Arsenal Opinion – Surely that was Emery’s last chance?

It’s a matter of when, not why, and the sooner the better! by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely Arsenal people! Do not feel bad for yet another miserable performance. It’s not you who set up the team wrong. It’s not you who can’t teach simple defending. There is one positive thing about this result and it’s the fact it is getting us closer to removing a bad manager leading the club. Surely that was Emery’s last chance?

For as complex life can be, sometimes it’s as simple as one person doing it wrong. We are Arsenal football club. We have good players, who are set up to play extremely negatively with no ideas to go forward. There lacks a plan. I am amazed that we played better under Wenger with a tactic of “go and express yourself”.

Now we have a guy famous for video analysis, yet I can’t believe how you can watch so many bad performances and learn nothing. The manager blew it last season and he should’ve been removed. What’s the point of sticking with him? His contract is for two years, plus one, he’s never lasting past this year, why wait?

I don’t see a point in discussing the football since it’s just terrible. We have Ozil, Laca, Auba and Pepe and yet we cannot create chances? We are just negative from the start, that’s the real issue. We do not want to defend and that’s why we are so bad at it, yet we do not attack either, we can’t control the midfield, what is our strength actually?

Auba had confidence at the start of the season, but we destroyed it. We dropped Ozil when he looked sharp in pre-season. We bought a left back only to not play him. We dropped our captain like not even a month after he was made captain and then he told us to flip off.

I am amused how some people thought I was negative, when the only negative things I see are results and performances. Last night should have been Emery’s last chance. But I knew before the game we’d lose so I actually don’t care much. I will care when we sack Emery and bring in somebody with a plan.

The rumours will keep piling up and a certain Jose Mourinho would just love to take this job and I will love it too. This is now the fourth circus season in a row, and I want the full show. Bring in the Portuguese and let’s see where it goes.



  1. I suffered 5 years of … surely that’s wenger a last chance … but clearly this guy is having a negative impact on the brand and income flow which was less true when we were in top 4 and CL and is all the yank cares about so maybe this time is different … from a fans perspective this is the worst football we have been playing in decades which is what really matters though … the sooner he goes the sooner we can move on and hopefully up

  2. Someone who is actually seeing our dark and bleek future yet I thought I was the only one who knows that Jose is the answer

    Kudos Konstantin

      1. Probably didn’t score that many either 😂 Boring football, just like us now. Rather be without a manager than have him… there, I’ve said it!

    1. Mourinho left Chelsea and Man United with major trophies, but he also left them with turmoil and he didn’t create any great system for those clubs

      The Leicester game was supposed to be Emery’s last chance, but Ornstein has stated the board are still supporting Emery. I guess they just don’t want to announce the sack before selecting the new caretaker or manager

      Arsenal are having similar fate as Fulham’s. If the board don’t want to act fast, we could end up like Fulham. They spent more than 150 M to get new players last season, but got relegated at the end of the season

      As what John Ibrahim always says, managerial changes and player transfers are not the same as FIFA 20. Not all managers can adapt well in EPL, namely Juande Ramos

      1. gotanidea, what major trophies did he leave for united?

        Funny how you see these as major trophies and yet diss the three in four seasons Wenger won.

        Mourinho is not the answer and neither is one of your other choices mick mcarthey..although mick seems a much nicer person.

        If the board have the ability to see the inevitable outcome under UE, they should act now and give it to freddie – at least the supporters would be behind that decision I believe.

        1. Ken, True oh King! I would take Freddie in a heartbeat; it needs someone who already knows our strengths and weaknesses if we do sack Emery NOW. As for Mourinho, if he ever knocked at my front door, I would slam it in his face. A dreadful man!

  3. It’s up to Kroenke and whomever else is available to manage the team.

    Kroenke may be willing to stay with Emery a little bit longer. Maybe to January or its possible Emery could go on Monday. Up to Kroenke

    1. kronkie doesn’t manage the team Innit, thats why he pays out millions to have people to run our club.

      We have a coach, on a reported £6,000,000 salary, who plainly isn’t coaching the players correctly…What could be simpler than that?

      Don’t blame kronkie, blame the new regime…just as you blamed the old regime.

      1. Ken you are right. Kroenke only did what the regime in daily charge asked him to do by appointing Emery. It was those running the club,not Kroenke, in this instance, who are to blame. We all know it would be the right thing to do to sack him now and I still hope they will BUT I know Ornstein is well respected and he says they will not, at least not until May. Cue deep gloom if he is right. I have now written off this season interms of any Europe qual and if Emery stays til May expect us to be 7th to 10th. Both Spuds and Man United will ovwrtake us and quite likely others too. My cat could run theteam better than Emery and Ican at least understand him.

        Ps He is a greedy cat, always wanting food and so I told him to feed himself an he answered” Me?’ow?

        1. Not as good as your chelsea joke Jon, but not bad!!!

          It’s funny, on reflection, how this situation we are in, has seemingly united the “vast majority”, not only on here, but at the Emirates as well.

          It’s shocking to see the stadium less than two thirds full (my estimation only) and the toxic atmosphere that is permutating around our club at present.

          No-one could ever have imagined that this would be the outcome, when the club decided on UE – the pressure he is under must be intolerable and why he doesn’t just resign, I cannot understand.
          Self belief is one thing – self delusion is another.

    2. Innit, mate, as I’ve said before, Kroenke has nowt to do with running the club or hiring and firing, he’s employed Raul and Edu to do that. As long as the bottom line is not affected And still doing well, as it is, he lets others look after the shop.

  4. Emery is yet to play the right formation with Ozil in it. Why play Ozil with no wingers? Just to mess things up, and put the blame on Ozil when it ends bad. Emery is clearly trying not to let Ozil shine, even if Arsenal has to drop points. Apart from the match against Liverpool in Carabao cup, Emery hasn’t started with the right formation where it favors Ozil. And, a number 10 is someone who the rest of the team should pass the ball more often to, any chance you can get. And Ozil was asking for the ball throughout raising hands all match, but everybody was busy with their own shit. He was finding space, but nobody had enough vision to see him.

    I like the youngsters but they so lack the game knowledge. You get the ball you give it to your number 10 and try to link up with him. But it seemed like everybody wanted to be number 10 himself, and taking the ball with no vision whatsoever. Just watch how Man City plays with KDB. If nobody gives him the ball, how can he create? Just watch the game again, Ozil was left asking so many times, and nobody in the midfield or defence was seeking to get Ozil on the ball. Why play him then? It should be an order from the Coach to the players that as soon as you get the ball, try to give it to your number 10, don’t try to be one.

    I blame Emery for this. He is treating Ozil like a youngster from the academy. Really? He is your senior player, tell your youth to find him and link up with him. It was a horror yesterday, watching Ozil, and he was invisible to his own team. He had space so many times, and was asking for the ball, but nobody had the vision to find him, or just didn’t give the ball to him. Emery is brewing bad competition among players it seems. I have watched so many times, Torreira and Guendouzi don’t give the ball to Ozil even if there is a clear opening most of the time, they turn sideways and continue with back passing. Either that is what Emery is asking from them in return for regular start or something, or they just plainly lack vision. Either way, Emery has no understanding of how to play to the strength of the players, he just wants them to do what he wants and desires. He should be thrown out before more damage is done to the team spirit.

      1. It all comes down to Emery. He is treating Ozil worse than than he is treating the youngsters, and that thing affects the team spirit when all play.

        Youngsters don’t seem to seek Ozil to pass to because they themselves don’t want Ozil to take the shine from them it seems, and Emery is encouraging such toxicity himself as the coach. Emery is not telling players to seek Ozil and that’s very clear to see because if it’s a direct order from the coach, you gotta do it!

        And to make things worse, he’s fielding Ozil in formations that doesn’t suit him at all. Not playing Pepe? He was getting better and suddenly he’s axed? Will he improve from the bench? This is clearly a shitty evil plan by Emery to not let Ozil link up with Pepe, as Pepe is probably the only player in the Arsenal squad who has enough ball playing skills to link up with Ozil seamlessly. And Emery knows that. He’s not clueless, he is just purely evil, egoistic and mediocre at best coach, who just don’t wanna play Ozil.

        1. Brilliant observation Daulat.

          Funnily enough, in this game he DID run around like a blue assed fly, simply because there was no vision from anyone else.

          At least the prediction as to who would leave first now seems pretty certain, with the “vast majority” rooting to see the back of UE. perhaps the new coach will understand how to play him?

  5. Please not José. He will last 18 months, then will also be gone, having maybe won a cup or something in the mean time, but in the process destroying the dressing room and pissing off the board and management.

    There are many better choices than José.

    1. What’s left for Jose to destroy?
      Our free flowing football?
      Creating chance after chance?
      Dominating play?
      News flash we ain’t got that anymore

  6. Has anyone read what all the arsenal chiefs have said? Things improved last night and were all agreed that Leicester at home are formidable opponents and the team played well and believe emery should get until the end of the season. They really do make you laugh

  7. Well Ornstein has come out and said Emery wont be sacked and have no intention of sacking him as they believe he can turn things around. They must surely also be blind! Even get rid of Emery and let Ljunberg take over and play free-flowing attacking football. It will be better than this boring non-attacking weak defending confused football we are playing currently.

  8. When you have a boil….lance it. If you don’t things only get worse. Chelsea have never stood nonsense and look how they are still in the mix. We hang on to someone who is clearly out of his depth, has already been given a chance….yet we still hold on to him. No wonder we have become second or third level. Emery is not good enough for the job. Sanllehi, Venkatesham, and Edu have to show that they don’t want Arsenal to wallow in the mire. They have to axe Unai Emery….now!

  9. I think we will end up 7/8 th Emery will last u til the end of the season. Who ever comes in 5/6 will seem better after this season.
    It’s sounds simple but I would just like a manger with a plan
    I can see lacca, Auba, xhaka, torriera gone at the end of the season

  10. By the way can anyone translate emery for me
    It seems like he’s saying we need passion
    I talk with the board and we need passion with the young players


    1. Are you mad! His “good ebening” is easy to understand, though admittedly he speaks gobbledegook straight after saying that. My first sentence was rhetorical needless to say and also needless to say that Emery will have never heard of the word rhetorical. But credit where it is due; he knows the difference between when it is “Good afternoon ” and “Good ebening”. Give him another decade and he will speak English like a native; a native of Spain! Personally I find Sooty easier to understand. There is the door Mr Emery so now exit and it is “Goodnight ” from almost all Gooners. In the name of God , GO!

  11. Sue I have too disagree with you. United finished 5th in LVG last season. Was replaced by Mourinho finished 2 and won 3 trophies in his first season coming 2nd to city. It wasn’t till later in Mourinhos tenure that things went sour. United then got rid of the bad manager {Mourinho} and appointed a club legend. United are now worse off for doing so.Mourinho is the only option we should be considering the man has fire in his belly and Arsenal are the perfectly for his redemption story.

    1. Liam.. that’s the thing with him, it always goes sour!
      I’m sorry, I don’t want him anywhere near our club… so we’ll have to agree to disagree!

      1. Sue, for what it is worth, YOU will be agreeing with the overwhelming majority of us Gooners. Why invite poison into your club!

  12. Unai Emery should concentrate on building combination play within his team now coz ideally every Arsenal player does his own things without any proper understanding of the moves of his fellow team mates. He is over analyzing(his so called video analysis) the opponents with no improvements in 18 months.

  13. If anyone thinks Mourinho is the answer they are asking the wrong question. Our squad contains a load of youngsters. Mourinho has no record of developing youngsters. The man is toxic and guaranteed to poison the atmosphere around Emirates and Colney even more.

  14. Even if we are gonna to lose and draw some ,let’s see a pattern for progress and development. not always setting up to defend for 90 mins against both strong and weaker teams . As long as Toreira remains sloppy with late unsuccessful tackles and a guendozi holding onto ball feeling like he is arsenal pogba , there would be little or no service to the forwards

  15. Konstantin, A fine article until I read your appalling last sentence. Us Gooners would not accept Mourinho, so surely you should know that. We need someone who believes in attractive and attacking football, NOT that ego on legs!

  16. Kroenke is the owner of Arsenal, decides who he surrounds himself with and has one goal;
    make and keep all profits, all wired straight to his US account.

    Tricked us in buying tickets and shirts making believe we had ambition, spending a record 120M in transfer window! Not at all, we had 45M and sold for over 15M and bought in payement plans, 30M down for Pepe, 10 for Saliba and 15 for Tierny! No 120M at all, just a flash.

    So far, Pepe is a lost, Saliba a waist as well, needed badly today but helping another team to qualify for CL! Tierny came injured and a mostly played as a Kolas back up so far; an overall lost then.

    No way to sell Pepe more than 40M today, bit much for a corner kick specialist! Saliba will be at Euro and highjacked before he wears Arsenal’s shirt! He will either play CL with St Etienne or will go straight to Real or Bayern after Euro!

    We will not make CL nor EL football but finish bewteen 7th and 10th.

    1. You are too quick to write players off Mogunna.
      Pepe is a loss? Younger and cheaper than his main alternative in Zaha yet has done more this season despite going through an adjustment period and playing less minutes.
      Saliba a waste? Him going back to SE was part of his demands no matter who signed him and there was enough competition for his signature in this window, how much more if we waited till next summer? How much more would he have cost us too? RM may want him but as far as I’m aware there is no release clause, so we have no obligation to sell unless it benefits us to do so – same goes to a lesser extent with Auba, Laca and Torreira 🤷‍♂️
      Tierney is a loss? Ever think maybe Emery is just being cautious with our long term injured returning? Personally I’d rather see that than he rush them back and they pick up another injury 🤷‍♂️

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