Arsenal outcast could be in line to start against Fulham

The Sun claims that Mesut Ozil has been handed a lifeline by Mikel Arteta and the German might feature in Arsenal’s season opener against Fulham.

The former Real Madrid man was frozen out of the Arsenal first-team when the Premier League returned in June.

He played no games for the Gunners as they won the FA Cup and he was also not recalled for their Community Shield game against Liverpool, with the Gunners winning the trophy.

The German was, however, recalled for Arsenal’s last preseason game against Aston Villa.

They lost the game 3-2, but he played for the first time in about half a year and that has now brought him back into the first-team picture.

The report claims that Mikel Arteta has now opened the door for him to win back his place in the first team.

This is because he is resigned to having the German at the Emirates for the coming campaign.

Ozil has made it clear that he will see out the rest of his current deal at the Emirates and Arsenal will now have to make him useful to them instead of allowing him to sit around and pick up his wages.

His £350,000-a-week wages is a major part of the club’s overall wage bill and they remain open to selling him if a suitor came forward. 

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  1. No need to discuss Özil further

    In Arteta I trust to make sound decisions on who starts and who doesn’t. It’s his job to make these difficult decisions and it matters not one iota whether Ozil is staying or earning the most money either.

    It is also Arteta’s decision on who else he picks against Fulham at the weekend and Özil is but one option.

    1. I like your comment. We just have to support the team and trust the manager to make the right decisions. I believe we have a chance this season. We can win the league. Leicester won it as underdogs.

      1. Skills,
        That is what I am banking on. I am not sure we can win, but if the fighting spirit fires up again this season, then I see a top 4 finish as a possibility.

  2. I know we are all sick and tired of the whole “Ozil” thing but this is one of those difficult situations that the club will have to endeavour, unfortunately (and the fans to an extent).

    Ozil has been given the chance to make things right and now he needs to play to the best level he can. It’s not too late for him to be forgiven, but he can still be forgotten if he chooses the route of the past year. To me, he is one of the best in his position. When he’s firing on all cylinders. I would love to see the Ozil who arrived at the Emirates in 2013! That Ozil would see us compete with the top 4 again!!

  3. Arteta doesn’t give a game to anyone– unless they’ve earned it in training.

    What I want to see from Mesut? Is him pressing as hard as the youngsters. That will give his on-pitch effort value– even if he doesn’t produce an assist or goal.

    Gotta’ have it. All of it.

  4. Cant see who he would replace and where he would get in. His form has been dower for a long time. It would be to big a risk putting him in in an important game. I think he has a lot to offer, if not at another club or in the stiffs.

  5. I think the Sun have gone a bit over the top here, with this article, as they are saying that MA is “resigned” to having him at the club and will now have to make him useful instead of letting him “sit around and pick up his wages!!!”

    They obviously don’t know Mikel Arteta, as I doubt very much that when he selects his teams, he takes anyone’s wages into consideration.
    He has already proved that, by dropping Ozil from the squad since the corona virus restart.

    It’s about time media outlets like The Sun actually did their homework on our club and it’s personnel.
    Under Arteta, we are no longer the butt for their false reporting and innuendos – we have a man in charge who is his own boss and trying to stir up the fanbase with this kind of BS will not work anymore…at least I hope it doesn’t.

      1. I agree Ken and Kstix, it is up to Mikel Arteta to decide whether he uses Mezut Ozil or not. Arsenal contractually has to pay his wages, whether he plays, is on the bench or languishes outside the match day squad.
        Arteta will make his selections based on performance in training, skill set a player brings to a game, tactics and opposition. It his decision, because he’s the one who “carries the can.”

  6. Very happy for Ozil if he returns to the playing XI. MA must have certainly seen improvement in him if he plays him. Hope Ozil shines and brings success to the team. If Ozil plays MA will have to change his formation a bit to play to Ozil’s strengths.

    1. He was rubbish last season and the season before that and the n number of seasons before that because he thought he could get away with mediocre performances but not anymore. He tried playing the victim card and Mikel did not relent. If the player has swallowed his pride, humbled himself, acknowledged his failings and is determined to prove his usefulness by contributing something worth (which is a big task but not impossible) , then we should applaud him and cheer for him as he walks out to the pitch. Leave the brickbats post match and if his displays are the same then maybe he gets banished for good. Leave it to the gaffer.

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