Arsenal oracle confirms Arteta not in line for sacking “genuinely very happy”

Arsenal have now gone a whole 50 days and seven games without a win in the Premier League, and were dumped unceremoniously out of the League Cup last night by Man City.

But the “Arsenal Oracle”, David Ornstein, is pretty certain that Edu and the Gunners managerial team still believe in Mikel Arteta’s process and are not considering giving him the boot any time soon.

Ornstein said in The Athletic: He said: “I do think the situation with Mikel Arteta is different, despite Arsenal being in a worse position than they were under Unai Emery.

“Arsenal have no appetite to make another managerial change.

“Moreover, they believe in Mikel Arteta, what he’s doing, his vision and philosophy, where he is trying to take the club in a way I don’t think they ever quite did under Unai Emery.

“I think they had reservations about Emery’s ways of working, his methods, his communication – both verbally in terms of his English, and also the messages he was trying to express.

“I think they are genuinely very happy with what they see in Arteta’s work.”

But the fact is that Arteta’s bad run of form is MUCH worse than even Emery’s was when he was shown the door, even though he may be able to communicate with the players better than Emery, they don’t seem to be listening!

Or maybe it’s true that he has just been very, very unlucky for these last couple of months…

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  1. I think the Board should consider bringing in an experienced mind to help Mikel, give him any title, possibly a Technical Director, Mikel looks like he needs help in the interim.

  2. What the Hell.The so called Board should just sack this man Called Arteta. He is ruining and ridiculing the Club. Why are they so sentimentally attached to him.? He is a bloody failure, far far worst than Emery ….

    1. Agree. Project Arteta has failed. Sack him, the sooner the better. If not, no one should complain when we are playing Championship football next season

  3. It’s true that the board seem to be looking longer term with Arteta despite the worst start since 1974. But half the fan base want’s Arteta out now. A loss to Chelsea and the clamour will intensify. So the boxing day game match is massive for Arsenal fans , players and manager. WBA have made the change . Sheffield and Fulham are readying their guillotine. Lose to Chelse and Brighton and it will be Artetas head rolling down into the basket

    1. If Arteta loses to Brighton I don’t know what more he would have to offer.
      These are the types of games we should be getting 3 points in. But even in these types of games at Home we are losing. I just don’t see where the next 3 points are coming from if we are losing Home games against Leicester, Wolves, Villa, Burnley etc? Losing more points against Brighton then I wouldn’t blink if he is sacked. Not because I am a sensationalist, but because I am honest and objective to myself.. I call it as I see it. I really hoped Arteta would succeed, been behind him even if I have kept criticising his defensive/ cautious type of football.

      But being honest and objective is the way to go.

    2. I’m afraid the stubborn board won’t see something wrong in Arsenal losing the next four matches. They have no idea what fans are facing by supporting the losers everytime.

  4. Just think what might have been had we appointed Ancholetti a proven winner instead of the cheaper option. i suppose we can all dream!!!

  5. I much believe the owner , primed by the board, are all committed to MA in the longterm and will be very loathe to change managers once again. They know that he has special personal qualities, as has been widely said by senior pros in the game like Pep, Klopp and many others who know a great deal about the game and about recognising special qualities in other people. Why else would Pep have had him at City for so long?

    The board are also aware that the owner will not properly back ANY manager , as he did not with Wenger, nor Emery and neither MA. We were crying out for young and quality midfield crreativity last summer and MA badly wanted and needed Aoure but Kroenke would not budge. The board are well aware of his stinginess and no new manager could get him to spend properly. Most top established managers would not accept the job under Kroenke and the board also know that.

    On the other side of thr spending coin and for full context, our club has made a succession of disastrous and expensive buys both in fees and on frees but with huge wages attached. But even so nowhere near enough moeny ahs been spent!
    Willian, Luiz, Ozil, Auba, Xaka Mustafi and many others going back many years. All managers from AW to MA have been guilty of some rotten buys and Gazidis and Sanllehi are guilty of vastly over paying, both in fees and wages , so we are in a pickle.

    We have a forest of deadwood and rotten eggs, ie coasters and non tryers – and Pepe, was a total disgrace last night, esp compared to the street fighter MARTINELLI , who he replaced. We have also had a great deal of bad luck with injuries to key players at most difficult times.

    When you add all these circumstances together the board and even Kroenke are sufficiently versed in financial and human practicalities to know that sacking MA is pointless.

    Unless we are really in grave danger of relegation, which I do not accept, though a growing number do, I just firmly believe this board and this owner have nailed their flag to Artetas mast securely and I will actually give the board, though not Kroenke, credit for seeing the real situation and acting accordingly.
    They should not and will not listen to the growing hysteria from many fans. I base this comment on evidence that Kroenke has not ever, in 13 years in charge, cared a jot about what fans think or feel. He will not listen and, on this rare occasion, nor should he.


    1. A well put argument Jon. Although I can see many faults in Arteta, I cannot ever recall so many barriers to success being put in front of a new manager before. Rarely mentioned as a further big issue for Arsenal in particular is Covid. No previous managers have had to face the following:
      1 No stadium income, which is especially important to Arsenal as we do not have multiple outside revenue sources.
      2 Difficulties moving players in or out due to cashflow shortages everywhere. If you have a good squad already it won’t affect you, but we want to turnover most of ours and we cant. (Ridiculous wages are not a covid issue)
      3 Match congestion due to the compacted season allows minimal training time to sort problems out. And boy, we have more to sort out than most…
      The blame for our current state should be spread across the whole organisation, it wont be fixed just by sacking MA, and we wont find anybody can do better at this time because the problems permeate every part of Arsenal, not just what we see on the pitch. Its just too entrenched. Also we are not in a position where we snap our fingers and good managers come running.
      I criticise MA regularly, but its deeper than him, and I think sacking him now is even more dangerous than giving him more time.

    2. Jon
      It was great to read a reasoned post. Not a hint of over reaction which is good!

      I’d love to know the alternatives

    3. If you are right jon which im sure you think you are, it seems to me that you and the board are keen to set Arteta up to fail then. I dont see how under your description of the way this club is run, the poor recruitment, the lack of investment and the position we are being guided into how Arteta can possibly prove you right.

  6. Crazy world. One man is put in front of the million worldwide Arsenal supporters and the team….yes Arteta. It seems some want the demise of Arsenal. A top manager will ensure a good future for our beloved Arsenal. Ornstein and others are not oracles and if they were then they would suffer the results of Hubris.

  7. Am just tired of Arsenal especially under the helm of Mikel..
    Am staying indoors to avoid trolls.
    Bored and overwhelmed.

  8. Arsenal squad now have more fridge players like kolosanik, Mustafi,Socratis,xaka, elineny, cebalos,Pepe and I prefer Nelson in that Pepe position and in attacking midfield I prefer Smith Rowe. So sometimes Arteta makes me wonder

  9. Mr John, I totally agree with you, sacking M.A will further destroy arsenal, he needs time to stamp his Vision. I haven’t suffered many heart break in M.A’s time like Wenger. The Deadwoods should be shown the way. Ozil, Willian, Luiz & lacazette. I like M.A phylosophy. Arsenal can never be related but I assure you that we will be at 7 or 8. Pls give Arteta time.

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