Arsenal on the verge of completing another transfer – this time a defender

Arsenal has really stepped up their efforts to get transfer deals over the line and multiple reports are coming in that a deal for Celtic defender Kieran Tierney is almost done.

Media outlets like Sky, ESPN and others as highlighted by Football Scotland are all claiming that terms have been agreed between Arsenal and Celtic for the 22-year-old.

This particular transfer has been a bit of a saga with a momentous amount of rumours and speculation, multiple bids, lowball offers and Celtic anger but it finally seems that we are edging to a conclusion if the latest reports are to be believed.

Tierney will be a massive addition to a porous defence and while he is not a central defender he will hopefully add strength to an area that is our biggest concern.

The Arsenal head of football Raul Sanllehi has asked for patience and it appears that he has been justified in his request.

While this transfer is not yet official and probably still has a little way to go it does look very likely now that Kieran Tierney will become an Arsenal player before the transfer window shuts in a few weeks time.

It has been a frustrating time this summer but hopes are now high that the club will be concluding a whole host of quality deals.


  1. Sign a center back and a winger…. Preferably zaha/Everton/Pepe as wingers ?? coyg

  2. I hope Tierney can play in the first half of this season

    Pepe rumor is also getting stronger. Zaha and Dembele are better in dribbling and trickier, but Pepe’s finishing is better and he is a left-footed RW

    I’d prefer Pepe than other targeted wingers, because we already have too many right-footed attackers and Pepe would make the team more balanced

  3. Center back- Ake. left winger-Everton/fraizer. Right winger-ZIYECH/ Leon Bailey/ Pepe/Malcom. Number ten: Bruno Fernandez. Left back: Tielney(Celtic). For these players, many teams will suffer.

    1. I always wanted Nathan Ake! What a talent! I can’t even imagine why Chelsea disposed off of him. Now Man City are keen on him as a Maguire alternative and I have to say we have no chance of signing the player even if we wanted.

    2. According to Transfermarkt:

      – Ake: 30 M
      – Soares: 20 M
      – Malcom: 40 M
      – Fernandes: 55 M
      – Tierney: 25 M

      The total price is 170 M. Unless Kroenke is a Santa, this is not gonna happen

      1. As Trump would say FAKE NEWS dont believe what you read in the media. Arsenal have always said money is there for the right players COYG

      2. Why are you lying again?
        According to the actual Transfermarkt (in Euros) Tierney is 12,5 mill.. You got the rest right, though.

  4. Every one of the comments above struck home. Bang on target. This is hoping that Tierney becomes a Gunner in the coming hours.

    Thank you Admin. It is heartwarming to have something positive coming from here. I am sure that some that are eternal pessimists will still find something to moan about after he, a winger and a central defender come.

  5. Nketiah should not be loaned out because the player is of the promising youngsters at Arsenal. Arsenal have been using academy to sell players elsewhere. We should keep our prized assets for our better future.

    1. At least 2 more central defenders required unless we address that we will continue to leak goals for fun would rather use money for that position rather than anywhere else in the team!!

    1. We still need a RB. Jenkinson is a joke and you know it. AMN is utter rubbish, cost us the Europa League trophy with his ineptitude. I certainly hope never to see him at RB again.

      1. I think fans have to lay off AMN, at the end of the day hes not a right back wing back or winger of any sort. AMN is a Central Mid player. He tends to be put in the RB RWB position because of his athleticism no because of the fact coaches are trying to convert him to a full back permanently

    2. That would be almost £145 million if we purchase a quality CB. Without a CB then that would be around £120 million

      I don’t see Kroenke authorizing that much money to be spent in one transfer window

  6. Pepe rumor is hot but someone tell me, do u genuinely think he will be an arsenal player? I hope so but I’ve got a funny feeling he may be heading towards Naples. Does that mean we opened up our options and were ready to do a deal with whoever accepted our bid for a winger? That’s Zaha/Pepe and Everton. Feel we may sign one of Zaha or Pepe and Everton.

    1. Advantages of Napoli:less tax (25% vs 45%), sunny warm weather, Champions League football; disadvantage well behind Juventus
      Advantages of Arsenal: guaranteed start in team, London, EPL; disadvantage no Champions League, higher tax, higher housing costs

      1. @ozziegunner reported that we’re paying higher salaries n agent commision to cover tax and rent i think

      2. Tax is a big hit, but given the salaries that footballers are on, rent will always be a drop in the ocean. Paying £2,500 p/m for a modern flat in North London is nothing when you’re earning 100x that net.

    1. Sign pepe!? For 70+ Mil?

      People must be mad.

      Now Soares at the 30+/Mil mark is possible. Think Edu will bring that one home with his football samba connections.

  7. For me this summer we needed a CB RB LB CM CAM RW LW added to the first team. But I’m also realistic and believe we can achieve this both through promoting youth players and using the transfer market.

    We’ve done ok so far Cabellos, Saliba, Martinelli and hopefully Tierney. At CB We need either a youth player given a chance, like Mavripanos, Bielik or Medley plus we have Chambers back or we have to dip onto the market. RB if Alvez wanted to sign for a season, sign him. Hes good cover, Free and the knowledge he could pass on to Bellerin could be invaluable. In a similar way Wrighty wanted us to go for DeRossi, Alvez is a no brainer.

    LB would be sorted Monreal, Kolo and Tierney is fine. CM signing Cabellos and the emergence of Willock and John-Jules, plus signing Alvez will allow us to put AMN back where he belongs should give us enough added to Torriera, Guendouzi and Xhaka.

    Wings, we’ve signed Martinelli but for me another 1 maybe 2 is needed. Nelsons back and Saka will play more. But with our only natural wide men being Nelson, Martinelli and Saka all very youthful and the Bundesliga is no where near the Premiership we need to dip into the market.

    Our playing staff will change massively in the next 2 seasons and background has already changed considerably. So i think it is time to get more excited about the future lets give Vinay, Raul and Edu time with their vision. Weve had 10-12 years of the same old, we’ve got the attempt at a new direction lets embrace and support it

  8. Just saw it on Twitter on AFC’s official Twitter page that its a done deal, Tierney is already a GUNNER. I love AFC.

  9. with saliba and holding hopefully our key pairing from next year and the greeks young and old as back up the question is what kind of CB do we actually need for this year … someone who has a very solid history and a good year left in them … any suggestions? but my guess now is that with mustafi still on the books and chambers available in that position i suspect we wont end up with one … but if we add a winger to tierney before start of season it would be a decent window

  10. If Tierney should now come and also Pepe, most Gooners, myself included, wil be excited and thrilled. BUT , not satisfied. We ALL know full well, that the WORST AND MASSIVE gaping hole that has been there for many years is at CB. Right now, it seems that the CB’s(so called) who will start at Newcastle will be Mustafi the rash and Sokratis the wrestler. God help us all if this remains the case. Holding may soon be fit but surely not match tight by the opening game and so the likely prospect of those two clowns once again making our “defence” a hollow joke is too appalling to think about. So excitement for now but tinged with dreadful and too likely and dismal reality, my fellow realistic Gooners.

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