Arsenal only need these THREE players to win the League

How can Arsenal transform into a title winning team this summer!! by RPK

Hello fellow gunners, what do you think will differentiate between a good and an excellent transfer window for Arsenal in the summer transfer window?

First let us think about the areas where we need to strengthen and the players that are available.

Let’s start off with the Goal Keepers. I think Ospina has been pretty good and at 26 years, he is very young in terms of goal keepers. Szczesny, yes he had a poor season, but lets not forget he was playing with a makeshift defense in front of him and also without Coquelin who has done a brilliant job since he came into the side. Moreover, this lad has kept 16 clean sheets in the season before. He definitely has the attributes but also has the knack of losing focus. With Cech available, it might be an option to get Cech and send out Szczesny on loan to a Premier league team and let him gain more experience in the top flight. I really feel Szczesny has a long future at Arsenal and he also comes under the home grown category. I don’t want to lose such a player if I am the manager.

Coming to the defense, I really feel bringing in Chambers and Gabriel has really made the defense look more stable. I am sure all of us might be wondering how the season might have been if Gabriel was brought in the summer. With Jenkinson’s loan being a successful one, and the boss making his intentions clear that he wants to keep him or send him out for loan, I don’t think he is currently planning to bring in any defensive recruitment’s.

The midfield though, is one area where there looks to be too many players but it still needs some players to complete. Let’s start with players who are out of contract or who might leave this summer. I think Flamini will be leaving, Rosicky might not be joining him but will he get more playing time? But I think we should definitely keep Arteta. Not just for creating competition but also for his experience and calmness. In most of the interviews from players we keep hearing about Per and Arteta helping the players settle in.

Coming to the players whom we can bring in, I feel there are two to three players who we can get. First let’s start with the players in the Premier league – Milner will be an awesome addition as he has the experience, he has been a part of a team who has won the league twice in last 3 seasons, he has that don’t give up attitude as he keeps chasing the ball, and on top of all that he will be available for free. And then there is Schneiderlin, who many fans want the manager to get. I for one don’t feel he can replace Coquelin in the playing XI because he is more of a box to box player rather than the one who screens the defense.

There are a few players whose names are being mentioned like Kondogbia and Imbula who might be available in the market. However, the most interesting rumor though is Sanchez’s Chilean team-mate Arturo Vidal, who may be available. If he is really available, I think he might be the candidate who ticks all the boxes. He is strong in the tackle, he can attack, he can play as a box to box or even sit in front of the defense – and like Sanchez has that will to not give up. At 28 he is at the peak of his prowess and has experience of playing for big clubs and won various trophies. Fingers crossed!

Further up the field, in the attacking midfield we have very good quality along with the wide players. Until and unless an opportunity provides I don’t think we might be really looking into this area.

Then comes the most crucial part which I think is going to dictate how far we might go next season mainly in the Champions league or target the League title. Out of the last 5-6 seasons, half of the time we were eliminated through away goals and playing pretty poorly at home. We have missed sitters in front of goal, we have missed penalties and we never took our chances at home. And although some of the losses are not just because of these, but at least the last season or two have been down to us not taking our chances in the home matches. In the Premier league as well it is similar story with no one to really replace Giroud up front. Giroud is good, but he needs competition as well as a back up. The current options, Welbeck, Walcott and Sanogo haven’t really proved themselves or the manager isn’t willing to play them in that position. There are many names flying across – Benzema, Benteke, Lacazette, Martinez, Cavani among many others. If we want to continue the trend of making a marquee signing this season like we did in the last two, I guess this should be the area which we should target this season. Personally I would go for either Benteke or Lacazette because of their age, but anyone in the list would be a great signing.

Ins: Cech, Milner/, Striker (marquee player)
Outs: Flamini, Rosicky, Podolski, Diaby
Loans: Campbell, Sanogo, Szczesny, Zelalem, Jenkinson

by Rajesh Prasad K

VIDEO – Santi Cazorlas brilliant Cup Final freekick!!

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    1. Nah, I’m a Dortmund fan. Klopp is essentially the same coach as Wenger. I don’t see where you guys think he will improve anything haha. Ancelotti is just a rent-a-coach. No thanks.

        1. Always like to judge a coach by the players he had at his disposal. Ancelotti is a great coach no doubt but AC Milan teams with Dida, Costacurta, Maldini, Nesta, Pirlo, Inzaghi, Schevchenko, Kaka, Seedorf, Gattuso didn’t make his first 2 UCLs horrendously difficult.

      1. Klopp is the same as Wenger how? Dortmund don’t even play possession football
        And who cares if Ancelotti is a rent-a-coach as if having a manager for 2-4 seasons is a bad thing? Why do we immediately have to have the next Wenger after he leaves? Ancelotti way better coach than Wenger and would no doubt bring in a period of success. For sure we would get past R16 with him. Seriously, cant understand why so many fans still want to keep Wenger around and are scared to see him go. He’s done a great job for the club during the transition to Emirates and has made us the club it is today, but realistically he isn’t going to win league or UCL any time soon. His era is over.

        1. Most guys here scare me, I’m sure the must have very smelly, dirty undies that they never change simply becuz they feel very comfortable in them and aren’t sure if any other will feel that gOod.

        2. No-one is scared – just many choose to live with the reality that Wenger is probably going to be with us for at least 2 more years. Some want to come on here and whine about it 24/7 but I ask you – what is the point? Maybe you guys should organise some direct action at the Emirates (assuming you go) if you want to try and effect change because posting stuff on here ain’t gonna do jack.

    2. We only need two world class players to become a force, a DM (even wanayama will do the trick) plus higuain or Martinez or benteke..,just two players away from glory…

      1. I will do a strip dance at my local bar and down 10 beers in 5 minutes if we sign Vidal and Martinez,..,plz lord make it happen, we goobers deserve this

        1. OK I won’t, just asking lord to make it happen. You guys don’t want Vidal and Martinez??¿??????

          1. I have an inkling that Martinez is the striker that Wenger will target first. A little unproven which we no our boss likes and he has all the attributes i think Wenger will look for. High price but not sky high and would have to prove himself better than Giroud as opposed to expecting immediate start.

    3. we dont need that man city player at all…we could do with our goal keepers, all we need is a good winnger, another DM n a clinical striker.

  1. Actually not a bad list. Milner on a free would be class. Schneiderlin is only being utilized in more of a box to box role this year though. Years before he mainly sat back and protected the back 4, and was quite good at it. People keep saying Vidal is not what we need. Vidal can play anywhere in the midfield, he is world class, that’s a player a team with trophy aspirations needs

    1. I dont think Miler would really improve the team. He’s basically one of, if not the best utility player in Europe I’d say but we dont need squad players, we need top class starters. Milner a waste of time in my opinion.

  2. We are just scouting for ourselves in the fan forum while Wenger is laughing at us. Of the last 5 players bought, how many were suggested here? How many DMs were suggested in the past few years? He first turn Arteta into one and then went for Flamini. I don’t want to over expect to avoid BP problem. Am only thinking of FA cup for now.

  3. We won’t win the league until another manager comes in, doesn’t matter how many players we buy or don’t buy. Mourinho won the CL with that Porto team he had in 2004, meanwhile wenger couldn’t win the champions league with the invincibles? why’s that? That was the best team he’s ever had and he couldn’t win the damn CL. So keep calm and wait for 2 more years, hopefully we get guardiola after he’s done at bayern then we might be able to win something of any substance.

    1. Did you watch the CL final…if you did then the answer is pretty clear to most people!? Are you a Chelsea fan?

      1. We lost the Final, what’s your argument, the RC? Many people say Wenger picked the wrong Starting XI for that game anyways.

    2. No offence mate but did you even watch the final we went a man down because lehmann made a bad decision. us 1-0 up after that. Then a sh#t storm of bad ref decisions lost us the game. Not to mention facing barca with 10 men isn’t a easy task. I’m not a wenger in or out. But his signings last season and our improvement against the “big team” has convinced me he isn’t that far away. For getting us the prem again. It all depends on the signings in summer and him changing his 70th minute rule

    3. Yes “that Porto team” with Baia, Costa, Costinho, Maniche, Deco, McCarthy, Carvalho etc. The team that had to beat the mighty Monaco, Deportivo and Lyon in the knock-out stages with the most dire and cynical football going. The Porto with 70+ domestic, European and world trophies in their cabinet, a team who had won the EC before Mourinho and EL since. Jeeez you would have thought Mourinho had won it with Estrela da Amadora or something.

  4. Anybody have a problem with this lineup this fall?


  5. cech, vidal, milner and Jenkinson?……… All we need To aid us win the league?……… I’m sad to say…. we would already be throwing away the premier league in advance

  6. It’s not just new players we need. We added another very good/world class player (Sanchez) our ranks in the summer, we also strengthened other areas in the summer and in the Jan transfer window, and we became stronger with Coquelin, yet we can only do worse than last season, and that’s not even including the possibility of losing the cup final.

    I hope our fans realise that whoever we sign, no matter how good they are, they’ll all be getting their orders from Wenger.

    1. Is this your opinion or are you just copying other armchair gooners who act like sheep and slag Wenger cos we haven’t won the title??

        1. Hardly need to go into it do I!?? Let me think….first half of last season 40+ points, this season 30+ = big improvement in the teams performances since last year…with consistency that is amongst the best in Europe and certainly the PL..ooh and third place secured so no CL qualifiers. FA cup final in a week which unlike the writer I think we’ll win = consistent trophy winning. Er better performances against the ‘top teams’…and if you’re able to be at all balanced you will have to agree that in some games we dominated and were pretty unlucky not to get better results. The emergence of great talents in Bellerin and Coquelin and even quite surprisingly Monreal, the acquisition of Gabriel, Chambers and Debuchy giving us quality and depth at the back and of course Sanchez who other than probable fatigue of late has been a revelation in the PL. Wenger finally showing some adaptability in tactics has been good to see as has the fact he’s recently been players pretty much in their proper positions. Improvements (fingers crossed it stays this way) in squad injury lists, which if we carry into 2015/16 we will rock! I dunno mate, I’ve probably missed stuff, but I’ve gotta say it’s pretty tedious having to explain to an AFC fan, what’s right in front of you!!!

      1. @gooner100

        I try not to use my opinion too much, as I prefer to talk about the facts (which AKB’s like yourself always turn a blind eye to). It is a FACT that we have a stronger squad than last season. it is a FACT that even if we win our last two games, it won’t be an improvement on last season, unless you actually feel accumulating less points with a stronger squad is better?

        I also do find it annoying we haven’t won the title, especially last season when it was there for the taking, and yet Wenger still couldn’t get any higher than fourth. Finally, an easy question for you. Do you want Arsenal to win the league and the Champions League or at least try and win it, or are you just happy to we’re taking part. I apologize for wanting what’s best for my club and being ambitious. My bad!

        1. Say his answer to your question about wanting to win the PL and UCL is “yes” – what should he do about it? Come on here and whine and give you guys some sort of moral support – create a mutual back-slapping community where we can just chat amongst ourselves as to how s&**te our club is?). I’m always puzzled as to why someone coming on here and simply stating they want “what is best” for the club (that is a bit of a lie actually, what they really want is for the club to be run as they see fit and proper) somehow elevates them as some sort of virtuous fan with “real ambition”. Any plank can say that surely.

    1. Benteke also get injured pretty frequently. Lacazette is also more of a pure striker than Sanchez who has always been 2nd striker or winger. I think we need somebody who can get in behind defenders. Benteke has traits that Giroud already has.

    1. Muller + Ramos
      Ronaldo + Kroos
      Costa + Matic

      Couldn’t win the champions league for their respective clubs, how could Benteke and Vidal win the champions league for Arsenal? Laughs.

      1. Agree hopeless optimism but Vidal + Morata (a rookie, Real reject) are still are in with a shout.

  7. Somebody somewhere is trying to mess with me and I don’t like it. What is this about Arsenal having agreed to sign…. Jackson?????

  8. Ideal transfer window would bring in proven experience to the team that can make an immediate difference like Sanchez did.

    Cech is the best EPL keeper of the last decade and still has 3-4 years left in him at top level. He would be a great transfer at around 10mil.

    Vidal can play DM or B2B and he is World Class and at 27 is at the peek years of his career, having Sanchez will help him adapt much quicker.

    Cavani or Martinez although not young and not the best in terms of long term investment they would probably make the biggest impact in the next couple of years, and if we want to win the EPL we can’t always think of the future, we have to think about here and now.
    Ideal 11

  9. out
    diaby, wilshear, walcot, flamini, giroud,flamini, arteta, sanogo, campell, podolski for 120mil

    guardiola,pedro, lacazette, schein, cech, sterling
    plus unknown youth players from la masia.

    the above players have been nothing but a disappointment i have to say. if we get the players below even barca wil sh$t on themselves when they meet us. but it wont happen coz we are gunners, the fans who love wilshear than trophies, who a quality cf is one who can do the hold up play and who cant imagine loosing a retarded manager. sign

  10. Sorry my thumb slipped.. haha. If Vidal isn’t available I’d buy Cech, Kondogbia, and Lacazette.

    Vidal, Lacazette Cech


    Kondogbia, Lacazette, Cech

  11. Spanish newspaper AS claim Arsene Wenger is Florentino Perez’s top priority to manage Real Madrid but the Arsenal boss as ever will reject

  12. Lots of bad articles lately. This one is rubbish. Could you at least give us a name of a striker? Unnamed marquee striker. Sure fantasy players will win us the league.

    1. Hi GoonerG1,

      If you see the last paragraph in the article, I have added the names of the players who can be the marquee players. I was not able to pick one. So I left it as marquee player.
      Anyways, next time if I am writing an article, I will try and make a choice 🙂

      – RPK

  13. I have to say our biggest problem is not signing, it is the manager. If we end up signing Messi, Vidal and may be Higuin, they’ll collect orders 4rm wenger, who is too outdated to do any trick to the team. U need to rememebr that; this season, wenger is the longest serving manager in the EPL, still, he sat down and watch other managers made better decisions both on and off the pitch. I don’t care who we sign or who we ended up disposing, Wenger can not do the job of giving Arsenal any trophy.
    If you think I am wrong, give me ur evidences on twitter @maigari33. Arsenal 4ever.

    1. it doesn’t matter if we sign messi, ibra, vidal and neuer, we still won’t win anything with a tactically clueless manager. once he’s gone we can look forward to winning anything.

  14. There`s been some doubt aired about Wilshere, he goes where angels fear to tread and gets hurt, well that may be the case but, Arsenal are at their best when they up the tempo and don`t pussy foot about. He may not be scoring many goals but he can create havoc with a defense and others can put it in the net. Breaking down teams who park the bus is his specialty and working with players who can strike with accuracy from the edge of the box (which we don`t seem to have) could add some precious points on early next season. solid back four plus DM and an attacking midfield with Wilshere and Ramsey could start the ball rolling. Maybe Wenger doesn`

  15. (Computer locked) to continue……..Maybe Wenger doesn`t cotton on the Nelson after the batlle of Trafalgar but he should heed his words. “Attack is the best form of defence”.

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