Arsenal on loan stars slated and rated: Who should we keep or sell?

Arsenal has an army of players out on loan. Some of them had been important players at the club, while some have had to leave the team to prove that they still have something to offer.

In this article, I write about the first team players who have left us on-loan and discuss who we should keep and who we should sell.

Konstantinos Mavropanos – LEAVE
Mavropanos was a surprising signing by Arsene Wenger and the Frenchman must have thought he would remain Arsenal’s manager forever. Still only 22, he should leave to develop his career elsewhere because Arsenal is a step too far for him.

William Saliba – STAY
He looks the real deal and although he hasn’t played for us yet, I expect him to be a success from the very start.

Mohamed Elneny – LEAVE
He has looked decent while playing for Besiktas on loan. However, that doesn’t show me what we’re missing, rather it shows that he doesn’t belong at the top level in England.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – LEAVE
Mkhitaryan has his best years behind him and the best thing for us now is to get as much money as we can off his sale in the summer.

Emile Smith Rowe – STAY
Smith Rowe is one of the best players from our academy in recent seasons and the Englishman has continued to develop fine on loan at Huddersfield. Next season might not be the season that he breaks through, but he should be kept.

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  1. Mavroponas is the difficult one for me, and without having seen him in action for some time I am not in a position to pass judgement on him.There seems to be some genuine interest for him from German sides, and given our apparent financial problems, which led to a restructuring of our stadium debt recently, I suspect we could well be tempted to sell him for say 15m which is more than we can expect for Mik and Elneny.

    1. We’ll be delusional to let Mavro go.
      Mavro has helped his team avoid relegation this season with phenomenonal performance.
      Yes you might say it’s in a weaker league, but the fact still remains he has something to offer.
      I’m tired of reading people who don’t even watch or follow our kids on loan passing judgment.
      The more alarming and delusional part of this is that 90% of Arsenal fans expect Saliba to come in and be a Van Djik, you see how the expectations are already high?
      This is one big delusional belief that’ll be clearer next season.
      Watch how they’ll turn against Saliba next season if he doesn’t turn Kompany or Puyol.
      Need I mention Smith Rowe is overhyped? Maybe because he’s English??

      1. Exactly

        alot of kids these days do not watch games and pass judgment based on media reports

        Mavro is a good player but he needs games

        he should be kept or go on a loan

        Eleney is a very versatile and hardworking player

        he can be a good squad player…coming in as a sub to defend……..

        if we sell our experience players who is going to be our squad players??

        there will be injuries and suspensions….

        football is not just 11 players playing for 60 games without rest and injuries

  2. Stuttgart are after Mavropanos, apparently… another loan deal or will we sell him for peanuts?

    I don’t want to see Elneny or Mkhi in an Arsenal shirt ever again, so sell them to the highest bidder… yay, 5m incoming (if we’re lucky!!)

    Smith Rowe – we’d be cuckoo to let this lad go… he’s our future and can’t wait to have him back and establish himself in the first team!

    Saliba… our defensive saviour?! 🙏😄

    1. Sue did you see the Colorado rapids game ? One of their players did a Kolasinac so that’s 2 kroenke club players trying to assist the opposition on the same day 😆😆

      1. No I didn’t, Kev… after that, I couldn’t watch anymore football!! No doubt we’ll look at bringing him over here 😉

        1. Hahahaha yes no doubt we’re in talks with him now 😂😂 what do you think about the man city appeal ? I just knew it wouldn’t stick the same about every other charge.. all teams charged seem to win the appeal it’s very iffy

          1. Money talks, Kev…. I knew it’d be over turned….even if it hadn’t have been, I’d say getting into Europe was still a (very) tall order!

          2. You’re 100% right Sue the corruption within the game is staggering! I remember AC Milan banned from the champions League, and of course won the appeal and the champions League, you couldn’t make it up! All these clubs like PSG, Man City, Chelsea would be nowhere without they’re private wealth it amazes me that these supporters brag and taunt other supporters.. I remember Man City playing in division 2 with rubbish like horlock, Weaver, crooks, Whitley etc.. Robinho didn’t even know who man city were when he signed lol.. Ferenc Puskas was an Arsenal fan I doubt man city were even on the radar then.. you can’t buy History Sue 😄

          3. I don’t actually mind that Sue I haven’t seen enough of him to think it’ll be a great loss, plus we need funds from what it looks like he’s very injury prone and we don’t need another injury prone player our squad is overrun by sick notes 😂

          4. Haha I had an argument with a city fan couple years back Sue he tried to claim City were always a bigger club than Arsenal.. he said we filled out main road in division 2 yous couldn’t fill out your stadium in the premier League and then I said what I said to you just know and he said Shaun Goater was world class and a more natural talent than Ian Wright the conversation or argument ended after that 😂

          5. Just now* so if Northampton had a 38,000 seater stadium like Highbury and they filled it every week would that make them a bigger club than us ? 😂

          6. Kev, wouldn’t it have been great to watch Ferenc Puskas in an Arsenal shirt. Certainly it would have given the ’50’s Arsenal sides a a lift. Then again if he had brought his Magyar mates with him!

    1. That’s the silly thing, I doubt he watched everyone of them.
      Let Mavropanos go?
      Did he really watched Mavro play this season or he’s just saying this to fill in the list?
      Smith Rowe is one overhyped player that needs to go on loan to a Spanish team just to go improve his technical abilities.
      Nope, let’s pretend Smith Rowe is the next Beckham and cast out the solid ones working hard on loan

      1. Don’t worry Eddie. We have world beaters like Luiz and Mari as well as the usual suspects.
        I am with you regarding Smith Rowe. He has a greater chance of being a Bentley than a Beckham! If guys like him or Willock and Nelson were any good they would be first team regulars right now.

  3. Mav is a great prospects we have many and best to let them on loan and see how they grow. Nelson and Rowe were doing good last year, a waist to bring them back to not play. Rowe had to go back out….

    We don’t need Elneny nor Mikki, clubs don’t want to put the money…Let them go cheap or free as Ozil,Luiz and co…

    1. Clubs won’t have to shell out short-term at least. Football is meaningless if clubs can only subsist on TV money, meaning that anyone who’s out of contract will be jobless for a while

    1. Thank goodness someone else came out with this before I even saw this article.
      Now people would know I’m not exaggerating. At least if you wanna make an article, get your facts and details right.
      Well it’s his opinion though

  4. I’d rather we sold Sokratis and / or Mustafi and gave Mavropanos a chance.

    On the flip side, we might not need such a big squad next year without European football.

  5. well, i will suggest arsenal sell mavropanos(as he is injury prone) with a buy back clause and moreover we have saliba, medley who are still young as mavropanos

  6. A conference league player wearing Arsenal shirt, that’s why Wenger was STUBBORN and DELUDED in football Wenger didn’t grow wiser but the opposite

  7. If a German club is interested inone of our players, we know he must have something about him – bring him back home!!!

    Suggest we try and sell Sokratis (would have liked him and Luiz sold) to make space for him.

    No problems with the rest of the suggestions.

  8. Is Mavro ready for EPL? I doubt it. Decisions need to be made then. Every CB at the club can be let go besides for Saliba as far as I’m concerned. How many of them are good enough? I dont see any of them even getting onto our rivals benches. Shocking decisions to pick up two more deadwood defenders last month. Since we are going to have much less money to spend, we are going to have to hope ESR is ready for the big time, aren’t we?

  9. Mavro injury prone we don’t need another we have OZIL he has always got something wrong with him I think it is called LAZY

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