Arsenal Opinion: My only hope is that Fulham shock Man City (Tottenham will roll over)

Win and pray by Konstantin Mitov
Arsenal beat Bournemouth 3-0, then City hammer Wolves 5-1. Two games left for us, 3 for them, all we can do is win our games and pray they drop points. The Arsenal fan in me had a hopeful feeling, but Wolves were just shocking and I wonder will City slip?
I am pretty unhappy with the fixture rescheduling. Spurs had a 15 day break before they played us and now they will play City before the last round of the season when their CL qualification would likely be over.
Tottenham lost to Liverpool so it’s as good as done. I may sound like a conspiracy theorist, but the integrity of the league has to be questioned over the changes to the fixture schedule..
So my hope lies with Fulham… But just like it did with Brighton, City would likely just end up 3:0 winners. Fulham are on the beach. So are West Ham. Not much to play for there, then watch how Tottenham, who’ve beaten City at home 4 in a row, will just roll over so we don’t win the title.
That said, we still have to win our last 2 games, and Man Utd away, along with Tottenham was one that stuck in my head during the run-in. There’s history and pride there. They may not want City to win it, but they always raise their level for Arsenal at home and our record there is atrocious.
Regardless, we have to push it to the last day. I think the players will learn a very painful lesson. With City in a title race any dropped points are fatal. That Villa game hurts. We had Partey, we could’ve done more, but if buts and maybes don’t help. In reality, it’s our games against West Ham and Fulham that will end up costing us.
Let’s do our job and see where we end up.


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    1. Exactly. I guess Man United players and fans “hate” to se the XXX City win – again! But both players and fans “hate” Arsenal more. And definitely, they “hate” to lose against the Gunners. The players of Man United will do all they can to beat the XXX capital city – to end the dream of victory for XXX Arsenal. First after the Sunday game at Ol’ Toilet… there can be time for dreams. First then.

  1. Well Konstantin
    Ist we need to win our games. Man Utd away is difficult.
    You and I both think the same.
    Fulham is our only real hope.
    I cannot see this Tottenham team keeping out Man City with their defensive high line.
    West Ham lost 5 – 0 to Chelsea.

    1. You putting it very nicely. It’s some kind of euphemism to call Spurs indolens and defaitism for “defensive high line”. IGL – you’re obviously a nice guy. Their lethargy have cost them the UCL and now the wont lift a finger, or a toe, for the big brother at Emirates.

    2. Pep has never won at Spurs in the league, and if Liverpool beat Villa, then Spurs can close the gap for 4th spot, their bitter fans don’t want Spurs to beat City to give us the title, but the players will want to play CL football, if there is a chance they can, their manager and team will want that so badly

      1. @feious
        I hope you are right but I just cannot see it with the Spurs defensive high line.
        I have more hope with Fulham or even West Ham on the last day (although I am clutching at straws here). They have some defensive organisation.
        But we have to do our difficult job at Old Trafford.

  2. The WestHam, Fulham and Villa games are the ones that will come back to bite us if we dont win the title. You cannot afford slip ups like these if you are chasing City for the title, they are literally machines. That said, the United away game wont be easy by any means and Arsenal will have to play their best football to win there. I just hope either Fulham or Spurs do us a favor by taking points off City although I know it will be difficult. The only thing we can do now is to win our remaining 2 games and pray.

    1. gunner for life and chris, neithe oneof you has mentins not evennoticed as oit seems that our HOME MATCHES against Fullham anSpurs were both drawn after being a goal up. so two points were dropped in BOTH GAMES. Those two points(four in total) might well be crucial.

      We were two .one, up with about 8 minutes remaining, when Fulham with TEN men EQUALISED .
      Against Srurs Jorginho slipped, leading to their equaliser.. To MY mind , both those games are more relevant than when we lost and were well beaten and deservedly so, at Fulham.

  3. I would say the Fulham loss was the worst. Very unusually, we did not turn up for that game. Meanwhile … if Havertz had played last Autumn as in his current role and NOT in midfield – it would have been different. Yes, I know … if if if.

    1. While Arteta may boast about Havertz, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the initial plan failed, costing the team before a plan B saved them. The scouting team must avoid repeating such a costly mistake. It’s baffling how Arteta, driven by ego, pride, or ignorance, returned Havertz to midfield, leading to a loss against Villa. Nonetheless, even Pep has made errors. Let’s hope Arteta has learned from this experience.

  4. What a spursy thing it will be
    Have we not seen spurs been spursy so many times, what an irony it will be if spurs could take something away from city, remember they are not safe in their Europa League spot just yet….. surely things League is not ending like things more twists coming, it’s long overdue it’s time for city, and gadiola to bottle something

  5. Whatever scenario you look at, Arsenal never do well when they are at the top and it is in their hands. That’s why they lost to Aston V. That defeat was uncalled for. It wasn’t a case of we were tired from playing Bayern in midweek, because they also played, in fact on a Thursday and had one day less rest. They didn’t even have Douglas Luiz. This was a bottle job. But City shows their resilience. They don’t let an opportunity pass them by as we do.

  6. I utterly reject Konstantins dismally defeatist attitude. He is saying the Prem is already over, as also have many others, includingsome whose posts I usually massively respect. As usual this article is unbalanced and concentrates only on his own agenda which is that of a pessimist.

    I do not live my life in that way at all and always believe in fighting,WITH HOPE, POSITIVITY AND OPTIMISM, for what I want.

    Konstantin speaks about a conspiracy by the Prem to load the fixture schedule against us. That as simply what happens,inevitably, when unlike Spurs, we had many more games to play, esp later in the season and is merely the inevitable consequence of being a top level club involved in CL,unlike SPURS
    In life as in football, I regards conspiracy theorists, generally, not specifically Konstantin, as being mentally unsound, and note we have had a few before now onJA, most sensible banned by AdPat.

    I urge all TRUE Gooners to keep the faith, to be true to the values of our own mighty club and never , NEVER, in timid and cowardly fashion, to effectively write off our Prem chances when we are still – in case any blinkered fans have not noticed- TOP OF THE LEAGUE.

    Finally friends, pessimism achieves NOTHING.

  7. We have NOT been bottle jobs.
    Grow up and appreciate the fabulous way we have played this season, let’s hope and pray it finishes with winning Premier league, but if not, I’m proud of my team.

    1. Well said!
      Sadly, we have a proportion of fans on here who STILL resolutely REFUSE,in mule like stubborness, to accept that we are a top class team and ALL TRUE fans OUGHT to be proud of being Gooners.

  8. The wheels seems to be coming off in all direction with the Spuds, but that team do have goals in them and enough to hurt the champion.

    The problem is they may need motivation

    1. And the chance of CL football may provide it, Villa have Liverpool next and Spurs Burnley, then the lead is cut down to four points, beat or draw with City , then the lead is down to one or three. Villa only need a win to cement 4th spot, but they look tired, have to travel to Greece, then Liverpool at home , who are looking good again, then Crystal Palace away from home then. Spurs have Sheffield Utd as their final game, so their manager will be pushing for that

      1. Not at all likely, nor realistic IMO.

        Far more chance that Spurs will need to fight off either or both of Newcastle and Chelsea to maintain their current fifth place.

        THAT is the motivation I think they WILL NEED to be mightily determined to beat City.

        In any case, with goal difference not close ENOUGH, Villa will need only two points for fourth, even if Spurs drop NO points at all (which would be our ideal as we know).

        With PALACE “being on the beach” already, safe in14th place, its clutching at straws to see Villa not winning there.
        So whatever happens Spurs WILL have a motivation to beat City!
        And Fulham too, as we well know, are hardly mugs either, ESP AT HOME.

        Leno has the third highest clean sheets this season, which not many take note of. But I do!

  9. Spurs had a much better game against Liverpool in the second half after the introduction of Madison and Richarlison. So may be with that second-half team starting against City, we might have some hope.
    But that game comes after ours with United. So we must do our own business first!

  10. It’s not impossible. Crazy things can happen.
    But we need to focus on winning our last 2 matches. Nothing great could happen if we don’t do that.
    Anyway, I’m not giving up hope until it is mathematically impossible for us to win

  11. That’s the great thing about this league – You just never know when an upset is coming. Yes it looks unlikely that Man CIty will be on the end of one, but then upsets always look unlikely, so who knows? All we can do is hope. Although easier than Man U away on paper, Sean Dyche is good at upsets, so it’s all got to be exceptional from now on.

  12. I totally agree with you. When chasing title with city, you must be very serious with every game. That villa game is better forgotten than remembered. Unfortunately, it’s going to cost the title. I players especially, Arteta learns bitter lesson. Anyways, if only if we win Manu and Fulham did us a favor then, the pain of villa loss will be forgotten.

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