Arsenal on course to lose most financially due to Coronavirus?

Arsenal may well end up emerging from the Coronavirus episode as the worst hit, with many reports claiming that the club are in line to cut all players wages.

Players have so far refused to accept a supposed 12.5% wage cut, but have been urged by the club to reconsider.

This can of worms can not be helping the mental affects on players as they try rigorously at home to remain fit for the remainder of the campaign, which is still scheduled to take place.

There has been claims that clubs will not have to pay back any of the TV revenue that they had already received, but there is still financial implications that will cost clubs, including paying staff while they are not able to work, as well as the loss of income from the now-cancelled International Champions Cup.

On top of the 12.5% wage cut that has been proposed to players, there is also the threat of further cuts should they fail to qualify for the Champions League next term, with a top five finish a big ask at present.

Such cuts to wages may well be the final nail to the coffin in attempts to keep key stars who are already being linked with an exit, including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, while such financial difficulties may lead to us being forced into selling players we may not have considered previously.

Are we set to be the biggest losers financially this summer?



  1. Every club is in the same boat and there is no reason to believe we will be any worse off than any other club. In fact I think we will be in a better position than most as we have huge cash reserves in the bank, however, it does of course depend on how Kroenke lets us use that cash!
    I would think our noisy neighbours will be in a terrible position with their new toilet bowl to pay for and a very unhappy squad, not to mention a sh1t manager🤭

  2. If the players don’t agree to take steps to reduce their salaries then the sense of alienation between them and The Arsenal faithful will be profound

    I’m sure the same goes for other clubs some of which will be up sh*t creek too if steps aren’t taken to steady the creaking business model

    The sorts of pay structures that exist do not take into account a worse case scenario such as now. Look at Spurs who although they have now reversed their policy must be reeling at the costs spiralling out of control if they can’t pay back the loans. It must be embarrassing being a spurs fan knowing that the players would get their money but the poor sods at the bottom were classed as more or less expendable by Levy

    When we finally get out the other side there has to be sustainability

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