Arsenal Opinion: It’s great that Peter Drury has finally got the job he deserves as Sky’s lead commentator

I just wanted to take the opportunity to show my respect for Peter Drury, and wish him all the best for his debut this Sunday as Sky Sport’s lead commentator.

It amazes me that he has had to wait over three decades into his media career to get a job with whom many regard the face of Football broadcasting in the UK.

He replaces Martin Tyler who was Sky’s lead announcer since the launch of the Premiership.

For an audience who grew up with Tyler, he’s impossible shoes to fill, especially if, like me, you have an issue with change.

Sky Sports have smartly replaced his voice with another that equally was a soundtrack to my childhood.

It just wasn’t heard as often, as he was employed by ITV who at the time had rights to the Champions League and International tournaments, competitions that don’t showcase you every week.

It meant that the rare times I got to hear him, the more special the occasion.

ITV’s attempts to replicate Match of The Day in the early 2000 was a financial disaster for both the channel and clubs.

The positive was the voice-over to highlights from the Invincible season, which are often by my two favourite play by play commentators, either Drury or Clive Tyldesley.

The latter is too polite to say it, so I’ll say it for him, the only reason in the last couple of years he’s been picked less for high profile occasions is his age.

Younger readers, if you don’t know who I’m referring too you will when you hear them speak.

As a freelance worker it meant that Drury has offered iconic sound bites to famous matches.

He maintains his favourite is calling South Africa scoring the first goal of the 2010 World Cup, simply because of the historic significance that it meant to the country and continent.

His critics will say his greatest strength is also major flaw.

Famed for his beautiful metaphors and clichés, it becomes less organic, like he stayed up the night before and swallowed Shakespeare’s dictionary.

In other words, the man speaks his language like a well-educated individual who’s mastered his craft.

To a generation used to their content being Youtubers shouting and swearing down the camera, I get how Dury’s approach might come across overbearing.

Now weekly performing live to a larger audience, he might have to tone it down a little bit.

Save your best lines for Arsenal vs Man City and not Sheffield United vs Luton.

He talked over memories that will live forever in my heart. Two decades after our last title win, there is simply no one else I would want to call the action on our was to our 4th Premier League title.

Good luck Mr Drury


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  1. Good luck indeed to Mr Peter Drury I do enjoy listening to him, the distinguish gentleman has certainly mastered his craft.
    So too I believe with John Champion now cutting his teeth in the west, he has certainly add a different dimension commenting in the big apple.

  2. My favorite

    “Roma have risen from their ruins! Manolas, the Greek God in Rome! The unthinkable unfolds before our eyes!

    “This was not meant to happen. This could not happen. This is happening. It’s a Greek from Mount Olympus who has come to the seven hills of Rome and pulled off a miracle!”

  3. My 2nd favorite

    “The night of the Real resurrection! The pure white shirts have shimmered spectacularly once again…and Real Madrid are Paris bound!

    “Real Madrid will play the big game again. The love affair goes on! Improbably, miraculously, impossibly, beyond their dreams or expectations

    “For the seventeenth time, this club of glitz and legend will go to the final of the European Cup.”

    Favorite: Roma comeback against Barcelona in 2018
    2nd Favorite: Real Madrid comeback against Manchester City in 2022

    We can all agree that Peter Drury is the Goat of football commentary. We love him so much in Nigeria

  4. I want to congratulate both DAN and Ad Pat, for writing a non Arsenal important football story and allowing it on a JA site. The fact that I agree with every word is beside the point I want to make. And THAT POINT IS that this site would be far richer and would tempt fans such as myself to write far more articles, if we were not limited to ONLY Arsenal centric pieces.

    Is that now the case then Pat? And even if you only alpow real regular writers such as Dan, that privilege, please Dan take advantage of that case AND SUPPLY MORE NON ARSENAL ONLY PIECES.
    And Pat, IF you allow this, I have many non specifically Arsenal, but football centric pieces already in my head which only need typing.

    1. I thought the same but for the fact that I am a fan of his I don’t mind and I’m not sure anyone does as well.

  5. My favorite Leo Messi has conquered his final peak, Leo Messi has shaken hands with Paradise. The little boy from Rosario, Santa Fe, Has just pitched up in heaven. He climb into a galaxy of his own. I can’t forget that day I was having goosebumps for the words in connection to Messi

  6. I agree with Jon Fox. A very good non Arsenal story. Should be more of it. As for commentators, Peter Drury is starting to grow on me. I’m still a little old schooled when it comes to British football commentators. I still prefer the younger version of Martin Tyler well before the Premier League era. My favourites are, Brian Moore, John Mostson, Alan Parry, Barry Davies, David Coleman, and the young version of Martin Tyler as stated above. When it came to guest/Co commentators, I enjoyed Jimmy Greaves and Trevor Brooking. I could never get into Andy Gray. He always reminded me of a drunk at a pub. I use to enjoy Match Of The Day when it was presented by Jimmy Hill and Bob Wilson. I thought those two were a good pairing. Match Of The Day isn’t on in Australia any more,,, not unless you can get it through subscription. Not that I would be bothered with it. As it is,, I’ve got every Premier League, the women’s English Super League, Spanish League, German League, Japanese League. When it comes to international football, I’ve got Friendly Internationals, European Qualifications and World Cup Qualifications matches, that also includes the women’s matches. All of the above is through Optus Sport,,, at $6.95 AUD per month subscription. I can view any match fully, mega match highlights 45 minutes, mini match highlights 24 minutes, or 3 minute highlights. I can watch all of this for the whole year whenever I want until the new season starts. I also receive every Premier League match preview and review program that’s aired in England live, as well as the Kelly and Wrighty Show. People in Australia have it made when it comes to football. Especially when it comes to the Premier League. It’s all with one company for a cheap $6.95 per month. The price hasn’t changed for 3 years. And every thing is staying with Optus Sport until 2028

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