Arsenal overturn early scare to secure three points in Vienna

Arsenal overturned a 1-0 deficit to secure all three points tonight, beating Rapid Vienna 2-1 in Austria.

The Gunners rung the changes as expected. with the likes of Sead Kolasinac, Cedric Soares, Nicolas Pepe and Mo Elneny all making the starting line-up, as well as new signing Thomas Partey making his full debut.

The game started on the right foot, although there was little serious threat made inside the final third, with our stars failing to get that final connection to challenge the keeper.

We failed to put our controlled first-half to our advantage as we went into the break level, and that became all the more frustrating when falling behind shortly after the restart.

Bernd Leno’s nightmare 30 minutes started with giving the ball away to Rapid forward Taxiarchis Fountas to open the scoring, and I was getting worried about betting on the Arsenal win. Luckily I took advantage of the Quinnbet welcome offer, so would have got some of my money back if the Gunners let me down.

The German was nearly at fault for the next goal, when he came rushing out to clear the long-ball, only to fire his clearance into the defender, but the striker spared his blushes by failing to hit the target.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was brought on to make the difference, and he played his part in our recovery.

David Luiz headed us back into the game, latching onto an attacking free-kick, and our talisman found himself in the right place at the right time to secure the winning goal.

The performance could most definitely have been better, but the result was the right one on what would be described as a rocky performance, and Arsenal will thank their lucky stars for the three points after the scare.

Did Arteta get the system wrong for the fixture or was our struggles more down to luck?


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  1. gotanidea says:

    Leno is similar to Szczesny. Great reflexes and great in penalties, but erratic goalkeepers

    Unfortunately we have traded Martinez with Partey. Elneny’s vision is excellent though

    1. SueP says:

      I thought Elneny was good too

      1. gotanidea says:

        He’s my MOTM

        1. ToluCOYG says:

          He was almost flawless, that pass for Bellerin assist was Xaviesque. Partey might just edge him for my MOTM.

    2. Lenohappy says:

      I think Arteta should have used the other keeper today at least to show Leno that he has a real competition, I don’t know to say Arteta is scared, I mean why do you have a second keeper if he can’t play in the carabao cup or in the Europa group stages.

      1. Rory johnson says:

        Lenohappy have you considered hes not ready? Probably not used to playing it from the back and it’s not a system you can out of the blue be ready for, takes time as its costly if you make a mistake, its early days bro chill out it’s not like ‘cant play’ like your saying, were still at the start of the season.

        1. Lenohappy says:

          Rory Johnson if what you said it’s true why buy a keeper that doesn’t fit the coach vision, Chelsea bought Mendy and started using him immediately.

          1. Defund The Media says:

            Lol what I said in no way means he “doesnt fit” it’s an adaptation period, you can have the ability to adapt to a new style but you need to train for a few weeks to brush up on it if you have no experience doing it, you cant just say blanket statements like ‘Chelsea bought mendy and started using him immediately’ when the only thing they have in common is there goal keepers lol, there different people, different mindsets, different clubs therefore irrelevant.

          2. Pepe says:

            Not true
            Do you want to tell me that if Leno injures today he wouldn’t play….
            This is purely arteta’s decision has nothing to do with adaptation he is not a teenager playing in a pub league

          3. Defund The Media says:

            Is Leno injured? No! So your point is just totally silly, of course he would play him if leno got injured… but hes not injured so he doesnt need to play him yet…. I mean honestly think about what you just said it couldnt he more irrelevant, you cant make a fact from a hypothetical situation.

          4. Mindas says:

            You are getting it wrong. Mendy was brought in to replace Kepa(No 1) not as second choice like Runarson because Chelsea is tired of Kepa’s mistakes week in week out. Runarson is brought in to replace Martinez(No 2). So the difference is clear.
            Now is left for the coach to choose if he wish to start the Runarson(No 2) ahead of Leno (No 1).

          5. Pepe says:

            So what is the fact that you have to show that runarson not playing has anything to do adaptation?
            A keeper who has been here for weeks is not ready for an Europa league game just as saliba spare me that rubbish it’s all arteta’s choice and has nothing to do with the players adaptation
            Gabriel was ready in his first week even without playing a ball for almost six months

          6. Mindas says:

            About Gabriel playing, we had no choice, Mustafi and co. were injured. And having a player as solid as Gabriel, will you gamble the match by sitting him on the bench.
            Now Leno is still fit and not injured, why can’t you be patient and let the new keeper learn and get much confidence before slotting him in. Watching his highlights on YouTube, I can see he still need to improve. For you to know, Leno serving of ball is even better than Runarson. Now imagine the errors Leno is making while serving the balls, then compare it to someone not even good as him. C’mon let Arteta do his job.

      2. gotanidea says:

        Macey wants to move ASAP, so it’s kinda useless to start him over our new GK. Runarsson just joined and I think he’s too similar to Leno, based on what I saw on his highlights

        I wish Macey would change his mind. If not, I hope Iliev would step up next season

        1. Loose Cannon says:

          Leno has just confirmed he is crap and will be a liability in near future. Just play Mat Macey, couldn’t be as worse as Leno.Or maybe he could be the next Emiliano. If Macey wants to move he would definitely like to showcase himself to prospective clubs. Cannot compare Mendy with Runar. Runar has come here to warm the bench only.
          One step forward, two steps back for AFC

          1. Lenohappy says:

            Loose Cannon how dare you say Leno is crap, let me remind you that Leno has been our best player for the past 2 seasons even more important to the team than Aubamayang.

          2. Dan kit says:

            Obviously Lenohappy you stopped watching Arsenal when Iwobi left because that would coincide with your lost 2 years

          3. Sue says:

            Oh Dan, well we know who’s next on the slated list….. ☹

          4. Pepe says:

            How is Leno more important than Auba
            In his last two season he has been ranking more errors leading to goal

          5. Jax says:

            I read somewhere yesterday that Leno is third most PL keeper for errors leading to goals. I think we might see a return to some hoofing the ball from defence when under pressure for a little while now.

          6. Jose says:

            Agree. Leno was amazing given the sheer saves he made given our world class defense last season

          7. Loose Cannon says:

            LH, lets stop living in the past and start living in the present and plan for the future. Years back Keppa was great, today? Ozil was great 5 seasons ago, today? Leno was good two seasons back, no denying that, but of late his performances are crap, if it was some serious opponents, we would have left Vienna with 2-2 draw. Pool, City and now Wien, does not instill confidence for the Leicester game with that menacing Vardy.

          8. zamind says:

            Hard to understand your comments flow

    3. Kev82 says:

      There’s nothing unfortunate about getting Partey he’s an excellent midfielder!

      1. gotanidea says:

        He is, but imagine if we didn’t have to sell Martinez just because we need to get a new CM. The ship has sailed though, so hopefully Leno wouldn’t repeat his brain fart in Leicester game

        1. Kev82 says:

          Well then it’s unfortunate we have Kroenke and a clueless board but we are blessed to have a quality player like Partey he’s gonna be a machine for us! Martinez is no longer our player we should only focus on what we have.

          1. Sue says:

            Hurrah for your last line, Kev!! Omg tomorrow’s gonna be exhausting on here 🤣🤣
            I’m watching Celtic….

          2. Kev82 says:

            Haha I am too Sue I haven’t even eaten yet these damn night time games 😂😂 Scot brown is useless I have no idea why he starts every game 🤣 Totts 2 up 😩

          3. Sue says:

            Bloody hell, Kev, get on it – get some food!!
            He thinks he’s something special though… yeah I saw, what a pisser!!

          4. Kev82 says:

            I know Sue half time, perfect time to get off my arse 😂 yeah and Tierney calls him a legend, a legend of what? Walking around the pitch and making the odd pass 🤪 the mighty Bale hasn’t scored yet so not all bad 🤣

          5. Sue says:

            Some game Villarreal, Kev..

          6. Sue says:

            Kev.. did you see Kemar Roofe’s goal for Rangers? Wow…..

          7. Loose Cannon says:

            and it is unfortunate to be paying 18 million to change diapers at home and sacrifice our standout keeper. If we had saved 18 million on wages and got 10 million in transfer fees, then part of Parteys fees would be met. Spilt milk.

          8. SueP says:

            You hit the nail on the head

    4. Pepe says:

      Leno Leno Leno
      The painful part is people doesn’t want him to be criticized anymore simply because they think Martinez is gone and all we need is to support him and praise him when he has been costing us goals
      Punches poor
      Decision making very poor
      Weak in the air
      Doesn’t command the box
      It’s no coincidence that we won big games with Martinez
      In any top team that expires to be champion you must have a commanding goal keeper it’s simple as that…
      I don’t think arsenal can win the league with Leno.. He is good but not world class

      1. gotanidea says:

        His reflex is world class and he’s excellent in penalties

      2. Dan kit says:

        But still been our best player the last 2 years ,without him in goal and Auba goals under Emery we could have been bottom half of the league .

        1. Pepe says:

          That is your opinion
          Auba has been our best player so o don’t know where you got your best player for two seasons from
          Was he better than Martinez hell no

          1. Moscoron says:

            Lol. Martinez spent how many years in arsenal? Under how many coaches? And he didn’t nailed down a spot.. And how many teams did he join on loan? & none of the team he went to wanted to buy him. He played 11 matches for us.. 11!! And he was excellent. But it’s just 11 matches & arsenal wanted him to stay, but he wanted a guarantee spot? Nobody has a guarantee spot in the team. Then he left. So if you wanted to Blame someone, Blame Martinez. For not being man enough to fight for his spot.

          2. Pepe says:

            Yes. No body has a guaranteed spot expect for Leno this past few months
            Martinez going on loans and etc what has that got to do with how good he has come to be
            Every player must not have the same career path maybe it’s his uncountless loans that has made him who he is now…
            Arteta has been making many shocking decision and player preferences maybe Martinez isn’t convinced that he will never get a fair enough chance to fight with Leno once Leno is fully fit which many of us already knew

          3. Jose says:

            It’s people like you who represent the toxic arsenal fans. Shame!

          4. Jax says:

            I think the fans on this blog are mostly quite polite to each other. There is a little inevitable trolling and the odd spat and one seems to assume seniority due to advanced age but If you want toxic fans check out Le Grove; good articles but really poisonous comments section. It’s only my opinion, but I think most blogs can succeed or fail on the quality of the comments section.
            I don’t have much to do these days so read quite a few Arsenal sites and find some superb & others quite appalling and at least one bizarre.

          5. mike says:

            look at Gnabry always on the fringes by us could never nail down a regular spot in our team, went on numerous unsuccessful loans, we all know how that turned out

          6. gooner4life says:

            compare the stats how many clean sheets has Leno Emi kept this season.? enough said!!!

          7. UNCLE JOSH says:

            Spot on my dear. Absolutely spot on. This has been my point all through the argument. Emi was not man enough and assured enough of himself to compete. Whereas competition bring out the best in you.

        2. Kstix says:

          Same old

          1. Dan kit says:

            And again Kstix what is your problem
            I support a player that plays for our team and you have a problem with anything that I post .
            I remember you called me weird for my opinions but it seems personal mate ,maybe I’ve upset you in the past but atleast be a man and tell me what the problem is .

          2. Dan kit says:

            If you don’t like what I post just leave it and don’t reply rather than being a little women and being sarcastic

          3. SueP says:

            Little woman!!

          4. Dan kit says:

            Sorry Sue ,maybe I should of said little girl .
            Would that be better for you ?

          5. SueP says:

            Didn’t actually need to use a feminine noun at all to be honest

          6. Kstix says:

            No mate, that was not a personal dig at u. I was saying same old to the fact that Leno being our best player last season bar auba were majority of the squad were poor is the same excuse people use to defend him. Anyway let’s move on

          7. Dan kit says:

            I apologise then ,but in future I will stay off your posts .

          8. ozziegunner says:

            Dan kit, I agree with you supporting Arsenal players, but why don’t you lay off Emery now he is gone. Arsenal were not relegated in his first season, finishing fifth. At the time of his sacking Arsenal was in eighth position, which is a long way from being relegated. If, buts and maybes don’t win football games, so accusing Emery of leading Arsenal to relegation is drawing a long straw. The defensive ex Arsenal head coach (and 3 time winner of the Europa League), now Villareal manager won his first Europa League game 5-3.
            The criticism that Berndt Leno is receiving is totally unfair, given that all players, even goal keepers make mistake. I am concerned that the fan devisiveness over the Leno/Martinez decision may have got to him, in that he has people preying on every mistake he makes, yet don’t remember the many great games he has had.
            Martinez is gone to Aston Villa; Leno is Arsenal goal keeper and every “supporter” should get behind him.

        3. Mohsan says:

          Hi Dan, you are right but I do not understand this obsession to play from back with a keeper who is not comfortable playing that role. Why not play to your keeper strength or else should have kept Martinez who’s strength was ball playing.

        4. SueP says:

          It’s not wrong to support him or recognise what he did for the team. In my humble opinion his unfortunate injury gave Martinez a chance to make his mark regularly and boy did he take it
          I hope for Leno that his resolve is not weakened but I can’t deny I felt in a different time and place he would have lost his place to Martinez. Arsenal needed the fee from Villa to do business elsewhere

      3. Kstix says:

        ,, 👍

      4. Lenohappy says:

        Pepe we can criticize Xhaka Mustafi Pepe el neny but we can’t criticize Leno because he’s good at stopping shots.

        1. Pepe says:

          We all love Leno and know he is a great shot stopper but Martinez gave us something we lacked for so many years a commanding class gk
          It’s sad because I expected Leno to improve after watching Martinez heriocs but it’s sad that it’s same old Leno…
          I have come to accept this is all part of his game now

    5. John Ibrahim says:

      Eleney has matured alot….

      He works very hard and is very determined

      this is the kind of player we need….

      1. ozziegunner says:

        John, his performances since his return from loan, have been very solid. He has become a very reliable player, in that what you see is what you get; 100% effort and commitment.

  2. McLovin says:

    Runarsson is notthe good enough for cup games huh?

  3. RSH says:

    First half he got it wrong again but made the changes later to get the result. Very similar shades to the City game in the first half. Once the team was actually allowed to play and not be overcautious, it was pretty comfortable and Partey bossed the entire game. More of this please.

    1. Sue says:

      How nice to see a midfielder boss the game!

  4. Sue says:

    Partey MOTM – delicious!!
    Great header by Luiz 👊
    Elneny had a good game
    So glad Auba’s back on the score sheet..
    Not the greatest of games, but got the job done! *wipes brow*

    Now I’m braced for tomorrow’s articles – move over Mesut, it’s Leno’s turn… groan..

    1. Kstix says:

      , 😂😂👍

      1. Sue says:

        Happy belated Birthday, btw, Kstix!!

        1. Kstix says:

          Thanks Sue😊😊

      2. Mohsan says:

        Happy birthday Kstix 🎉🎊🎁

    2. Kenya 001 says:

      Fantastic signing 👌 now let’s see more of him this Sunday against Leicester.

      1. Sue says:

        That is just the full debut I wanted to see, Kenya!! He was brilliant! Can’t wait for Sunday 👊

    3. Lenohappy says:

      Sue El neny is my MOTM

      1. Sue says:

        I’m really glad he had a good game, Lenohappy… 🙂 and that pass 👌

        1. Lenohappy says:

          Yes that pass reminds me of Rosicky and ooh I think I finally get the reason why Lacazette doesn’t score much, ,Laca is a bearded Yaya 🤣🤣🤣

          1. Sue says:

            It was a beauty!
            😂😂 but Laca’s our top scorer so far!! 😂😂

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Mo Elneny showed what he can do, when he realizes which end Arsenal is attacking and passes forward, rather than back. Long may it continue.

    4. Maxis says:

      Your last paragraph… 😁

  5. Quantic Dream says:

    Need. Martinez. Back.

    1. Defund The Media says:

      Lol it’s done nro move on!! Might as well be asking for seaman to come back!!

      1. Defund The Media says:


      2. Diogenes says:

        No. If we sold Emi without a buy-back clause, then whoever is responsible should get the sack. You don’t do that with your best keeper in a decade. But what’s done is done.

        Except for paying the full amount for Partey and getting Gabriel, our transfers under Arteta have been shit.
        -Didn’t sell AMN, but won’t even play in the EL.
        -Paid a fortune for a past-it Willian.
        -Sold our best GK in more than a decade.
        -Extended Luiz.
        -Signed Cedric for god knows how many years.
        -Signed our 275th CB in Mari.
        -Didn’t manage to send Saliba to loan on France, then failed to register him for EL or send him to the Championship.
        -Devalued Torreira and Guendouzi.
        -Failed to get rid of Sokratis.
        -This endless Ozil saga.

        And people thought Wenger was bad. These clueless amatuers make Wenger look like a king of transfers…

    2. arie82 says:

      His sale money goes to partey
      Y want partey ship back to atl madrid

    3. ozziegunner says:

      QD, let’s move forward with Berndt Leno not back, with Emi Martinez now an Aston Villa player.
      You never know Martinez might become another Martin Keown, who was also sold to Aston Villa for £200,000 and bought back from Everton for £2,000,000.

  6. Gmv8 says:

    Gawd knows what was up with Leno, he seemed totally out of it, like he was shell shocked about something. We were very lucky not to give away more howlers through him. Towards the end he was wandering about on the right wing, while they were on the break, who knows what for? There was clearly a problem, and we could’ve really done with EM tonight.

  7. Hill says:

    Gabriel is a top quality CB

  8. Trudeau says:

    Eventful second half with Leno channelling his inner Kepa. Hopefully he’s got that our of his system for awhile.

    Nice to see the response and urgency coming into the team once going behind and substitutions were made. Partey became more dominant as game wore on and Gabriel was beasting it again.

    Enough positive signs in the second half to make me (mostly) forget about the first.

    1. HA559 says:

      Leno has always been like that. You should check errors leading to goal in pl, Leno is up there

      1. Khadii says:

        Behind De gea 9 and Pickford 11.
        Even Kepa isn’t ahead of Leno in errors.

  9. AubaKedavra says:


    Partey: He is world class. Will be one of the most important members in the days to come.

    Gabriel: Give Edu (or whoever recruited him) a hike for finding this gem. One of the best defenders Arsenal had in a very long time.

    Elneny: An excellent squad player

    Cedric: An average backup for belerin. Not good enough to challege him for his spot.

    Kolasinac: a below average backup for Tierney. Needs to be shipped out.

    Pepe: Great sometimes, terrible otherwise. I don’t want to sound negative after a win, but as things stand, he might turn out to be the worst transfer business of the decade. No vission. Loses ball too often.

    Leno: Had a terrible game. But he is good enough for a top 4 finish and an FA cup. We will never win a major title with him in the squad. Not comfortable the ball, too slow to pass, zero command in the box, zero leadership skills, excellent shot stopping skills.

    Arteta: We seriously need to chill down and give him time. If we are getting so negative in just his first full season in, we are pulling him down. He needs to do a lot better I agree. But he needs time. Look at Klopp. How he did wonders after terrible 2-3 seasons. We need to ask ourselves, can we be so patient and give him enough time to improve?

    1. Kstix says:

      Spot on

    2. Mohsan says:

      @Auba, spot on for all but the last bit. Klop was not terrible for 2-3 seasons. Season before last they almost won the title and won champions League. They finished in champions League season before that one….so how was he terrible. Please do not compare klopp to MA, I don’t think that comparison is just for both of them. Even in his first season klopp might not be winning trophies but he played some of the most exciting football. For me klopp is even better then Pep and MA certainly has all the ingredients to join both of them up there.

      1. AubaKedavra says:

        @Mohsan, totally agree with you. Klopp for me is one of the best managers in the world, and ahead of Pep.
        As for the terrible 2-3 years, I think i added a year more. It was the first 2 years. They didn’t win anything. Yes they were playing good football, but so are Leeds this season.
        Trophies are what measures success and they had none in his first two seasons. Infact the first season they finished low and got kicked out by smaller teams in the domestic competition.

        My point being, for all his pedigree as a great Dortmund coach, he didn’t raise eyebrows untill his 3rd season. Arteta on the other hand is just starting his career as a first team manager. And for all his boring gameplay, he has already won a trophy. It’s really not constructive to put him in a red zone yet. Yes, he needs to improve a lot, but we should really get behind him and lower our expectations atleast for this season.

        Just trust him for this season and start raising questions in the next. As simple as that.

        1. Sid says:

          I get your point but I guess ideally I would judge him over a two-year stint. Klopp wasn’t exactly a newbie starting into management when he got to Liverpool. MA still has a lot to learn and maybe 1 season isn’t enough. I hope to be wrong though…

    3. Stewart Macintosh says:

      Do you mean that I can’t get an Arteta out sign made up yet (and I am just kidding)

      1. Mohsan says:


      2. AubaKedavra says:

        @Stewart, sign board isn’t much helpful being waived at home in front of the TV.
        Lets start pooling in money for a floating Arteta out banner behind a helicopter 😂

    4. SueP says:

      Wholeheartedly agree

  10. says:

    Leno is the weak link. He’s getting away with his antics which cost out club dearly because he has the blessing of the coach

    1. Jón says:

      Leno is proven top pl keeper, best Arsenal player this season. Error in this tactic is more likely for keepers. Dont forget all great performances he has delivered this season

  11. Kenya 001 says:

    Too conservative for me we should assert ourselves more. Why are we playing this safe!! We got away with Vienna but the league could be unforgiving.

  12. says:

    Martinez belongs to the past. That ship has sailed. Hope the coach can retrain Leno

  13. John Legend says:

    Was that a training session?
    Glad we eventually got the win

    1. Reggie says:

      Leno tonight was shocking and not just for the goal. He looked nervous and inept. A bit worrying for me, he is struggling and its not doing our defence much good having him fumbling about. Partey showed us tonight what a proper midfielder should be capable of doing. Improved the midfield but weakened the keeper. I think playing out from the back is going to be a problem with Leno.

      1. SueP says:

        It is a worrying time for Leno. I do feel for him and hope his confidence returns as soon as possible.

        1. Reggie says:

          Sue P i liked Leno before Martinez, i liked Martinez more when he got his belated chance. We all know Lenos strengths and his weaknesses, the problem is his weaknesses now are biting him and our team. I still like Leno but he has more weaknesses and if he cant sort them, he will let us down. I was actually a little sad tonight because i thought he looked way off the pace and im worried for him.

          1. SueP says:

            Me too ☹️

  14. Mohsan says:

    Much much better performance. What a player Partey!! What a game Gabriel!! Big shout out to Elneny as well, played really well. Great change by MA but poor front team selection, Nkeitiah and Laca can not play together, when they do we have no one of the left wing. That’s the second mistakeA has made in a week but good thing is he realised and changed it in the game. 👍 to MA for that.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      👍 And an away win in Europe is not to be sneezed at.

  15. Lenohappy says:

    Gabriel is just too good, El neny has improved a lot, Partey will be the signing of the season.

    1. Sue says:

      Amen to that 🙂

      1. ozziegunner says:

        👍 👍 👍

  16. Mohsan says:

    Hi Dan, you are right but I do not understand this obsession to play from back with a keeper who is not comfortable playing that role. Why not play to your keeper strength or else should have kept Martinez who’s strength was ball playing.

  17. speedy says:

    As per Sofascore, Kolasinac lost possession 16 times over the course of the game, whilst he made just one interception and no tackles whatsoever.

    Whenever he had the ball at his feet, the Bosnian looked uncomfortable, and often took too many touches to either play it down the line or come back inside with it.
    And don’t get me started on Leno .

  18. Neath Gunner says:

    Happy 71st Arsene.
    All time great of our club.

  19. Shakir says:

    Gabriel,Partey and elneny….i dont know who to pick as my motm.

    The response after the goal was great and i cant see why we didnt do that in the first half.

    Hooe ceballos and willian id back sooon fofthe leicester game.

    And about leno,there are bad days for everyone so please guyz…..dont.

  20. speedy says:

    Aubameyang goals saving us again.
    If we cannot find a way to win without him then we are in trouble. Let just hope partey keep up the performance. And arteta might not start him on Sunday, won’t be surprised if he doesn’t start him .
    But a win is a win

    1. SueP says:

      I hope he does start him Speedy

  21. Gily says:

    I love the win. But I used to enjoy Arsenal even when we lose sometimes. Now all we do is Brawl out wins.
    Wins are the only thing keeping the fans from descending badly on the manager’s head.
    I don’t want to believe it’s the nemesis of how badly Ozil ( arguably the only remaining creative player in the team ) has been treated which is haunting us so quickly. In fact we haven’t been playing beautiful ball ever since the restart of football, though we nonetheless have been winning matches. This incidentally coincided with when the club started shutting out of Ozil.
    Something needs to be done urgently because it becomes so obvious how badly we play once we draw or lose a match.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Gily, a lot of cynical fouling by the opposition doesn’t help fluidity of play. The referee was ordinary.

  22. jon fox says:

    I felt sorry for both Partey and Gabriel , who were both excellent , having to play in that team tonight. So many others were just not at the races, until Auba came on and the shape changed to a more familiar one. Until then we were shapeless and all over the place. A better last half hour cannot disguise the very poor hour that went before it.

    1. Reggie says:

      Partey and Gabrial were great but i also thought Luiz was as well, which i dont think has been mentioned and it should.

      1. Mohsan says:

        Reggie, you are right. Not a fan of Luiz but he did have a very good game. If he does not make those silly mistakes which he does some times then he is a quality defender specially one of the rare breed who can play those pin perfect balls over the top.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Luiz’s back pass contributed to Leno’s mistake for the first goal. The communication in defense really needs attention and work to improve.

    2. SueP says:

      Can I put my hand up and say I thought Elneny had a good game?

      1. Reggie says:

        He did ok Sue P, he was a little negative except for the lovely pass that led to the goal but he did ok.

      2. Jax says:

        He certainly did. Struck up a good partnership with Partey, played mostly accurate forward or sideway (to Partey) passes, good interceptions, always available for a ball out of defence (often with his back to goal) and able to use it constructively and made the pre assist for Auba’s goal. He’s definitely benefitted from the season on loan and I’m glad we didn’t sell him.
        Great hair too.

  23. Akonteh Andrew says:

    Leno will let Arsenal down if the goalkeepers couch pampas him like a baby. He cannot hold the ball tight and rushes without timing.
    Leno:s Timing and decision making are very imperfect for an all round team like the Arsenal NOW.
    Aubameyang scored that ball because he came in hungry for goals and so turned very versatile and unlike him bece mobile.
    He did not plant himself on the wing.
    He behaved like Mane/ Sterling whom you cannot track in the field.
    With the mobility in the 18 box/ Partey/Ilneny/Xhaka behind him, Auba
    will make more goals

  24. Jón says:

    Selling martinez for 20m was jackpot. Come on look at hes career.Not even close to Leno quality or Runarsson. When Heaton will be ready he will take this position

  25. Wale says:

    You guys should stop this obsession with Martinez and allow the guy to focus on his new club and we should stop treating him as if he is more important than the club or even Leno… Is it because Aston villa are in a good run of form now and that’s why we have been shouting that he is one kind world best goal keeper. I love Martinez alot but that was when he was in Arsenal but he is no more an Arsenal player and so let’s support our own player now (Leno)…. Also thanks Arteta for winning the match even though I was restless while watching it and especially thanks Arsenal board for getting us Partey and Gabriel( for that peanut money while a player was bought for £80m ) thats daylight robbery (thanks Lille but we did our own back for Pepe lol). With Gab and Partey in our team, am certain we will qualify for champions league next season( through premier league)
    My men of the match for today’s game are (1) Gabriel (2) Partey (3) Elneny…… Please Lacazette needs to leave Arsenal for goodness sake and Arsenal/Arteta should get another prolific striker that at least has goal sense more than him, I can’t tolerate his misses again… He cost us a lot of points with his misses last season and he has started this season again and him being our main target man for that……

    1. ozziegunner says:


  26. Kieron Blandford says:

    Glad we won but god we were Cr*p tonight!
    Got to wonder if they were nervous due to the prescence of fans again?
    Partey looked miles above any of the orher starters tonight, hope hes not thinking what the hell have I done this is not the arsenal I came for!
    He was so so good 🙂

  27. OZGooner says:

    All this rubbish about Leno. Okay he had a bad game. Give it a rest. He has consistently been one of our better performers in the last couple of seasons.

    1. Ahmad73 says:

      Leno can’t play from the back.

  28. Lucia says:

    I am surprised at the comments I’m seeing here. It makes me wonder if some fans really watch games or just have it in their minds to criticize certain players. Even ederson and Allison hard howlers already this season, but I don’t see neither Liverpool or city fans wanting them out. And I can’t believe that lacazette is still an arsenal player. Nkethia yes he is average but he can still improve considering his age but lacazette the earlier we cash in on him the better. And how come no one has mentioned bellerin? Man has been on form this season. The game changed the moment he entered the pitch. I don’t blame the lineup arteta started with as some of this players needed game time. I felt if Saka will start on Sunday he shouldn’t have played him because he is at risk of burnout. Give it up for elneny whom is turning out to be like a new signing. The more I watch Gabriel the more I realized it’s payback to Lille for what they did to us with Pepe. Gabriel is a total steal. And if we are all been fair here we all can agree that Luiz is having a fine season. Remind me a game he has been bad this season because I can’t remember. How on earth is Kolasinac still here? Come on he should move please. Thank God to see mustafi back because the games are coming thick and fast. I actually feel sorry for Nelson, he should move on loan in Jan along with ESR and willock to get game time because I don’t think they will get it here this season for their development. And Pepe I don’t know or I can’t remember an arsenal player more frustrating than this guy. Please don’t turn out to be a flop because so far he has neither justified starting or his price tag. Competition is good that’s why I think Arteta should play runnarson or macey in cup games so that Leno knows he has serious competition. Someone pointed out something about Leno and sczesnny, I think he was spot on. They are the same in the fact that both are not commanding, both vocally. But the have good reflexes. I won’t write Leno off yet because let’s not forget this guy is just coming back from an injury. So let’s try to cut him some slack because I remember when he was putting world class performances just so we don’t get relegated. So far I think bellerin, luiz, elneny is having a good season and I’m particularly happy about elneny. It shows that hard work, believe and trusting in your ability(confidence) will take you higher. Coyg

    1. AubaKedavra says:

      Totally agreed.

      Pepe as things stand is turning out to be a glorified version if Iwobi. Imagine spending 72 mils on a CAM or 2 very good players somewhere else. It took me the signings Gabriel and Partey to get over this terrible deal. I don’t think we will ever see a better version of him. This is his best with us. I would love though for him to rub this opinion in my face with a turnaround in his performance. Which I have very less hope of.

      As for Leno, I don’t think he is world class. Simple as that. Ederson and Allison are leaders at the back. Ederson can pass the long ball better than some of our defenders. Allison has a strong command in the box. Agreed no GK is error proof but these two offer much more than just shot stopping skills of Leno. Their defense is confident with them at the back. Can’t say the same with Leno.

      Should Leno be a top priority for a change? Absolutely not. There are many other things in the team that needs to be sorted out.
      What to do with him? As I have been saying, he is good enough for challenging in minor titles and top 4 finish. We shouldn’t be focusing more on him right now IMO. But we really need to look somewhere else in future when we are plan for a major trophy. I can’t see us winning PL or CL with him at the back.

    2. Sue says:

      Funny how Hector is often slated, yet when he comes up with the goods – silence!! Nada!!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Sue, all I want to see is consistent performances from Bellerin. Unfortunately he doesn’t seen to focus on being a full time professional footballer.

      2. Mohsan says:

        Sue, i till don’t like Bellerin and I still think he should be sold. He is a defender and his first duty is to defend but the boy just can not defend to save his life….he has no attributes for a defender does not posses good leap, bad positioning most of the time end up on wrong side of ball etc etc. Why some of the fans don’t notice so much is because he is blessed with pace so most of the times that helps him to recover situation but against a quality attack he is useless. He is no where near the best RB in EPL for get about Europe. If you want to compare him offensively then look at T.Arnold so either we buy some one who can defend or if we want to keep using him on top end of the field then we have so many proper better options.

        1. Sue says:

          I just like to give credit where it’s due!

  29. Danson says:

    Am afraid we do not have the depth most people think we do.

  30. gunnerforlife says:

    Great performances by Partey, Gabriel and Elneny in that order. Very worried about Lenno though, wonder why MA is forcing the team to play from the back when Lenno seems to be uncomfortable in this tactic. Also worrying is the fact we are still over reliant on Auba for goals and we should start firing from somewhere else. Also a great performance from Louis.

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      don’t think Leo is uncomfortable. He is a very good passer. but when you play from the back you will concede such a goal every now and then.

      1. Declan says:

        Great performances from Partey, Gabriel and Elneny.
        Worst performance? No, not Leno, it was Kolasinac, 16 times he lost possession, made one interception and not one single tackle.

      2. Sue says:

        And Mikel has insisted we still carry on playing out from the back…

  31. Bur says:

    Partey, Gabriel and Elneny have to agree played well, Lenno I am afraid is not for me. we got rid of an outstanding keeper to Villa and he is showing great potential. But still 3 points away from home is very good. I am disappointed in not keeping a clean sheet and the calamitous way it happened and we got away with another goal keeping booboo. disappointed in the young forwards but you can always rely on class to pull us through, well done Auba!!!

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      well you don’t sacrifice a German international who had a few good seasons, just to accommodate a keeper who had 10 good games. we needed the money, and having Partey in the squad is more important.

      1. AY75 says:

        Besides, Martinez refused to stay and fight for his place. It was no 1, or else I leave for him…… players shouldn’t be making such demands, he’s supposed to earn his place with his performances. He was told his chances of starting against Fulham was 95%, but that was good enough for him. Makes me wonder if he’s scared of having to contend with Leno…… anyways, he’s gone now, y’all should get over it. Wld I have preferred to have him around, definitely…… but I’ll still let him go a thousand times over, if he decides to go somewhere else where he thinks he’ll have it easy…… so we should all stop complaining. All goalkeepers (heck, all players) have an off day once a while, and don’t need to further destroy Leno’s confidence after his howlers….. unless we replace him, we have to support him.

        1. AY75 says:

          That wasn’t good enough *

  32. Wenger91 says:

    The job is done!

    MA should consider giving the other keepers a chance. We need someone to be ready other than Leno

  33. Sean Williams says:

    Leno……a disaster……Emmy where are you???? Should have given the Icelandic guy a chance. Leno cannot command the PA. A disaster!!!
    Thomas….Wow. Quality. What more can I say. Top notch. Sadly we need a creative midfielder but we will spend the next couple of months with nada….none. Oh well this season is the curtain raiser to next season when we will really challenge for the league.

  34. AUBA_14 says:

    Kolasinac and Lacazette should not play in premier league games
    First mistake from Leno since a long time so give it a rest
    Partey is all what I expected, great eneregy. More will come from him
    Ozil should be starting these games… shame on AFC

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Lacazette is Arsenal’s top scorer so far this season, and you want to leave him on the bench!

  35. gunnerforlife says:

    Kola should be sent on loan in January and sadly Cedric Soares is not a right back up to Belarin. I think AMN will have to deputise for both Belarin and Tierney in case either of them do not play. Considering the rigours of the season Arsenal should have had better backups in their full back positions because AMN will mostly be playing in the midfield.

  36. Sid says:

    I think the players underestimated the opposition. We had a good Luiz chance in the first half, then Saka also made some good runs. I remember one Nketiah chance wasted because he couldn’t sort his feet. The guy needs to go on a loan. Lately, his pressing also has been ineffective. Laca shouldn’t miss those easy chances. Bellerin is slowly coming back to his best. Luiz and Gabriel had good games. Partey and Elneny worked really well, especially in the second half. Leno had one of those days to forget but it happens to everyone. Arteta changed the game with his substitutions. Overall a game we made a comeback from a difficult position.

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