Arsenal ordered to pay full £30M asking price for Alexis replacement

PSV will apparently refuse to sell winger Hirving Lozano to Arsenal in January unless his minimum fee release clause is met.

The Mexican international has hit the ground running in Holland since making the switch from Pachuca this summer, scoring six in his opening six matches, including becoming the first ever player to score in his first three PSV league outings.

Chief scout Steve Rowley is already keeping tabs on the 20 year-old as he makes waves in Holland, and is said to have recommended the winger, and a £20 Million bid was said to be a possibility.

Latest reports claim that the Dutch league leaders will refuse to sell unless his £30 Million release clause is met.

Lozano is claimed to be lined up as a possible replacement for Alexis Sanchez, who currently looks set to leave Arsenal before next season. There is talk that he could be sold this January, but as on Deadline Day, it is believed that he will only be granted his exit should a replacement be signed in the process.

The Chilean was believed to have agreed terms with Manchester City back in August, only for Arsenal to have to backtrack on their decision following Thomas Lemar opting to remain in Monaco for the season.

Lemar may no longer be the man lined up to replace the Chilean forward, and after only three months in Europe Lozano may also not be the man, but I will be keeping tabs on the young impressive forward for PSV just in case…

Could Lozano be a long-term replacement for Alexis? Would the Gunners spend the £30 Million asking price to land him in January?

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  1. People are saying Man City will pay Twenty for Sanchez?! 20 million? for a spectacularly injury-free, scar-free, world-class, free-scoring/assisting 90-minute 28-yr old bonafide title-winning international?? No player of Sanchez’s quality and age would be sold to Arsenal for less than an extortionate amount.
    Sanchez should fetch a lot more based on his great physical condition alone! Whether he has 12 months or six months left on contract. Lets not pretend we did not anticipate he would be hard to replace and if we do want to sell him, then call PSG and get some real dosh/ player exchange for him.

    1. they can also get him for free.n keep him on the bench.
      *** i dont see how mancity will bench leroy sane who actually playing in left wing and fans fevourite.

  2. I saw his recent matches against Willem II and Roda JC. He is a fast left inverted winger, but a right footer.

    He is not as intelligent as Alexis in his play, because he is still young and never played with Barcelona’s football level before. He usually can only get past the opponents by using his speed.

    Golovin and Sanchez have better close control. Mbappe is far more daring to dribble past the opponents and Lemar is more proven as a central attacking midfielder.

    Lozano also doesn’t seem have good playmaking abilities like Sanchez and Neymar. I prefer Arsenal gets an attacking midfielder that have played with Messi for several years like Rafinha and Thiago, or the one that has good physical attributes like Draxler.

  3. I hope Wenger is keeping an eye out for a central defender. We are being linked (rumours) with Maksimovic

  4. Why pay for someone else’s academy product when we have Nelson and Maitland-Niles?

  5. Don’t know about replacement, Lemar is not one for Sanchez, different player and 1/3 of Sanchez level, still growing…Now i checked that Chile kid and he is a more of a forward player we need to look at, explosive, working hard, a pit in his on way as Sanchez but younger and as or more annoying for defenders; scoring, young but ready; he will adapt qucik, strong mentally. Not like Arshavin, he will build up and blow big… If we don’t move now being cheap, we gona look at another young player as this Milinkovic-Savic who was in belgium 2 season ago, sold 9millions euros to Lazio, this summer and at start of season, his price was as this Chile kid; today 6 games into season; Jive wants to double and more the 30M Pounds he was available few weeks back. 80M pounds. I point it for months, this is Viera but way bigger in everyway, scores more, he is a beast in the middle, like having Viera, kanté and bagayoko of chelsea in one player…he is all over the place, cuts attacks steals like crazy, box to box in 5 steps, shoot like a beast as he scores… So lets not fuck around and see prices go up and players out of reach; let’s sign this kid Lozano and not be cheap over 10 millions in market we in with such an opportunity. I’m furious for that savic kid, go check him out; same exact situation; Lazio won’t let him go under 60 millions, if we can put thaty in lemar who will get injured with his play and physical already shakiy inFrance; call it a day…Due was at Genk, 9 millions, just like De Bruine few years back; dissed by chelsea kicked back to Wolsburg, he be a legend in Arsenal, captain later for sure… Anyway, today we have these oppotunity, Lozano is right there, 7 games, 7 goals in Europe debut…Watch his video as that beast for our middle….There’s no talk possible, put the damn money for te furtur! SInce this summer, we should have sold Sanchez and buy that Milinkovic twice less, my club needs me; and hope someone reads us..;We do care and make this club alive forerver, we are the brand!

  6. reminds me chicharito but more mobility, more pitbull harrassing, agressive for defenders and mostly a winger, not CF, mexican as him tho….They have that thing, love and hunger for the ball… He will not replace Sanchez but a real or more of a poison for defender as Sanchez…He must be smart to play in PL though, protect himslef in the game, not as Wilshere used to run and give so much room to get kicked, he ilearned from that; i will bet on Wilshere blowing up and leave if we don’t give him a new contract as we build him up back…He is now more mature and his ego dropped, not the golden boy his head blew into..;Wenger did right to send him on loan even if he wa already 24, year before would have been perfect, in a small club hungry, away from spotlight…He got smarter and more hungry and you can see it in the pitch lately…But now we in that last year contract, just as Sanchez who develloped at Arsenal, no one was looking at Sanchez when he came here…We didn’t expect any of it as benched he was years in Barcelona… Anyway, give PSV 30M and get that Loazon kid and call it a day and don’t sell Sanchez, for what? 20 millions? The tittle is worth all and more money you can bet on any player! Let’s think about the club, Wenger does with a board who refuses to pay fees to Sanchez unhappy as he worked hard for teh Club and himself to get to one of or Top player in league past 2 to 3 season if you do an average, he is the best player way in this league…So, we lose 70 million in his transfer this summer to not pay 15 millions as good he was doing before to lose motivation? Of course he was in his right and position to be rasied a year 6 months ago…Extending his contract 3 years 6 months ago allows to sell him very high this or next summer still…Now hear about selling him in January? What’s the point? Make 20 millions and lose all hope for the league? No, we keep him and win league, get him back on track and extend him, pay him for what he does instead to pay players in the bench…It is all crazy; no sense and Wilshere is gona have people cry because he is going to kill it and be the player he is supposed to be and lead england during world cup! He didn’ t lose his football, he know focuses on it and ready to blow up!

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