Arsenal ‘one player away’ from winning Premier League

Former England forward Matt Le Tissier has claimed that Arsenal are one player away from winning the Premier League title, although naming Sergio Aguero as that player does not help their chances.

Arsenal have signed Rob Holding and Granit Xhaka to their senior squad so far this season, but following injuries to both Per Mertesacker and Gabriel Paulista, the need for another senior defensive option has become a priority.

The Gunners are also believed to be in the hunt for a striker however, and with only seven days remaining to sign players until January, the chase will need to stepped up.

Le Tissier has now claimed that he thinks Arsenal are lacking a centre-back and striker, and also cites that if they had Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, they would probably win the league.

“Probably the most glaring omission from any squad in the Premier League is Arsenal’s need for a centre-back,” he told Sky Sports.

“That’s before the injury problems.

“A top-class centre-forward is the other one.

“It looks like they’re making do with Olivier Giroud and then using Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck when he comes back.

“If Arsenal had a Sergio Aguero in their team they’d probably win the league.

“Giroud will get you 15 or 16 goals so there’s a cap on what they’re likely to achieve.

“You know they’d go very close with a top-class striker.”

Aguero is no doubt a world class goalscorer, but how many of him are there in the world? We know we would have a great shout with a Lewandowski, Aguero or Suarez, but there are very few top-top strikers out there.

Do we believe Lacazette could be our Aguero? Is there anybody else remaining on the market who could fire us to the title?

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  1. Nothing new there – we’ve all known that for five years, ever since VP left.

    The Suarez thing still just baffles me. Even at the time top strikers were going for 70m, if Wenger had offered 50m, he would’ve had him, and as he cares so much about money, would’ve doubled it in 2 years…

    1. The Luis Suarez debacle showed everyone just how out of touch Wenger is,we all knew Suarez was world class but Wenger and Arsenal still made a disrespectful offer which was rightly treated with disdain by Liverpool,in all honesty Arsenal never deserved to even have a chance of getting a player of Suarez’s quality with Wenger still the manager he’s useless to say the least!

      1. Dee ease, at the time suarez had made it clear he wanted to leave liverpool and was not training with the liverpool squad. Suarez had been previously banned for racial abuse, was part way through a ten match ban for biting, had stated he was fed up with england and the media attention and gave every indication of being a troubled player.

        If he was seen as such a good buy why didn’t another club bid for him? The reality is that he was seen as a big risk. A year later, after pulling himself together and a very good season with liverpool he was a different proposition.

        1. “Why didn’t another club bid for him?”

          Why didn’t another club bid for Ozil?
          Why didn’t another club bid for Sanchez?
          Why didn’t another club bid for Cech?

          1. Most probably because they didn’t know Ozil & Sanchez were available. As for Cech is very well documented that he wanted to stay in London and that he refused every other clubs even if they were in London, except Arsenal.

        2. then why bid for a player of that caliber? “Suarez had been previously banned for racial abuse, was part way through a ten match ban for biting” so why did Wenger try to trigger the clause by adding the famous 1 pound?? it showed we wanted him coz of the quality he was gonna add to the team, but still could not be serious by penny pinching and added another joke for other team fans to torture us with

    2. Agreed 100% – The most frustrating characteristic of Arsene’s managerial reign in recent years has been the speed of his decision-making. Take a look at the players we’ve acquired recently. Petr Čech – we all knew we needed a solid keeper after all the SZCZ’s shenanigans we had to endure for a few seasons. Look how long it took to acquire Čech, and how much of a difference it made! We all knew that a DM was desperately needed. Transfer season came and went & Arsene did nothing of note. That was until Coquelin saved his blushes & showed us exactly how right the fans were! It took several seasons to bring in Alexis, Xhaka, Čech, Özil – he tweaks the team one season at a time like he has all the time in the world. He can feature a poorly performing player so many games on the trot until we are blue in the face. Worse yet, he can wait forever to make a substitute even it is glaringly obvious to every fan watching that we needed a change sooner. He just takes way too much time to make decisions!

    1. Giroud is just a Chamakh who was lucky to be given game time because RVP had left,he should be a sub at best because any striker who goes 15 games without scoring and only scores 16 goals out of a 38 game PL season is not good enough!

      1. But the senile one thinks there is no one out there better than him, that’s why he dithers with every target by penny pinching to the max for just saving his money and care not about the succes of the team

  2. A few points are raised here. There are only a few top top strikers in the world – I’d say 6. Of those 6 strikers, only 2 of them play for clubs which might possibly sell to Arsenal for any price, the two being Griezman and Aubamayang.

    However, just because their respective clubs might sell for the (rediculously high) “right” price, it does not mean either player would actually want to come to Arsenal. In fact from what I have read, Auba would only leave for Madrid, and Griezman has said he loves Athletico so much he will not leave until he wins something there, and even then, he still may not.

    This leads me to conclude that the current top top strikers in the world are not available, and WILL NOT be available to us. The right striker for arsenal must be one who is outside the top 6 or so, but within the top 15, and can still improve to become one of the top 5 or 6.

    Lacazette could possibly be that striker, but Lyon will not sell to us this window. So he is a lost cause if we are talking about the right striker for this season.

    1. What in the world makes you think either of Atletico or Dortmund would sell their best players to Arsenal?both these teams are better and have an actual chance of winning the champions league while Arsenal have zero chance,I know Arsenal fans on justarsenal hate the truth but with Wenger as the manager we’ll never make it to the finals again if we are lucky maybe quarter finals even that’s debatable judging by the last 5 seasons last 16 round exits!

      1. My point is that those teams could possibly be susceptible to an 80 mil bid, where Madrid or Barca would not, because they do not need the money.

        Your point about them having a better chance at CL titles would be more down to Player choice to move, rather than the teams choice to sell.

        Note that I fully understand that we are not a more attractive destination at this point, thus my saying that while the clubs could possibly sell for a high price, the players would not actually move. This is why I did not go on to say we should throw money in their direction

        1. Pires, your original post was perfectly clear, and made a good and correct point. The thumbs down I think is because by stating that no elite strikers are available to arsenal you are seen as supporting wenger.

  3. What about stindhl from gladbach. He reminds me of lewandowski with his movements. I think in a top team he’ll do well

    1. Well.. Gladbach put 6 past Youngboys tonight and Stindhl played and he didn’t even score 1.
      Whereas T. Hazard and Raffiael (spelling) both scored Hat-trick’s in that game.

  4. Wait… Let me check my pockets…
    No… Nope, nothing in this one either.. Nah, sorry there’s no striker’s here mate…. Try asking Siri, instead. ?

    I got half a snickers, if you want it? ?

  5. Everyone wants traditional names but remember they weren’t like that their whole career. They start from lower clubs then big clubs sign and the rest is history. These big names everyone calling for will not move. They’re at big clubs and these clubs know they can’t replace them so that’s out. You guys quote ridiculous money and think these big clubs gonna sell. That’s ludicrous. If they do that then they won’t be able to compete on the highest level. Which sporting director or manager gonna approved that. Why do you think juventus paid so much for higuain. That was the only thing missing and they can’t get the other strikers from the other big clubs

  6. @Arsenal ja. I agree.
    We have spent 10 years
    scouring the globe spending
    mega millions buying and paying
    players most of whom failed.
    Walcott Chamberlain Wellbeck Sanogo Chamakh Girvinho
    Park Bendtner Myaichi Arshavin Adebayor Podolski Campbell.
    I think we should use our own academy strikers. Whats to lose?
    We only need two every ten years to succeed.
    Akpom Mavadidi Marlen Niles Willock. Give them a shot.
    They can’t do worse than the lot I named up above
    and they come virtually free.

    1. you’re not even clever Arsene, we know it’s you.

      When you have the highest ticket prices in Europe fans expect to see world class talents, not kids leading the line. If they earn the right to play they should, but “what’s to lose?” how about the title… you know, that thing teams with actual ambition attempt to win.

  7. I think we need at least a CB and a Top striker to compete
    But we are not 1 player away from winning
    Honestly, we need 3 players
    1. Top CF
    2. Top winger
    3. Reliable CB

    Our attack needs to be as good as or better than City, united and Chelsea
    United and City have amazing CFs in Ibrahimovic and Aguero. We don’t. Giroud isnt of the same caliber.
    They have other good forwards Rooney, Martial, Depay, Rashford; Bony, Nolito, Sane, Nasri, Sterling
    We have 1 top winger in Alexis and average forwards in Theo, Ox, Akpom, Sanogo (Campbell was good but we got rid of him)
    For Chelsea: Costa isn’t as good as Zlatan/Aguero but still capable of 20 goals and has good support in Hazard, Batshuayi, Cuadrado, Pedro, Willain, Remy

    We match up well with them with central midfielders though
    Arsenal: Ozil, Cazorla, Xhaka, Coquelin, Ramsey
    United: Mata, Mktharyan, Pogba, Schneiderlin, Fellaini
    City: Silva, De Bruyne, Gundogan, Toure, Kompany
    Chelsea: Fabregas, Oscar, Matic, Kante, Mikel

    Defence we just need a another CB. We have a good defence otherwise with Koscielny, Mert, Bellerin, Monreal. We also need to sort out backup RB

    But again we NEED a Top CF and ideally another quality forward/winger

  8. Yeah.. right….how about 3?

    Here’s the solution I’m offering to Wenger for free…so here’s what should be done : 😉
    With current playing tactics we are 2-3 players short!

    1.Striker!! – Nothing more to say about this one!

    2.RW! – Even if we sign classy striker, IT’S A MUST to avoid playing TW and Ox in starting 11!!!!
    If no new rw…there’s solution playing Ramsey there.

    3.LB! – Now… If we buy new cb or not doesn’t really matter to me …I think Holding will do the job!!For me He’s way much better than Gabriel or Chambers.
    I’m more concerned about LB position…Monreal as a backup option ok,maybe but as the first choise – NO.
    He has been responsible for lot of goals last season ..very often he have bad marking bad positioning when defending, specialy when defending counter attacks..he’s just like in “lost in space and time” mode and Im affraid its not curable..
    I know that many of you won’t agree with me about Monreal but..Just watch him carefully in the next couple of games and you’ll see what I am talking about (if you haven’t already)!

    So that’s 3…2 with Ramsey on the right flank (also I would consider backup for Belerin if Debuchy and Chambers leave).

  9. Rumours doing the rounds:
    That Wenger was waiting for other clubs to open doors for him, so that he could make a £60 million bid for Griezmann.
    Sound familiar? Waiting for other clubs to beat our rivals, to hand us the title! ? lol
    When are we going to grow a pair, Big enough to fight our own battles? ? ?

    Anyways, wenger was hoping for this scenario:
    Lukaku to Chelsea.
    Costa to Athletico Madrid.
    Griezmann to Arsenal.

    Conspiracy theorists are suggesting that Mo made a few calls! ??

  10. If he still has the ability and is uninjured I think there is one striker who is available and could do a job for us, RVP.

  11. Benid adobe anyone? What’s happened to ighalo? Apart from a drop in form I still think he could be a good shout.

  12. On the cb situation why not consider a paid loan move for a quality player with an option to buy if offered? The fact that Per and Gabriel are just injured is hardly going to inspire any player into coming when they’d want to be first choice unless they not very good 🙁 what happened to schar? Did he move or sign a new contract? I wish the manolas link was more than just a rumour

  13. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted his reluctance to make expensive signings is down to the fact he treats the club’s transfer budget as if it were his own money.
    But it’s not his money so he should start spending or move along and let someone else take over who will spend.

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