Arsenal on the verge of landing one of their top targets

Arsenal is set to make a move for long term target Bournemouth star Ryan Fraser after the Europa League final according to reports in the media today.

Now, we have been hearing these sort of rumours for a while but what I like about this latest report is that it comes from the Independent and not the likes of the Daily Star or the Sun.

While I do not trust the high brow papers too much I certainly do more than the tabloids and I have to say that I do find it credible that Arsenal will be tabling a bid for the 25-year-old.

Fraser has been brilliant for Bournemouth this season racking up 14 assists in the Premier League with only Chelsea’s Eden Hazard doing better.

Manchester United was apparently interested in the Scottish international but the Independent is claiming that the Red Devils will not be pursuing the playmaker despite what some have been claiming.

Bournemouth wants £30 Million for Fraser, however, Arsenal are said to be confident that they can get the figure lowered because the player wants a move and only has a year left on his contract.

One final thought, Fraser has spoken previously of a move to Arsenal and the speculation about him being linked with a move to the Emirates.

“I am not going to lie, it is very nice,” Fraser said

“It means you are doing something right. They are a huge club, a massive club.

“When you see your name thrown around you always think to yourself that you are a Bournemouth player and you try to do well.

“I am not going to lie, you do feel good, especially when it’s a massive club.”

Of all the rumours currently going around this is the one that I do believe is real and I am now in a position where I would actually be surprised if we fail to get Fraser to put pen to paper.


  1. Surely it’s just a matter of time!
    Be great seeing him in Arsenal colours & buzzing around all over the pitch! He’ll be a great signing imo!

      1. I’m good thanks, Pat… oh poor you, I do feel for you, it has been really warm! You need to rest ? and make sure you come on Just Arsenal at every available opportunity – it will help ? take it easy sweet ?

    1. I’m afraid 30 millions would be a huge gamble for him, because he could be a one season wonder like Lucas Perez at Deportivo. His stats are good in this season (7 goals and 14 assists), but he was lame in last season (only 5 goals and 3 assists)

      He also predominately uses his right foot, whereas we already have several right-footed wide players, such as Iwobi, Nelson, Nketiah, Mkhitaryan, Maitland-Niles and Aubameyang

      I’d prefer Arsenal spend 30+ millions on a left-footed RW, if possible a tall winger like Pepe

        1. Pepe is priced out of Arsenal’s range and the competition for his signature will be strong.

        2. AS A REAL FAN OF HAKIM….

      1. “Could be” doesn’t mean he will be, GAI….
        Only Hazard has more assists than him this season… I’d be happy if we got him.. I know he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but give him a chance…

      2. He’s been a reliable EPL player for several years. It’s not really a risk. He has a solid assist record, and this season he’s hit new heights.

  2. Decent player and for a fair price, good singing imo.

    Left back-20m
    Andre Gomes -loan (5m)

    Resign Kos for one more season
    Keep Ospina as backup
    Net recoup-30m plus a lot of wages. If we win EL then this would be my ideal window


    Amn/bellerin Manolas/holding Kos/Papa Kols/newLB

    Xhaka/Gomes guendozi/Torreira

    Nelson/Fraser Auba/laca Iwobi/Malcolm

    1. We have to be rid of Xhaka. Maitland Niles must be given his chance in midfield instead, the boy’s career is being ruined by defining him as a backup for Bellerin. Anyone who has watched him play in the middle of the park can tell you his best position is not at right back

      1. I don’t think we can introduce that many first team players in one window. There’s already a massive shift in players. Like it or not Xhaka is definitely the best of the worst players we’ve got and this he’ll be the last of them to leave.

  3. He Might be a solid player ,but is he a player who’s going to take us forward ,I can’t see ,just a cheap option for a cheap Arsenal board

    1. Why not? Who would have said mane and Salah will take Liverpool forward when they were bought

      1. Salah and Mane were renowned as lethal inverted wingers that scored plenty of goals from wide areas before they joined Liverpool

        Ryan Fraser’s playing style looks like Antonio Valencia’s and Ashley Young’s, more of an assist creator than a goalscorer. In addition to that, he occasionaly played as an RB for his nation

        If Emery plan to use Fraser as a wingback, I believe it would work well. But not as wide forward

        1. Nice one, Kevin. I even questioned it – buying a Hull player & he’s been brilliant (cough cough… I don’t like admitting that ?)

          1. Best left back in the league by a mile imo Sue and on the right of him another quality player in Trent Alexander Arnold those two must be a dream for a coach they’re energy levels are through the roof ?

              1. Not great, some bad news recently (not me) what about you ? You looking forward to the cup final did you read that the stadium will be half empty? Having to type with a plaster on my thumb is more difficult than it looks haha

                1. Oh no ? I would say hope all is ok, but it obviously isn’t.. so I’m sorry
                  Well… I am, but I don’t know, all this hoo-ha surrounding it hasn’t helped one bit, so I’m really nervous (& scared to watch!!) If we lose… omg I don’t even want to think about that….. sigh!!! How about you? Will you be betting?!
                  Yes I saw something about that! Absolutely crazy isn’t it?! Our first final since 2006.. it’s been a joke all round really ?

                  1. Thanks Sue ? yeah it almost doesn’t seem like a final it’s been a joke tbh I suppose it won’t matter if Arsenal win the trophy atmosphere or no atmosphere ? betting ? What about the new kit ? I don’t like the yellow kit the collar is ugly I quite like the red though ?

                    1. That stadium is surely called the moon stadium (no atmosphere ?) it will be amazing if we do win!!
                      I thought you might have a wager on it?!
                      Oh Kev, I’m with you – that red kit is lush ? will defo buy it!!

                    2. Haha yeah now your talking Sue ? nah I couldn’t call it the only way to make proper money on that game is to put big money on so I think I’ll just leave that one out ? it’s definitely nice Sue but don’t think I’ll buy it as you know my stance on kroenke lol I actually haven’t bought any merchandise in ages so I’m doing well hahaha

                    3. Oh Kev… watching premier league darts.. RVP is there, in the crowd ????
                      So what was the last thing you bought??
                      A kit in the 70’s?! ?

                    4. Ronaldo was at formula one as well lol oh bet your loving that Sue ? Hahaha. ? It was 2015 home kit I think I wore it once I don’t really like the feel of football tops on my skin lol.. 70s ? unless I time travelled back to your era ?

                    5. I can’t find owt about it.. was just curious.. like if Dat guy Welbz got a game or not! And obviously if we scored!!
                      Sh*t, in your house?? Oh Kev, I don’t do spiders, actually I don’t do anything with more than 4 legs.. spiders freak me out!! ? scary!

                  2. He’s trying to look like something out of peaky blinders (bell end!!) Not good, Kev!!
                    You don’t like the feel of football tops against your skin?? So what would wear when you played? Your birthday suit ??
                    Hey don’t knock it Kev, you might actually like it hahahaha peace man ✌?

                    1. Different materials in 90s and early 2000’s Sue actually they were very comfortable then ? birthday suit ? what with a flat cap ? Hahahah. Cross beat Wade 10-5 you see I know my stuff lol. I sure would Sue there’s no doubt about that ?so I suppose your excited about the netball world cup lol

                    2. Yes I remember only too well… although the Arsenal tops I had were like tents on me! Glad they’re not like that anymore!
                      Yes complete with a flat cap (kn*b) if I was there, I’d launch my dart in his direction ? bullseye!!
                      Ooh get you – I’m impressed ?
                      Oh Christ – watching Tracey Neville (Gary in drag) oooh no Kev…not my sorta thing.. used to play it at school (yes it was invented then & yes I can remember it ?) only thing I like about it though, is the advert for it – Anthony Joshua – such a beast!! ?

                    3. Haha they were big because I remember getting the red O2 kit in 2002 I think and it was way too baggy ? oh poor Robin getting tagged by Sue haha. Lol she does indeed look like him scarily looks like him ? did yous use a brown leather laced ball back then ? ? Haha yeah he is big my mum fancies him can’t stand his manager Eddie hearn though ?

                    4. No it was white leather laced ? weren’t we supposed to be playing a friendly today against LASK Linz, at London Colney??

                    5. You must of missed the brown laced leather by a year or two ? yeah Sue I heard that I really don’t know the score of that one I don’t suppose it matters though ? that’s 2 false widow spiders I’ve killed this week bloody infestation

                    6. Yeah in my house Sue had a problem with those little buggers last year too! And they’re venomous! ? Welbeck banged in a hat trick last time out at this rate he’ll start in Baku ? since there is no Mkh he’s a good option ? oh went to pick up a bloody razor and sliced it the bathroom was like something out of pyscho after you know how those little razor cuts bleed lol

                    7. You’ve got to stop making out you’re in the movies – eight legged freaks, the full monty & now psycho!! ???

                    8. Haha I hate spiders ? listen to you full monty that’s funny ? I ain’t joking looked like a crime scene lol what’s the story with people on here pictures of Iwobi and other things didn’t even know you could change your picture haha. Hard to believe the championship playoff is worth over a hundred million wish we were playing in it haha

                    9. If you go onto Gravatar (I think) you can change your picture… haha yours is going to be very interesting, I bet!! ?
                      Bloody hell, it’s worth that much? ?
                      Should be a good game! I saw that Liverpool might sell Wilson (25m I think it was!)

                    10. Haha never heard of it ? a pic of your favourite man RVP lol ? After winning the Championship play-off final Fulham will make a huge £174.8m over the next three seasons – over double the amount of prize money Liverpool will win if they beat Real Madrid in tonight’s Champions League. (From last season) 25 million? Sue do we even have that to spend ?

                    11. Neither had I, until Admin mentioned it. Oh my, how sickening would that be? Every time I’d speak to you, I’d be reminded of him (with a bit of luck, his flat cap would take up the whole picture ?) hahaha!!
                      Christ that’s a lot ain’t it!! They could always chuck a bit our way, so we could buy Zaha (just for you, as I know deep down (way, way down) you want him really) ???

                    12. Haha, no, no and no I definitely do not want Zaha he can’t stay on his feet, tried and failed at utd plus his value is well over sticker price ? I’ll take Leon Bailey though or Angel Correa ? the flat cap is just to cover his grey hair ? haha we could ask Villa or Derby to Sub us until pay day ? is it just my phone or is it when you’re typing a message the screen keeps scrolling up and down ?

                    13. Ok then, it’s a definite no ? yes my phone does that, stupid bloody thing!
                      Well Kev (aka Mr Full Monty) it’s Friday, it’s pay day & I’m on leave next week.. doesn’t get much better than that.. well actually, if we win on Wednesday, it will be perfect ?

                    14. It’s not our phones then Sue it’s this site ? unless it’s just a massive coincidence lol. I think first of all we need a CB a Lb and a RB basically just a new defence ? Lucas Torreira needs a bigger more physical player alongside him ? pensioner leave ? OJ ? oh that will be sweet let’s hope we get the job done, I couldn’t stand another year in Europa League, I think I’ll actually shed tears this time ? that competition is just too draining even the music is annoying haha

                    15. You & me both ? haha pensioner leave haha.. yes I’m off on an oap coach trip to Eastbourne (to check out for my retirement) I’ll wave to you as I go past ?? (I am only joking, btw.. ) haha!!

                    16. Well it’s a bank holiday on Monday perfect timing for an oap Beano to the seaside ? haha. I know Sue ? well I guess I’ll chat to you later hopefully Arsenal will have made a couple of signings by tonight ????

  4. Don’t think we would be buying any british players just yet.
    Most managers initially buy players from a familiar scouting network to them.
    Arsene didnt buy British straight away, although he did buy Mathew Upson a year after he arrived. Understandably French players dominated his initial buys with players such as Anelka, Grimandi, Petit being his first french imports.
    We bought Socratis, Abumeyang, Litch, Guendouzi, and Leno via a DOF, however, Unai will most likely insist on players he already has knowledge of either in the French league or the Spanish league. I’d like to be surprised but Unai showed his hand by insisting on loaning Suarez we didn’t need and whom he hardly played simply because he knew him previously and wanted to prove a point to his bosses at Arsenal.
    Fraser, although unspectacular is very focused and consistent and would be an improvement on Iwobi on our left flank.

  5. He looks like type of player Emery likes. Signing for top 10 next season. Well done!

  6. Fraser is a good one, however I do agree with our team’s assistant coach a.k.a Gotanidea who thinks we need to sell one of our strikers and get in Inverted wingers….
    ⏳? Sorry my bad, I don’t agree we need to sell a striker but everyone of us know we do need wingers and I hope we get Zaha or Malcolm,I think Malcolm will be the best option as he made the mistake thinking Barca was the right choice for him (Well will you blame him? Not many can say no when Barca comes calling).
    I’ve seen what he can do and I think we need that on the RW.
    If possible, Zaha on the right wing, well Sue please wake me up because I know you and I we’ve been having the same dreams about new players

      1. If another club bid 70+ M for Lacazette or Aubameyang, I believe Arsenal would not think twice to sell. Probably Lacazette, because he is younger

        I also really want to see this tridente next season, if one of Aubameyang/ Lacazette is sold:

        Malcom (left-footed RW) …. Aubameyang (false nine) …. Zaha (right-footed LW)

        1. You always cry for inverted winger… Here there is one we are going for in Fraser yet you think he is not inverted… But Zaha, Pepe is… My questio is where those Fraser Play in Bournermoth team… ?

          He’s got good stat this season… I can’t think of any season Zaha had a good stat in Goal or assist or can you? except for Diving… Fraser can only get better still 25 he has hunger and no defender wants to be one against one with him… If we sign him he will be a great addition

          My next buy will be Ziyech

        1. Sue, a wise man once said
          “Some people got dreams so much bigger than the town they’re in” – Avicii.
          I don’t know if dreaming for such platers is even bigger than the town we’re in or bigger than the country we’re in??
          Let’s just keep dreaming

            1. Nah Sue, my workstation light’s up with blue lights.
              I love this mixture of purple-blue that’s why I’m using it, so I’m thinking of adding more colours to mine

    1. Yes, we need to sell either Lacazette or Auba but me personally I would sell Auba because of age factor but also I wouldn’t spend 70mln on Zaha there are better options and bargains in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France even England for Fraser and we are linked with quality players who are available for under 20mln Mario Hermoso, Saliba, Ziyech, kernemann, Exquel Palacios those in my opinion would improve Arsenal as team

  7. I know Fraser very well having seen him regularly during his time with Aberdeen.He is a busy little player, and while he has improved at Bournmouth he is not of the calibre to make a real impression with Arsenal.Quite frankly he is not in the same class as for example Hakim Ziyech of Ajax who would probably cost the same.Signing Fraser would be another error of judgement by our recruitment team.

    1. Grandad, I concur with Ziyech from Ajax. Both Fraser and Ziyech for the same money as Zaha is good business.

    2. So you’ve watched Fraser for years, but you rate Ziyech higher, who I presume, like the majority of the footballing world, you’ve only watched in UCL matches, and didn’t even hear about until a few months ago. If he wasn’t part of this specific Ajax team everybody would be questioning our scouting if we were linked with him

  8. I will be amazed if we buy anyone before the outcome of the EL Final, as the outcome will detemine how much we should expect to have for funds !

    1. We will start to get an idea who is coming in for next summer whatever the outcome after the final. And According to Raul in an interview that process has already taken place

  9. I hope we get him. he’s the kind of player kolasinac /iwobi isn’t on the left flank. he’s a hard worker yet he delivers on creating chances. he’s the player with the most big chances created last season. so we having two of the deadliest strikers in Europe in the last few years in Europe should be glad we are bringing Fraser. I hope we get that palacios from Argentina then ziyech’/zaha,then one of dakonam /saliba then midfield grit from partey of Athletico.

    these four players ,then we can bring that kid from Velez….. I do miss exciting young chaps with genuine talents.

    1. He is just a Big name left like Kevin Campbell put out we need players who has Arsenal heart and his weekly wage is a big issue in terms of balance. If he was a stand out player like Messi on that money I wouldn’t mind at all!

  10. This player is not the answer I can see why we have scouted him
    He fits what our coach is looking for in terms of work rate and energy . But he will not be the answer if we’re to purchase such a player then let’s watch him next season before bidding.
    I believe we already have young wingers ready for a step up of the same level as in Nelson and Smith Rowe . Maybe not fully ready yet put would add the same impact and in a season or two new will be lighting wingers playing the Arsenal way.
    Smith Rowe is more direct and powerful where Nelson is more pacey speed dribbler I say work with what we’ve got and bring in a player from Europe or south America. We’re not gonna win the title next season so use this time to build a team a young team that grows together. We already have aging players we need to start getting youth through and bring in top players for a decent price from around the globe Lucus Torreira types reasonable price very talented and young.

  11. I really hope we don’t spend on 2 wingers. Otherwise our young guns coming through will never get the game time they need. Probably unrealistic, but with Amaechi, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, and Saka, I’d hate to see any of them leave.
    As for Iwobi….I can’t make up my mind. He’s still quite young. If he can improve next season, and be more consistent, that would be a real asset for us.

    1. We went that route in the past and wait for kids to grow so we can start to compete I wouldn’t mind if they leave with a decent fee with a buy back clause.

    2. we need at least 1 reliable winger in this squad. Desperately. WOuldn’t give Reiss all that responsibilty yet, but I would like him to get a very fair shot

  12. I’m sorry Frazer is not the answer. Sometimes I want what kind of scouts this club currently employs.

    Frazer is a winger I have watched carefully.
    He is a below average dribbler, most of his assist come from set pieces. I also question his physicality.
    For Gods sakes why can’t we sign a top quality winger who can cause havoc with his dribbling skills when attacking and push opposition fullback backwards.
    If we don’t get the likes of ziyech, nicholas pepe, Malcolm, neres e.t.c then we better use the kids than sign and average winger.
    What the hell Arsenal…why can’t the directors and those in charge ever learn.

  13. I’m still not sold on this Fraser guy. Decent player. But one dimensional and too limited and can’t dribble. Won’t work against lower teams who will park the bus where he won’t have space to run.. Need a winger who can beat one or two with sheer brilliance and guile.

  14. my prayer is one to all ARSENAL FANS, if arsenal boss doesn’t want to spend on mature players or young talented players to compete in the league next season,let us give him time to watch his team alone this time. we should not beg a human like us all the time enough is enough. you can not tell me that without europa cup no money. now if i can ask you, who do you want to bring the cup if not mature and skilled players. why do you need to ripe what you did not show in the garden?????? this time lets give some one gap and distance in his business.

  15. if possible let R-NELSON be given now time to compete in that wing such that we have our guns close to us and spend on defence and box to box player only.

  16. ENOUGH is ENOUGH to arsenal boss. let him leave our team less that we will leave his team and see what will happen next

    1. patrick, you need to calm down; the transfer window has only just opened.
      By the “arsenal boss”, I hope you mean Stan Kroenke, because he will not put any money in. Unai Emery will have to make do with whatever transfer budget the Board doles out to him.
      The interesting question is what will the £60 million per annum from the Adidas kit deal be spent on, if not player purchases?

  17. If we leave putting an offer in for Ryan Fraser till after the Europa final, then I can guarantee he will have been brought by one of our nearest rivals, and we’ll be left once again with the dregs, because our rivals will have scooped up the best players. We need to act now, not later.

  18. RSH with regard to your somewhat snide comments,unlike Ryan Fraser, I have never seen Ziyech in the flesh and I can say the same about Messi, Puskas, Maradonna and hundreds of wonderful footballers.I did some scouting when I stopped playing and I can say without fear of contradiction that Ziyech is a vastly superior player than my fellow Aberdonian.

  19. Hazard on a five-year, €25.5 million deal from Borussia Moenchengladbach to Dortmund.

    The Belgium international scored 46 goals and provided 44 assists in 182 appearances for Gladbach.

    Frazer 30m, I think not.

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