Arsenal Old-Boy helps the Gunners to feed 30,000 families in Islington

There is no doubt that there are thousands of families struggling to survive during this crisis, and there have been many heartwarming stories of selfless sacrifice by helping others that are a lot worse off than themselves.

It is nice to be able to share a story about the generosity of a lifelong Arsenal fan, despite the fact that Peter Olsen is now retired in Hong Kong, who has never forgotten his roots. As the 77 year-old said a couple of years ago: “I was born in Holloway where we had no hot water or bathroom,”

“My father did a runner when I was 15 and my mam died when I was 20 so I was a mess as a kid but I’ve always loved football and that has played a major part throughout my life.

“I had trials with Arsenal as a young goalkeeper and played as a pro in Hong Kong, so I love being involved in football.

So he has now helped fund the Arsenal Lorry, which is driving around the area giving away free meals to whoever needs them, and he is proud to help out his old neighbourhood. The Lorry has a large sign on the far left of the lorry with his name on in recognition of his contribution. He told the Islington Tribune: “I like to donate to causes I have an emotional involvement in. It is absolutely magic for me to be able to do this. As a child I used to collect 12 glass bottles and return them to the off-licence so I could get tuppence on each as my family needed the money.

“To be in a position to give something back to my hometown – well, it’s the most joyous thing of my life, just to be able to do something to help.”

It is nice to hear that the Arsenal Foundation are also helping to give something back to their local community, and Peter Olsen also deserves recognition for his help….


  1. ozziegunner says:

    Thank you Peter Olsen and thank you Admin for such a heart warming and uplifting story in the days of Donald Trump and what’s in it for me!

  2. SueP says:

    I looked him up on the internet and he has shown himself to be a generous benefactor. Peter Olsen has had a colourful life and it’s a tribute to him that he didn’t forget his roots.
    He and the Captain Toms of this world have shown there is still goodness in the world.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      As Mr Olsen’s business grew, he wondered what to do with his success.

      He said: “My bank manager told me of the funeral of a businessman attended by 2,000 people. None of them knew each other. They were people he had quietly helped out over the years. I made the decision – I would like to die broke.”

  3. Sue says:

    Well done, Peter 👏👏👏👏

  4. Robert Acedius says:

    A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse… Asn’l need a new right wing back. Not more left wing backs. I hope Kieran Tierney will be fit next season. But a RWB. Yes, please. And it must be a good one. Top class. Senior Arteta knows that a football team have to be built from behind, and with a first class defending 6 (GK, 2 WB:s, 2 CB:s and a DM), very much is in place for the Resurrection.
    I’m a dreamer, aren’t we all… Leno, Saliba, Disasi/ Elvedi, Tierney, Partey… and a good RWB would be just fine. Then we can let the rest – 5 more or less attack oriented players – go out there and create glory. That is: scoring goals. Young lions who like to have fun: Guendouzi, Rabiot, Kokcu, Pepe, Martinelli, Saka. Unrealistic? Of course. But… the Kids are Alright.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Err Robert… Did you put this on the wrong thread? Or am I missing something?

      1. jon fox says:

        You and me both Ad PAT. Robert is certainly a thinker BUT I seem to have regular trouble knowing what point he is trying to make. I got that he thinks we need a RB and can agree but as for the rest….!
        I decided not to point out to him that RABIOT IS NOT OUR PLAYER BUT LET THAT PASS. I allow that he is Swedish but his English is near perfect(and far better than many that I CAN understand) so that is not the reason.

        1. Robert Acedius says:

          Dear, Jon. Your remark, “he is Swedish”, is correct. Even if you make it sound like Basil Fawlty’s “he’s from Barcelona”. But never mind. People from the Nordic countries are very special. They have winter at least ten months a year and it’s dark twenty hours every day. As if that isn’t enough, it’s a long way between the farms where those awkward characters live their boring lonely lives. They seldom meet another living creature an ordinary day, but when they do, it’s mostly a moose, a wolf or a polar bear. We never develop a social talent that could make us successful at parties and other events. Like football matches. We are all silent and introvert loners… Have you never seen a Bergman movie, mate? Through a glass darkly? The silence? Or Winter Light… Ahhh… He really knew how to describe the mentality of the blonde beasts, that man. By the way, the word “swede” in English, I have learned, is the name of a big hard yellow distasteful vegetable. Not a so far-fetched description of the homo sapiens up here. If you haven’t seen a Bergman movie, listen to my advise, don’t do it! You will lose your good night sleep. You will become a nervous wreck and look like 80 in a week. We are not dangerous, though. Just suffering from what we call “lappsjuka”. That is a disease related to the Nordic aborigines. Their lonely life in Lappland is as far as you can get from the British heavy drinking sessions at the pub on a Saturday evening. That’s all for now. Bye.

          1. jon fox says:

            Hi Robert, Wonderful tongue in cheek nonsense and I much enjoyed your rebuttal of my post. Being in theatre I can easily give you a long list of Swedes and Nordic folk who are nothing like your, admittedly humourous, description. BTW, I had the utmost respect and admiration for Andrew Sachs whether as MANUEL or in his many straight roles, including Shakespeare, when he was far younger.
            But we are both straying far from Arsenal. Though my prime passions are writIng, singing, acting, directing and reviewing plays and musical theatre, I also care deeply about Arsenal and truly want to properly UNDERSTAND all comments. esp from undoubtedly bright folk , so will you please make your future posts simpler, so that simple folk like me can fully understand. SO GRATEFUL!

      2. Robert Acedius says:

        No, man, I’m such an unsocial person who don’t care a XXX what people are talking about. I just vindicate my own thoughts. Just like that US american fella, Donny Jay. The White House guy…

  5. jon fox says:

    Bravo Peter Olsen! What an example, eh Alex Song?

  6. Sue says:

    He bought the mould for a Vanilla Ice doll and turned it into Robbie Williams and made a packet!!

  7. ken1945 says:

    Fantastic story Pat, thanks for sharing it with us all.

    For every money grabbing, what’s in it for me, sod the rest of you, I’m looking after No. 1 in the world – there are thousands of normal, everyday folk who will always be part of our caring society – and it seems the footballing “world” has plenty of these type of people, such a shame it’s taken the corona virus for the world to realize this fact.

    Thanks Pete Olsen, a proper Gooner!!!

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