Arsenal on verge of signing World Cup star defender?

It appears that Arsene Wenger may not have been entirely honest last night, when he insisted that Arsenal were not really very close to signing any more players at the minute, when asked about his transfer plans after the battling draw with Besiktas in Istanbul.

He must have been working pretty damn quickly, if that was true, perhaps making a quick detour to Greece on the way home from Turkey because, according to a Metro report, the central defender Kostas Manolas is in London to complete his medical before becoming a Gunner some time this week.

The 23-year old Greece international was already settled into the national side, despite his young age, but his performances at the World Cup in Brazil this summer, where he was voted one of the 50 best players in the tournament, really catapulted him into the thoughts of club managers around Europe.

The transfer fee that we will have to pay to his current club, Olympiakos, is only around £6 million which, if true, could turn out to be a real steel for Arsenal. Hopefully we will hear some news on this Arsenal transfer rumour from official channels pretty soon. Then I wonder which other players Wenger is `not close` to signing.

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  1. I think Chambers will become a regular first team player, either in the DM role, or even pushing Mert (too slow) out of CB position. But another good defender is much needed

    1. I think e’ll push Mert out in 2 or 3 years. He is 29 after all and although Chambers looks good, he still has a lot to learn from the BFG

      1. Wilfred Bony would be able to do the job. Falcao wants out. Cavani could be lured out. Many attacking middle-field player could be used as false strikers. Reus, Di Maria, Draxler.

          1. Yet he managed to score against small and big teams, beside playing with an inferior team and in his first season. If a striker has to do things alone, you can bet that he will waste many chances.

            He plays, Stronger, faster, harder, better. ( daft punk tune).

            1. Swansea keep plenty of the ball plus that is a stupid concept that playing at a smaller team makes you less clinical. Bony was dominated by Smalling and Jones against United because they pushed up and he wasn’t fast enough to get in behind. Bony isn’t fast.

              1. respect the fact your defending our team, but imo it seems your rose tinting our situation a little- do you not think?

                1. The same could be said for supporters of a Bony addition to Arsenal. Where will Bony be 2yrs from now? Will he be on a Champions league squad? Is he vastly better then Giroud or different.

                  This reeks of people not liking what they have and trading one turd in for another. Where are all the people calling for Fellainis signing now? Under a rock?

                  What about David Moyes as a direct replacement for Wenger? What about every player we were linked to last season that the Spuds purchased. Where are all those people now? We need a striker – but as arsenalman has pointed out. At some people logic and facts have to be presented into the equation.

                  Most of the time it’s a ‘fairytopian’ view of what we think players can become, which isn’t based on facts but hope. Bony would not improve Arsenal. Just create a different look for 5-6 games and then new problems in his game would be discovered.

        1. Has anyone heard of Mauro Icardi? 21, out and out striker, a clinical finisher, a power header, an excellent jumper, definitely one of the future, he’s a counter attacking threat (He dont have explosive much pace but he is intelligence when making runs) and he possesses great technique. He netted 10 times and gave 4 assists in 22 appearances in 12/13 season and in 13/14 season he scored 9 times and gave 2 assist. AND He has plenty of experience (only 21 born 1993!)

          Im I the only one who want him at Arsenal? He is a striker who roughly has the same strength as giroud but is MORE clinical and makes intelligence runs possess more pace. The only place where Giroud is significantly is better is defensive. Icardi’s defensive contribution is very poor.

      2. It was the same excuse last summer window, same last January window and same now – Good strikers are not available. Are you telling me good strikers have not been bought or sold by other clubs since last summer? We only need to get our priorities right. Good strikers are always available!

        1. Only viable striker options available are reus (yes he can be made a striker) and bony(he is much better than giroud no matter what you all say)

          cavani and falcao are 27 and 28 respectively, too old for a price of 40m

          I believe giroud will score a respectable amount of goal but either walcott or sanchez will steal the epl golden boot

          and no balo cant be tamed by wenger, he is uncontrollable like lord bendtner

  2. Our priorities now is Decent and fast moving CF, Defensive Midfielder, and one CB. The season is very long and these players will help us to avoid unforeseen contingency should any injuries arises. We really need to pull the true trigger this seasons in when it comes to premiership crown and Champions league!!! We are Arsenal and we CAN DO IT!

  3. Dear Giroud lovers, I think he proved last night why he is not good enough to be the main man. He has his positives and his stats aren’t bad there are some games when he is truely shocking and his misses and unacceptable.

    Wenger needs to go out and buy a proper striker. No more converted wingers, I don’t want Reus as he’s a fantastic player but is not a striker. We need someone with the killer instinct. We have not replaced Rvp and I miss the days of Henry.

    1. I wish I know the sole fan who gave Ted Drake a thumb down. Thus, I would have formed a better opinion about him. In the meantime, shame!

      1. @sammi.marvellous
        As it stands, I’m the sole fan who gave the down thumb. I’m not goin to jump on the “Sh*t on Olivier” bandwagon just because it gets up thumbs or it makes you or anyone else think highly of me.
        I don’t agree with the constant “sh*t” Olivier gets just because he doesn’t satisfy some fans ideal of what they want in a striker/player.
        He’s the “camel”, he humps. Thats what he does. He ain’t the best, but he damn sure ain’t the worst.

        1. “He ain’t the best” is an understatement!
          Giroud is simply not good enough for Arsenal, we are the Arsenal FFS!
          Wrighty, Henry, RVP, where does Giroud come in relation to them?
          Don’t tax your brain, he would be their boot cleaner!

    2. Giroud may not be the WC striker we ALL would like, but, I have a big problem with spending £40 million and £150k a week on someone like Falcao, or similar, especially at 28/29 years old.
      We have Sanogo, Theo, Alexis, Joel, and, a few other young guns that COULD prove to be that WC striker. Same as with TH, IF, you do NOT give these guys the chance to prove themselves then you could lose a gem for the future.
      Problem with some on here is, they DEMAND we buy THE player, NOW, no matter how much they cost, no matter how high their wage demands, whether they are a great fit, or not, whether Wenger believes they would prosper in our team, or, the EPL.
      Few. I believe, screamed for Wenger to buy Callum Chambers, in fact, most asked WHY did he buy him and not Auriel, madman Arsene.
      We ALL agree, Wenger did get a few duds in the last few years, I believe that was more to do with the financial restraints, but, the likes of Senderos, much maligned on here is part of the Swiss team, and, had a great game at the week=end.
      Chamakh has looked very decent since we let him go.
      Gervinho looks really good at Roma, and, Eden Hazzard said in an interview, that HE was the best player he had played with in France, and was saying that what he could do with the ball was unbelievable.
      Just trying to show, these FLOPS Wenger bought, are not as bad as some make out, just did not make it here, or, in the EPL.

  4. If Chambers moves to DM and excels, all we really need to post a respectable showing this season is a striker. Eto’o is currently available, and would jump at the chance to play for us. Benteke would be a bargain as he hardly played last season. It appears this are the only top forwards that are available to us. All of them would offer better than Giroud or Sanogo.

  5. Sad to say but I think we are a good bit off challenging for major honours this season. People go on about we’v signed so many players….have we? Fabiankski-Ospina, Vermaelan-Chambers, Sagna-Debuchy. Ya we have signed 4 players but 3 of them are very mildly upgraded replacements, very mildly. Sanchez is the only out and out new addition to the squad, and Campbell if you want to count him. Last season we were crying out for a goal scorer, it was the most obvious thing on the planet that we needed one last Jan, but we didn’t get one, and once again I think Wenger will stick with Giroud. I don’t actually think he’s as bad as he’s made out to be. Is he good enough to start for Arsenal, FÑCK NO, but ya he is good enough to be on our bench. A Kanu type sub if you like, a plan B. We need one more CB for cover, an out and out DM and a goal scorer. Sorry for the ramble. Bit frustrated after our last 2 performances.

      1. And sentiments like this tells us all we need to know about the real problem trying to debate Giroud – Kanu’s PL goals per season were 6,12,3,3,5,1. Sorry mate but 30 PL goals in 6 seasons is not “great” – and 119 appearances only in 6 seasons tells another unappealing story.

  6. most fans claim giroud scored 22 goals last season but with the kind of mf’s we have had it beena falcao/cavani they would have scored 40+ goals

    he may do it again this season probably against mid table & lower ranked teams but against top teams (beside his goal in community shield) he will struggle wenger should buy a new striker if we want to win the league

      1. we are in for cavani though the deal looks difficult with ibra’s injury falcao wants 2 leave 1000% if Madrid move doesn’t happen then ……… juve also want him

        1. Damn, we really need someone like Raul Garcia of Athletico Madrid on our bench. Why?

          Well he isn’t the most profilic or consistent midfielders (although he’s had few good seasons lately) but damn, he always scores in big matches. ALWAYS. That’s a well acknowledged fact in Spain.

    1. Alexis is a striker for the millionth time and Wenger said it. Cazorla starts because he has chemistry on the left with Monreal who he used to play with at Malaga. After the City game people were saying Cazorla should never be sold and after yesterday he should have been sold for Cesc. People want Wilshere to step up and that is what he did particularly against City and he was very good against Beskitas, gliding past players. Chambers has been great so far but looks very inexperienced like when Dzeko skinned him and his mistake yesterday. That could have cost us an easy goal. He has still been impressive. Oxlade-Chamberlain came back from injury a few weeks ago and is nowhere near ready to start. Giroud won’t be starting if he doesn’t play well but Wenger sees the player in training. Wenger starting Giroud was justified after he scored against City and Provided an assist for Ramsey. Alexis is our striker anyway. The only reason Giroud starts is because of our lack of height and power plus he has good technique. I saw him play numerous times at Montpellier and he was scoring left foot, right foot, headers and overhead kicks. His finishing didn’t go bad overnight and I feel that he does not have the composure to be first choice.

    2. No one is “claiming” he scored 22 goals last season – he did. These arguments are kind of lame – you can say whatever you want but it remains for ever unprovable. And even if it was a provable fact then you still need prove they were available and willing to come to show that it was really an opportunity missed. You could run the same argument for every team member.

      “Most fans claim Walcott scored 21 goals in the 2012-13 season but with the kind of mf’s we have had it been Ronaldo he would have scored 40+ goals”

      “Most fans claim Szczesny conceded 41 PL goals last season but with the kind of df’s we have had it beena Neuer/Courtois we would have conceded less than 20 goals”.

      I don’t happen to think OG is great but it is clear to me that the abuse is totally out of proportion to his actual stats/contributions. You can see the problem with the lack of objectivity elsewhere on here – there is a classic one where someone takes umbrage at OG being compared to Kanu – “Kanu was great” in his opinion. How the hell does 30 league goals in 6 seasons translate to great and OG’s 27 in twos seasons translate to the biggest pile of gallic cack ever to pull on a football shirt. And RVP took 4 seasons to get his first 28 goals – how the hell does that work?

    1. So….Sanchez, Debucy, Chambers and Ospina weren’t new signings? What color is the sky in the reality you live in?

    2. 1 red card was in the CL, and Rambo ONLY misses the return leg. He IS available for the Everton game.
      Not sure of the 6 injuries, at least new. Gibbs and Arteta are injured, but, according to most on here, Gibbs is terrible defensively, and we need a new LB, and, Mikel should NOT be in the team anyway.
      Sanogo is out, but, not many want him to start.
      Not sure of the other 3. Oh, the keeper, NOT a massive problem then.

  7. Positives: from yesterdays game
    1. Calum Chambers
    2. We played with 10 men (Giroud doesn’t count)..then 9 (Ramsey RED)..Yet kept a clean sheet!

    against everton hope ox starts in place of cazorla/wilshere + joel Campbell in place of giroud coygs

    1. yesterday was just a bad day at the office for giroud. check at any other day he is working like a b2b giving immense work rate and defending and also attacking. one game doesnt change a player

      1. You know what if “immense work rate and defending and also attacking” are the traits you are looking for in a lead striker for an ambitious club, then chambers can do a hell of a job too at that position. Give it a rest f**ktard !!

        1. You are one angry boy on here. Tell us – when did you start supporting Arsenal? The clue isn’t in the username is it?

  8. ask yourself, if we sold giroud, who would be interested to buy him? madrid? munich? manutd? chelsea? pool? city? barca? none would be interested, so if he is not good enough for our peer level competition, why is he good enough to start at this key scoring position for us? even more, what do we expect from him at this position?

  9. Its disgusting to be on this site now with the venemous, insulting and idiotic comments.
    I will not come on here till next wednesday night.

    Besiktas will be a walk in the park next leg. Mark my words. We will beat them 3-0 hands down at the emirates. Yes without Ramsey.

    If not I will apologise for saying this. Hold me to it.

    1. venemous and insulting wtf lol, sensitive chap u are sumo.

      we talk about players performance- not their mothers nor their children or race sexuality etc- their peformance- man up bro seriously

    2. I agree next week will be a walk in the park with a decent pitch. The knee jerk crew will shut up and flip flop as usual.

      1. Could have the flip-floppers out twice in a week depending on what happens at Goodison and the Emirates a few days later. Last 3 competitive games have been a Wembley victory, an opening day PL win for a change and an away draw in CL – f**k knows what will happen on here when we lose.

  10. A more versatile defender than Manolas would be preferable. We do need a defender through as we only have 6, 7 if you count Bellerin which is nowhere near enough to compete on all fronts. We will need a defensive midfielder to accommodate Özils lack of defensive abilities and add some height and physicality such as Carvalho or Fernando (Shakhtar Donetsk). I still think forward options can be solved within the squad just Wenger needs to be more willing to adapt and use other squad members. Giroud will improve in a few games time but another striker would improve our squad.

    Defence options: balanta, Nastasic, Manolas, Schar
    A more versatile defender than Manolas would be preferable. We do need a defender through as we only have 6, 7 if you count Bellerin which is nowhere near enough to compete on all fronts. We will need a defensive midfielder to accommodate Özils lack of defensive abilities and add some height and physicality such as Carvalho or Fernando (Shakhtar Donetsk). I still think forward options can be solved within the squad just Wenger needs to be more willing to adapt and use other squad members. Giroud will improve in a few games time but another striker would improve our squad.

    Defence options: Balanta, Nastasic, Manolas, Schar, Hummels
    Midfield options: Fernando, Carvalho, Bender, Khedira
    Forward options: Muniain, Shaqiri, Reus, Bony, Cavani

    The cheapest option of those would probably be Balanta, Shaqiri/Bony and Khedira/Fernando for about £45m which would definitely improve the squad. If we just get two positions covered though in the next 12 days I’d be happy.

    1. Fernando? The one who just moved to City?

      Oh and Muniain sucks big time.. I know he scored last night but gees, he’s really, really, really not worth anything.

  11. Its highly unlikely we will sign a world class striker (falcao,cavani) but someone like jackson martinez could already offer more than giroud in terms of pace and movement and is clinical given the chance and has potential to be WC with the WC providers around him. Just a suggestion!!

  12. We need to play Sanchez as a striker because Giroud is not up to it. What we saw with Sanchez is that he has pace and a hunger to score. He was so determined against Besiktas and was the only attacker who looked bothered.

  13. Its amazing when theo’s not in the team we look so much slower.. can’t wait to see sanchez ozil and theo together

  14. Since my tee time isnt till 1:00 and well Im quite bored with Arsenal on the brain here is my proposed finish to the transfer window.



    IN: $64M
    OUT: $40M

    Add this 24M net to the 66M already spent and the 30M recovered on player sales, that leaves us well below the rumored 100M kitty @ Le Profs disposal.

    Loan Sanogo and the rest of the young pups out to Premier league outfits and Boom, champions of England and Europe!!!

  15. i have a funny feeling in my water that wenger is doing an ozil by taking all the summer to line up last day big transfer dont know if this is true but aparently the atheltico chairman has been quote as say “that reus has turned down a lucrative offer from man united” i wonder why he would do that any player worth his salt would still like to work under van gaal at old mordor even if united are knackered atm (and that is coming from an ardent arsenal supporter). maybe he is waiting for us to pull the trigger i think wenger is squirraling away in the back ground working hard to make this deal a happen probably just needs c/l qualification to garrantee the move for reus as i think bvb have a good working trust with us as we have hosted them many times at the emarites i am sure that wenger and the board would be majorly brown nosing bvb board and certain players at this c/l games and the manager klopp as he keeps signing wenegers/arsenals praises everytime they meet. and he even watched them train on the pitch as if he was training them biggest smile on his face ever maybe this could also be part of any potetial deal for reus that klopp might come in a few years to sweeten the deal i would imagine wenger will need something special to make it happen i wonder what he promised ozil and sanchez to make them come more big names on the way or they wouldnt bat an eylid at us on empty promises what ever he said say itto reus and he willcome running to NORTH LONDON i know this subject has been cover by other suporters but keep the dream alive if you build it they will come lol

  16. For good measures it would have been good to sign Manolas and Giancarlo Gonzalez. Thats right the star defender of Costa Rica’s World cup run as well. That would then allow Chambers to play in other positions and then only sometimes in CB like in capital one matches.

  17. Admin
    why is my account always showing (Your comment is awaiting moderation.)
    please sort this out…

  18. There aren’t too many strikers who would have scored against a well organised Besiktas last night.

    People saying Giroud should have scored are blinded by their dislike of the man.

    For sure, he is no Suarez, but he is a decent striker, who tried his best against a team who were giving little space for strikers to work in.

    The best chance of the night came from Oxlade-Chamberlain, who had to work a bit of tricksy magic to nearly score.

    It wasn’t a night for the Giroud type of striker, with their tight marking not giving him any real chances.

    But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good Giroud bashing..!!

    I too would LOVE us to sign a top drawer striker, but it seems barmy to keep blaming Giroud for the decisions of the club not to buy one (yet).

    I’ve said it loads of times, he is decent and well worth what we paid for him, but he is not star quality. That said, we have to back him, surely??

    Beats me why some continue to slate him, it really does.

    1. The Giroud bashing is over the top and quite frankly tiresome imho, unfortunately for Frenchmen its his style of play and Wengers unequivocal support of it that raises the ire of Gunner Nation. The quintessential brand of Arsenal futbol, created by the likes of Pires, King Henry, DB and others simply cannot be replicated with OG12 playing upfront. Sad truth

  19. who are we to believe the unreliable online rag metro or the man who runs the transfers at arsenal wenger. wenger is not openly known to lie about a “dead certain transfer” of a player maybe on certain occasions to cover some targets he denies any involvement in some circumstances but generally if he says that we are not close to signing a defender then it aint happening until he gives the go ahead and not a second sooner, it just drives the papers mad not knowing wengers next move absolute genius at it he is at leading the press a merry dance and i love it am certain wenger will get who we need not more not less

    NEXT BIG PLAYER ???????

    1. Cough

      Journo say’s “Mr wenger is their any merit that your after santi cazorla”

      Arsene say’s “i dont know of a player by that name”

      24 hrs l8r

      Arsenal would like to welcome santi cazorla……… remember folks this is a massive game of poker with players …. wenger will not let u know anything… even if he says is not in for a striker.. who knows we might just get a striker … lol….

      wavie <<< taps patiently awaiting deadline day… more press exposure that way foks .. got to let marketing do there thing 🙂

  20. It seems clear to the majority of fans and pundits that if we are to compete for the league we still need 3 players. A centre back a defensive midfielder and a top striker. That Sanogo is our back up striker is a joke albeit a not very funny one. I’d rather have Bendtner, he’s that poor. Arteta is a good player but he’s not tough or mobile enough for the holding midfielder role.
    The is question I have is, why can our manager not see what is so obvious and had been since he sold RVP and Song 2 years ago. Believe me any other top manager would have addressed these positions by now so why does Wenger insist there’s nothing that needs doing. He was wrong last summer, he was wrong in January and he will be wrong if he does nothing about it this sumer.
    So why do people keep defending a man who is obviously holding the club back by continuing to get it so wrong when the answer is obvious. I have no idea but its deeply frustrating and depressing because we know that if nothing is done we will have exactly the same failings as last year and fail in exactly the same way.

    1. This is not simply a question of “defending a man” – it is somewhat tiresome task but some on here try in vain to balance out these divergent views. Can you explain precisely what can be achieved by attacking our manager or players on here, with a complete lack of any relevant or pertinent inside information, in full-throttle toys out of the pram abuse mode? Don’t even think about it my friend – the answer is nothing, zero, nada, zilch. The world is full of people who have all the answers to all the problems – when armchair punters/fans convince themselves that they have an obvious solution to an obvious problem it is pretty near damn certain that the problem and solution are a shit load of light years away from being “obvious” or “simple”.

  21. I am perplexed!

    We start the season with Sanogo. He isn’t at all proven.

    Campbell is sitting on the bench and barely had a sniff so far despite having established himself way more than Sanogo.

    Last night, we put out Giroud (who is presumably now match fit) who just didn’t do the biz and unfortunately, all though at times his link and hold up play is great (not last night), his pace and finishing is woeful.

    We also leave the Ox on the bench and play santi in a wide position (for the second time this season) where he is less effective and looks lost to be honest.

    I don’t know what we’re doing??

    I love wenger and am a die hard gooner. I don’t seek his departure nor doubt that we will be there or thereabouts once again this season.

    However, our midfield needs some sheer power and steel. Arteta is looking slower (albeit better, playing in a more defend holding role) and Flamini is ok, but presents a risk of a red card every time he pulls on the jersey. It is crystal clear we need an upgrade, perhaps Chambers, if we buy a cb.

    Bottom line is if Arsenal want to challenge and continue to play top quality counter attacking footy (which unless in know fa means we need pace up top), I, like everyone else, are simply right when we say we need a top quality dm (as I say chambers could be the man) and a proven, very pacy, finisher/goalscorer. We lack both!

    To follow the usual Arsenal teams mix of top players and what end up being those that don’t quite make the grade is no longer acceptable, if we want to win the premier league.

    I just don’t get why we are still waiting. Come on Arsene, the board, Stan SOMEONE!!! We need some positive action and soon. There are players out there that will cost, but ffs we are Arsenal not Aldershot.

    Arsene keeps his plans and opinions to himself. He needs to open up and tell us, the fans, what he is going to do. I am getting fed up waiting for what has been evidently needed for two seasons. Does he agree or not???

    Does that mean I want him to tell us he is looking to buy Cavani – no, that would be unrealistic to voice even if that is the plan. Does it mean we have to dig deep to get the talent we need – yes it will. But will we need to buy again next season – No we won’t and perhaps by then we will know if Campbell, sanogo etc will a,le the grade. We have lots of talent coming through in many positions and we need to retain the best but lose the rest (sorry that sounded cliched).

    I just don’t know what Arsene thinks. For me, it would be a refreshing sound to hear him telling us, he sees the issue and DEFINITELY WILL address it AS A PRIORITY with the very best he can secure.

    1. wenger wont say squat ever anonymity is his calling card so to speak, him keeping under the radar is what has worked so well for him in getting the players he wants the ozils and the sanchez’s of this world we should get behind wengers transfer methods however he works his magic in the market (as long as it gets the desired results of course lol) we will never know until he releases an biography will be the best read ever.

    2. Perhaps Arsene is looking for the ‘right’ DM and not a ‘DM’. Two years ago would you have signed Fellaini? What about Capoue? Another player people were seduced by, but cursed Arsene’s name when he signed for the Spurs. Where is Capoue now? You wouldn’t have

      It’s on record that Arsenal have investigated Bender. Perhaps Arsene wants a DM that is mobile instead of a lamp post. Maybe their a lot harder to find then you think. Maybe Arsene would rather strengthen his squad elsewhere until the ‘right DM’ is available and not spend money on a ‘DM’ just for the sake of it.

      Arsenal have world class players now, it’s been a long time since Arsenal had 4 world class players. Walcot, Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez – we haven’t had to sell our best player for two seasons now. I’m really annoyed we haven’t been able to find the right DM, however, I’d rather wait and find the right one then find a Fellaini or Capoue and sign them for the sake of a name on a team sheet.

      I like the overall shape of the club. Outside of Chelsea I know of no other EPL team that has as much potential as Arsenal. Manchester United are in disarray. City are aging and now have FFP working against them. Liverpool lost their best player.

      The media plays Arsenal fans like a cheap flute. Panic always seems to be happening around Arsenal. The media stirs the pot and the fans take the bait EVERYTIME. Manchester United lose the opening game at home to a mid table team…the media scuttles around United and declares there is ‘no panic’ – they’ll pull through. Neville and co. tell the punters there is no need for panic buys.

      Arsenal tie on a Champions league game away from home on a red card and the the fans with the slightest push from the media are taken into frenzy questioning every decision made by the club.

      I propose the next article for ‘’ be about the color of shoe laces used by the first team squad. And how the color could effect the outcome of games and why Arsene should be held accountable.

  22. with giroud what you see is what you get £12 million pounds worth of quality simple as that this is how i can live with him leading the line he does what he does well and not an inch more can be expected of him. as long as he gives 100% each time he plays i don’t care you play for the red/white shirt not for the money and i feel he does give his best if he lacks the “star quality” then that’s life until we find another superstar striker for under £50 million and under 27, am sure wenger is looking out for someone unfortunately long gone are the days of there being many world class strikers they are as rare as hens teeth atm that’s why the extortionate prices we would be forced to pay for the “NAME” wouldn’t be worth it i can only count 3-4 at most atm in the world class bracket even they vary in talent and they all play at the big 4 euro clubs apart from falcao maybe but might end up at real yet

  23. i think wengers best next best move would be to bring in a tactical guru as a part time assistant as this is an obvious weak spot of his not sure who but someone who gives us a great chance of winning the big games even fergie would appoint a no2 that was excellent tactician because even he would admit it wasn’t his strong suit, i feel if wenger was willing to address this issue then we would be moving in the right direction as there is nothing wrong with wengers philosophy in general its just the micro-tactics he needs help with. does anyone have a name they think could do the job.

  24. I’ve got a feeling Arsene has got a big signing or two up his sleeve – depending on us qualifying for group stage.
    If, God forbid, we didn’t beat Besiktas, don’t think the likes of Cavani or Reus will be interested, certainly not right now.
    We’ve still got a big budget, waiting for fireworks at the end of next week.

    So….patience boys and girls

  25. Latest gossip
    We’ve had a 20 mil offer for Carvalho turned down
    8mil agreed for Manolas but he’s still in Greece
    Reus- turned down Manure

    Solution offer what is needed for. Carvalho
    Buy Manolas 4 this choice CB
    Buy Reus
    Total approx 63 mil and we will be contenders

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