I’m not yet convinced in Arteta’s project, but credit where credit is due

Arsenal are in a happy place at the moment by Konstantin Mitov
Well lovely Arsenal people, we’re actually in a good place. In a time that has been particularly difficult for me personally, Arsenal actually put up a display that lifted my mood.
I’ve been championing the opinion that performances matter as much as results, and I think we actually played two very good games in Villa and Leicester.
One thing we’ve been doing consistently lately is start the games with the right attitude. Even against Palace we started well. We also have a few players who’ve put really good performances.
No need to say Ramsdale has been sensational. I’m scared to overhype the guy as Arsenal fans typically tend to do, but what I really like is his attitude. I’ve been crying out to see character at the side and the guy is so likeable.
Then there’s Gabriel, who’s been an absolute rock in our defense. Ben White has also improved alongside him. Nuno Tavares has made us not miss Tierney as much as we would’ve otherwise.
Emile Smith Rowe has added goals to his game, hopefully it will continue. Lokonga rocking it in midfield is also not to be underestimated. Anyone missing Xhaka?
It’s easy to look more positively on the squad after a 2-0 win at Leicester, but the truth is our side has like 4-5 new faces that are all playing well and if you now ask the question where the squad needs to be overhauled, the answer won’t be “everywhere”.
If you told me that  we’d get 17 points after the way we started the season I’d have laughed it off. And I’ll big up the manager here, because he somehow turned it around so far.
Contrary to the popular belief on this forum, I don’t have an agenda against Arteta. If I have one, it’s that I want Arsenal to win. Am I convinced in Mikel’s project? Not yet, because we’ve had some decent results under Arteta, but we’ve not had a proper run of form, that gives me confidence we can challenge for the Top Four.
But I am going to give credit where credit is due. Hopefully we carry this form to the Watford game, because expectations have risen and we need to match them.  But honestly it’s refreshing to be excited about the Arsenal game at the weekend, even if I’m still cautious if we can build a solid run.
Finally I have to put a word for them lot signing Conte. I must admit, it hurts a little. I’ve been a huge fan of the Italian, as I think we need a manager who has a personality that can light up the place.
The guy’s celebrations remind me of Klopp. And the German is an example of how much things can change with a proper manager, as he managed to lift their curse and win the title in an incredibly competitive league. Point is; Conte is elite.
Even his wig is the best I’ve seen! He won numerous titles at Juventus, then won the title at Chelsea, then Inter as well. The guy is a winner and his appointment definitely turns a few eyes over there – as much I don’t want to admit it.
But that should be motivation for us. Comparisons with Spurs will immediately arise as we’ve decided to stick to Arteta, and they’ve chopped Nuno in modern day fashion of a big club. So the ambition argument will come the moment our results dip, you can be sure.
Right now, we’re in a good place though, and all we should focus on is Watford. We might end up as close to the top 4 as we’ve been in a while since 4 of the 5 teams above us play each other. Let’s do that first.
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  1. Hells Bells!!!
    A positive article from Konstantine – we really are seeing the times they are a changing 😂😂
    Furthermore, I find myself in agreement with most of what he says – so it seems MA is doing a good job both on and off the pitch.
    Good article my fellow Gooner.

    1. 😂😂😂😂Never thought I’d see it Ken.
      Man was always churning out negative articles since the days of Arsene Wenger, like you said, good to read something different from his usual articles.

  2. What we’ve shown recently is that we can defend stoutly and have solid periods of domination with a real goal threat – massive improvement on even the best parts of last season and I think we now need to show consistency as you say and look to extend those periods of dominance for longer in matches.
    I think you undersold tavares a bit there – I think Tierney will have to raise his game back to where it was earlier in his arsenal career to get his place back, tavares’ recent form has been much better than Tierney’s, to the point I question whether we need to find a place for him in the side, even if we accommodate Tierney as well

    1. I quite agree with your assessment on Tavares and I think he may be used as a left wingback when we play a 5-3-2 formation with Tierney as the 3rd Centre back. He could also be deployed as a defensive left winger subbed on in place of the left winger when we need to hold on to a lead in the second half of matches.

  3. In Arteta’s first season 5th was the expectation.
    8th was achieved.
    Millions were spent and a huge improvement was expected.
    But Spurs winning at Leiester on the last day consigned Arsenal to a scond successive 8th.. Many expected Arteta to be sacked.
    Surprisingly the board gave Arteta more time and Arsenal spent another 130 mill on 6 new players. After a horror start the club is up to 6th place a point in front of Brighton and Wolves and 2 points in front of Tottenham.
    Conte is probably worth 7-9 points extra to Spurs who should now join Westham/Arsenal/ Leicester/Wolves and Brighton in the 5th/6th race. Arsenal do have the advantage of not playing European football so 5th/6th is most likely for the Gooners

  4. Full marks Konstantin.

    A whole article from someone who admits to harbouring reservations ( fair enough), that didn’t once mention;


    P.S. Basically replied to this under the previous article showing Kane’s ‘orrible mug.

  5. There is still a lot of water to go under the bridge. We have played well in a few games and obviously if that carries on we will all be happy. Reality outweighs pessimism or optimism. We all have ‘Pandora’s’ hope, because there is no certainty. We need quite a few more games to see if there is an upwards trend. We all ‘hope’ there is, but that can change very quickly.
    What is the most enjoyable thing for me is seeing young lads like ESR, Bukayo Saka, who have real talent, playing regularly.

  6. if we are to be fair, last season we lost many matches in a winning position and this was mainly due to harsh redcards we could get from referees. You remember we lost to vila due redcard given to auba last season, redcards given to pepe, luis,xhaka,leno at some points last season costed us 4th spot. Otherwise our team was worthy being in europa league or even c.l.

    1. I agree with you Mugisa, leaving aside the referees, luis,xhaka,leno costed us a lot of red cards and unacceptable mistakes of which without them we would have been playing europa or CL. But also MA should be proactive on dropping under performing players

  7. From time to time it’s beneficial even for Arsenal fans to be patient. Some of us understood early that changing Arsenal wasn’t done in a year. I’m 💯 behind Arteta and it will remind this way until we are changing our manager. We have lots of lovely moments ahead of us COYG ❤️⚪️

  8. Some said “We’ll see how far we’ve come…against Leicester” and we passed that test! Yes, we were under the cosh in the 2nd half, but we came through; clean sheet and all!! Sterner tests are on the horizon, I know, but I like where we are right now. The togetherness in the team. Everyone putting a shift in. Decent football on display and most importantly moving up the table! These are the things I always want to see, so no complaints from me! Roll on Sunday

    Nice one, Konstantin 👍

    1. Arsenal are considering the return of Dani Ceballos from Real Madrid, according to Team Talk via Mundo Deportivo.

      Views Sue ? If this happens I’ll be 100% convinced he’s not the man 😩

          1. Shocking if this is true Dan 😳 he is bang average we already blew a hefty chunk on odegaard who in my opinion is also bang average.

            1. Yea I think everyone knows my view on Odegaard so I won’t say anymore .
              Ceballos like you said was also on the same lvl .
              Not sure why we couldn’t get in a proper powerhouse AM-CM.
              I just feel Arteta likes the safe options but again that’s for another day

              1. I’m with you there Dan I’ve been vocal on Odegaard I saw nothing that convinced me let’s go all out and get him and even less so with Ceballos.. can you imagine losing Partey in January and his replacement Dani Ceballos if that happens they can kiss European qualification goodbye! Haha even I’ll pass on Hazard Now Sue his Muse has gone 😆 Swap Pepe with Trossard or go all out and get Luis Diaz from Porto 💪

                1. His muse stayed behind in West London!!! 😄
                  Good shout – Trossard – Kev. Loved his goal last week! Can’t say I watch Porto🤣

                  1. I thought you’d have been watching the Milan Porto game Sue 😯 I’m a fan Sue and to think we were linked with him before Brighton. Haha tbh I’m very surprised he has flopped so badly Sue, I thought he would have been a hit at Madrid 😯

                    1. I’m watching. Cant believe Milan havent even got a point in the group. Shocking!
                      Surely Giroud will get one at least…

                    2. Me too Pat, I checked the table during the game and they are rock bottom, some decent players in that team too.. I’m surprised kessie is on the bench, Porto have been impressive though, they definitely deserve the halftime lead.

  9. Be careful of what you wish for.

    Does anybody else think, that when Pep leaves Manchester City at the end of next season, Mikel Arteta will be the first in line to replace him?

    If that be the case, does anybody think Arteta would actually stay with Arsenal?

  10. Ive said before i am not sure i see enough or have seen enough to suggest we are heading back to top 4 status. I can see we are competitive but i have yet to see that we are at a level that will get this club where it needs to be. I have a view Arteta is not as reactive or clever enough to challenge the top managers in this league. Our football is not clever enough (yet) to make us a top team. He make too many errors in judgement for my liking and all of that has to improve greatly for us to improve but we have just had a good 6 weeks.

  11. If at the end of the season we finish 5th/6th, Arteta will have returned us where he found as with Wenger/Emery during our downward spiral.

  12. We are doing well but are one injury away from a disaster. Lose Gabriel or ESR and we will never be the same.

  13. I must admit I’m a little disappointed that you offered this up so soon Konstantin…this was way too early for olive branches, as two rather impressive wins shouldn’t move your pendulum so far in the other direction…I get that you weren’t standing on a soapbox preaching about the “process” but I would expect that someone with your particular history would allow things to play themselves out a little more before entering the fray…just saying

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