Arsenal on 20-team list of potential FFP breakers

Arsenal are claimed to be one of a number of clubs under the watchful eye of FIFA at present.

The Gunners have invested heavily in the squad in recent windows, whilst overseeing an overhaul of their playing squad, including being the biggest spenders in Europe last summer.

That outlay may well put us under threat of breaking FIFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations however, with us having failed to qualify for the Champions League in recent years, although the Times adds that we are just being looked at currently.

10 clubs already expected to be named in breach of FFP in regards to the 2020-21 campaign, including PSG, Barcelona and Juventus, although I struggle to see all of the clubs being punished due to the impact had because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It will certainly be interesting to see how strict they are with their sanctions, this year, especially as that could give us an inclination as to our potential punishment if we are found in breach of the regulations next year, when we could well have Champions League football under the threat of being taken away.

Will FIFA be forced to relax their rules with so many clubs failing to make the cut?


Arteta talks about Jesus, Odegaard, Saliba and the League table after Bournemouth win.

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  1. They have to strip Man City, Chelsea and PSG of their bought titles before they look at us.

    FIFA, what a joke!

    1. Yeah man city were cheating clear as day with their fake sponsorship deals yet ffp bent over when faced with their army of lawyers. No balls fifa can take a hike.


    What are the new rules?
    UEFA’s executive committee has approved new financial sustainability rules to replace Financial Fair Play from this June. The rules have three pillars – No Overdue Payment Rule, Football Earnings Rule and Squad Cost Rule. The No Overpayment Rule means clubs’ accounts will be checked every quarter to make sure all bills are being paid on time.
    The Football Earnings Rule will allow clubs to lose €60m over three years – double what was permitted under Financial Fair Play. Clubs will be allowed to sustain an extra €10m in losses a year if they are deemed to be “in good financial health”.
    As part of The Squad Cost Rule spending on wages (players and head coaches), transfers and agent fees will be capped at 70 per cent of a club’s revenue. This will be assessed over a calendar year and not a season, so spending in the summer transfer window will be included in the calculations.

    1. RIP barca then with all their unpaid wages…. nah a tap on the wrist for them the most likely outcome.

      1. One thing I really wish the rules would take account of is merchandising.

        By counting it as revenue from football it leads to clubs ripping off their fans imho.

        Having 3 different strips and changing them all every year is a rip off. A lot of it’s supposed to be for people watching on black and white TVs(!). Yeah, right.

    2. The sad thing about the new rules is that one of the stated aims is:

      “Changes to the calculation of acceptable deviation encourage equity contributions rather than debt”

      So owners can give a club as much as they like (as long as there are no strings attached), they can’t lend money.

      So the owners who are in it to make a business profit like the Kroenkes will be able to do less than the owners who are in it for other reasons (e.g. cleaning up their image, for the fun of distorting the game to see “their team” win). Basically, the Abramovic type who gave Chelsea a lot of money as well as loans.

      Advantage Newcastle and City then.

  3. The fact we are giving away players that are just basically dumped by us is going to come back and bite us in the bum. People wont like this but we are run very badly as a club and it is known in the industry we are. We cant just buy buy to try and make a team.

    1. We can and already have made a team. Go through our squad now. Jobs been done and outside what Gunedouzi, Mavro and maybe Auba who would we have got more for? Even with Auba, once you subtract his wages from Jan, any fee this summer would of been inconsequential.

      LW Martinelli (21), ESR (22) (Flores 18 on loan)

      CF Jesus (25), Eddie (21) (Balogun 20 on loan)

      RW Saka (21), New Signing (certainly early 20’s)(Marquinhos 19 u23)

      CM Xhaka (29), Viera (21) Odegaard (23), likely New signing (25 if Tielemans) (Olayinka 21 has started well for u23)

      DM Partey (29), Lokonga (22) and Elneny (30) (Patino 18 on loan)

      LB Zinchenko (25), Tierney (25) (Tavares 22 on loan)

      CB Gabriel (24), Saliba (21), White (24), Holding (26) (Walters 17 u23 was trusted in preseason)

      RB Tomiyasu (23), Cedric (30) (Norton-Cuffy 18 on loan)

      GK Ramsdale (24), Turner (28) (Okonkwo 20 on loan)

      There are plenty more potential youth players too Hein (20) is 3rd choice GK this year, Azeez (19) is still with us etc. All without mentioning that multiple of these players mentioned can play in multiple positions. Nuno does well on loan then Zinchenko moves into Midfield next year etc.

      Realistically we could spend nothing next year and be in an absolutely fine position. As is we can assess the youngsters on loan, the performance of the 1st team squad and focus on one or two signings each year now. This is because we have addressed the age profile of our squad.

  4. FIFA (Failing in Football Association) can take a hike for all I care. it’s an outfit for the corrupt to make more money! If FFP actually worked we may have seen Barca, Madrid, Man C and PSG scrapping in mid table over the past five years. But of course, if you penalize the big clubs, the value of FIFA drops. Absolute JOKE of a governing body!!

  5. My understanding is that these are UEFA rules, not FIFA?

    Hope no FIFA lawyers are reading!

  6. From the Times article this was ripped from “Arsenal insiders insist they are and will be compliant with Uefa’s rules and have received no warning from the European governing body.” So wouldn’t be overly worried. It’s a watch list not a sanctions list.

  7. I think we as fans shouldn’t take this news seriously,I can think of 8 clubs that have probably bent the rules ffp rules before even considering Arsenal infact I think this news is a ploy (I know it’s silly )by Arsenal insiders as an excuse to reduce transfer activity for future seasons without suffering the wrath of the fans.

  8. Yes, it is silly to think that FFP is there and if not followed then consequences are not paid, as have been by transfer bans to teams including Barca and Chelsea all ready. Im not saying teams dont bend the rules, they do but they can only bend them so far. Its a system that is hard to implement but it is being implemented, why were Barca, selling and dealing in free transfers? Why did Real sell Ronaldo? Because they had too.

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