Arsenal owners’ sign off on monster £250M warchest this summer

The Kroenke family are claimed to have signed off on a monster £250 Million spending spree this summer, with Arsenal having failed to secure European football of late.

The club has suffered consecutive eighth place finishes in the Premier League, whilst their FA Cup success 10 months ago had earned them a last-gasp spot in the Europa League for last term.

While we looked like we could have done similar this campaign until Villarreal ended our hopes in the semi-final of the EL, before we were minutes away from securing a place in the European Conference League also, before Tottenham claimed that spot with a win over Leicester.

The owners are now claimed to be ready to put in the investment to close the gap on our rivals, and 90min claims that they have signed off on a massive £250 Million transfer budget.

The report claims that the players which will be targeted will all be within a specific age range, where they will retain resell value, with the target to sign players who have the potential to become top stars in the not-too distant future.

It sounds as though Edu has asked for a big budget, with these sorts of players his priority, which has caught the interest of the owners.

I pray that this report proves to be true, as we know we have been let down in recent windows, and a strong investment has been needed for a while now.

Who would be top of your wishlist with this budget?


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  1. Joshua Kimmich. I hope we focus rather on young potentials than “mature” big name signings (other than Kimmich :)) no 30+ years old players at all

  2. I’ve been Arsenal fan for 14 years, so I KNOW for a fact that this is false news. It is simply not in our DNA to behave like a top team. If we didn’t do this even when we had consistent Champions League football, what makes anyone think we’ll do it without any form of European competiton? Besides, Kroenke is all about the profit, so even if we were able to sell a ton of players for good money, you best believe that KSE will be pocketing most of that. Honestly, I’m not even following our transfer window. I’ll be back to the footballing world on August 14 to see what happened in the window, which I can guarantee won’t be much.

    1. You cannot KNOW for a fact this is untrue yet Jachike. It would certainly explain why we are seemingly enquiring about players we all expect to be out of our reach.

      I’m a Gooner since 1970 and we have at times injected cash.

      Maybe Kroenke is mellowing in old age, maybe he has suddenly developed a soft spot for Arsenal who have been for some time the financial jewel in his sports franchises, maybe he has done the maths and really sees a long term gain from such an investment, or maybe dementia is taking hold.

      Unlikely I agree, but lets wait a little longer with all fingers and toes crossed…

      1. GUY, well I cannot gainsay your optimism with any definite facts. But as a realist in life and in football, I tend to judge the likelihood of future happenings by the evidence of what has happened, in like for like situations, from the past.
        And on THAT basis I just cannot see this reported war chest of “£250mill” as anything but fantasy.

        And Ad PAT, MY glass, where Kroenkes ownership is concerned is not merely half empty but virtually completely empty.

        1. But Jon, being a realist, we all know THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING, so I’ll wait until at least I’ve finished my starter (and the rest of my REFILLED glass) before judging…. lol.


            Would you go to a resurant again and hope for a better pudding,if the ones you had been receiving ever since Kroenke took over as chef were so cheap and soggy? Neither would I!

      2. hahahahahahaha dementia you say!!!!!! I’m dying here because i dont even dementia can make that man changes his mind to spend money. well lets wait and see but you made my day

      1. ADMIN PAT, you say you prefer a HAPPY life, well done is all i can say to you sir. because, to me, you hide that fact each and every time you either produce an article on here, or, comment on an article. you are one hell of an actor boss. i take my cap off to you paddy.

        1. gerry, Id call Ad Pat , one hell of a business man, rather than an actor. I may be in a privileged position to judge but as an actor, theatre director and reviewer of plays and all types of theatre productions, I can judge QUALITY actors better than most.

    2. It is not quite true Jachike. Arsenal have the 3’rd highest nett spend on new oplayers over the past 10 years, and we are one of the clubs paying the highest salaries.
      Problems come from the money being spent on the wrong players and from bad management for at least 10 years.

    3. Things have changed now. In those days, how many times did Arsenal fans wanted owner to go ? How many times did they (Owners) Have serious pressure of people wanting to buy the club? So they know that we are all tired of their cock n bull stories now. No time for mediocrities anymore. Is either they spend big for the right players or leave peropid.

    4. Yah that is a false news the Kronkes can’t do that becoz their motto is clear they can’t buy be4 selling

    5. Arsenal need to keep players like Maitlan Niles, Willock and
      smith Rowe and build the team around them.

    6. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for 53 years. We used to behave like a top team, in fact we still do. The problem hasn’t been what we spend it’s been what we have spent it on and how we have waisted the money we spent

  3. Great idea, not! Let’s just let everyone know we have loads of money to spend so sellers can put their prices up. That’s if it’s true, which I somehow doubt, but 🤞.

    1. Hi Dec, if it is true (doubtful I agree) it would explain all the supposed interest in expensive players like Madison and Isak. And it wouldnt have been deliberately leaked – hence our crazy activity early in the window and our deliberate lowaball offers designed to portray poverty for as long as possible.
      It’s a theory and it could be true, although as Arsenal fans we are never that lucky! Takes me back to the day we got Bergkamp though…

      1. guy, maybe the leaked interest in high priced players like Maddison and Sterling, is to deflect attention from Arsenal’s true targets?

  4. Isak/Dhaka

    Zaha/Smith Madison/Manuel Saka/Pepe

    Yves/Lokonga Partey/Sanders

    Teirney/Aaron Gabrial/Mari White/Saliba Adams/Lampty


    1. Lol Nago it didn’t take you long to spend our imaginary £250m! Gotta disallow that ageing overrated Zaha though…

  5. The amount of the transfer budget will be immaterial, if it is spent as poorly as in the past. As the old knight said regarding the selection of which cup was the holy grail: “choose wisely”.

    1. I think the plan is young, high potential, committed players with a lot of English blood in there. Of course that still allows lots of scope for cock-ups! I wouldnt take Maddison for example. Talented yes but not a great team player, erratic form and slow to recover from injuries.

  6. We are the most open club with amount to spend and who we are after….stupid and pathetic like usual.

    MA probably will waste it anyway, doesn’t seem to have a clue when it comes to transfers.

      1. I was under the impression that this was a site that an individual can share their views.

        Or would you rather people only post what you want to hear? You should add what we may/may not comment at the end of each article maybe or possibly just remove certain comments that don’t meet your anecdotal views.

        1. You are correct. My policing is that readers can discuss different subjects.

          I have always suggested that we discuss the topic of the article, and not hijack it with something nothing to do with the article.
          It’s not what I WANT to hear, I just want people to stay on topic.

          That is how I have run the site for ten years, and I will stick by my philosophy okay?

          1. Ad Pat, I admire your hope that we should stick to the topic given, inTHEORY.

            But in order for that hope to have any effect, you as decision maker and the man in charge, need to stop feeding us with junk threads and daft “not a cat in hells chance” rumours, usually penned in poison chalice style by your son Patrick, for whom I feel rather sorry( about him having to use only the poison chalice rumour threads).

            IF future topics are wise, possible and relevant to our real interests as fans, then and only then, I pledge to keep to the topic in use.
            BUT PAT, OLD FRIEND, THE BALL IS FIRMLY IN,YOUR COURT, AT LEAST WHERE I AM CONCERNED . I speak, obviously, only for myself!

  7. If money is at long last found, lets buy hakimi from inter, gleanlish from aston villa nit Madison, lukaku , Aour, and a discent tierany cover, but i dont think we need white now , those young defenders of ours can do something

  8. it’s all speculation, the money, the interest we are showing in about 10 players , mostly media talk to drum up interest, hardly any of it will happen, yes i am sure we are seriously looking to fashion a squad with additions to help with artetas plan but so far it has all been a load of hot air again.

    1. Tommogun58, if you know Arteta’s plan, please tell me what it is, because I can’t see it?

  9. Hahahahaha, this is too funny to be true, it’s just another media stunt. Rember we haven’t even finished Pepe ‘s payment yet

  10. No way on earth will Arsenal spend or be able to spend 250 mil gross let alone net. Total fiction and if it had even a grain of truth, doing it now limits our target players, not being a in europe, or a top club at the moment with a rookie set up.

  11. Well there it goes,prices have just gone up, cos everyone knows Arsenal’s Transfer Kitty.

    £250m basically gets you 4-5 players or only 2 if you go for Haaland and Grealish……….one can dream.

    1. Senseless to say they go for 2 players when he knows Ben white lokonga, bissumo, Auoar, Tyler Adams nd Odegarrd all adding to a sum of 230, also being u25 of age

  12. Kroenke’s won’t splash the cash. we’re just a cash cow for his native franchises. Also why would you trust Edu & Arteta with supposed war chest. Following the transfers on my laptop and as usual making offers below known transfer fees.[i e 40 mill] Ben white [valuation [ 50 mill ] stinks of Arsene Wenger.I’ve been an arsenal fan for 60 [sixty] years

    1. Can’t you just wait and see if that is true before judging? I’m giving them to the end of the transfer window, but if you want to cut your throat bow, go ahead!

      1. With the same logic can’t you wait and see before posting the article?

        People can share their opinion, that’s the whole point of a site like this. Smells like communism supreme leader admin.

        1. The thing about JUST ARSENAL is that we report all the news that is being discussed about Arsenal reported on other sites.

          We didn’t create this news, we are only reporting on it….

          You can have an opinion, but don’t say its b*llsh*t until the facts have been proven. i.e. at the end of the transfer window.

          You can say it is LIKELY to be b*llsh*t on past evidence, but don’t state it as a fact okay….

          1. My thoughts exactly Pat. Very possibly untrue but what if it IS true? We just refuse to discuss the elephant in the room? Window just opened and the Euros are on, so most discussions cant start yet, and the majority of decisions wont be made this soon.
            Fans like to dream – we love “what if’s”. So lets have fun with the conjecture until we know for a fact there is no money.
            And finally in response to Foxy’s post – how the heck are admin supposed to know which rumours are real and which are not? Especially if the cash IS there. I thought Isak at £60m was total BS buy who knows now?
            Only print known facts and we would have days without any posts here at all, and I know what kind of site I prefer to visit.
            Summer window is traditionally a time of hope and optimism at the start of a new chapter. We should be having fun and dreaming, but I guess that’s not what some fans want. I prefer not to wallow in pessimism and negativity about the future – at least not until I know what that future holds. Those criticising optimism based on rumours are also basing their own doomsday scenarios on none of the rumours being true. You lionise the players we don’t get while criticising those we do before theyve kicked a ball.
            Let’s just wait and see and try to enjoy the ride, shall we?

          2. Or take a break and wait until the window closes and all is revealed?
            If Arsenal have that sort of money, Antonio Conte is available.

          3. Kronke will see his cash cows milk being wasted with no euro football so there is I chance he will invest. I hope he thinks it’s now or never , because realistically it is

  13. For me would buy maddison and forget about grealish. Again would buy locateli and sell xhaka, 4get about bissouma. Buy again right back dumpfries sel belarin quickly. Sell kolasinac, niles, gundouzi , but recal torreira and willock. Then that bcomes arsenal monster

    1. I agree with you on the Torreira front. He has a contract with us and I personally like him than Bissouma.
      Torreira never hides in big games. Let’s give him another season and use the money for Bissouma and a right back.

  14. It’s stated that there is no smoke witout fire,since this news was reported by the media,hence we shouldn’t preclude the possibility that this news could be true.the kroenke’s has every reason to invest in the squad especially to build the broken relationship with the fans

  15. I fully believe that josh kroenke has a little bit of arsenal’s interest at heart&can sanction the £250m spending spree,i just hope it can be spent wisely&on the right players by edu&arteta

  16. A combination of great value and more expensive current and potential contributors including: Andre Onana, Ben White, Patrick Van Aanholt, Tariq Lamptey, Manuel Locatelli, Marcel Sabitzer, Florian Neuhaus, Yves Bissouma and Alexander Isak.

    And of course Messi & Haaland too.

    1. You dont have to believe it ID. Just as you dont have to believe any players being mentioned will come here. Just accept that 1% chance it may be true until the window closes with no purchases. You buy a lottery ticket not expecting to win, so why buy one? Because it might happen…

  17. I believe that the kroenke’s would want arsenal to be a success cos it’s their pride….to be a very rich sporting family and to have a club like arsenal in England and let it be a failure would be very embarrassing for them……..!

      1. They were making and stashing away that £250m for a rainy day, Ja. And today it’s pi**ing down!

    1. It could be one of those lightbulb moments Jakes. He’s getting old, feeling his mortality, realising the error of his ways and his true love for Arsenal, and he wants to make up for all the hurt he has caused us.
      Or then again (and more likely) the story could be totally untrue…

    2. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment own embarrassing poor performing sporting franchises in the USA, across all the main sports. Why should Arsenal FC embarrass them any more, such that they will open the purse strings?
      One should worry about Kroenke eyeing off the money Norwich City earnt yo yoing to the Championship and back.

  18. Things and times have changed. Let’s not dwell in the wrongs of the past. That a takeover bid of about £2b for AFC and sustained demonstration by Arsenal fans against AFC owners aren’t enough to soften theKroenkes?

  19. Of course we’ve got £250m….
    Until we sell enough season tickets, then it will dosappear into thin air…

  20. I never knew that patrick is admin pat’s son,just heard it now from jon fox…quite interesting

  21. History would suggest that this is a fictitious claim, but I’ll wait for some more information to emerge before righting it off completely…based on the amount of players that are currently up for sale, combined with this massive transfer kitty, we could have upwards of 350M to spend on new recruits…if this is the case, this could be the most important juncture in our history since our arrival at the Emirates…I guess my only real concern is that I don’t trust this administrative collective to properly utilize this enormous sum, which is a frightening possibility because if they get it wrong this could impact our club negatively for decades, as the likelihood of this being on offer again, should it go sideways, is incredibly unlikely…that said, it spent wisely, this could be the functional rebirth of our fledgling club…I pray it’s the latter

  22. 250 m for Arteta and Edu to buy players . They are not same level with other PL managers . You trust …… hahaha

  23. The speculations are just mind boggling to keep the fans busy on tabs, i guess there’s something cooking in the background and august 31st dd is not far..

  24. What an utter bollocks of a rumour yet again. Like if we are 8 year olds in here. Out of nothing there are Arsenal “fans” who really believe, Kroenke will do an Abramovic and spend 250m on new players having been out of CL football for the last 5 years…
    I trust Arteta to make some good decisions with the funds available, but I don’t see us spending that amount of money. It’s probably going to be some ins and outs to balance the books and maybe a marquee signing in the region of 40-50m to appease the fans. Only way we’re spending that amount of money is if Kroenke decides to sell, which I really hope he will do.

    1. Whilst you’re probably right AGR, there may be even some financial logic to investing now if you have the funds.
      Following last season most clubs are currently necessarily selling clubs, often at well below market value. If we pick up some top young and still developing players we can expect their future value to markedly increase as the market improves. At the same time the club standing. league position and overall value climbs back up as we, with a far superior team, coast back into a CL slot.
      All it takes is a change in Kroenke attitude from “spend what you earn” model to “speculate to accumulate”.
      Then we buy the assets when the market is lowest, sell as the stock value climbs back up, whilst increasing revenue stream through a return to successful football.

  25. It saddens me Wenger didnt have the money to retain his best players, let alone spend this amount of money :

  26. Man can dream, so here is my wishlist:
    CB: Ben White,
    RB/LB: Kieran Trippier
    CM: Kalvin Phillips, Eduardo Camavinga/Jude Bellingham
    CF: Paulo Dybala

  27. Definitely a case of I’ll believe it when I see it. It makes sense though if you were a serious football club wishing to invest on the future. Spend big on the next generation and build a dynasty around them, but, but in the real world we are owned by the Kroenkes and managed by Arteta.

  28. On the other side this article had the desired effect of getting a number of us to click in and have a cynical smile. I guess this what it must be like to be Manchester or Chelsea fans.

  29. Absolute bs! If you believe this I got some magic beans for you. You really think we’d be going for championship players and low balling offers and selling half the team if we had £250 million. Especially since we out of UCL and Europa. I’d say our transfer budget is 0 only relying on player sales.

  30. It’s not realistic they just want the fans to have massive support for the club but for how long shall we continue suffering

  31. The truth is that they (the Kroenkes) can never see this club as we see it. It is a source of joy for us but just a business to them. For this reason I would love for us to patiently look forward to the kind of business done this summer. If there is still no sign of trying to mend the broken relationship with the fans then we should boycott everything. Merchandise, attendance to games etc.

    They are manipulating us like toys and it’s clear we always fall for this kind of cheap tricks. We are the most naive and patient fans in the whole world. This summer should be a big turning point for them to mend their broken accord with the fan base. I would be patient til the window closes but in the mean time let’s be watching.

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