Arsenal outcast getting closer to a potential £36 million exit

Matteo Guendouzi appears to be on his way out of Arsenal for good after his latest disciplinary issues at the club.

The Frenchman has proven to be too much of a fiery head recently and that hasn’t impressed Mikel Arteta.

The Spaniard has banished him from the first team and he has missed all Arsenal’s matches since their game against Brighton.

It appears as though he will be leaving the Emirates for real with a recent report claiming that he is advance talks with one of his suitors.

L’Équipe is claiming via Sun Sports that the likes of Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid would be happy to take him away from Arsenal.

But they added that his most serious suitors seem to be Barcelona and that talks between the midfielder’s representatives and the Spanish have been in an advanced stage.

The report further adds that Arsenal has set an asking price of £36 million for his sale, but the Gunners are open to loan offers from his suitors as well.

Guendouzi was a very important part of the Arsenal first-team setup under Unai Emery. However, the Frenchman hasn’t been able to impress Arteta that much.

It took him time to convince the Spaniard that he deserves a place in the Arsenal starting XI, but he may have spurned his chance now.

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  1. Will be a big blunder to sell him for that price. If, as claimed, Barca and Atleti are interested then you know that they obviously see something which we don’t. The guy is going to be an immense player in the near future. Beware Arsenal.

      1. At least Gnabry isn’t a indisciplined spoilt brat like Guendouzi. What does it take to show a little humility by saying sorry and toe the line set by the coach. The 40k he is earning has corrupted him. Honestly i wouldn’t miss him and i guarantee he is not gonna be anything like Gnabry. There attitude’s are poles apart, apparently he was banned for 3 months from his previous club and showing the same thuggish behaviour again and yes he may yo unto blossom elsewhere if he changes but he cannot be allowed to undermine the manager. Simple as

      2. Gnabry got his chance to be faoi r with us. You can’t keep playing a player if he isn’t producing. I was shocked by his turnaround. Germany must suit him better. Guendozi has no fear on the ball which is something that could be great if he could just improve his quality on protecting it

      3. He should be sold asap. We need Thomas Partey in midfield. Guendouzi is not good enough to play in DM. He does not have the pace. we should sell him ASAP.

  2. Selling him would be a huge mistake! Matteo is not that incorrigible bad-boy. He is just an impatient boy who will improve as he advances age.

    1. There is a pattern developing here, banned for 3 months at previous club, banished to the sticks at Arsenal, disrespecting fellow pro’s, lack of humility, strong headed and refusing to apologise at the club’s not just Arteta’s request. Goodbye Guendouzi, thanks for laying on the equalizer for Auba against the spuds but apart from that we will trade him for Partey hopefully and bring back Emile Smith Rowe whose a year younger and a Hale end Product

    2. Oh, I’m with you on this one. Arteta needs patience. Guendouzi needs captaining. This is a BAD combo– a young, fiery, inexperienced manager at a team where a few of the players played against him– as a player, and Ozil, his former teammate, is suddenly his player, trying to coach a team where half the team are as young, fiery, and inexperienced as HE is. Bad, bad, BAD idea– especially when we’re talking about Guendouzi, who was cannoned from Lorient to Arsenal. He needs a more experienced manager Klopp!

  3. just sell him we don’t want to see lazy player in our middle team cox we are looking for a trophy next campaign

  4. Training away from the first team squad suggests that the relationship between Arteta and MG is broken. Who is more important to Arsenal right now? I’m going with Arteta.

    It is all very well going on about how young he is but how long does the club have to wait before he has a light bulb moment and grows up? I’m all for passion but railing against your boss is a recipe for disaster as Arteta needs a disciplined unit to push on. I had looked favourably at Guendouzi but the shine is beginning to rub off. If these incidents of insubordination can be fixed quickly- fine.

    Just because other clubs are circling doesn’t mean that selling him is a mistake.

    1. I totally agree with you….. other clubs circling doesn’t mean selling him would be a mistake, we can’t have all the world class players afterall. Whatever Arteta decides is fine. I read that he refused to apologise for his actions was why he was asked to train alone, if that’s the case, it’ll better for the club to sell him. Even though I like his passion, and that he shows concern for his teammates wellbeing (at least on pitch, as far as I know), insubordination can’t be tolerated in the team. This is the biggest hurdle he’s had to face so far with respect to his character, the first step to learning is humbling oneself, and his decision to not apologise, if true, suggests the opposite. It’s shape up or ship out in my opinion.

    2. U made the best point let him go to Athletico + some money and we lend Partey thats all. our current situation needs a ready DM like Partey so lets go down to business

  5. Get rid. Not worth the hassle. Good Luck Barca, Juve, Atletico you are welcome to him. Fair play Arteta for seeing the light.

  6. The sale would go a long way in getting Partey, good one, hopefully we get more than the price coated.
    What’s with Juve and lacca rumour?
    No selling of lacca now, until AUBA renew

    1. If we can trade Lacazette for Dybala, 😃 why not? Sarri wanted to sell at the beginning of this season…..if they are able to add that to Guendouzi for Partey, and I believe this would be our best window in a very long time. With those additions, I believe we’re DEFINITELY going to be in the top 3 next season.

  7. Well he can’t be that bad if these 3 teams are vying for his signature!
    Looks like we stand to make a hefty profit…. what a rarity these days 😄

    On talksport, Jamie O’Hara (yes I know) said whilst he was at Wolves he was made to train alone as they wanted shot of him and how horrible it was that it broke him. I really hope this isn’t the case for MG..

    1. I heard Jamie’s interview also. What Jamie failed to mention is Guendouzi’s lack of remorse. So yes training on his own is his own fault. Well Arsenal don’t want to lose Guendouzi, but he can’t undermine the manager, be asked to apologise, refuse and expect to be integrated back into the team. No way jose. Sell his arse and replace him with Emile smith rowe and still bring in Partey

      1. We don’t exactly know what goes on at Colney… he may have apologised, I don’t know. One thing I do know is, it looks like his time in NL is coming to an end.
        ESR has been impressing at Huddersfield…. I really like him and can’t wait to see him in the team. I also want Partey!!!!

      2. I think Guendouzi will apologize if he gets back to first team group training. Sometimes it just takes being around some older players to clean up your act… like David Luiz, who SHOULD be captain!

  8. Good player, great potential, replaceable in my opinion. If we can upgrade with the cash, I would do it though I feel price is little low.

  9. Well said SueP.A talented box to box midfielder but lacks pace and easily beaten in one for one situations..It really is a question of getting our priorities right.For over a decade we have lacked a top quality DM like Partey or Sakaria to bring steel to our midfield.If possible I would use Guendouzi to help fund the acquisition of either of these two excellent players who are the finished article we have been seeking.

      1. Granddad, you’ve always mentioned Dennis Zakaria.. Is he really good? And who would you prefer between Zakaria and Partey?

    1. Well said Grandad, I would add
      Ibrahim Sangare from Toulouse
      as a cheaper alternative to the two
      players you mentioned. If Raul and
      co. could find a way to sign two of
      these three STUDS Arsenal would
      boast one of the most skilled and
      athletic midfields in all of Europe
      for the foreseeable future.

  10. Nothing against Guendouzi but if selling him could fund the majority of Partey’s (or Ndidi’s) transfer fee – I’m all for it.

    Would be an instant upgrade!

  11. He’s not good enough to play for us but it seems he is for Barcelona or Madrid. Mmmmmm.

    1. Reggie,
      No one said he wasn’t good enough. His attitude is in question. I’ve read several times now how impressed you are with him, which is fine; others like him too. I did, but insubordination is a serious matter, shows a lack of respect for his coach, his team mates, his club, and ultimately he is fooling himself.

      1. I did Sue
        “He’s not good enough”
        Don’t believe everything you read in the papers Reggie .

      2. Sue, if he is that bad, no decent team will touch him with a barge pole. If he has a problem then every team will be aware. From my point of view, if we let him go and he becomes a big hit, it will be a failure of AFC. All the idiots who say he isnt good enough are just that, his attitude, well that is a different problem.

        1. I understand your perspective. My only comment is that Ballotelli was a huge talent but proved to be a nightmare to manage.
          My point is that the manager has to be in control. The Emery saga last Autumn showed to me that player power and disrespect was damaging the club

  12. We haven’t faired badly without him recently have we? The team seems more balanced and Xhaka is playing far better alongside Ceballos. I’m sorry to say that as much as I like some things about Guendouzi, it looks like he’s finished at Arsenal and we should get as much as we can for him.

    1. No problem, if he is finished at Arsenal, as long as he doesn’t fulfill his obvious potential elsewhere thanks to our generosity.

      1. Whether he does or does not only time will tell. One thing I am am as sure about as I can be is that it won’t be at Barcelona. Can you just imagine him getting in a situation with Messi and Suarez

  13. get rid he’s really not worth the hassle

    OT: I believe Auba will sign a new deal, if he does then that opens the door for Laca to go, as much as i like him, hes far to inconsistent and trash away from home.
    I would get in a Tall striker to play to our pretty obvious strengths in KT. if only we still had Giroud, he would be immense right now

  14. Must take fully advantage to not have any regret.

    Obviously a swap for Partey be that wise move….

  15. Started off really well under Emery and maybe thought he was bigger than he actually is. Indiscipline and lack of respect is no way to go about earning your right to play Arteta is right and if he is sold so be it Gnabry had injuries at Arsenal and wanted to move to Germany, Guendouzi is not as good

  16. I will rather keep guendouze and pair him with partey.
    His good deeds outweigh the bad ones.
    Loaning him is the best to see whether he can grow up or still behave that way.

    No one knows how partey will adapt in EPL .

    1. Guendouzi is not good enough as simple as that. i have watched his games. He is not what we need now. we need men who can boss the midfield. We are yet to loose any games since he was frozen out of the team. we lost the two games he played since the restart. Xhaka is by far a better player irrespective of age. football is about producing. Passion is not enough. we need goals from midfield. we need steel and strength. Thomas Partey coming in is a win win situation.

    2. Great idea! This way, everyone gets what they want. Guendouzi stays at Arsenal, Partey comes along, and the relationship between Guendouzi and Arteta is restored. What about that?

  17. have seen the Japanese international Take kubo doing great in Mallorca and as I look in to Arsenal no one does it like kubo his speed and vision is close to Tomas Rosicky
    Players with passion likes kubo,jota from wolves,Thomas patey, Dunk of Brighton, shakir, retain Abu and lacazete at least we can have quality at fair price

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