Arsenal allowing top starlet Salah-Eddine to leave the club

Salah-Eddine Oulad M’Hand is set to leave Arsenal to join Hull City on loan with an option to buy.

The youngster was thoroughly impressive last term, scoring some amazing goals in the process, and while allowing him to leave on loan isn’t an issue, the fact that we have agreed to include an option to buy is a little peeving.

The Gunners have done well recently with bringing young players into the senior setup, but I wonder if today’s deal is partly down to the fact that we have a number of young future stars already vying for first-team roles in our side, potentially posing as a blocker to his potential progression within the club.

It remains to be seen whether a buyback or first option clause will be included in the deal, something that we should be including when selling any of our young players who have the potential to be stars, but it certainly seems unlikely that we will ever see Salah-Eddine in an Arsenal shirt again any time soon.

I would have thought that with Omari Hutchinson leaving for Chelsea that the other winger would have picked up a more prominent role in our side this term, but Salah seems to have decided that a move away is best.


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  1. if we are letting him go it’s because he wasn’t going to break into the first team. keep moving on to new talents and hopefully get a good fee out of him.

  2. Salah-Eddine is a very good player. It will be sad to lose him. Some youngsters want to play all the time, but usually that does not benefit them in the long run. They need to be eased forwards. I wish him sucess.

  3. He is not combative enough to play deep central midfield or defensive fullback, he is not explosive enough to play wing midfield, he is not a striker neither is he a central defender.

    He is highly gifted and suited to the advanced central midfield role and that position is overstocked at the moment with guys like Odegaard, Xhaka, Lokonga, Olayinka, Emile and Fabio, all ahead of him at the moment.

    Loan with options to sell and buy back is a very good deal for all parties.

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