Arsenal one step closer to signing Premier League target

The chances of Arsenal signing Chelsea’s Willian have been significantly boosted with news today that talks between the Brazilian and the Blues over a new deal have ended without an agreement.

This basically means that Willian will not be staying at Stamford Bridge once his contract expires this summer and will be free to sign on the dotted line with the many clubs interested in his services.

Willian himself is the one that broke the news that he is now free to negotiate with any team and he also explained why a deal with Chelsea could not be reached.

The bottom line is that the 31-year-old wanted a three-year deal and the Europa League champions were prepared to only offer a two-year deal.

Willian told Fox Sports as quoted by the Metro: ‘Everyone knows that my contract ends now in a few months, so the renewal is really a difficult thing to happen. ‘I think it will be very difficult for me to renew because Chelsea offered me two years, I asked for three and it ended there, we don’t talk anymore, we didn’t negotiate anymore.

‘Three years…Chelsea said it would be impossible, so for now there’s this difficulty, but nothing is impossible. ‘We don’t know what can happen, suddenly we could make a deal and get it right. ‘But what I can say today is that my contract is going over and I will be free to negotiate with any team.’

Arsenal is not the only club interested in signing Willian, Tottenham is also said to be keen and they are hopeful that the player’s relationship with Jose Mourinho will make a difference.

Seems to me that if a club offers him a half-decent wage over three years he will take it. Down to Arsenal or Tottenham if they are prepared to offer him a deal for that length of time.

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  1. Robert Acedius says:


  2. Sunny says:

    Do we really need him. I don’t think so. We should focus on key areas. Even if he is free, his wage demand will be high. He is 31 and he needs 3 years contract then Arsenal will not give him .

  3. jon fox says:

    Wilian has been a really good plaer for CVhelsea dfor some time. Not world class but at Prem level highly effective. They have chosen, rightly, at 31 not to offer him a 3 year contract and he has baulked at that. He is therefore out of touch with reality of life and would be a disatrously bad buy for that very reason.
    He is of course, not seriously on our radar whatever nonsense is put about by agents, news media, and of course this site, which seems to believe we will field a 500 number player team next season , with 88 CB s, I51 strikers and so on.

  4. NWL Dan says:

    I’ve stopped reading all these stories about signings and transfers. I didn’t read this article. I just scrolled to the bottom to comment.
    All of these stories are just churned out to fill space and to add some sort of content to sites to keep them alive.
    Football has shut down. Clubs have shut down.
    Do you think staff are going in to work on transfers !?! Do you think board members are working on transfers!?!
    This is the largest disruption to football since the second world war. Clubs are facing financial disaster. No club in it’s right mind will be even thinking about transfers. Board members will be frantically working on a survival strategy or a damage limitation plan.
    I suppose with nothing coming out of any club journalists need something to keep them in a job.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Hi. You may not like them. I know Jon fox doesn’t either. But the fact is that lots of readers enjoy the rumours, whether as an escape or what I don’t know,but they are entitled to read what they like as well.
      As I have told Jon on numerous occasions, if you don’t want to read rumour- type articles, then just stick to the “opinion” section at the top of the page. Then you won’t be so annoyed all the time!!!

      1. jon fox says:

        “Lots of readers! Oh really Pat! HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MANY OF ALL THESE NOTHING ARTICLES HAVE ZERO OR VIRTUALLY NO POSTS? Of course you have but you seem not to care that your site is dying and one chief reason is that most of the articles from a very small group of inhouse insiders constantly insult the intelligence of the larger group of real keen Gooners who know nonsense when they see it. So they largely disappear, which is what has happened. Give your customers a quality product and they will return. BUT CONSTANTLY POST NONSENSE AND YOUR SITE WILL DIE. YOUR DECISION!

        And with a few markable exceptions from such as AndersS , Ken , Dan Smith, a tiny few others and even myself, there are no other articles at all. Just rubbish!

        1. NWL Dan says:

          I get a lot of my Arsenal information from the Arsenal section of the NewsNow website. They scrape articles from multiple websites from multiple countries. This is how I came across this site.
          Way back I remember seeing an article on there from The Metro saying Arsenal had signed Sami Khedira. Do you remember when us chasing him was the rumour. The Metro went all out saying that we had signed him, it was a done deal, contract signed and it would be announced the next day. Of course it never happened, it was total bulls**t to be more accurate. I have never read an article from The Metro since. Infact I blocked all of The Metro’s articles from that day and have not even read their free paper on the tube.
          Now I’m not saying that this site publishes fake news. There are some very good and informative articles on here that spark debate. I have enjoyed reading what other users views and opinions are on players and how the club is run.
          I also realise that at the current time there is no news coming from clubs unless you count players wages, pay cuts and staff being furloughed but I also I agree with Jon Fox in “Give your customers a quality product”. There is so much more to the current Arsenal and history of the club that could be explored.
          2 of the most thought provoking articles I have read on here is your current experience in Spain. I have not read anything like that on any other football site.
          I wasn’t annoyed by the way.
          Anyway, you and everyone stay safe.

        2. Admin Pat says:

          Despite your misconceptions it is actually the transfer rumours that are keeping this site, and many other football blogs, alive during this crisis.
          How many times have I told you that, on your instigation, I created different sections on JustArsenal. I continually implore you to just concentrate on the “Opinion” section for discussion and banter, while leaving the transfer rumours and other posts away from your discerning eyes.
          That you constantly go on reading these “NOTHING ARTICLES” as you so delightfully call them, does nothing for your health and is causing you to constantly moan, which can be very wearing on me and other readers.

          I have done my utmost to create JustArsenal with sections to cater for ALL My readers, and your constant criticism of the way I am runnning it, and telling me that you know better than I how I should be doing it, is becoming annoying. I am determined that this site will not die, and after creating JustArsenal and running it for ten years I think I have a pretty good idea what I am doing.

          Please stick to the OPINION pieces (which you admit are quality) and leave the transfer rumours to the readers that enjoy them.

          1. Sue says:

            I hope this site doesn’t die either, Pat…and thanks for all your hard work and giving us gooners somewhere to chat (& vent!) 👍

  5. Top Gunner says:

    I dont understand why Arsenal is interested in Willan. I don’t think that this rumour is true

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