Arsenal outcast could still have a future at the Emirates

Tuttomercatoweb says that Lucas Torriera might make a quick return to Arsenal next month after struggling to impress Diego Simeone.

The Uruguayan moved to Atletico Madrid on loan in the summer after he fell out of favour with Mikel Arteta.

He was expected to fill the void left behind by Thomas Partey who had surprisingly left the Spanish side for Arsenal.

Torreira has played in five league games for the Spanish side, but he hasn’t been in top form.

The report says that Simeone has seen enough of the midfielder and the Argentinean boss is looking to send him back to Arsenal.

The midfielder was hoping to reignite his career with the move to Spain, it seems he will have to look for another team now.

Arteta was asked about the return of the former Sampdoria man next month and he said via Sun Sport:

“Edu has been dealing with that. When the market opens we will discuss it.”

Thomas Partey has struggled with injury since he joined Arsenal, nevertheless, Torreira’s return next month might still not be a good idea for him.

This is because Arteta hasn’t fancied him before and Mohamed Elneny has proven to be a good part of the Arsenal first-team so far.

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  1. Torreira cost 27 mill. We tried to off load him to Athletico but they don’t want him. 75 k p/w and 2- 1/2 years left on his contract. May be we should limit contracts to just 2 years in the future.

  2. As fans, we complain constantly about decision- making at the highest level of club but it seems nobody cares. Maybe this (15th position) will be the wake-up call.

    Torriera, for example, was acquired to play a dominant role in our midfield, without first considering his physical limitations. And even worse, we did consider the language needs of his family and how well they would integrate into London life. Player transfers are not computer games. We are dealing with real people. Players will only perform consistently at their best if they are contented at home.

    Did we also not expect Atletico Madrid to be upset and resentful after we snatched Partey on the last day of the transfer period, without their consent? We shouldn’t be surprised if they terminate the loan agreement for Torreira.

    Before we paid Partey’s enormous transfer fee, didn’t our Technical Director consider ‘what if’
    Partey got injured early? Wouldn’t it be a better decision to sign two players for they same money, instead of one? Essentially spreading the risk.

    Extending the same argument to Pepe, before paying the record fee of 72M, did we not ask what would happen to the squad if he flopped or got injured? Would we not be better off in the long run going for three other players instead for close to 25m each. Again, spreading the risk.

    I could make the same arguments for Saliba and Willian too but this would become more boring and repetitive.

    I think the way we have been operating over the last 7 years, at least, exposes the club to unnecessary risk. Other top clubs place a cap on player wages, transfer fees and even age. We should perhaps do the same.

    1. The age cap you mentioned is something I agree with.
      Paying Auba considerably more money at his age was rash. It has nothing to do with the goal drought at present. Over the period of the extension he will decline as will Willian. It was a poor use of club funds.
      They both earn crazy money
      All I would add about Torreira is that I thought he started brightly but if his family didn’t settle then you’re flogging a dead horse. He must also take some responsibility for coming to Arsenal if there were concerns with language and family
      I agree with your sentiments on being more pragmatic on transfers- as in putting all our eggs in one basket

  3. Well said RF.Bad recruitment has literally cost us a fortune, and apart for a few exceptions, huge errors of judgement have been made.

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