Arsenal one of the favourites to sign Diego Costa – Should we?

There is no doubt that with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang firing blanks at the moment, Arsenal are suffering a massive deficit in the “goals for” column. The Gunners have notched just 15 goals in 15 games, with just 6 coming away from home this season. As bad as Brighton’s form has been, they still have 3 goals more than Arsenal!

We are desperately in need of a Plan B unless our other front men suddenly become prolific. Lacazette finally scored again last week to take his tally to 4, but Pepe, Willian and Nketiah have just 3 goals between them.

So, there could be sense in our links with Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa, who has fallen out with his coach Simeone, and with his contract ending in the summer the Spanish giants could be happy to let him leave for free to get him off the wage bill.

Insidefutbol reports that Arsenal could actually be one of the favourites, for the simple reason that Atletico don’t want the striker to go to any team that could meet at some point this season, and with the Gunners in the Europa League that could give us the edge.

The report goes on to say that Arteta is keen if Atletico let him walk for free, and of course he would not need much time to settle after winning titles with Chelsea in the past.

Should Arsenal sign Diego Costa as a six-month stopgap?


  1. Tough one. These short term deals for older players haven’t worked out so well recently, but I’ve never seen him not putting in 100%, so in that sense it’s not as big of a risk. Would be more in favour were it not for the recent Willian, Luiz and Auba contracts.

    Would he actually be interested in joining Arsenal, and what length of contract would he be looking for? Seems unlikely we’d go for him at this point, except maybe on a 6-month loan.

  2. This would be an utter catastrophe for the club.
    We have enuff overpaid under achieving prima donas without adding another to the list.
    This would do nothin but cause further dressinroom issues and stifle the promising youngsters at the club.

  3. I don’t think he’d come, because he’d likely want at least three years contract. We’d most likely sign no one, because of our financial situation

  4. No……what message would that send to Balogun who is undecided about signing a new deal because of lack of opportunities…..

  5. A lone deal for the rest of the season would be about the best we should consider. Is he one of Kia’s players?

    1. @Goonster someone said you can’t win anything with children which is absolutely true.How old is Vardy or even Cavani?Are they doing their job?We need a mix of experience & talent from our young players if we have to achieve success.
      Let’s not vilify experienced players just because we signed wrong players,our attack needs a lift&Costa is a proven goal scorer worth a try.

      1. Can you remind me of the last time any of these so called patchy oldies inspired us to win anything? All these so called experienced players in their 30’s that we have ever bought have always turned out to be a disaster.

        Or they just come here and collect their retirement cash?

  6. A short term deal isn’t bad.If he accepts 6months loan deal till end of season then we should consider getting him.Let his performance determine if he is worth signing.
    Its no secret we need a goal scorer and they never come cheap,this may be our wild card for a successful season.

  7. He would do a job but is an absolute thug. Have we sunk so far ?

    Give Balogun some game time and leave out Nketiah who has been tried a lot.

    1. I think that Balogun is gone, wants out and feels that there are better opportunities elsewhere. Not sure that it will be a big miss or a Gnabry…

  8. If we get him and he fails, so Edu would hace to go since he Is countinously using his position to give contracts yo brazilians who are past His date.
    Also, since se are not competing for anything but stay in the epl, i think we should give an oportunity to balogun before getting a short Term “Solution”

  9. Costa is far too young at only 32. We must wait til he reaches 40 and then get him. Arsenal Retirement Home Football Club will soon be top of the veterans league at this rate, if we are not ALREADY!

  10. He’s what none of our strikers are in the fact that he’s a fighter, aggressive and a winner, however he’s too old for a building project. He’s old but totally different from Willian who was known for breaking counter attack moves to look for dribbles and unnecessary skill displays. I wish Balogun can learn to be a striker that does not look for easy way out but a fighter like Diego.

  11. Just when you thought we could not sink any lower.
    Are we trying to recruit an “Over The Hill” team?
    We already have Luiz, Willian, Sokratis, and Ozil. Costa will fit in nicely. Then maybe we can go and get Bale too.
    We would have to play in MLS though, but maybe that is Kroenke’s dream, to move Arsenal to Texas (we can play our games on his ranch).
    No really, even EDU can be this stupid, not even if Costa is free and plays for nothing!!!
    If he does come, I think he will be just another headache for Arteta

  12. Does it mean we cant have eye for lautoro martinez of inter, haaland, mertens of napoli, danny ings, bamford or even aribo of rangers. What have become of our recriutment network that are known for finding classy players for bargain.

    Liverpool never became what they are by breaking their bank, well except van dijk, who worth every penny in the 75m and then allison and keita, i mean, salah was acquired for just 35m pounds from roma! I mean what a coup!

    Bamford seems like our kind of player and dallas, i aint a football analyst like some in here but knows raw quality when i see one

  13. If it is true that Costa could be available based onn recent reports that he has reached a gentle man’s agreement with Atletico Madrid to leave the club, then it will make much sense if we can engage him for the short term while we put our house in order. I see him as a readymade product ready for use. Arsenal should take advantage of it

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