Arsenal outcast sends a message to Mikel Arteta after getting international minutes

Matteo Guendouzi is prepared to work his way back into the Arsenal team after getting some much-needed minutes with the France Under21 team.

The 21-year-old was axed from the Arsenal first team in June after he was found to have been taunting the players of Brighton about how much money they earned.

He had talks with Mikel Arteta after the game and didn’t feature for the Gunners for the rest of the season. Guendouzi missed the FA Cup final and he also missed the FA Community Shield last month.

He, however, still remains a key member of the France Under21 team and he featured for them once again in their latest round of matches.

After the games, as cited by the Metro, he took to social media to express his delight at playing two games which his team won and declared that he is now ready to return to Arsenal and play.

The French midfielder wrote on Instagram: ‘2 games, 6 points! Proud of my team France. Now let’s go back to work Arsenal.’

Arteta has offered him a lifeline at Arsenal as the Spaniard declared before the Community Shield game that every member of his team has a fresh chance to prove themselves including Guendouzi and his fellow long-term absentee, Mesut Ozil.

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  1. I am certainly glad to see the end of this one, especially at this crucial point in the season. Let’s hope he is now able to follow ANM’s example of putting his head down and working hard at his game. We expect no less of him.

  2. Young massive talent, who has just impressively captained the French under 21s in two games, to rave reviews. I hope that clean slates are given by both Arteta and Gouendouzi and he becomes what he promises to become. Guidance is the key to this one and it will be interesting to see the outcome.

    1. Agree Reggie, if he and MA can string a good relationship it will massively benefit Arsenal more than anyone.

  3. Up to Arteta now, give him a chance like he’s spoken about. Arteta gives him some game time, and Guendouzi will show if he’s changed or if he’ll continue his immaturity.

  4. I hope MA and MG can reach an amicable outcome. MG can be a massive player in the near future. I wish he stays and plays his heart out for the badge.

      1. What a brilliant reply @Ozzie. Being good enough to represent your country at any age group is immensely credible. Specially a country with lot of talent such as France.

  5. Its good to see Maitland-Niles and Gouendouzi in their respective national teams. Only Arteta cannot see the potential of the two guys

    1. TG, Hardly surprising MA cannot see that vast potential as he is clearly thr worst manager we havehad in our entire history. Already here for a long 9 months and only won two pieces of silverware. Sack him!
      Oops sorry, I slipped into your diseased mind for a moment there.

  6. Discipline is much more important to me than projected problematic talent.
    Can’t be having such nonsense at the club.
    I liked him as a player. Good okay player but he is no Cesc etc..

  7. The ball is now in MA’s court to give him a clean slate and play him. If he does well than nothing like it.He seems like a real talent waiting to be nurtured. Hope he puts his head down and plays his best for the Arsenal badge.

  8. It does not matter if he has changed his dreadful attitude ,the bottom line is he’s just not a very good player .
    Where are all these top teams that was ment to come in for him seeing he has world class potential ?
    If we are serious about going for the title having him in our midfield for the next 10 years won’t see us doing that

  9. It seems Arsenal fans have love MG and want him to stay.

    The English FA found nothing wrong with MG behavior at Brighton.

    France found nothing wrong with MG and even gave him the Armband to captain so that other players can imitate him?

    Only Arsenal fans found something wrong with MG.Some fans hate the guy for no reason.Why do we crucify our own more than our opponents will?

    Arteta should know that great couches(eg.Wenger,Furgeson,Moh,pep etc) have found ways to integrate the bad boys into the team to achieve results.Sometimes you need them for the dirty works

    In modern football results is the only thing that matters,get it other things (trophies,money,attraction,larger fanbase,sponsorship etc) will follow.

    You won’t get all the players on your side as a couch but it is up to you to bring them in if you want.

    1. I agree re bringing him back in the team, but his attitude needed to be punished. He was acting like a petulant brat. I can’t think of many “bad boys” that Wenger integrated into the team. He used to get rid of anyone he thought had an attitude problem.

      He needed freezing out to make him grow up a bit. It’s not like he’s Roy Keane yet. Getting stuck in on the pitch is fine. Thinking you’ve made it and gloating when you clearly aren’t the finished article yet isn’t.

      Hope we move on from this and he grows into the player everyone can see he has the potential to be.

  10. Alright, Matteo! Let’s go places and make this Arsenal a better place. (Oh, by the way, maybe now Arteta will FINALLY let you into his disturbed Spaniard mind…)

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