Arsenal outranks Liverpool and Tottenham in list of most expensive squads

Arsenal has assembled one of the most costly squads in European football, surpassing the squad valuations of Liverpool and Tottenham, according to recent statistics.

Since Mikel Arteta took charge, the Gunners have enjoyed substantial financial backing and made significant high-value signings, totaling over 200 million euros during the last summer transfer window.

After coming close to winning the league in the previous season, Arsenal now possesses a formidable group capable of competing in multiple competitions.

The club seems to recognise that financial investment plays a pivotal role in achieving success in the fiercely competitive Premier League, and they have spared no expense in bolstering their playing squad.

Data from the CIES Football Observatory, as reported by the Daily Mail, reveals that Manchester United boasts the most expensive squad in the Premier League, valued at £989 million.

Chelsea occupies the second spot on this list with a squad valuation of £975 million, thanks to their substantial spending in the past two transfer windows.

Manchester City’s squad ranks third in terms of value, estimated at £896 million, while Arsenal follows closely as the fourth most expensive squad, valued at £718 million.

Tottenham holds the fifth position with a squad valued at £713 million, while Liverpool rounds off the top six with a squad valued at £661 million.

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These numbers show we have come a long way and our owners truly mean business as we seek to return to the top of English football.

The club knows the importance of investing in the playing group and we expect them to keep doing this for as long as possible.

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  1. A far cry from when a previous manager was forced to sell his best players time and time again.
    Interesting to note that we finished above all those clubs mentioned, bar city…. who have been charged with over 100 irregularities!!

    Keep supporting the club and your investments Mr Kronkie.

    1. I would have hoped for a little higher figure ken seeing that under Arteta Arsenal have spent 670 mil. Considering that the three highest value players were bought under the previous regime. Well 2 plus Saka who was basically free. We are the biggest net spenders in the prem these last 3 and a half years. By quite a margin.

    1. They are indeed Reggie and to think that most of us were lambasting them for having no interest in the club.

      I’m trying to tie this in with Anders interesting article and how they might “compliment” each other.

  2. Just mind how we compare a case of oranges to a case of apples – total price tag of players against market value of the squad. Results could be misleading.

    It’s fair the say Kronke dug deep into his pockets to help the club, but we shouldn’t ignore the contribution of the home-grown players (Saka, Martinelli and Saliba.) to team value today.

    Wouldn’t rule out selling Saka for 150M next season.

    According to data from the CIES Football Observatory

    1. Manchester United – £989m

    2. Chelsea – £975m

    3. Manchester City – £896m

    5. Arsenal – £718m

    6. Tottenham – £713m

    7. Liverpool – £661m

    9. Newcastle – £568m

    10. West Ham – £434m

    11. Aston Villa – £418m

    14. Everton – £359m

    20. Nottingham Forest – £313m

    22. Wolves – £312m

    24. Bournemouth – £296m

    28. Crystal Palace – £235m

    30. Fulham – £210

    35. Brighton – £194m

    38. Brentford – £187m

    41. Burnley – £180m

    53. Sheffield United – £128m
    Just in case someone has doubts.the amounts mentioned in that study, referred to the cost of assembling each squad.

  4. We can’t say that the Kroekes haven’t backed Mikel Arteta financially and the graduates of Hale End, groomed by all managers, from Arsene Wenger on, have not demonstrated top flight youth development, now it is up to Mikel Arteta and the players to perform. Arteta has no excuse that he hasnt been backed and given the players he wants.
    By the way going back to managers like Don Howe, Bertie Mee and George Graham, Arsenal has produced and developed many great home grown players.

    1. So so right OG – I started to make a list, then decided that names such as Charlie George, David Rocastle, Tony Adams etc might not mean much to today’s supporters… but I hope those three, at least, will give them an idea?!

  5. Not sure if I go along with those figures. Our players are better and probably younger than Manu players. I’d say we’d fetch more for our team than they. And Chelsea wouldn’t get nearly as much money back compared to their outlay. I’d say Liv should be at least above Spuds going on first impressions

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