he is a strategist. Still slowing PEA contract and making it look like we r broke to get us where we deserve since we cant spend 120 mil this summer and need players, wise thinkinig

  6. Did anyone notice Guendouzi did not congratulate the team when they won the FA cup and the community shield. But he congratulated his French U21 team when they won yesterday. I have never rated him. His ego writes checks that his body cannot cash. And some people here would say Guendouzi is better than Xhaka.

    1. Guendouzi is not better than Elneny let alone Xhaka ,what Iโ€™ve read about him and his records at his previous clubs I really do wonder where he gets that โ€œIโ€™m a star player โ€œ crap from .
      Maybe itโ€™s the french in him I donโ€™t know but what I do know is heโ€™s a below average footballer player .
      Iโ€™m not Ceballos biggest fan and feel we could do better but I hope he proves me wrong ,and maybe his second season here he will be better than last and do just that .

  7. SKILLS100, perhaps we’ll get an article praising Giendouzi for not congratulating the squad, as that seems to be the right thing to do, accoording to some๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. lol @ Ken1945. Guendouzi has a bad attitude. And he thinks he is some Messi or Dybala. Not good enough. The least he could do was to congratulate the team after winning the FA cup. He should be sold asap. I still don’t know what he offers to the team apart from running up and down. no pace to his game. Takes too many touches. Always look for the safe option of passing backwards and sideways. not strong enough. does not score goals. Cannot defend. Very proud.

  8. While I am not entirely sold on Ceballos, mainly because of his defensive frailties, he has great ball skills and to me can be used as an AM , which would negate the need to buy Aouar .I cannot see us landing Partey and Aouar as I very much doubt if we will raise more than 50m from selling the likes of Torreria, Guendouzi, Kolasinac and Sokratis.The fact that Mustafi and Chambers are injured, rules them out of the selling equation which leaves Bellerin as our most marketable ,dispensible defender.Until we sell, we will not be buying.

    1. I agree with you Grandad. I think Arteta might use the 343 formation all thru the season. That formation gave us wins over Liverpool(twice), Man City, Wolves, Sheffield United and Chelsea. We have many central defenders in the squad. Partey or Aouar will cost us 45m pounds at the very least. Why can’t we go for Thiago Alcantara instead for 26m pounds? He has enough experience. He Has won a lot. He can defend and can dictate play from deep. With this, we will have a counter attacking team that can challenge for the league and win trophies.

      343 formation.


      Four players competing for the 2 midfield positions.

  9. I think you could be right Skills, and I would not be averse to acquiring Alcantara, who is still a magnificent midfielder and 3/4 years younger than Willian.Saw him against Germany earlier this week and along with Ruiz, they dominated the midfield .

  10. Okay. Since the highly respected Arsenal transfer news guru, David Onstein who doesn’t tell Arsenal transfer lies to decisive us Gooners has come out to confirmed that Arsenal are in negotiations to sign the Lyon’s Houssem Aouer this summer. Then, us Gooners can hold on to that piece of information as a credible info’ and rely on it.

    Emery’s Arsenal signed five new faces in: Sokratis, Liechstener, Luiz, Guendousi, and Cebbalos (loan) for the Gunners last summer. But Mikel Arteta the current Gunners gaffer has so far had the club brought in only two new faces in Willian and Gabriel Maglhaes for Arsenal this summer window. But the rest of Cedric Soares, Pablo Mari and Dani Cebbalos who the club have signed are not new faces brought in this summer per say. This is because they were at the club last season under loan term deals. But with the duo former loan deals made permanent this summer. And that of the latter has been re-signed.

    Therefore, to complete the five new faces that Emery brought in for Arsenal last season, could Arteta as well brings in three more new faces for Arsenal this summer in addition to Willian and Maglhaes he has already brought in to make them five in numbers for Arsenal this summer? I doubt if he will do that.

    But I think if Arteta sees the club bring in Aouer and probably the Gooners popular choice DM, Thomas Partey but for me I prefer Amaduo Diawara for his been younger to furthermore sign them this summer, and if they do, I think that will all be the incoming transfer signings business that Arsenal will do this summer. Having signed two new faces, let the club still go ahead to bring in 2 more new faces this summer to make them four new faces they have brought in this summer window. And receive from us Gooners some great kudos for their having a most successful summer transfer window in recent times.

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