Arsenal owes more transfer fees than any other Premier League team

Protesting Arsenal fans will have even more reasons to vent their anger at Stan Kroenke when they realise that their club owes the most outstanding transfer fees among Premier League teams.

The Gunners have seen their fans protest against the ownership of Kroenke in recent weeks after he made their club one of the founding members of the European Super League.

The American has been the majority shareholder at the club since 2011 and has overseen some poor campaigns at the Emirates.

Money has also been an issue with the Gunners struggling to buy top players like some of their competitors.

They have made some questionable signings like Nicolas Pepe and some of their buys haven’t even had the chance to play for the team yet, William Saliba for example.

Price of Football’s Kieran Maguire has just revealed on Twitter that Arsenal still owes £154million in outstanding transfer fees.

These fees are owed to the likes of Saint Etienne for the signing of Saliba.

Mail Sport says they also still owe Lyon for the transfer of Alexandre Lacazette and Borussia Dortmund for the transfer of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

This news is likely to anger the club’s fans even more and probably also means they would have to borrow money to buy new players in the summer.

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  1. That is ridiculous the Management wants clearing out what a way to run a top football club.

  2. Seems like Stan Kroenke buys on the ‘never never’. The guy is a cheapskate in the way he does business. Seeing what he did to the St Louis Rams he is lower than a snake. Low and greedy.

    1. The only way we fans will get him to sell is if everyone sticks together and no one buys seats or tickets or season tickets until he has sold and then lets the currant holders of the seats buy them back when the new person comes in, and try and force him out that way,

      1. It will take a co-ordinated supporter/fan actions, to make greedy Stan Kroenke lose more and more money.

      2. To put this into perspective,Barca are currently in debt to the tune of 1.1 billion euro.The prospect of a windfall from joining the Super League is perhaps understandable but at the end of the day the mountain of debt has arisen due to shocking mismanagement over a period of almost a decade fuelled by mercenary players advised by their unscrupulous agents.The man in the street is subject to Government controls on salaries etc but in professional football anything goes it seems.I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for the mess many Clubs find themselves in for they have succumbed to shear greed and changed our great community based sport into an unsustainable business.

      3. Simon
        I don’t think you know how getting a ticket works after missing a season ticket?
        There are many rich expatriate waiting on queue to buy that ticket you’re talking about and it can take you 20years to get another one

    2. If you click on the Twitter link you will see that all clubs do it on the never never and we only owe marginally more than some other clubs, like Man U , Chelsea etc.

        1. Proof that he is the most hated owner in America?

          And if that is true and yet he never sells the club, it means fans are just protesting for nothing cos been hated means nothing to him.

  3. Not surprising. It’s how we’ve structured many of our deals. Low payments upfront, and mostly staggered payments overtime. Hardly breaking news. Everyone knows this is how Pepe transfer was set up too.

  4. It doesn’t work like that unfortunately. If you don’t renew your season ticket and you reapply, you go to the back of the queue. Considering how many tens of thousands are in the waiting list, you will have years to wait.

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