Arsenal Opinion – What Nicolas Pepe needs to stop to become a great footballer

Can somebody please teach Pepe how to stop being selfish with the ball? Lagos Gooner

Hello once again Gooners all over the world; today is going to be a good day, only if we believe it would. How are we preparing to support our boys tomorrow night against Man City? Our boys need the support of the fans to spur them on to victory. That support will be necessary for them to be in the right frame of mind; let us give them the support please.

Nicolas Pepe, our big summer transfer signing, has not really shown the Premiership and the world what he is capable of. He has shown glimpses and bits of how dangerous he can be on the ball, but in rating his performance so far this season I will say he has not really delivered. He has dribbling skills and a powerful left leg but has he put them to good use? Not really.

Against West Ham, he made lots of dribbling runs with no impact. There were times in the game that he would dribble his way into the West Ham’s penalty box, only for him to lose the ball easily. When he is to lay a pass for a team mate to score or even attempt shooting the ball, he will end up dribbling his way to trouble. Can Arteta please teach this lad when and how to dribble effectively? We need strikers who can score goals and not the ones who just dribble and dribble and nothing comes out of it.

If Arteta still intends making use of Nicolas Pepe in his games, then he should have a talk with him and ask him to be more direct in his games. He should let him know that his excessive dribbles are doing more harm to the team’s chances of scoring and winning games, than good. He should be made to realize that once he is inside the penalty box of the opponents, he should think less about showing off his dribbling skills and think more about scoring or assisting others to score.

I am particularly bothered about Pepe because I can see the huge potential in him but all he needs to do is to focus less on showing off and focus more on playing for the team. Great dribblers like Messi and Ronaldo, dribble to either score goals or create goal scoring opportunity for their team mates. Pepe is doing well at the moment but he can always do better.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Play him more central on on the left and you will see a difference. He’s totally wasted on the right wing.

  2. I said from the very begining that he does not release the ball soon enough.
    Toally agree with your comments.

  3. Pepe played Better without lacazette on the pitch. I will go for a martinelli Auba and pepe… We need sprinters to finish the city defence.

  4. Whenever the ball is with Nicholas Pepe 3 opposition players come to mark him out in that case he became bereft of ideals which will lead him lossing position of the ball or he dribble awkwardly like a little baby that is scared of bull dogs. Who else have notice that?

    1. This then makes our defenders look bad soon after trying to defend the onslaught of opposing team.

  5. I totally agree with your observation on Pepe, he dribbles the ball into the oppenents side but he does not put the ball into the back of the net.

  6. Totally agreed.
    R. Nelson is more a direct player than Pepe… Pepe needs to go and train with the academy.

    if we are leading 5:0 then bring Pepe for some entertainment.

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