Arsenal on tour, Transfer rumours, Man United, and short-term planning

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Hello folks. Apologies for somehow missing Arsenal’s Singapore trip in my last article. So another Asia tour is on the way. I get the idea, it’s a huge market that generates a lot of income. If you want to be a modern super-club you need to pay attention to all of your fans.

Big clubs get their biggest advantage over smaller ones with the mass of shirt sales. Real Madrid buy a player, sell a million shirts the first day and ‘boom’ his fee is paid. Fans can be passionate about their club from whichever part of the world come from. Not all Arsenal fans are North London based but still even in the far-east people will come to the airport early in the morning just to see their beloved Arsenal heroes in person.

The only problem I have with that tour is that players get absolutely destroyed throughout the season. Wenger doesn’t help much with the fact that he doesn’t like rotating too much, and he rarely believes in a big squad. But football like sport in general has become very result oriented. The better the results, the more the fans, the more the money!

The football balloon is so inflated it’s scary. Player prices of 30 million seem like bargains if he returns 20 goals a season. Wages of 150k per week also seem normal if you are at the top of the game. When in fact, most of the people who fuel those wages (the poor ol’ fans) hardly earn such money over the course of a year.

Anyway, Cech will be on the trip to Singapore which is nice. A chance for him to meet his new pals. He’ll be wearing number 33 – “the number of Chelsea fans there were before Abramovich”. Hilarious stuff. Lots of funny tweets about his number. I hope the Asia trip doesn’t disrupt our transfer policy. We’re close to a complete squad, but a few more additions wouldn’t hurt us.

One of the few rumors that was flying round was Johny Evans. Now we could use another CB but I hardly believe he is the one. I get that Wenger is somehow trying this English core stuff, and that buying from a rival team gives extra motivation but I really cannot see this happening.

I hope Dick Law is working on that DM. Other teams are making interesting moves. Schweinsteiger to United is an interesting transfer. Van Gaal is completely destroying what Fergie build over the years. Schneiderlin, a player we could’ve utilized is also going there. Their midfield was in a bad need of repair and it could turn out to be actually exciting or it could seriously backfire.

There were a few posts, about us trying to buy Di Maria. How absurd is that? He would no doubt improve our squad. We don’t have too many proper wingers. Players who don’t want to move to the middle now or in some point in time – sooner rather than later. He’d bring characteristics not typical for our game plan, but again why would they sell him? Even if they do the price would be sky high and i don’t think we’d pay it.

Does Wenger have a major signing in mind? Coming off the back of our last two transfer windows I wouldn’t rule one out. Quality attracts quality, and quality is available. Players fall out of favour with managers and they get sold. Ozil, Alexis and Cech is a great start. Add one more stellar name and suddenly people will start to think that playing at Arsenal means playing with the best.

We’ve added 2 trophies in 2 years so we’re on the way to being a trophy destination. There’s still work to be done, but it looks positive. Is Wenger actually ready to dump his old approach and beliefs in favor of the short term? He is at the end of his managerial career. Two years left on his current contract. I believe he wants to go out with a bang.

Modern day football is an extremely hard place for success. There is so much money and pressure on you to win – plus the ambition of the smaller teams to prove themselves among the elite. Short term planning wins trophies. Fergie bought Van Persie and even though he is now off to Turkey, he did help United on to a league title.

We have shown signs of improved over our last two seasons. Money have been spent, trophies have been won and we’ve shown glimpses of tactical preparation. Until we win the big prizes – the Champions League or a League title the jury is still out.

Have a supreme week!


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    1. i am getting a serious case of the green eyed monster, united are taking the pizzle…
      now theres talk of a di maria an cash for lewandowski swap.
      please buddha no, that would tip me over the edge….

      this is like watching the one guy at work i cant stand, getting all this muff and
      feel like tellin these ‘ladies’…look i know adam seems cool..but trust me hes a douche

      1. U know, I saw a picture of Morgan in a MUFC outfit and just busted into lafta. Personally I do not rate him highly and I’ve always said Wanyama is a better DM than him (I don’t even consider Morgan a DM).

        We need an outright DM, one that knows his job, likes it and sticks to it. Flamini is crap now. Arteta is as fast as my late grandfather’s 1970 bicycle. Wilshere can never and should never be our DM, that’s dangerous.

        1. Morgan wanted to join us all along but we never made an effort to sign him. Morgan is gone too, just lovely…super lovely, I’m so fkin depressed

          1. You have to be the dumbest goddamn person on this website. And that is a MASSIVE accomplishment. What position do you hold at Arsenal that you are able to say without a doubt we never tried to sign him. Maybe it’s more to do with the fact that he bent Manure backwards on his ridiculous wage demands, and they’re dumb enough to pay it for a “pretty good” midfielder. We honestly never needed Schneiderlin at all. We have like 6 players that do the same exact thing. Coq performed better than him. He shouldn’t start over Coq. 130k for a bench player is bad business. He probably doesn’t even want to sit on the bench. None of it ticks the common sense boxes, does it?! There are plenty more out there. It’s 13 days into the transfer window. I feel like I’m explaining the transfer window to my 12 year old nephew. Are you 12?!

            1. What I mean by not making an effort is not negotiating well enough and not making an extra effort to sign him.if we wanted to get him we could have easily done so.and please don’t say we have sIx players who do the same thing!we only have one. And if we signed who said he would be benched??we could have rotated him with lecoq.they could have shared the duties it would have been wonderful business for us.130k a week is a good deal for a player of his standards. Now tell me are you twelve????

              1. you have a point but what is frustrating is the endless embellishment on behalf of arsenal fans to suit there particular narrative of what is wrong or right with arsenal. e.g. ‘we never made effort to sign him’ this fits in your persistent negative outlook. but how do you now ‘we never tried’!? you just plucked that out of thin air, in order to suit your negative narrative line. you have no idea wenger even gives a shit about MS, and based on the standard of our recent big signings, Ozil, Sanchez, Cech i would imagine that Wenger believes he can do better than MS.

                1. Wow if Wenger thinks that way I will be very surprised. Who are you fooling???Wenger never thinks like that.

                2. I highly doubt it. If we had made an offer, we would have heard something about it. All the reports were that MS hated Manchester and wanted to be in London. If that was the case that would have been a strong negotiating point on wages. Of course in some situations you can play 2 DMs, we’ve certainly played Coq and Flamini together before, and to think Coq can go the entire season with no injury is over optimistic. I do not trust Wenger in the transfer market – he wouldn’t pay more than a pound over 40 million for Suarez, but spends 42.5m for Ozil – which position did we have a shortage for, and who would’ve benefited us the most? Would we have brought in Bergkamp with Wenger? Our transfer policy has been hit and miss ever since David Dein left, which was funnily enough when we last won the EPL.

            2. What a douche. I know some posts seem ridiculous, immature. But suppress the urge to say fifa or respond in any way. Tired of these condescending douche responses.

        2. we dont need 10 players, truth be told we dont ‘need’ any.
          if we want to compete for league we need 2-3
          our squad is actually pretty tight, thats down to wenger people-

          muzzi ozcan must really regret that post he made- hes been hounded ever since.

    2. Manure are signing everybody,that’s what we call ambitious.. If Wenger fails to sign us a world class DM and striker I am done with him. I will no longer be supporting his asssss. Old stingy fart destroying our chances of silverware

      1. Honestly, I’m not panicking. See, my friend, if you fail to plan, you have successfully planned to fail. So, either ways, you have planned. #InWengerWeTrust.

      2. Liverpool ‘signed everybody’ last year, what did it get them, Manchester United signed ‘everbody’ last campaign – how did they fare? The Spurs bought ‘everybody’ two seasons ago, they finished outside the top 5.

        On paper Manchester United look like a solid squad, however, Bastian is 30 and never played a full month of December in his career. There will be no easy games in the EPL, how good will he be in Jan, Feb, March? Morgan will be a squad player unless Carrick is being sold. And who knows about Depay – most wingers take one or two seasons to get going. Hazards first season wasn’t mindblowing, nor was Ozils. Sanchez has been the exception to the rule.

        Arsenal won big games against Manchester United, City away last season. We’ve not done that in a long long time. We want all of these signings but where do players play?

        We have a lot of world class players on our team already who have been with team for awhile. I’d take Arsenal’s midfield over United’s every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

        We needs signings for sure, but probably only 1-2 world class players. United have many more areas to fill then us.

        1. Liverpool found some form last season after buying a few duds including Balotelli, Lambert, Borini, and Lovren. Markovic and Lovren could stick around. Sounds like he’s trading Balotelli for someone in Serie A. LVG made it into the top four his first year, which was his goal. Falcao seemed like the only true dud for them. Tot have lots of quality players, beat us last year pretty easily if I remember. Nobody is saying to spend all the money. Getting the transfers done early makes since so the team can gel over the summer.

      3. ii rspect manu as a club cause they have hisotry…even if 99% was made by red nose.
        but van gaal is overrated,
        and signing a bynch of good players…? tottenham…Liverpool…it not wise to do that.
        stil i respect hem so i d never say to take them lightly, but all taht signing signing…i dont know…

  1. Tic tac tic tac..mmm clock is ticking for wenger and he knows that.
    If he waits until next year he will hace too much pressure in his final year….it would be dumb since he can enforce the team now and get ucl and EPL and then enjoy his last year without pressure and without pressure comes more silverware

    1. You think this is the last contract Wenger will have signed, and they call him deluded. Wenger has plenty to offer and he will get the offers per usual and then per usual he will show were his loyalties lay.

      1. Wenger will stay on for more than 5 years and make us fans Suffer more and more.we want world class signings before the start of the season.a week before the Chelsea match.Wenger better hella serious

      2. you mean contracts at arsenal or elsehwre..? I was talking here, not winning the ucl and leave would be failure to all he has spoken about,

  2. Help!!!!!!………. Justarsenal is running outta quality article……. Do something before its too late

  3. One more screw up mr wenger and am done with your arsenal cz currently thats what it is…you are involved in everything from coaching to managing, finances, transfers, diet, etiquette, dressing etc and it seems as if its not working..I can understand not having the best team but at least we should have the best academy which we don’t .i know because of age its hard to adapt by letting other people help you but am gonna put up with you one more season..i don’t care if you buy or not but i will give it a go one more time..if successful we will rejoice together but if not we are done…id rather watch us fail again under a another manager cz i know hel have worked his ass off to make sure that he impresses

    1. Your getting thumb downs because your saying the right thing.I and a large number of fans are with you.we have had enough of this wenger bulllls…t. While all the other teams are buying top players we are giving contracts to arteta.lovely, I just have a question, where does the money go to??the transfer kitty we had, where is it going???Wenger with same excuses” there were not any players that would have improved our squad”. We are missing our targets one by one and people are saying we are just twelve days in the window. Why can’t be buy early and let the players gel??I don’t get it,why does it always have to be so complicated?

  4. we cannot go another season with giroud upfront.. he is absolutely woeful.. our midfielders are suffering and so are the fans he is painful to watch and costs us many points .. look at the strikers of other clubs in the BPL.. he is far down on the list.. may not even make the top 20 and we are ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB

    SIGN A STRIKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. alotta ppl on here have already started slating wenger though….
    seen few wenger out comments, hes useless , hes failing this window…

    i dont get it….why the panic lads?

    off topic, liverpool fans are a disgrace threatening sterlings daughter an all the race crap.
    wish those animals identitites would be exposed an it would trend online…

    1. If football clubs and their supporters carry on like this , I will have to drop football for my second love and thats rugby.

  6. Just lovely!!plz don’t tell me manure are getting morgan?? Damn. I am just way too frustrated. Hate this transfer window. Manure who finished just one place behind us have already made 3 big signings,all world class and there is no denying that. What have we done????don’t start the cech thing again. Typical Wenger,signing players in positions we really don’t need. I rather keep ospina and get a DM and a striker. If manure gets Morgan I will never forgive Wenger.if he doesn’t get us a world class DM and striker I will no longer be supporting Wenger and will be calling for his head he will lose all the respect I have for him

    1. 3 world class signings??

      If we had spent 25million on a 21 year old only proven in holland people would have gone ballistic.

      Schweinstieger has been world class, but is on the down turn of his career, if he is so spectacular still, why would bayern happily release him for just 14 million.

      And schneidelin is in no way shape or form world class, he is good.
      We are not in the business of paying 25 million for just good. Not only that but he isnt even suited to what we say we want, people sying they want cover for coq and say it should be schniederlin are daft, morgan is a b2b, coq is a dm. We need a pure dm who keeps to his role. Like coquelin.

      1. Deepay is a world class young star on the rise. Scwheni still has 3 years of world class game left in him and Morgan is a top player and can play both as a b2b and dm

          1. Yes, and these older players simply give some depth and experience. They are NOT critical pieces of the puzzle.

  7. if Wenger don’t sign a striker table will end like this
    man city,
    man u,
    Liverpool (if they get reus),

    1. Liverpool won’t finish above us..even if they signed Messi and we play with 10 men for the whole season!

      1. Yea just like last year OH wait a minit who was second and who was fourth, never say never arsenal is just three injurys away from desaster

        1. Wow so many thinks that we could beat Liverpool everytime with ten man and with them having messi YEP I will be the guy in hospital with a cracked skull for bashing my head against a brick wall

    2. Liverpool get Reus. Ahahaha made my day. It would be a miracle if we were able to get Reus, let alone Liverpool getting him. We have more money, a bigger stadium and better facilities. We can offer Champions League football and the chance to play alongside his boyhood idol – Tomas Rosicky. If we can’t get him, Liverpool won’t.

  8. Arsnl mst always came befor any1 or else, even Wengr…..he mst sign striker or mises out of evry top honour..thos sayn we cn cntinue with giroud, lets nt delude ourslvs, no team evr get a big tropy without sm1 2scor atlist 20 goals.

  9. The good thing is that Wenger has said we are still open for business. WENGER HAS EARNED THE RIGHT TO TAKE DECISIONS HOW HE LIKES BASED ON ACHIEVEMENTS.


    The midfield was where we bossed other teams last season but teams like MU have strengthened there. WE SHOULD NOT ALWAYS BE THE LAST TO SIGN PLAYERS. These new boys need to gel withe rest of the team. I would have thought Wenger would have learned this by now. Other clubs make signings without much hassle, FOR ARSENAL IT IS ALWAYS LIKE CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN.


  10. Wenger’s comments on Sterling, Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger’s transfers:

    Q: ‘Did you bid on them?’

    A: ‘They’re players I like, but offensively we already have many players.’

    Exactly the tone at the beginning of last season when he refused to buy a striker. And let’s not delude ourselves with this ‘but he bought Welbeck’ line. He wouldn’t even have signed Welbeck if Giroud wasn’t injured.

  11. I have had enough of Wenger’s inability to finishing building this team. It has taken him forever to get all the pieces together. Now everyone can see that we are short in a couple of positions, namely DM and Striker or Winger/Striker. And guess what? There are plenty of them out there that can improve this team, depending on Wenger’s vision for next season.

    He could get a Vidal, or go younger and try competition for Coquelin with someone like Imbula.

    He could try to get Cavani or Lewandowski or try someone younger in Lacazette. Or try to get Draxler, Pedro, Greizmann or Aubomeyang as a winger/striker to play with or instead of Theo.

    What i am trying to say is that, this transfer window is full of quality players for the positions we need. Not buying a DM or a Forward would be shortsighted.

    There is still a lot of time and a lot of players out there. I’ll wait until the end of the window, before I bring out the tar and feathers.

    1. We’ve had two seasons with money, the second season we had a little more than the previous one. Fergie has left three seasons ago, even with their wealth utd are still trying to get a team together.

      Your not even imagining how difficult it may be to offload players.

      I doubt management is as easy as you make it out to be. Falcao would have been the cleverest buy in many peoples minds and especially using your just buy them ffs argument. Greizmann is not for sale, neither is Aubameyang. Vidal, sure we have Ramsey Cazorla Ozil so that is just unnecessary. Aubameyang… we have Walcott.

      We have have had to integrate many players as it were, going by your say so we would of had too many. CL money has been too important for us to risk by just buying up all available flavor of the season players. Reason we’ve had good money over these past couple seasons is thanks to CL money. You say buy Lacazette, fair enough you like him. Did you rate him before last season, what if he performs how he did the previous seasons instead of how the last one went. Just write it off and get another one?

      I think you could atleast admit that even though you think it looks easy and you believe every player you buy will play exactly like they played before recently signed, well i think you could admit that that may not be the case.

      1. I’m against your case. Not a reasonable response.brain washed fans, you probably smoking wengerjuana

        1. Im brainwashed, your the one repeating the same misery on here day after day. It is boring, you are boring and a some what annoying. Go support utd or chelsea and do us all a favor.

      2. makes a lot of sense but going by that logic every transfer has an iota of gamble associated with it. Since we cannot compete for world class players when bigger teams are interested, we are left with no choice but to take this “risk”. Do you think if Reus becomes available tomorrow, it will be a cakewalk for us? we will get bullied out of the transfer unless Reus decides to ignore every other team and come here.

        So we have got to take that chance and buy a developing player like Lacazette and hope he turns into a goal machine! That’s the honest truth. World class strikers out there (if any at all) are beyond our reach !

        How I rue the missed chance of signing Suarez..No matter what anyone says, if we had got him, we would have been EPL champions by now

      3. @Yang, Look I never said it was easy, or did I say I can do his job. But there are people out there who are building teams faster and with the same amount of funds. Look at what Mourinho did in Chelsea since he came back, his net spend is less than Arsenal’s as he was able to offload Luiz and Mata for 85M but he bough players he needed like Matic and Cesc and Costa and he won the EPL.
        Also I didnt say buy Lacazette, I said try somebody young or somebody ready to go but try something different. Our players agree that Giroud is not good enough to lead the line. So try something else, let’s say you are going to try Theo ok then get a kick ass winger.

        All I am saying is that, the weak areas in this squad are obvious and a good manager with the money available to him would have found solutions to those weaknesses.

        I am not saying that Wenger won’t buy the players, that is why i am patient. I am simply pointing out, what everyone who is interested in football knows.

        1. You didn’t say it was easy but reading your comments it definitely came across that way. Mourinho is a very shrewd manager, but the truth is we have a very good manager ourselves, one who many would love to have and not many could better run our club.

          Che, I think it would be too kind to applaud them over their net spend last season such was the wealth of players already there for him to work with. We are talking about hundreds of millions.

          Liverpool and spurs have been spending more money than ourselves for a long time now but yet you choose to use chelsea as a measuring stick. Our club is run nothing at all like theirs, I wont say in which ways as you are already well aware.

          Che did get three excellent additions in but in truth Costa alone would have won them the title in previous season, that is what Mourinho walked into. They spend fortunes on players, moving them on in little time whilst taking a loss and then replacing them.

          The writing disappearing is doing my head in I cant bloody concentrate so could you give it a rest already.

    2. Wenger will let us down again, he is not going to sign anyone. I’m just curious where all the money goes??we never spend the total amount we have for transfers.we always save lots of the cash we have. We arsenal fans are used to getting screwed by the board and Mr.wenger

  12. LVG is destroying what Fergie built. I don’t agree, Fergie was lamented for not leaving a young talented team for the next boss to work with. I agree though that he has ruined some players careers, well certainly cheapened them.

    You get allot of fans talking as if Wenger regularly decides to let the transfer window pass without making any new signings. I would be interested to know exactly how many times our boss has done this throughout rein, not including jan window. My guess would be, I think he did once during our lean spell and one other time before the transfer window got adopted. Or I could be totally wrong, fans could be just holding a fear from how we sold big players over the years and it still translates when speaking of the window.

    Wenger doesn’t like rotating much, yeah your right and neither do many top coaches. Mour hates it, so did Fergie. When our performance levels drop it is usually because their are certain first team players unavailable.

    1. We need to have cover for the DM position, Morgan is gone.gone to manure while we are left with arteta and flamini

      1. What sort of response is that, I didn’t even argue otherwise.
        Morgan is gone to manu, well what do you want me to do about it.

  13. Before you all get into a fanny wobble about our lack of spending this window, let us not forget that United spent over 200m last window and finished below us. Schweinsteiger has only ever really played for the best team in Germany almost his whole career, we have no idea how this 30+ year old will adapt to the premier league with an INFERIOR team. On paper both him and Schneiderlin look like great buys, but so did Di Maria, Falcao etc and need I remind anyone how it has turned out for them? Big names do not necessarily mean success, and it is more finding the chemistry between the players that counts, something which I feel only Mourinihio and Wenger truly have an edge over the other managers with.

    Also remember that Coquelin emerged only halfway through last season. Just imagine how much he can contribute and achieve from the start of this new season. Having Cech in goals is also a massive boost for our defense.

    The window is still open and according to a few reliable sources Arsenal are not done yet. Have some faith, reading Wenger Out comments and the season hasn’t even begun yet is just stupid.

  14. Can I write an article on this site. I am following this site for over 5 years and I want to write some articles?

  15. Wenger has said numerous times that players under 25 naturally improve year on year and that most players will take a year to bed in (Sanchez an obvious exception. So where does this leave each position compared to last year?
    1) GK –better
    2) LB – same, possibly better if Gibbs improves, Monreal has plateaued
    3) RB – better as Bellerin will only improve
    4) CB first pairing – same, as the BFG is getting older but he can’t get shorter or slower,
    5) CB second pairing – better since we didn’t have a pair last year
    6) DM – better as Arteta is now back up and Coquelin should get even better
    7) Box to box – better if you think Ramsey and Wilshire still have room to improve and are still being kept out by Carloza
    8) LW – better, Sanchez might not get too much better but Welbeck is an improvement on Podolski
    9) RW – same if Theo moves up front but Ox and Gnabry have lots of room to improve
    10) CAM – same
    11) Striker – better as Giroud/Theo is stronger than Giroud/Sanogo

    So 7 positions where we are better, 4 where were the same and we haven’t messed with what is by all reports good team chemistry. Even without another marquee signing (which I fully expect Wenger to do), I don’t understand the doom and gloom.

    1. What a useless analysis… We are better in 7 positions!!! Really??? You must be high on some weed wenger gave you

  16. To many little girls throwing hissy fits on this site. Demanding Wenger be sacked because they haven’t had their favourite toy. Schnedlerain(sp) is the only player that would have held any interest for arsenal that has made a transfer move so far in the prem. Maybe sterling but not at that price. The rest would not improve our team or just would not fit in. So please stop crying like pathetic children

    1. Why did we lose Morgan????why??????we needed him so badly. Who are we going to sign now?

      1. I have no confidence with Wenger handling the transfers, It was pure luck that Coq turned out to be quality DM, otherwise we probably still would have no one. He messed up big time with Suarez, he should’ve brought back Fabregas even if it meant loaning someone off. The fact is we were doing much better when we had a specialist (David Dein) handling the transfers.

  17. Maybe Wenger is again waiting for a big club to buy a big player. Then he will go and get the player who is going to be replaced by that new signing like we got Ozil(Bale) and Sanchez(Suarez).

    Maybe this time he is waiting for PSG to make a move for Di Maria so he can get one of PSG players?

  18. Agent Houdini just told me Arturo Vidal is joining Arsenal tomorrow.
    He will be in London at around 14:15 tomorrow afternoon to complete the move and undergo his medical.

  19. Trying ti add some positivity on here but off topic I’m really pleased for Carl. Another season on loan at wh and a 5 year extension is good for the club and Carl. Think it’s helped him his good attitude and the fact he’s homegrown. Now baxk to it, wenger and law get a shift on and sign a marquee signing in any position. Without disrupting the sqaud its key we sign someone to enthuse and motivate the current sqaud, (and as good as cech is hes not the one).

  20. Wenger please stop being loyal to players that are past it or will not make the grade. We need to kick on from winning the FA cup twice and act like true champions.

  21. PS In any profession if you get a high wage you have to preform, why should footballers be any different. I see the top clubs in the EPL being ruthless so why cant we. This is the only way that our great club will be great again in the modern era.

  22. WANGER you can spend 30 million just to keep your suporters happy why the hell not,

    we can’t keep waiting for some club to off load good player on the eleventh hour of the final day of the T-Window it’s not funny anymore

    Most clubs below and above us boasts of looking for players but us we always pretend that we are not looking but if one falls on our lap cheep we might be tempted

  23. Morgan and Bastian to United…we’re doomed because they signed the only 2 world class players in the world…

    Seriously there is time and players available. Letting teams spend wildly so early is not a bad thing because the domino effect still has to happen.

    Keep it up gooners!

    1. Balotelli is world class twat at the moment, I was one of the few who thought he would be a good signing last year but TG it wasn’t to be

  24. Arsene wenger’s decisions always come’s at the end of the transfer window. However, genuine signings like 2-3 quality players, and also extension of his Contract will be a great idea. What do you think?

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