Arsenal over-run Leicester to win exciting six-goal thriller

Arsenal have continued their fine form by beating Leicester by an astonishing 4-2 scoreline to keep their 100% record alive and kicking.

We opened our Premier League season with a hard-fought 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, and we have been even better today in dispatching with the Foxes.

It wasn’t all plain-sailing, as our early pressure began to turn on us after 10 minutes after Wesley Fofana dispossessed us in midfield before running into an unlikely attacking role, and he tried to cut to his left before shooting, only to scuff his shot.

After a Leicester-dominated 10 minutes, we eventually broke the deadlock after working our way upfield, and despite a crowded box, Gabriel Jesus found enough space to lift the ball over the goalkeeper and into the far netting.

The Brazilian added a second before the break, when our corner was headed onto the back post where he was waiting to calmly make it 2-0, and while the away side were initially gifted a soft penalty after Aaron Ramsdale collided with Vardy on the edge of the box, that decision was overturned.

After the break, things got a little tense after William Saliba’s own goal, but before we knew it, Gabriel Jesus had taken full advantage of a mistake at the back to tee up Granit Xhaka to send it home from close range.

James Maddison later cut the deficit to one once again when carving out an opportunity down the right hand side, but once again we hit straight back, this time with Gabriel Martinelli joining the party to score his second of the season also.

While we had plenty more chances to add more, including Eddie Nketiah forcing an outstretched save from Ward in goal late on, but we will take all the positives out of a fine performance.


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  1. Both Jesus/ Martinelli are very skilled and hardworking attackers, whereas Zinchenko is a great inverted LB. Partey was also excellent as a CDM

    Xhaka has been playing well as a left mezzala, after years of playing the wrong role under Wenger and Emery. White and Magalhaes did very well in the back, but Saliba made a fatal error despite a very good performance

    We’re still not on a par with Man City and Liverpool, but it was a very entertaining game

      1. I considered it fatal because he scored an own goal, but his overall performance was much better than Fofana the 85 M CB

          1. It was poor, no outside pressure, difficult header yes but 9/10 on training he puts it wide. One of those things. Hasn’t changed the fact he has the potential to be one of if not the best CB’s in the world, it’s up to him to make that happen. He has the stature/pace that many crave, just has to work on the game and he’ll be amazing.

          2. And Ramsade should have been blamed for the mistake. He shouldn’t have rushed out to make clearance having seen William with the guy or better still he would have shouted ‘allow’ or whatever means to communicate to him. That goal pains me alot

        1. gai, Wrong use of “fatal” . FATAL MEANS SOMETHING DIES.

          The own goal was no more than a temporary setback or a nuisance and certainly NOT “fatal”.

          I prefer correct and not sloppy language, as in your post, as sloppiness leads to arguments which, however, need not happen, IF language is used correctly.

            1. GAI, you can use what words you like and yes, Salibas mistake was fatal but i wouldn’t quite describe it just like that. And your rebuke was wrong, it doesnt have to mean something died.

            2. You CAN do, if you wish to use language incorrectly.

              It is not against the law , but just unhelpful. Your choice!

          1. Exactly what I was trying to say Jon, but my subtlety eluded GAI! Language has become so exaggerated these days, to the extent that it is losing a lot of it’s meaning and value to communicate.
            And I mean that 110%!

            1. guy, I realise that many fans who are non caring about accurate language consider me an irritant. Some then consider me arrogant for trying to persuade them to be otherwise.

              But there is good reason to use words correctly and not to hype nor to exaggerate, as YOU at least, clearly see.

              You are exactly right to say that exaggerated language changes and distorts true meanings in words.

              I call it using sloppy language and try to educate fans against using it.
              I alway hope to convince the brighter ones among them and sometimes , albeit rarely , I succeed in changing views.

              But most fans who use language incorrectly and do not care, do so because they have not the intellect to see clearly the way it erodes our rich and varied language and so they impoverish it instead .

              I will keep on trying though and accept that SOME will never learn, nor do they wish to. C’est la vie!

              1. I disagree that the use of the phrase in this situation is “sloppy” etc.
                Whilst I am sure you have a better grasp of the use of the english language than most of us on this site I feel your criticism is somewhat excessive in this case.
                You have focused on the traditional meaning of the word “fatal”.
                In this case the GAI is using the phrase “fatal error” as a figure of speech. I don’t think this warrants such censure.

    1. With a bit of luck, we could be unbeaten and in the top four, by the end of September.

      Our fixture list is full of teams we can certainly beat, and at worst, draw with.

      However, we could go through October and the first week in November, and not win a single game! This would surely drop us into the 5th or 6th spot.

      It will be very interesting to see how we fare up to the World Cup break.

      I think much of how well we do in 2022 will depend on what transfers Edu manages to pull off before the window closes at the end of August.

      PS I do fear we could lose both Saka and Tierney in the 2023 January window!!!

    2. If Ramsdale had been more vocal or stayed on his line, it wouldn’t have happened, as Ramsdale was also at fault for the second goal, the ball going through a keeper’s legs is amateur style, not as bad as De gea’s calamity errors

  2. Best moment of this match, crowd cheering on Saliba after his mistake. Lets keep that spirit going. Great game all around, and so glad to have Jesus with us!

  3. I bet you that you’ll still find people telling you how depressing out game is and how we have no style of play.
    Solid performance from everyone including Saliba.
    Ramsdale’s positioning let him down, good to see the home fans applaud him immediately. Other than that, hardly put a foot wrong.

    Saka still struggling badly, we really needed Raphinha or a solid Right winger now to give him the competition he needs.
    This could be Martinelli’s season,
    I’m so happy for him. Kev still gon tell you that he’s an average player. SMH
    Gabriel Jesus is phenomenal, it’s mental how different playing under a manager can seem.
    Having his freedom and still playing with the tactical instructions is revealing to us what a player he’s always been.
    Just needed to be let free.

    Taking off Zinchenko and having the option of Tierney,Tomiyasu,ESR and Viera is a mental, we need a right winger please.

    Great home win

    1. saka and odegaard not yet seem up to speed, and ramsdale just needs to calm down and focus a bit more, but genuinely a quite exciting 11, although still feel we need a centre midfielder and different option up top, not convinced nketiah is good enough cover

      1. Nketiah actually deserves the shot.
        I feel like he’ll step up perfectly well. He did towards end of last season. The real position we actually need did options for are the RW and No 6 position.
        Partey and Saka.
        Viera can always compete with Xhaka for that 8 position.
        None of this Tielemans nonsense. Heaven knows I’ve always said I don’t want him. Whatever he does, Xhaka actually does better, only difference is Xhaka stopped taking his long range shots. We need options for Saka and Partey in all honesty

        1. Spot on Eddie. I rate Marquinhos highly but he’s a season away, and neither Elneny nor Lokonga can play the Partey role. But then again I don’t think anyone can as the guy’s unique…
          And as somebody who thought Tielemans would be a useful addition you have won me over. Totally invisible.

          1. Some of the goals Leicester conceded last season showed how weak and flawed he is as he lost some of the duels and rather stood and walked instead of pressing to regain back the ball.
            I don’t know if our fans don’t watch these games, I won’t blame people for not watching most games that ain’t ours, but he’s actually worse defensively than Xhaka and even Ødegaard if you watched him play last season. That’s why I don’t want him, Xhaka dunks on him anytime any day, only reason most fans want him is because of that dislike for Xhaka and wanting to see him out of the team.
            If we can get a better player than Xhaka, great I’m all for it but Tielemans is nothing close to what we want

        2. I agree Eddie. I went cold on Tielemans last month and today confirmed it. Especially with Xhaka outperforming him. Tielemans is just always capable of a lazy performance and we shouldn’t be accepting players that think they can occasionally phone it in. I’ve gone a bit back and forth on if we need an 8…. I would rather fill in a new 6 for Parey coverage and a winger to challenge Saka so I agree with you. Lokonga/Xhaka/Vieira?/Zinchenko can all fight for the 8 spot. I think Zinchenko will 100% be getting midfield chances if KT stays fit.

            1. Ndidi bus food defensively, but on the ball he doesn’t offer what Partey does. He’s not press resistant so he really can’t be Partey’s competition.

          1. RSH I’m glad you saw it, and I hope lots of people will see it soon.
            That’s the only reason we’ve not made any bid and seem to focus on the RW instead.
            Tielemans is one of the laziest players Leicester have, and the fact that Rodgers is not even making any effort to keep him should say a lot

            1. Leicester have made several offers to Tielemans,but he made it that he wouldn’t sign a new contract.what else do you want him to do. also,the fact that Rodgers would rather lose him for free next summer, rather than get less than 25M does contradict your assumption that BR doesn’t rate him.

              1. Either way, I hope we don’t get him.
                He don’t fool me as I don’t watch him on YouTube or his highlights.
                I hope we don’t get him

            2. I saw last season him being lazy but I put that down to wanting away. But this was a showcase vs the team you want to join. He is probably ok in a successful team that will carry him in the poor games. But he looks a quitter when things aren’t going well – the opposite of an Arteta man, in fact.

        3. I hope Pepe will step up but I doubt it.
          Against Orlando, the gaffer gave him and other deadwood a chance to prove him wrong but they all failed to, which means he is not useful in this team. We saw in same game how Saka who came on for him, dazzled in less than 10min

          1. Hi Ada – hope you’re enjoying things as much as I am! Pepe won’t play again unless we get an injury crisis. I can see Marquinhos playing before he does. Saka needs competition as his form isn’t good, but even if he does nothing for 85 mins Saka makes things happen time and time again. Let’s get that right winger in!

        4. Jesus could be an option on the right wing and Nketiah coming in as the no 9. Saka and Odegaard did nothing of note all game long. They both not fully up to speed yet

        5. Tielemans in y opinion is a better midfielder with more skill and a great range of shooting and doesn’t suffer from brainfarts as Xhaka does, so no I do not think it is nonsense, it makes sense

      2. Agree on Saka, Bob, but thought Ode, after an anonymous first half, was excellent in the second. I think Eddie is good enough for those few games a season, but true I’d be panicking if Jesus got a serious injury! Eddie HAS improved but so has the rest of the team this season, meaning for me he’s still a level behind the starting 11.

        1. yesh nketiah is good for last 10 minutes for somw fresh energy, but one injury to either him or jesus and we have nothing up top. i dont feel a martinelli can cover no 9 position, and dislike the false 9 role.
          i still for some reason like pepe although dont think it will work out him at arsenal.
          i just felt both saka and ode were too slow in posession, especially at edge of the box

          1. Agreed, together they looked sluggish and predictable – at least compared to the two Gabi’s on the left! For me that’s down to Saka, as Ode was interacting so much better when he moved more centrally second half. I like Pepe but he simply can’t play in a system, and an 11 man system is vital to us succeeding – a 10 man system and Pepe doing whatever he feels like won’t take us into the top 4.

      3. bob, so much of Odegaard’s positive play goes under the radar. I dont know what game you were watching?

        1. Odegaard’s is one of those players whose passes are almost always forward progressive passes. He bring a lot to the team. He is calm on the ball, progressive with his passing and is a creates chances.

          1. Yet to see Odergaard have an impact on a game. He is technically very good but strolls games. He should be feeding players like Saka, Jesus and Martinelli regularly but he misses them out far too often. If he is as good as people say, he needs to do no more than keep pinging passes as quickly as he can to all three. Or we need someone that does.

          2. This is what a lot of fans fail to see, good to see someone who can see how good he is

        2. ozzie not saying he is a bad player, just saying yesterday was not a great performance for him. i was at the game yesterday, and compared to the otherside the right was just slow and ended quite a few times with trying to play a precise ball to split a defence that had regrouped, i agree with guy that may have been more down to saka, but between the two it could have just been quicker with less touches which would have opened up that side better.

    2. Our attack was concentrated on the left side and we’ve got Pepe/ Marquinhos to compete with Saka. We’d better see what they can do in cup games first

    3. I never said Martinelli is average.I said Nketiah was better all round and I still stand by that. If Arteta should give him the same chances he wil lscore more and claim that spot. It is cheap to say what I didn’t say. We all have differing views on our players and I do not force my views on anyone. However, I hate no Arsenal player and so when a player does great in a particular game they need to be given their due even if that player is already average or good.

    4. Why are you so bothered about what Kev or other gunners says. You can give your opinion and let others give there’s it’s not that hard to respect the opinion of others.

        1. Even turned into telling admin what should be printed ,can’t give an opinion or a point of view without the usual defensive group opening their traps .
          I don’t get why they worry about how other fans support the club ,weird .

        2. Freedom of speech, they are just words, you can choose to ignore or respond to but not to censorship.

      1. The way people act here is laughable. Its like we are all in a competition to prove who’s right hahaha. The season is very long so I hope he does continue to hold on to that opinion.

        1. Some of them are, it is sad. We all want Arsenal to win, i dont get the snipes. Enjoy the win for gods sake, dont be childish.

      2. I respect his opinion, doesn’t mean I have to accept and agree with his opinion. Or is that a crime? Not a lot of people agree with my opinions most times, and I’m okay with that

    5. Am also of the opinion that GM isn’t good enough, at least not on Saka level, I’ll be happy to be proven wrong, I hope he step up to the level fans placed him because he has the potential. He has the whole season to convince us now, the stage is set , everyone has given him the opportunity. Hopefully he’ll stay injury free.
      Zinchenko may end up playing in our midfield

      Saka is a slow starter, I have no doubt he and Ode will start firing soon.
      That’s what we want, not to be overly reliance on a player

      1. Martinelli is one of the brightest players we have.
        You’d have to think people like Klopp, Ronaldinho and co are lunatics for saying all they’ve said about him.
        His qualities were never in doubt.
        We forgot he suffered an injury and Arteta had to take his time with him before allowing him back on the pitch, last season it was obvious he was growing his confidence, and the difference is he fits perfectly with Zinchenko just as ESR and Tierney are always on same wavelength.

        1. Eddie
          Agree what you said about Martinelli, one of our brightest young players.

          People can have different opinions that’s fine, I prefer to trust the opinions of people in the know; Arsenal coaches, scouts, and world class managers like Klopp who speak so highly of Martinelli.

          Glad we final got a quality young player before they blossomed into a highly expensive player; 6 million was a steal.

          Looking forward to seeing Marquinos and another potential diamond we have.

          1. In order to have any kind of sensible debate the opinions should at least have some degree of reason and balance.
            It’s fine to recognise that Saka has been the best young player at the club in the last couple of years. Saka has actually been considered the best player, full stop. Suggesting that Martinelli is “not good enough” because he has not been as good as Saka is the kind of “opinion” that leaves others bemused.

    6. I don’t think that Saka was struggling, I think that it was MA instructions to take advantage of their right sided defense so this time Martinelli was much more used, also Xhaka and Zinchenko. In some other games we will see more involvment from Ode, Saka and White/Tomy.

  4. Great game. Zinchenko and Jesus add confidence, which in turn boosts Gabriel Martinelli and all three played top notch, outdoing even the Odegaard Saka duo. I hate to say it but Xhaka has a good game in his more forward role

      1. Many of the fans on this site have derided and/or insulted Xhaka for so long it is now difficult to give him credit when I it is due.
        There is little doubt that he has had some very good games and should be praised as his due.

  5. Let’s bask in this euphoria while it last, great to wear arsenal kit and walk the street tall😀

  6. Excellent game ohhh Jesus will only get better Saliba save for the unfortunate own goal was excellent. I expected Saka to be subbed earlier but overall can’t complain 3pts and on to the net game

  7. Great game, for me Martinelli is the man of the match. I would rather see Saliba in those places to intercept the ball then not being there. He was unlucky but it shows his awareness is top notch. Loved the response fans gave to Saliba after that unlucky incident. We need to make Emirates like Enfield, where teams should be nervous to play infront of our fans.

    1. was there a safe standing area today or something? Looked like a crowd of ppl standing, mostly wearing black shirts.

  8. This is the kind of tempo I want, slow and steady, it was in hot sun, we stayed in the game without panicking. And once we got our rhythm we were unstoppable.
    This game reminds me of our big games in recent year, we used to start with good tempo just like Leicester, but once the big boys found their rhythm we succumb.

    Good game , enjoyable game, even for the neutral, it was like arsenal didn’t enter 2nd gear, like we were waiting for Leicester to overrate their ability by scoring us, then we showed our superiority

    When was the last time we won our first 2games of the season?

  9. I don’t understand why Artetus the empire didn’t buy Jesus long time ago. He should have bought him in 2017 or 2023. Now we need a tall and very slow striker, a modern one-way player who can stretch our opponents in all directions. It’s time to sack Artetus only 6 league goals are at not enough, let’s get him out before he gets too successful 🔴⚪️

  10. We all need Jesus in our lives…

    Martinelli ran riot and dude is improving..

    Xhaka plays box to box at times recently and I m delighted. Not fans favorite but he is a decent lad and player..

    Saliba my new Rolls royce. Despite the own goals he was solid…

    Var made the right call…. VAR actually got the right call for arsenal. Wow.

    Welldone to other player. You made us proud by scoring after we conceded…Onward and upwards…

  11. Great win and a dominant performance from Jesus and Martinelli. Im not sure how Leicester got 2 goals but they did. We cant ask for anything more than 3 points. Great chance with our start to get points on the board before we have to see how far we have progressed. Partey looked dominant in midfield but im not sure i like what is happening with Xhaka and Zinchenko, time will tell if their little tactical interchange gets caught out, it did a couple of times, leaving us with no left back but like everything can be tweaked. Dominant over Leicester in the main though.

    1. If that happens I’ll credit you, literally be an AndyE memorial on my wall. 3rd is where I’m aiming but why not aim high, who knows. We’d have to be perfect because City are not dropping many points this year. They are the Real/Barca of old and imo opinion run better than either so it’s a tall order.

      1. Every team will drop point this year especially after the World cup. No body knows what conditions the players will return in.
        Raking the points in before the World cup is the surest thing.
        No team should count on not loosing points this season. Just get the best points you can before the world cup break.

      2. Arsenal should be in the hunt for top 4 if we can keep most of the key players fit.
        We still don’t have enough strength in depth in some key areas.

  12. Good solid 3 points unfortunate on the errors leading to the goals against .
    Martinelli outstanding today and was everywhere and topped it off with a fantastic goal .
    Jesus and Xhaka best of the rest and he should have had a hat-trick .
    Overall a good win and a good performance .

    1. Perhaps the mistakes could be related to the crazy temperature, it’s difficult to stay focused in such circumstances…

  13. Fun fun fun! TBH two defensive errors (rare these days) or it’s a 4-0. Martinelli has come of age – magnificent. Kudos to the whole team – Xhaka growing into the new role, Jesus, Ode (in the second half), Zinchenko, et al – weakest was Saka for me as Eddie said but irrelevant in the great scheme of things as we have A LOT of very skilful players now to share the load. Would love Pino to cover Saka on he right. I guess we all saw why we are going cold on Tielemans…
    Great fun, loved it

  14. Oh Jesus, his first goal was a great wonder. I will definitely start to read the black book again 🫶

    1. Is that in TODAY’S chat, Slye? Because he’s moved up several levels this season. Last year I was surprised he got into Brazil’s squad, but now I’d be amazed if he DOESN’T go to the WC. He WAS overrated – a prospect and not as good as some fans said he was. Not true now though!

    2. It was me who said so and I still stand by that. If you’re going to support a player it shouldn’t be done so cheaply. When I started supportign Nketiah he hadn’t even been given chances but I knew he had the ability while people called him Championship level. Last week you kept quiet because his performance wasn’t that good. Martinelli is good but not on the level fans want him to be. Give Nketiah the same chances andhe’ll score more and outperform him but peopel here have to be proved right Nketiah is Championship level I guess.

      1. Its bloody opinion, nothing more, what you think is of very little importance in the real world Kev. Your opinion is just that and not EVER wrong. Your opinion is what you feel, that should be respected whatever you think, problem is some dont respect that. Their opinion is the only thing that matters to them and they disregard others as dullards. Well, for me they are not worth replying too. Let them have their own self importance!!!!!!!!

          1. Lol Kev don’t worry – we all get shouted down in here. We all have different likes and dislikes. We don’t mean to support players “cheaply” – it’s a bit like changing your best friend every few weeks when you’re a kid growing up. Preferring player 1 to player 2 doesn’t mean you hate player 2 (even if you may say it immediately after a game!). I prefer Martinelli to Nketiah at the moment but I’d be just as happy if Eddie turns out to be a worldbeater, because they’re all our players. \equally, giving an opinion they won’t be a great player doesn’t mean I WANT it to happen.

      2. You want Arteta to bench G. Jesus and play Nketiah just to prove your point? Or he should be moved to replace Martinelli as a winger, I just don’t understand your point. Martinelli is stronger and faster than Nketiah… His stamina is Unrivalled in the whole Arsenal team. Nketiah’s time would definitely come so for now, support the team and quit whining.

      3. @kev, Martinelli and Nkeitiah are different type of players. I don’t think you can replace martinelli by Nketiah. Martinelli likes to dribble , take on players and run behind. Nkeitiah is more of a poucher.

        1. Nketiah is not more of a poacher but rather he can poach like Gabriel. When he came into the team he did double of what Laca did. How did he do so if he was only more of a poacher?? Nketiah is a better dribbler and has proved that in his best games. Its just that Martinelli is getting more game time. He was our second best player in preseason. If you combine what Nketiah did last season to what Gabriel is doing you get a far better team than combining Gabriel with Martinelli.

    3. Sure there was various people that called Martinelli out not sure many if any ever wanted him gone. Personally I said he was not ready but that he had potential it just needed time. He is not finished yet, he’ll get better. Know this is probably aimed at Kev in his support of Nketiah. Will say Nketiah is highly thought of . He will play as far as Kev goes he was wrong. Kev is a good voice but he gets tunnel vision a little more than all of us but we all do it.


      1. The season is long and I didn’t even say Nketiah was better than Martinelli because I wanted to. I did it based on my analysis of their individual qualities which is why last season too I called for Nketiah to start over Lacazette long before it actually happened and was proven right in the end against all those who said Nketiah was Champiosnhip level.

      2. I was wrong based on what?? Nketiah is not even getting chances to play and you’re saying this. He was our second bets player in preseason too but still gets benched because he has to deputise for Gabriel. There is nothing Martinelli can do that he can’t do better. Martinelli has all the hype but Nketiah is better at everything and most importantly goalscoring.

        1. Lol, sorry Kev but I totally disagree with your analysis. My observation are that Martinelli is a better player in regards to dribbling, build up play, running with the ball and going past players. And comparable in shooting. But Eddie has a important role to play and will score goals that Martinelli can’t … but that’s my opinion…

          1. I respect your opinion but Martinelli is not a better dribbler than Nketiah because Nketiah uses his pace better and is less predictable. If you go back to last season against Chelsea in preseason you can see this. He completely humiliated that backline with his speed and trickery. The dribbling he showed in that match is better than Martinelli has ever showed. He is better at almost everything and that is why despite being of similar sizes Martinelli cant play as a striker the way Nketiah can.

      3. Martinelli has for some time been considered one of the world best young players. Any individual can have a contrary view but it is doubtful that any top manager in world football is going to be placing Nketiah ahead of Martinelli.
        Frankly, any Arsenal fan calling out Martinelli is not being sensible. Young players at his age are bound to have fluctuations in performance. Even then, this is relative, as he is playing at one of the biggest clubs in the world in one of the world’s strongest leagues. Expecting him to produce world class performances every week is unrealistic.
        Nketiah certainly showed improvement towards the end of last season but he has a number of things against him, one of them being that his “competition” really is GJ rather than GM.

        1. I don’t care about what any top manager thinks and neither do they value what I say which is fine. I only judge according to what is on the pitch. I don’t care about hype or expectation. That is why I will always say Martinelli is overrated. All that hype stems from an expectation that Martinelli is going to develop into this kind of world beater when he’s never going to be while Nketiah is seen as some bang average kid that has improved.

  15. Great win and xhaka really played well, Odegard and Saka are still not up to speed. But what’s with arteta and 82 minutes sub, we could have killed off the game with our subs. Gabriel Jesus I really don’t rate him too much before but he looks like a good buy.

    1. G. Jesus cues the music on his headphones when he gets in the car to be driven down for his Arsenal medical…. “I want to break free, I want to break free
      I want to break free from your lies
      You’re so self-satisfied I don’t need you
      I’ve got to break free
      God knows, God knows I want to break free”

  16. We are becoming a bit of a hybrid between Liverpool and city
    3 up top who can all score goals ……sorry just seen utd lol 😂😂

    1. Obviously not as good, but I’m trying to see what our style of play is. And I think arteta whats 3 players who can all score and defend from the front. And the defence is becoming Liverpool like, maybe? 🤔 but the rest of the team are more intricate in possession. Just throwing this out there…..

      We are definitely in the second tier of teams and comparable to Chelsea🤔…….lol …..I can’t type properly….getting interrupted by utd…😂😂

  17. I only saw a little of the game, but the difference in gameplay is telling from last year atleast in the early stages. Jesus as a striker is quickly becoming a frightening position leading our press and I hope Eddie learns from him as he is the closest to Jesus’ playstyĺe among our younger strikers. Maybe someone like Biereth, Moller, Balogun or Edwards will break out? Like others, currently I dont think a taller CF is a priority right now as a defensive Mid. A RW to take load off Saka would be nice but currently as GAI says we have people like Marquinhos, Pepe and to some extent Viera and Nelson(if he stays which he most likely will). We need to move on someone before we buy someone. Glad that we are trying to sustain a fùlly functional press for however minutes we could and tryinģ for game management tactics to regain our energy the rest of the time. Overall a very good start to the season and looks like Artetaball is maturing finally to an advanced evolved stage and the required player profiles are peoperly implementing the system. A great window also, now a DM/CM, player exits and new contracts for Saka and Saliba will be the icing on the cake!
    Ps- Hope Sue is well and enjoying the new Arsenal playstyle.

  18. Well done to the lads. The Coach has them firing on all cylinders and looking good while doing it. Big Ups to em all…
    Jesus, is on another level all together. Seeing him bring down that long range pass, while holding off the defender, then turning him top, was sublime…

        1. NY, i have got to say Tierney for me is a better all round player but Tierney cant stay fit. Big problem!!!!!!

          1. @Reggie
            I think Zinny’s main problem is lack of pace. He gets high up on the pitch and can’t recover in time to defend well. Otherwise, dude is an ace…

            1. Yes NY, surprised how much he lacks pace, i always thought he was quicker. Good player, just dont know yet where he fits in, when alls fit.

              1. He is quick between the ears and I look forward to a long stint in midfield on Tierney’s return.

  19. Yes, good home win for us today by the Gunners playing against the Foxes.
    However, the Gunners match defending should seriously be worked on by Mikel Arteta and his coaching staff to make the Gunners match defending better and impregnable in the EPL henceforth with.
    Saliba must learn from the own goal defensive error he conceded in the match for Arsenal. Which led to Leicester to have a life-line to come back in the game.
    But fortunately for us, that was not to be as Xhaka and Martinelli lifted Arsenal up in the game scoring a goal a piece.

  20. Meanwhile this Man utd defense is giving me PTSD from the Litchsteiner, Sokratis, Mustafi backline 😭😭😭

      1. Not that I care that much but David Moyes’ dismissal all those years ago must be coming back to haunt ManU

        1. So badly slated and now in charge of an impressive WHU. May be his level but funny none less. Same goes for Rodgers, Leicester are in trouble their game plan of 1st is 1st team until we get a premium offer has faltered. In the current market noone except Chelsea will pay silly money because there is no need. Don’t ask me why Chelsea are doing it just be happy it’s happening, it’s going to cost them later.

      2. Lmao.. SueP I’m buzzing watching the United game.
        They definitely losing to Liverpool next week again. After 3 games they’ll be in our position we were last season. This just keeps getting better.

        1. At this rate it would be better if man utd dont show up to face pool at all else it’s gonna be a cricket score.

    1. No PTSD for me Eddie.
      Just joy to see how useless United-or should that be Divided- are these days.

      As for our “yesterdays” rubbish backline, leave them where they belong, in the fairly distant past and think of our good current defence and then cheer up!

  21. We played well great result.
    Ramsdale should never concede from there like he did.
    Xhaka another good game. Tielemens no thank you.
    Forfana £85m next joke please.
    Saka needs competition.
    Jesus and Zinchenko really can’t understand why city sold them.
    We still need CM and RW.
    After watching all or nothing I’m impressed by Arteta and his coaching staff.

    Come on you gunners

    Man Utd 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Maybe Ten Hag will need a taxi to go back to Eredivisie soon 😂? Man United shouldn’t have signed Ronaldo

  22. Can we now stop this Tielemens nonsense and let this space be calm for once. Who didn’t watch the dude today? Guess you did. Now give me one reason why you still believe we need Tielemens. What can he offer us that Xhaka cannot? Absolutely nothing. Time to drop this too much talk about Tielemens and talk about something else better

  23. If I’m not mistaken,few years back we had a Dasilva at Arsenal,are we talking about the same one??

  24. On a lighter note….Man United…..😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😅😅😛😛😛😛😛😛🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  25. We have moved back to the later years of Arsene…Top4…we need another 2 gears to get to the early years, one defensively and one in maturity. But Arsenal has always been about style of play, not boring tiki taka or planting a wall. It was great to see the one touches in and around the box, using pace and technical passes to get the goals…this is the Arsenal we want to see as they progress…COYG!!

  26. Lisandro Martinez looks like a Torreira playing Center Back! Am so glad we missed out on him.

      1. Martinez looks terrible out of depth today, he must be a better player than what he showed at Brentford.

        What a signing Zinchenko has been for us, it only makes me wonder if intrest shown in Martinez was just a Smoke screen

          1. Utd would be better playing maguire and varane at CB and playing Martinez in CM alongside McTominey.

            But of course I hope they continue to play him at CB

  27. A thoroughly enjoyable game with some great performances … centre backs excellent as were the Brazilians upfront … partey and odegaard were better than against palace but with xhaka who Dino you can control or run with a ball we’re unable to hold the middle throughout the game … a better attack would have capitalized on xhaka losing the ball in first 5 mins .. repeated throughout the game .. great work from ramsdale to stop forfana … and defence switched off at times white isn’t a quality right back for sure and we have better on the bench .. I agree about tielmans but a strong DM presence who can carry a ball is an urgent demand .. shoukd muscle in on the de jong uncertainty imo .. that would be a real statement of intent

  28. Good 3 points today guys, keep it up and thank you Brentford for the win against utd….. Up gunners….

  29. I think Xhaka is better than most midfielders in the EPL but compared to City and Liverpool midfielders he is a tad bit lower. That’s why Alcantara always has a party when we play Liver

    We need an upgrade on Xhaka if we are to beat those 2. With Partey and Xhaka fit they are the 2 teams which are better than us, and maybe the puds overall not the mid though

    1. I think Viera when fit and playing, will give us that new dimension. With Partey sitting as DM and having viera on one side n odegard on other. That will be some real quality creative mid field for you. But I like the change we saw today in Xhaka’s role, he had a very good game and probably this role suits him well. Let’s see as more games go by.

  30. Great result and some great football, shame about the 2 mistakes that meant we conceded 2 goals.

    Martinelli MOTM. Unbelievable energy from him today on such a hot day.

    Good to see the bench was stronger, and that KT, TT and ESR getting minutes in the game.

    The manager is getting the players that he wants for his way of playing and we can all see how much better the football is now.

  31. So far so good. Loved the energy from both the players and fans. At the same time, Manuel’s pain is our gain. I still believe Tielemans would be a good fit in this squad. Also anything Xhaka can do Smith Rowe could do better.

  32. Interesting reading the comments and a lot of the bitchfestering going on (sorry John Fox I made this word up::)

    So my opinion (and it is my opinion only not some universal truth so feel free to challenge but be aware you won’t be changing my mind)

    Great result and 3 points with very definite shades of something positive happening in terms of player bonds, communication, press, style of play all helped greatly by GJ’s addition and contribution and of course MAs blueprint.

    Saliba aside from his non fatal;) error could be a rock for us at the back in time and given continued confidence from MA. Ramsdale got nutmegged from an acute angle and should have done better but hey! Like Saliba we all make mistakes.

    Xhaka played very well in the role given to him and I credit him for that seeing as I normally question his quality and demeanour.

    Saka and Ode were quiet and not really at the races but glad to see Partey have a strong influence on proceedings.

  33. I thoroughly enjoyed the match and the excellent football which we displayed against a Leicester side which needs to recruit a good goalkeeper asap.On that subject Ramsdale, once again, displayed his frailty at the near post a matter which I raised a week or two ago when I advocated against selling Leno.Opponents are now fully aware of the glaring weakness in Ramsdale,s make up and he will be targeted in this area at every opportunity.His decision to comit himself in the penalty incident with Vardy was unnecessary and his positioning with regard to the Saliba og was suspect to say the least..No doubt my criticism of our number one keeper will be challenged by certain fans on JA but I honestly believe we made a major error in selling Leno to Fulham for what was a paltry sum.

    1. Hi Grandad – yes that was fun! On Ramsdale, I’m not yet that concerned as I still see him as contributing more than he detracts compared with Leno. Yes Leno would have stopped the near post shot, and wouldn’t have come out to Vardy, BUT that’s because Leno almost never came out at all. His control of his area was poor – he was almost always anchored to his goal line. Plus his distribution is not suited to our game. Ramsdale reminds me of a young Grobbelaar – he takes risks that sometimes fail, he’s emotional, commands his defence and area, but adds more than he takes away. And he’s very young for a keeper so he will learn. Would have loved to keep Leno, but the fact is he wanted the move as he needs to be no 1, so the club had no choice. As for the price – as we know, sales is not our strongpoint!

        1. Grandad Surely that(Ramsdale being his preference) was clear. It was to me anyway.
          He is mine too and I agree with guy about LENOS WEAKNESSES.
          Sorry to say, I trust MA s view on their relative strengths and weaknesses more than yours. I always felt you were wrong about GABRIEL our CB , when you often criticised him (esp last season) to my mind unfairly,

    2. That maddison goal was too cheap for him to let in but let’s still keep our fingers and hope he learns his errors

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