Arsenal Pessimism, Goals will click and Our best line-up

Our strikers need to find their Shooting Boots.‏ by JH

It sure sounds ridiculous to suggest that our entire season could be over before our first 3 o’clock kickoff of the season. But after just 4 games, with 2 wins a draw and a loss, we already find ourselves 5 points off the leaders Man City.

To show how crazy our fans’ meltdown has been, we are 2 points behind Palace, a side that will soon drop off, we are also a point behind Swansea and Leicester who will also fall soon. We have equal points to Man United, who spent just under £10 Million, and Liverpool who spent just under £80 million. We find ourselves 3 points clear of Chelsea, 4 of Spurs.

Arsenal Fans are some of the most pessimistic fans in the country. We have not started as well as City, True, but we are level with Man United and Liverpool, Their fans seem fine. We are clear of Chelsea and Spurs who also are not screaming CRISIS!!

Arsenals only issue this year has been putting the ball in the net, which will come. Arsenal are the only side in the league averaging over 20 shots per game, in fact Ozil, Ramsey and Cazorla alone have created 60 chances, now of those 60 chances, it is only probably the most difficult that has been converted, Olivier Girouds fantastic Volley Vs Palace. While we have been very frustrating to watch, it is difficult to watch us a not think we will score, the fact is at some point Giroud will have a run of games where he keeps scoring, he scored in 8 games straight at one point last year, 7 games the season before, he will have a run, Walcott is another, when he starts scoring they just seem to flow, and at some point very soon, everything will click, and we will hit someone for 4 or 5.

Whilst us Arsenal fans love to complain, quite simply all that can be done right now is be patient and support our players.
In a world where Anthony Martial, a player with just 52 games under his belt, and 11 goals, costs potentially £58million.
Maybe Wenger was right not to go into the market, everyone says we should have got Benzema, but quite frankly if Real do not want to sell, how much do you think would convince them?

The Majority of us are agreed on one thing, Giroud will never score over 20 goals in the league, he will not. But him, Walcott and Sanchez all playing together could fetch 17 each at least. 51 goals, this is not including the likes of Chamberlain, Cazorla, Ramsey who will all add to that throughout the year.

Charlie Nicholas said it today, “Giroud is not the player to fire you to the league” “But he is one of the players who can help you win it”.

When I look at premier League squads today, how many top class consistent 20 goal a season strikers are there? Aguero? Definitely. Costa? Probably. Rooney? Only twice in his career, so No. Anyone else? The fact is that a fully fit Giroud will score roughly 17 a season, this is not a poor record, when you consider he does not take free kicks or penalties. Now, do not mistake me for a Giroud fan, I am not, Arsenal should have a better striker, but we don’t, there is no point chastising Giroud for it, it’s not his fault, and he damn sure does his best with his limited ability.

Arsenals’ key mistake this year is Ramsey on the right, he isnt comfortable there, he doesn’t offer the pace and directness of Theo or the Ox, and to be honest, he cannot offer the sheer number of goals that I feel Walcott on the right gives us. Whether it is crossing for Giroud or getting through on goal with his pace, he is a weapon. Probably the most unique weapon we have, but we are not using it.

A front 3 of Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott is our strongest three. All of them are capable of scoring. It gives us several different ways of playing, Sanchez can run at people, beat his man, Giroud can use his strength and height to win the ball in the air, and knock it on for faster players, and Theo can play on the last man to latch on to our passes beyond the defense, I also believe at full flow, it is either him or Sanchez who are our best finisher.

While I do understanding, all this writing is for nothing, AW will once again play ramsey (the man who has given away possession more times than any other player bar 2 this year) on the right. But we still have goals, the crazy amount of chances we are producing is promising. The players simply need their shooting boots on.
Both Sanchez and Walcott rediscovered their scoring form for Chile and England, Now we just need them to find it for us

At the back I feel we are very good, Cech, Bellerin, Kos and Monreal are all definite starters in my book, Wenger has recently been putting a lot of faith in stats (Buying Gabriel was as a result of stats) So I hope to see Gabriel in for Mert both have played twice, With Mert we have conceded 3, With Gabriel we have yet to concede.

Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal

These six should be automatic starters, the middle 3 have pace, power and if needed, Aggression.
It is the other 5 that divide opinion. In fact I think it is just 2 of the other 5. Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla I think are also everyones pick. Leaving just RW and CF, Ramsey, the ox or Walcott, and Giroud or Walcott.
And for me it has to be Walcott on the right with Giroud up top, all our strongest attacking players at once.
The ox and Ramsey can come on at the hour mark if things are not going well.

Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal
Cazorla Coquelin
Walcott Giroud Sanchez

I see this as our strongest Lineup, both up top and at the back.
Aggression, Solidity and Pace at the back.
Power, Speed and most importantly Goals going forward.

This squad has no significant weakness. Sure Giroud isn’t World Class, but he is good.
Monreal and Bellerin are not World Class either, but not many fans want them replaced.

This season has not been great, but our only issue has been not taking chances, at least we are making them, I have had the displeasure of watched 3 liverpool games this year, and the lack of chances they create is simply astounding. If we keep making chances as we have been, we will score goals, we will score a lot of goals.

I hope that the boos have given Giroud a reason to step it up at the weekend. Walcotts’ instant impact for England may well have provided him with the boost he needed.

To me this is almost a must win, Our next 3 premier league games after stoke, Chelsea away, Leicester Away, Man United Away, with the small matter of a visit to Zagreb and WHL to meet Spurs in the Capital One Cup. This month is going to go a long way to determining what kind of season we are going to have.

This is my team for the season, but whether it is picked or not, I will support my team, I hope you do the same.
Our team needs support, people feel intimidated going to the Brittania, Selhurst Park, Anfield. Arsenals Emirates Stadium holds 60,000 people, how do we not create a hostile environment for our opposition?
We need to get behind our team, we need to Intimidate our opposition, we need to make it so Nobody, not in England or in Europe wants to come to the Emirates.
When the opposition have the ball, there should be 60,000 people booing, when they slip, or lose the ball, 60,000 people should cheer, and when the Gunners should forward, 60,000 Gooners should be roaring in anticipation.

It is time to support our team, it is time the Emirates became a place that people fear, not a nice day out.
This will affect both the opposition and our side as well, Everybody wants to play in front of a crowd that supports you every step, they want us to be their 12th man.

It is time that we all stood up to our responsibility as Arsenal fans and made The Emirates Stadium a place where only Arsenal players may feel welcome.

By JonnHirons.

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  1. tatgooner says:

    none of those players you mentioned will ever start for mancity or chelsea current teams. only cech for mancity

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