Arsenal Opinion: It’s brilliant seeing the massive growth in Women’s Football, especially at Arsenal

The rise of Women’s football

Women’s football has come a long way in the past few years, with women’s football thriving in America, the rest of the world were quickly catching up. In the past few years, it’s really began to thrive all over the world and from what was some what of a taboo thing, is now taking off all around the world.

I grew up in England and was always in love with football, my brother taught me how to kick a ball and from that moment on I’ve been obsessed with the beautiful game, but when I was younger, there weren’t any girls teams. If you wanted to play, you had to somehow convince a boys team to let you play and just like a lot of the professional women’s player’s these days, that’s what I did. I cut my hair short and pretended I was a boy just so I could kick a ball around a field and this story sounds all too familiar to everyone else in my age bracket.

After the Women’s Euro’s where The England Lionesses walked away victorious, it seemed to spark this love for the game in young girls and being the first English side to “bring it home” since 1966 was a massive deal. England began to go women’s football crazy and although there will always be a few who can’t handle the thought of women’s football, or just don’t like it, there’s a lot more support for the women’s game then ever before.

World Cups create buzz and bring people together all under one umbrella for the love of football. I think the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, really changed everyone’s view on the game and created the sense of belonging that I haven’t seen in the men’s game. I obviously watch both men’s and women’s games and attend as much to both locally and I think the difference in the past year since the world cup has been incredible.

You go to women’s football games and it’s all just about being apart of a big family that’s open and inclusive for everyone. It’s sparked a love that men’s football couldn’t do and has become such a great family environment. Stadiums are being sold out and support is finally there for these athletes who have worked so hard to get where they are now and to make the future brighter for all those younger girls who dream to play football.

It makes you proud, these women have paved a way for the youth and the women’s game in general, making it so these kids won’t have to go through the struggles we did just to kick a ball around a field. It’s inspiring and I personally can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Watching the growth and the mentality at Arsenal is amazing, we really are a ‘one club’ mentality kind of club and the Women are now seeling out games at the Emirates. How thuinks have grown and changed for the better for all young female football fanatics….

Daisy Mae


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  1. Yes it is
    I love watching women’s football
    It’s great seeing growth in Arsenal and women’s football as a whole

  2. Need more technical players at Arsenal. Players that can lift the crowd to their feet and can dribble pass players.
    They can then entice more sponsorship deals, more shirt sales and higher view ratings.
    I support Arsenal through and through, from the academy to the women’s team to the Mens first team, but the women’s team need more technical players as it looks to be missing that exciting edge. Otherwise they will remain second fiddle always to the Mens team.
    They need more investment and more technical players to integrate into this top 6 team to win the league and win in Europe.

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