Arsenal pair set for more Euro 2016 frustration?

The Arsenal and Spain international right back Hector Bellerin could be set to endure the same first international tournament disappointment as his club team mate Theo Walcott did with England back in 2006, when Sven Goran Eriksson took the young forward to Germany but did not give him even a minute of playing time despite injury problems to the other England strikers.

Bellerin has yet to feature for La Roja and with them facing the unenviable task of playing Italy today for a place in the quarter-finals this match could be his last chance. That chance looks slim for the young Gunner though, as Vicente Del Bosque has so far made just one substitution to his back four, with the Chelsea star Azpilicueta getting just 10 minutes at the end of their easy win over Turkey.

As reported by Sky Sports the manager has defended his decision to stick with the same starting XI for all three group games so it looks like he will do so again and if he does need to change things it is likely to be in midfield or attack. The only way I see Bellerin getting on is an injury or disciplinary problem for Juanfran.

The situation for Jack Wilshere with England is not as bad as he has actually featured already, but he hardly did his chances of starting much good as he looked pretty short of match fitness. The Arsenal star is one of the options Roy Hodgson may turn to if England need some inspiration though, but just like Bellerin he could be heading out of Euro 2016 without a chance to help keep his country in it.


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  1. Bellerin is backup for Juanfruan, this was obvious when he became part of the team. The fact he’s part of the national setup now though in itself is a plus and I’m sure Hector’s happy to experience this. Maybe if Spain get a good lead we’ll see a short cameo for him, but he was never going to be a main member of the squad this time around. It different from other situations because when it comes to a position like RB, your best one plays. Nobody rotates RB’s for no reason.

  2. forget the euros,

    onto more important matters whilst arsenals arrogant manager twiddles his thumbs, the rest of the big teams are doing what they always do getting ready to spend big. Utd getting Mikky and zlatan to follow, Liverpool getting Mane and before people talk utter rubbish he is miles better then both Theo & Ox together. City have in Gundogen already, it really is a joke Xhaka lol i dont know whether to laugh or cry its become that predictable and pathetic now.

    Buy a player early when season tickets are due and then make stupid attempts to potentially buy players i.e Vardy if you wanted him why activate his clause just bid above it and be open like everyone else and say you want him. Money does bloody talk for everyone else becuase they dont just talk the talk they walk it.

    sad times Arsenal have become a laughing stock

    1. you just asked why arsenal activated his clause and not bid above it? well for such a question i would remember somebody eternally as stupid and ridiculous..

      1. It really is ridiculous. It wasn’t lei we had to sway, it was Vardy.

        Arsenal getting Xhaka signed before the tournament was the shrewdest piece of business we’ve done in quite a while (great foresight). Three consecutive man of the match performances, pinging forty yard balls on a sixpence. I would’ve liked to see him fire balls over for Vardy to run onto but it wasn’t to be. He was easily one of the best in his position at that tournament. Clubs would have taken notice, and got involved. He misses a penalty, and they come out of the woodwork, whats new?. The swiss GK saved nothing, striker misses from three yards out, but of course, lets rip into the Arsenal CDM who misses a penalty even though he’s been his country’s best player overall.

  3. MO1 i share some of your frustrations but to say these other teams have who n who when its not confirmed is bold.

    GX is not the worst midfielder we could have bought. i believe Wenger should focus on the front. if we have an exerlent attack we will only lip other teams on their back and out score them the likes of barca dont have the best defences either. i actually believe if u takeout some of the players and put them in other teams other than the Spanish national team or barca they will be exposed. the just play in a team which is jelled together.

    1. no his frustrations are just silly, why do you share them? he wants to bid more than the release clause? that gets the Most Stupid Comment of the Day award for him

  4. Brazilian reports saying Barbosa has agreed to move to a top pl team. People are saying it’s likely Arsenal. They asked for 40m for him but reports are saying that he has a 15m buy out, meaning nothing can be done about it. 15m, I’m not sure about this one. I hope it’s true but we’ll still need to get a top striker. I was hoping for an established one along with a youngster, Icardi and Janssen would’ve been my choice. Barbosa and Icardi would do just fine too. Lukaku and Barbosa might be preferred by others. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. but before i read about icardi i had exactly the same opinions as you, as a player icardi would be perfect ^^

    2. I watched Barbosa in the Copa and wasn’t impressed.Doesn’t have the calm and composure of a marksman yet.But considering how short we are upfront numbers and quality wise I will welcome him with open arms.Although I would prefer Gabriel Jesus over him.Now that kid has mad dribbling skills and actually reminded me of El Phenomeno.An exciting prospect for the future.

  5. 50m for morata … Must be kiddin me … A younger version of giroud … But Italy do give an indication of Chelsea next season and with hazard and Willian too … The idea that last season gives any indication of next is crazy …we are two quality attacking options short of competing

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