Arsenal outfox Leicester to climb up to fifth in the PL table

Arsenal have come away 2-0 winners against Leicester at the King Power Stadium in today’s early kick-off.

The Gunners came racing out the blocks and the home side were immediately under pressure, getting into their box on three occasions before breaking the deadlock in the fifth minute when Bukayo Saka’s corner was met by the run of Gabriel Magalhaes to send home (possibly with the final touch coming off his back).

The Foxes were clearly struggling to cope as they could barely string a series of passes together as they looked to try and push up the field, but our pressing and movement was proving too tough to handle.

We doubled our lead around 18 minutes in however, as we again broke at speed, and just as Alexandre Lacazette looked to have been dispossessed in the opponent’s box, Emile Smith Rowe runs into to claim the loose ball and send it into the net.

We continued to dominate the possession and show Leicester who was boss for the remainder of the half, but Aaron Ramsdale deserves huge praise for pulling out a super-save to deny the hosts a free-kick goal, before the second-half played our very differently.

Brendan Rodgers made a double change at the break by bringing on both Ademola Lookman and Harvey Barnes, injecting some fresh pace into their side, and that move looked to be positive for them.

They finally got a foothold on the match and were looking dangerously like scoring. Despite clocking up five shots on target after the break, the English shot-stopper was not to be beaten, and rightly got BT Sport’s Man of the Match award, and you can’t fault a single player in red today for criticism.

I daren’t say that we could well emerge as favourites to claim fourth spot if we continue to play like we are, but no doubt we will get slated for thinking it.


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  1. Rodgers shouldn’t have made his midfielders sit too deep at the beginning of the game and it was too late when he changed his mind. He was too old-school and never learned from his matches against Arteta

    As for our team, Arteta should’ve used intermittent high pressing instead of inviting Leicester into our half, after scoring two goals. His tactic was spot-on in the first twenty minutes though, and Ramsdale is my MOTM

    1. Don’t think I can ever remember Rodgers giving such a bitter interview after the game saying bith goals were ‘really really soft’.

      Maybe we celebrated a little too much in his stadium 🙂
      Loving ramsdales personality he’s a battler which you’d expect having played for Bournemouth and Sheffield U.

      1. Rodgers allowed us to enter his half in the first ten minutes, so the goals were his fault. I liked the way our players interacted with the supporters at the stadium and Ramsdale gave his shirt to a lucky one

  2. 0-3 seems a long way away. 5+2. Best form in the league. Must be one of the best runs for years. Top 6 looks achievable if we can stay consistent.

  3. Brilliant win, and what a save from Ramsdale!

    Anyway, I’ve compiled a guide for new readers….

    JustArsenal translations to help new Commenters…

    Fickle Fan = Arsenal fan that changes his mind occasionally
    Wenger lover = Arsenal fan who remembers the good times
    Arteta fanboy = Positive Arsenal Fan you disagree with
    Moaning Ninnie – Arsenal fan you disagree with
    Arteta apologist = Arsenal fan that disagrees with you
    Opinionated git = Older Arsenal fan you disagree with
    Entitled snowflake – Young Arsenal fan you disagree with
    Negative pessimist = Unhappy Arsenal fan


    1. I guess I’m an Arteta fanboy? 😂

      Our unbeatable streak has proven that Arteta is a highly talented noob manager

      1. The specialists in faultfinding fans have all gone hiding. They simply hate Arteta so much that they even pray the team does badly so they come roaring to bite his head off.
        I stay away from the forum for good reason.

        1. I’ve been where you are Gily but it’s stopped bothering me now Gily.

          When we are only three points behind fourth and folks say we can’t be in the race for fourth because we are tenth in the table, it’s obvious folks see what they want to see

          Hope you start posting more again.

        2. Yes, there are many fans who can’t see Arteta’s potential and some of them simply don’t like Arteta

          Arteta still needs to learn a lot and we probably will get battered at Anfield, but the way he stabilized our team after the trashing in Manchester shows how technical and talented our young manager is

          I’d always choose him over bus drivers like Rodgers, Mourinho and Simeone

          1. The Truth is that Arteta has learnt a lot from criticism and his mistakes and fans were never wrong to point out his mistakes. He was definitely wrong about Martinez and has corrected that with Ramsdale. He was wrong about Saliba.
            He is doing well now praise him. Do not slate fans, we don’t care who is the manager, the right person is the person that gets us on the right track where we want to be. If he cannot get us there then he is not the man. If he had had the team united the way they are now and not getting results I’m sure he wouldn’t have had many fans calling for his head. He was new and took big decisions that back fired as the results weren’t coming, what do you expect from fans.
            We are all happy to see our team give us good performance. Whether we lose or win, our demand is a good performance.

            1. Prosiscky
              I disagree with several of your points. I believe he was right with the way he managed the Martinez situation.
              The Saliba situation is markedly different. There were some aspects that Arteta could have handled better. However, it was still appropriate for him to go on loan if he was not ready. He is young player who has now had opportunities to develop.
              Of course fans can be slated. It is also clear that some fans are completely unrealistic in their expectations. Some of the criticisms spilled over into insults and abuse. This cannot be acceptable simply because you are a fan.
              The poor results (and the same can be said of th current better results) were due to multiple factors and not simply because of Arteta’s decisions.

          1. We have to believe, we love the club. But we cant judge anything yet. It is promising, i wont say the opposite, but we did not win anything yet, did not yet qualify for any europe competitions. Remember how many people trashed emery who was 43/16/19, 1.86pts/game, led us to 5th, while conpeting in europe. Arteta is 52/20/26 out of 98 games, 1.8 pts/game, with only focusong on donestic competitions and with having been able to sign an almost entire new team. So, this is not exceptional yet, lets be fair. Amongst that run we were outplayed a few times and would have deserve to loose (palace, brighton) but i agree that the last two games give us some confidence and a real hope that we turned a corner. Hopefully we can build on that. Getting into top 6 or even top 7 and being back to UEL would be IMO a success for MA and us.

            1. Of course, it is too early to judge now. It is also worth noting that when the results were less favourable some of us suggested it was too early to judge. Yet several people felt it was fair to deride and insult those of us who held this view.
              It is quite clear that the team is still developing even though it is showing signs of being an increasingly resilient unit.

    2. Yes @Admin Pat.

      From 20th to 5th. A good job. Arteta deserves the credit. He has done well.
      We will compete for top4 this season(as long as Man United stick to Ole). lol.
      Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea struggle away to Leicester City.
      Arteta deserves credit for the business we did in the summer.

      1. Lokonga: A good midfielder. Tidy with the ball and combative also.A good partner for Partey as well

      2. Tavares: Wow. Strength, pace and stamina..This guy can also switch to midfield and right back if needed. Always running and reads the game well

      3. Ben White: A defender who can move with the ball. Can even dribble under pressure. Reads the game well. An English player also. A good buy for that amount. Maguire went for 80m pounds(lol)

      4. Tomiyasu: An upgrade on Bellerin. Good tackler. Strong and is not scared. Everything he has done so far since joining arsenal has been top. 20m pounds was a good deal for this guy.

      5 Odegaard: A cherry in the cake. I like him for one thing, when we need to retain possession, Odegaard is good at that. People may not notice what he brings. But he is composed. Can pick a pass. I like the guy.

      6. Ramsdale: Wow. Wow. Wow. That save from Maddisson. His humble personality. His ball distribution. His hunger and desire. We have a goal keeper who is very happy to play for arsenal. Very humble.

      And finally, Mikel Arteta, you have my support.

      To all my justarsenal family, God bless you all. Let us continue to support the team. COYGs

    3. I am a bonafide fickle fan. Been changing my opinions from positive to mildly supportive to ultra neutral to supporting just for sake of it to downright wanting MA to be sacked to calling mocking ‘Schoolboy’ nicknames to turning myself around once again towards positive.
      I little tweak and you could say I am a classic machiavellian.

        1. Cheers Pat.

          Surprised “ flip flop” didn’t make it onto your list.

          There’s more “flip flopping” right now than on Bournemouth beach !

    4. Admin Pat I hold my hands up about what I said about Ramsdale they could of have 4 or 5 if it was not for Ramsdale Great Goalkeeping.


      Thats my view anyway!

    6. funny post admin 😂. wouldnt have it any other way though. i enjoy the various opinions even when im completely baffled at what i read.

  4. A good result and a strong defensive performance. However, we seemed to be unable to control the game for large portions of the match which is quite worrisome.

    1. I agree although think that the ability to control a game from a winning position only comes with experience. The massive positive is that the young players are now getting that game management experience.. doesn’t make for a calm watch though!

    2. Depends on what you mean by “control” QD. Is 2-0 up and never looking like we would be beaten not control? Or do you only count possession as control? We tried that and look where it got us.
      Possession isn’t the way you control matches. It’s not the way you win matches. It doesn’t even mean that you’ve played the best football.
      We controlled that game because we walked all over them for half an hour, scored twice then we defended superbly and they COULDN’T SCORE. Did you AT ANY TIME think we would’t win?
      That’s control.

      1. I agree to an extent that you dont need to have the ball to manage a game out but it sometimes feels ltoo much like Ali’s rope-a-dope, taking too many punches, for my liking. It’s a tricky balance.

        Still, love it that we are in debating how Arsenal should close out a game!

  5. Ramsdale was incredible today made that goal look like an ice hockey net 😂 credit to Arteta sticking to an in form winning team… Another 3 points incoming next week 💪 COYG 🔴

  6. Ramsdale gives me joy. His saves, his smile, the way he celebrates a save with a fist.. the way he communicates with his defense. Awesome stuff… MAN of the match.

    This win is delicious……We know how to defeat Leicester until recently. Even when they won the league we won them twice.last season we defeated them at their turf twice (carling Cup and the league)..

    We are on a decent run.may this continue. At least the heat is off arteta for now.

    Shout out to the whole team…. and yes, Vardy didnt score.yay.

  7. What a game!! We were brilliant!!!
    Up to 5th 👍

    Our fans were fantastic and I can’t stop singing this now:

    I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it
    Hale End’s on a roll!
    Saka and Emile Smith Rowe!
    (To the tune of Status Quo – Rockin All Over The World) 🎶

    Buzzing! Well done boys, loved it!!
    Ooh to, ooh to be, ooh to be a gooner

  8. A proper performance against an in form team away from home. Big shout out to Ramsdale, Partey, Lokonga, Tavares, Lacca and Gabriel. Everyone played well and it looked like they actually looked like they knew what they were doing, attacking and defending. Would have been more convincing if Odergaard (who started more attacks for Leicester than any Leicester player) had not have replaced Lacca. There must have been a problem with Lacca but Odergaard looked way off it. We looked happy in our work today and Leicester threw everything at us in the second half, without getting their goal. It is also so obvious how good we are within xhaka and Odergaard in the team, lakonga and Partey are a real uint and were the catylist of this win.

      1. And you should also realize that we have been outplayed most times by Xhaka’s absence. It was obvious as the game progresses that sambi couldn’t cope with the play and in such situation an experienced Dm like xhaka would have done a better job.

        1. ots i didnt see any of that, our midfield for the last 5 years has been insipid and now its competitive. Xhaka wont be back in the team.

    1. Totally agree about Ode, Reggie. He can’t operate the press, play against a press or defend. TBF he was brought on when the game was pretty safe – he needs to improve pace, reaction time and awareness, so hopefully he’s working on that, and he will only be a sub until he perfects it. I still want him around because his vision is excellent, but he was yards off the pace today.
      The starting 11 were all magnificent.

      1. To operate a press you need athletes, xhaka, Odergaard are not athletes. They play slow football and are too negative. Lets not kid ourselves, yet again, injury has improved our team, Tavares, Lakonga and Lacca would not be playing (and all playing better than what they replaced) if it wasn’t for injuries. Now for me Tierney is good enough to get straight back in the team and Tavares gives us more options but the other two were getting first picks and slowing the transition down. We did show today with tacklers and athletes, we can press and tackle, when we are on the back foot, win it and break. Tierney can do that but the other two cant.

  9. Great game! Great away win and three points in the bag. Finally, ramsdale is not human, surely the man of the match.

    1. Enjoy the win olaszx….we played Leicester not Norwich….we can’t expect to dominate all 90mins….the lads withstood the pressure comfortably which is commendable and a joy to watch….the old arsenal would have been torn apart 2nd half…

      We now have a solid gk, good cb partnership, two quick, skillful and disciplined fullbacks, two dynamic DM or CM partnership, A goal scoring AM with excellent transition skills….our attackers are sharper

      The future is bright

    2. We did. You guys forget there is an opposition sometimes, and this was an away game against one of the better teams in the league. Some good defending, some luck, and an amazing gk got us over the line in 2nd half. Also, Evans could’ve had a red, and Auba had a good chance to make it 3-0

    3. RUBBISH Olaszz. What’s lucky about a 2-0 away win where we never looked like losing? Is Ramsdale not a part of our team. Is defending not a part of the game? We won easily, worked hard, defended well. And that’s lucky?
      So annoying that some people only ever see negatives.

  10. Fantastic performance by the whole Arsenal team. Ramsdale was simply world class today. Respect to Arteta. He has managed to turn it around. I do admire our “new” players this season. They are IMO all excellent signings.

  11. Excellent performance from everyone.
    MA has, once again, given us an example of what his squad can do.
    There is so much comradeship within the squad and I loved how Aubameyang and Kolasinac were reacting with each other at the end of the game.
    Great result, well done to one and all… our fans were superb once again and, at the moment, we can all bask in the unbeaten run.
    The process is beginning to show… let’s just see the one thing missing… CONSISTENCY.

      1. To be fair to ken, i think he means consistency in performance, which we are not very consistent at. We should win next week and then we will see if we have progressed from our start, with games that will tell us everything about where we are or are going.

        1. Exactly Reggie and I thought Pat would have realised that from my post!!!
          Pat…. consistency as in the Invincibles.

          1. Oh Ken, you want the Moon on a stick!
            Okay only another 40 unbeaten games and you’ll be happy? lol

          2. I’m happy tonight Pat, I wasn’t happy after the Palace game… just as you are/were I would suggest?
            Mind you, Patrick did us proud today, along with Brighton.

  12. What a bunch of good signings Arteta/Edu made this summur…I havent seen such smart moves since the early years of Wenger when WE seemed touching gold with every transfert….

    1. Cheer on there for all of us Sue! So happy for you… ESR might score again with you supporting him there, lol. And who knows, Kola might get a goal as well😂😂

      1. 👍 Nice one, Sid! Let’s hope he (ESR) bangs another in and I’m happy just to see Kola, on or off the pitch 😄

  13. I didn’t like that we didn’t have total control over Leicester. But I loved the win.

    This is how chelsea used to win against us in the last decade.

  14. Got score prediction right whoop whoop.

    Wish i did not miss the game, will nees to try find highlights.

    So happy we got the 3 points.

  15. Well, that’s put the “rubbish away” hoodoo to bed!
    Superb performance – Leicester at home are not as bad as we made them look. And for those who will say they bossed it after 30 minutes, should have scored and we were lucky? Well last time I checked the keeper is a part of the team. We put a lot into the first half hour to get a comfortable lead, and that was unsustainable, but we were well organised and never looked like losing – IMO we allowed them the ball but still had control.
    Ramsdale – incredible
    Gabriel – superb. The guy’s an immense player
    White – excellent in defence, great on the ball.
    Tomi – so solid and was everywhere on the pitch
    Tavares – raw but such an exciting prospect
    Partey – controlled things early, great in defence later
    Lokonga – silk with steel
    ESR – I love this kid. Transitions defence to attack amazingly. More exciting to watch than Saka. Super finish.
    Laca – more midfielder than attack these days – beefed us up
    Auba – Running like Bolt! Suddenly a great attitude
    Saka – teams are finding out how to play him, but still a huge talent. Needs to finish better.
    Ode – great in attack, but poor pressing and defensively. Must work on speed, awareness, reactions. Sub is the perfect spot for him ATM.
    Pepe – offers us nothing.
    I love the new dead ball coach
    Well done to the whole team and Arteta – well set up and motivated, good timing of subs.
    I’m getting just a tad excited about this team…

          1. My points this week with Dan’s predictor are shocking
            My position on the leaderboard will go back to where it usually is

  16. I was so skeptical about the amounts we spent on Ben White and Ramsedale. But my oh my, they are looking half decent. 🤞👍

  17. Loved the performance! Gutted I benched ESR in my FPL team and started Schmeichel this week….. have to change gks soon, Ramsdale looks a good shout eh? Lol.
    Anyway fantastic showing by the team and the gaffer’s tactics were spot on for the opening half.
    Rodgers tripping badly on a stray lego block laid by the evil mastermind Senor Legohea- sorry Senor Mikel ‘I dont have trouble with zippers’ Arteta!
    Oh to be… Oh to be….

      1. Salah giving excellent returns Sue, so he been captain since I bought him. Slotting in ESR in mid for Trossard for next week..

  18. Have to admit I was one of the fans who was very skeptical about the signing of Ramsdale. Boy do I look silly now what a keeper and leader and let’s forget about that save spider-man settings 🔥

  19. My favorite game of the season so far. Boys were up for it from the start. The attitude in recent games have been a total turnaround. Even if I’m not keen on Arteta I do see the mentality change with some of the players and the new additions to the squad. And our fans home and away have both been better crowds too and I’d like to think that makes a difference so well done fans. Ramsdale, totally proven me and a lot of others wrong. And I’ll hold my hands up there

    1. Even I would like to apologize. I called him a grim reaper of relegation lol…seems like he been a grim reaper for the strikers he faces though…

  20. That point against Palace looking better and better with each passing game!
    Shout out to Ben White and Gabriel. Absolutely loving our CB pair…

    The winning run will only boost the teams confidence. It will come to an end some day but may the run continue for a long time. And even when it ends, we will start another run hehe

  21. Top performance. Ramsdale, White and Gabriel Men O the Match. Tough game and we had some steel. We need to build on this. To score and manage to close up shop will help us no end. ESR and Saka, first names on the team sheet, Pepe…..where are you? Two top forwards next season and the blue touch paper may be lit. Can we make Europe…..maybe????

    1. Shouted the exact same thing. The bias refs have are just ridiculous. Or they are just bad at their jobs …

    2. Happens every time after Xhaka got sent off there were 2 incidents that weekend where teams got away with similar challenges and been at least 5 now this season since then including carbon copies. Pogba’s in particular cost us. He went straight over the ball against Southampton not only escaped punishment but they scored directly after the foul which obviously shouldn’t of stood to draw 1-1. Pogba also assisted 2 against Newcastle when he should of been banned. So it does it matter. They’d have started the weekend behind us had they been judged by the same standard.

      Whilst we’re all happy with the result today extra goals as a result of Evans being off the pitch would of helped our relatively weak GD. Not to mention him being banned for 3 games in terms of Leicester’s top 4 challenge.

      Then there was the incident against Palace not only was it a red but he should of been booked earlier anyway so it would of been a 2nd yellow regardless. That would of seen us start the day 5th 1 point off 4th and looking really good now.

  22. I did not see the game unfortunately, but this must be the most significant result of the season this far.If you do not concede, you don’t lose.Well done boys.

  23. Just finished watching the game, due to the 5 hour difference…glorious start, Nuno continues to be a revelation, Partey showed some of his old self, Gabs was sharp at both ends and Ramsdale proved there just might be a top-end shot-stopper in there somewhere, which would be brilliant

    only real negatives were the fact that we started to park the bus way too early again and the substitutions made no sense whatsoever, considering the nature of that particular game

    I get that when you’re winning a fight you don’t keep throwing reckless haymakers, but you likewise can’t lower your gloves in the 3rd round of a 10 round fight and expose your chin for the remainder of the fight unnecessarily

    I know there’s a delicate balance to be found, but at least when your players seem more than up for the fight and the opposition doesn’t, you simply have to let them try to put the foot firmly on their collective necks

    that said, the vast majority of the players on the pitch today earned their wages and then some…here’s hoping that there’s a lot more of these kind of early game performances on the cards moving forward

  24. Where is Daniel Smith Mr we are 10th in table, you lost your voice right or your typing fingers?
    Good win for the team, we take it one after the other and I think we can shout it now till things change WE ARE 5TH NOW ON THE TABLE

    1. Probably hiding the rock praying we mess up against watford so he can crawl out to whine again. At worse we’ll be 7th 3 pts behind city in 3rd. We lost pts vs Brentford, palace, Brighton but so did mighty liverpool/man city.

      1. Your happy that we are 7th points behind third ….wow ?
        Think your missing the point
        I only moan when I hear a lack of class like that
        What a weird thing to boast about
        Be happy that we won
        But never show off that we are 5th ( and that’s only if things go our way )

        1. 3 points behind 3rd. 7th place. Reading is hard when you desperately want to see the worst in a situation.

    2. Not all.
      I wrote we were 10th in the table …because …we were ….10th in the table lol
      Delighted we won
      Not though in 2021 going to start pumping my chest that we are 5th lol
      Why did we push out Wenger if that was the case

      1. But we were always 3 points off 4th and 1 point off 5th. You kept writing 10th to make it sound worse than it was. We’re now 3 points off 3rd. You might not rate Arteta and also not think we will maintain our run and make it to 4th but you said we were not in the top 4 race when were 3 points behind. Have Chelsea won the league now? They are 4 points clear.

        1. No but they are in title race because they are 1st
          Have we even been in top 4 this season ?
          Think your confused
          It’s not a case of when Arsenal win I point to table
          It’s me responding when I hear comments that make me cringe
          Like now we are boasting about being 5th
          Bet if man u win tonight they don’t boast
          If spurs win tonight are they having a great season

          1. Dan
            None of us are boasting that we are currently 5th but it’s impossible to deny it’s an improvement on 20th! We are – with bursts of better football- moving up the table. We beat a more successful team in recent years 2-0 at theirs. My cup is definitely half full tonight. If we were 10th with 3 games to play then you’d have every right to throw a hissy fit

    3. To be fair Daniel not only comments but Daniel Smith (I think) is the one who writes a lot of articles, does that video segment now and does the prediction league (which a very nice service to others on here.) Disagreed with his pretending things were worse than they were. 3 points off 4th is 3 points off 4th no matter how you try and spin it.

      1. So are man u.and spurs having great seasons because they are a few points off 4th ?
        Just wondering why their fans have been unhappy but some of our fans are celebrating being 5th (possibly for a few hours )lol

        1. Keep on digging that hole Dan old son, albeit an “old son”of 41. AS IF 41 IS OLD! SUCH NONSENSE! You are still a kid to we older fans!

          You are embarrassing yourself now with much of our fanbase who, unlike you, have finally seen the light that was beyond most of them.

          Some of us have clearly seen the rapid improvement in our team and squad even while we ahem, “languished” in that “oh so lowly 10th position” that you love to moan about!

          The ultimate pessimist DAN AND AS WRONG AS CAN BE!

          1. I think you mixed up Dan Kit and Dan Smith, cuz I know Dan Kit replied to you Jon about being 41…. Dan Smith on the other hand is not 41. Anyway I kind of get both their views which are sensible opinions, and I feel that seeing them as only opinions instead of negative untruths might be a more calmer course for you sir!
            Just kidding, lol..

          2. Sid go see what Jon Fox used to say when Mr Wenger finished outside top 4
            It’s amazing that 6th Is ‘ seeing the light ‘

        2. @ daniel Smith
          Considering where arsenal have been for the past 5 + seasons Considering the amount of money United has spent after alix furginson left and who finished 2nd last season , Considering spurs has finished above us for the past 5 seasons who also made champions league finals recently,
          Considering we where bottom of the league afew weeks ago Considering we have a young squad many are playing together for the first time Considering we have the youngest squad in the league let’s enjoy the moment it’s early days but the future looks bright for the first time in years.

          1. So considering we been outside the top 4 for a few seasons
            The future now looks bright because we remain outside the top 4?
            Why did we sack.Mr Wenger if 2021 we are boasting about being 6th?

            1. We sacked Wenger, because the world of football changed but his football philosophy didn’t. Last 5+ years of Wenger the trend was slowly going downwards. As much as I loved his style of play, if we were ever going to compete for the title, he had to go. The trend now is upwards with very promising signs, and since the expectations were so low, people are happy. It is as simple as that. If we finish 4th this season, no one will be happy if next season we finish on lower position, but for the current state of affairs, 4th is all we need.

    1. That Brighton comeback shows how fragile a 2-nil lead can be. Maybe I’m being to harsh with thinking Arsenal didn’t manage the game that well after going in front today…

      Great result for Palace. Hars to believe we are only three points away from them.

  25. Palace and Brighton showed today they can be good teams on their day, the draws against them, 2points gained really.

  26. Funny old game. We are guaranteed to be 3 points behind 3rd come the end of the weekend. If I’d told most of you we’d be 3 points behind 3rd after 10 games at the start of the season you’d of called me crazy 🙂

        1. Negative ….yes
          Pessimistic ….sure

          We will be 6th if man u win
          You wanted Wenger out for being 6th
          Now you seen the light ?
          Makes zero sense

          Tell you what , Arsenal finish top 4 , I’ll hold my hands up
          Until then let’s just calm down

          1. I tell you that if wenger is still the present manager of Arsenal, it could have been worse than this. The year Arsene got released from his managing duties, the competition in the league wasn’t as intense as it is nowadays. So, for me getting rid of wenger was the right call.

          2. So when we got rid of Wenger for finishing 6th if I had said in 2021 being 6th would be ‘ light at end of tunnel’ , : a great day ‘ you would have been okay .
            I’m stunned

          3. More competitive ?
            West Ham are above us
            Everton might go above us
            Let’s take one game at a time

          4. Stop saying You want Wenger out don’t put that one people, you have a new position to talk about now we are 6th on the table so just keep to that, the way ure ranting even if we are 2nd with goal differences behind 1st u will still say we are noting.
            Oga go chop calming down, drink water, and wait till we lose so you can tell us You Said So

        2. Spurs 15 points – they chant you don’t know what your doing
          Man u currently 17th – ole out
          Arsenal.17th – Jon Fox – most fans have seen the light lol
          Ambition of our fan base

          1. If it’s true that you are nearly 23 years younger than me – at 41 then the reality is that you, as a young adult, have known only the successful years under Wenger. I feel for my sons aged 37 and 34 that they grew up only knowing CL football and no lean times at all. Your perspective becomes slightly skewed if after a couple of dodgy seasons your world caves in. Sorry to harp on, but there really were lean times and an understanding that winning wasn’t a given. The crazy world of the EPL and loony salaries has changed the way I think about it all

          2. Somebody earlier suggested you were?
            My mistake
            But my sentiment surrounding the pre Wenger, the Wenger and the post Wenger world stand firm for me at least

      1. You are right and wrong.

        Being Arsenal fan we want team to be on top. You are right to have higher expectations from the team.

        But expectations can’t be independent of ground realities. Reality that we finished 8th for 2 seasons. Can I realistically expect team to turnaround and win league? If you are expecting that then let me tell you…. Whoever we hire as players and managers and even if we spend £500m you are set for disappointment. ManCity with all money could do it. Manu couldn’t win with all the money they have spent and even with 2 experienced managers.

        You are wrong when your comments indicate that you expect fans not to be happy when they see 1) league position better than what we saw for last 2 years. 2) they see team perhaps getting more consistent 3) for 1st time commentators saying perhaps Arsenal has developed some spine. 4) we are seeping attitude of players on pitch which is +ve and working as team rather than individuals.

        I don’t think anyone will be happy if Arsenal becomes a 4-5th place team back to back seasons. U r right there, we should be happy with that.

        But Daniel you are wrong when you expect fans not to be happy, celebrate and cheer players/managers when team shows that they are progressing in right direction. We reaching to top is a journey and there will be many false breakouts before we win league again.
        But what’s the point of being a FAN if we can’t enjoy success of team on days like this?

        Irrespective of league position, today is day to enjoy and support team. And do it till this run proves to be a false breakouts or achieves the objectives of this season.

        LISG – life is so good.

        1. Great piece, LISG.
          Some people demand perfection, and are dissatisfied with anything less.
          If we are 4th we are not good enough until we are 1st. If we are first, we will not be good enough until we win the CL. If we win the CL we were lucky and should have played better.
          Such people never appreciate the small victories on tate road , nor celebrate improvement. It’s never enough. It must be pretty sad being permanently disatisfied with your lot.

        2. No mate
          Be happy when we win of course
          Don’t go up to other fans and mock them.just because they predicted we might not finish top 4
          At least wait till we are in top 4 , not 6th
          Possibly even 7th come Monday
          That’s not progress

          1. Pathetic how a bunch of Arsenal fans have decided to come together and try and bring Dan down .
            This is a fan who brings you a game that probably is a full time job ,and on top of that brings us the best Articles which get the most comments for this website ,also the last 2 weeks has been discussing Arsenal and has been putting it all out there as his opinion,an opinion which 90%of the time I agree with ,maybe some of you instead of being bitches towards him give a counter argument and put the time he does as an Arsenal fan .
            Pathetic D1ck measuring which makes you look idiotic.

          2. Dan kit ure the one who is acting dick measuring and idiotic for thinking people should just fold arms and allows a negative pessimistic to spoil their days of wanting to rejoice because you have time does not mean you should pull people down with ur opinions, your freedom is speech is not a freedom to attack people’s point of view and tell them since ure not happy they shld not be happy also, life is a coin with 2 side feel free to chose the side u wanna see but don’t tell me to look at it from your own side ure standing. Also we can all chat and discuss without anybody insulting others. So with that I take back negative pessimistic and idiotic comment but let it be known that if u feel u can call people insultive name Google search is there to help some of us who dnt know how and it can be funny with the kid of names you will get there.

          3. Seroti@
            Literally didn’t understand one word of Your post and what the hell your point was .
            Like a pack of hyenas uptop and I gave my support .

          4. Dan kit

            The pack of hyenas to which you refer were posters who like me thought Dan was unnecessarily negative.

            Who is boasting about our current league position? I’m not, but I’m relieved that there is progress being made. If there wasn’t even I would be calling for Arteta to go.

            Now that I know it’s you who are 41 and not Dan, then over much of your football supporting life you have only known success – which was gradually diminishing and then got worse. It’s impossible to fully appreciate what people of my age remember of various years in the last half century that were good and bad and occasionally terrible. I’m not blaming you as it’s horrible for the glory years to fade when you haven’t really had to endure that roller coaster ride that befalls most football fans

  27. Great piece, LISG.
    Some people demand perfection, and are dissatisfied with anything less.
    If we are 4th we are not good enough until we are 1st. If we are first, we will not be good enough until we win the CL. If we win the CL we were lucky and should have played better.
    Such people never appreciate the small victories on tate road , nor celebrate improvement. It’s never enough. It must be pretty sad being permanently disatisfied with your lot.

  28. I feel a lot of unfair stick is being given to Dan for stating his opinion today. I think people are misunderstanding his core point that while he is happy with the win, he is not happy about our predicament which is a perfectly normal reaction (maybe not for the ‘realists’ lol). Jon even confused the two Dans here lol.
    Dan did mention that if we finish top 4 than he would hold up his hands. Based on the consistency part of the performances he is right. But the last few games a positive trend has emerged and if we would be able to sustain it then I guess Dan you may have to see the situation in a more positive light. The new signings look good, young players are playing well, slowly playstyle is taking shape…
    Maybe a more positive path is being opened up, and maybe you would have to write more positive articles than you do…

    1. i agree. enjoying the good win and good form. but what is the point of being oblivious to the fact a run of two more losses changes the entire mood of the club all over again. Long term consistency is the ultimate goal and it’s far far far too early to say we are there. A whole season of highs and lows to go. Still, what a win today

  29. am not arteta fan. not for any personal reasons. it’s frustrating when your coach keep making similar mistakes every other week. when he doesn’t seem to learn from past mistakes. when he continue to play the same players at same tactics without results. however, whenever he does well, I praise him. it’s not about arteta. it’s all about my beloved club arsenal. the club is bigger than any player or coach.
    if we can be consistent then, top 4 is achievable. it is not yet Uhuru. remember, his target is champions league slot. after getting his own players, anything short of that is a failure. so it’s not whether one is arteta boy or hater. it’s about the future of our club.

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