Arsenal pair’s funny dig at Pulis also shows up Wenger

I cannot blame the Arsenal pair for having this cheeky gig at West Brom and their manager Tony Pulis, especially as the Welsh coach has had plenty of run ins with Arsenal and Arsene Wenger over the years and has never been slow to criticise or have his own little digs.

Our Spanish full backs Nacho Monreal and Hector Bellerin will have spent a lot of time with Serge Gnabry as well, and they are clearly happy that their former Gunners team mate has just completed his dream move to the German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich.

This caused the pair to like a tweet that reminded people via social media of the scathing comments made by Pulis about Gnabry when the youngster went to the Hawthorns on loan a few years ago, as reported by Metro.

Pretty funny really, although I reckon that Arsene Wenger would rather his players stayed well away from this story because while it shows Pulis up it also reflects badly on our manager’s own use of this clearly talented young German.

Wenger did sign Gnabry in the first place I suppose, as a 16-year old from Stuttgart, and there were some injury and fitness issues along the way, but could he have done more to keep Gnabry at Arsenal?



  1. I thought Pulis comment was more of a compliment than a criticism, since it suggest that Gnabry doesn’t deserve to play at a low quality team like West Brom 😉 depends on how you want to see it

    1. I think what Pulis meant was ..Gnabry is not dirty enough, he will not do what I tell him, and he tries to play too much rather than just lofting it up field. Basically he means he is not his/WB type, but he used the word “level” instead.

  2. Didn’t we do this already???????????????????
    No, AW shouldn’t and couldn’t have done more to keep him.
    Fans still not fuming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If Gnabry was given half a chance that was given to Wilcox he Would have been one of the best players of age

    1. AW actually tried to get him to sign an extension to his contract, but Gnabry declined the offer.

  4. Stale, shall we get over this Gnabry’s issue already! Dude had a great Olympics and decided he was at the stage of his career where he needed to play regularly. He made the move and it turned out well for him in the end.
    Lets wish him well and move on as all these Gnabry stories are not healthy for us.

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