Arsenal submit five-point plan over wage cuts to players’ PFA representative Hector Bellerin

Arsenal have a plan to lower their wage bill.

Arsenal have reportedly submitted a plan to their players’ PFA representative, Hector Bellerin, which details how they could bring in wage cuts amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Gunners, like many other clubs, will be facing an uncertain financial future at the moment due to the lack of games being played while the season is postponed to deal with the current pandemic sweeping across the globe.

The lack of money from matchday ticket sales is bound to hit everyone hard, and the Daily Mirror have reported on Arsenal’s proposal to their players that could bring wages down whilst also giving them an incentive to qualify for the Champions League once the 2019/20 campaign can be resumed.

The report explains that Arsenal’s five-point plan, submitted to Bellerin, is as follows:

  1. A 12.5 per cent pay cut for 12 months from April 2020 to March 2021
  2. The full amount is then refunded if Arsenal qualify for the Champions League
  3. If Arsenal do not qualify for the Champions League, no money is returned back
  4. If Arsenal fail to qualify for the Champions League, but qualify for the Europa League the cut becomes 7.5 per cent
  5. If the season does not finish and/or Arsenal does not get full money from broadcasters then they will ask the players to find a “further solution”

It will be interesting to see if our players accept this, especially as our chances of qualifying for the Champions League don’t exactly look great, meaning they’re likely to be simply accepting a pay cut. That said, Europa League qualification might be more realistic and that would mean a smaller pay cut.

Either way, we are where we are and it would be good if the players could recognise the contributions they could make to help others in lower-paid jobs at the Emirates Stadium in this difficult time.

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  1. Performance based pay should have been in their contracts from day 1 with clear cut goals and objectives. Otherwise we have performances varying from Sako to Ozil.Shame a pandemic has led to this situation. But my question is that why should Sako and Gabriel take pay cuts and the privileged few not have higher pay cuts?

    1. Because it’s your personal view as to who is performing and who isn’t.

      Taking it from Artetas perspective, all those players who are selected for every premier league game are performing to the level he expects – you might disagree, but that doesn’t really matter does it?

      As for the proposal, sounds typical Arsenal, a lot of waffling, just get on with it!!!

      1. It is injustice to Sako on 3K to lose 12.5% for something he is not responsible for and has performed brilliantly in the eyes of most Arsenal fans, given the opportunities he had.The percentage should not be equally distributed as all players do not earn equal wage. Hope the players reject this and a more logical pay cut is suggested.
        Finally these are my opinions and I do not represent Sako or Martenelli, if they accept, its okay with me, if they don’t let them suggest something.

      2. Ken
        Arteta could only pick from what was available. I can’t think that Ozil was playing to the level he expected, to me there were not enough other options . However, others weren’t either but as usual and I mention it frequently, he is the club’s highest earner by a country mile and will be picked on. It is a cause of frustration for you I know but I get @Igot’s point that expecting our two young stars in the making to give up the same percentage will make more of a difference to them than Ozil It will hurt them much more

  2. The players are on about donating a week’s wages to make sure nobody is furloughed, so I’ve read….

    12.5 % of what they’re all on… that’s like a drop in the ocean!!

    1. Absolutely Sue, if this is the case, I am disgusted by their attitude, but we really need to wait and see – I suggest that when they have decided, the agreement should be backdated to the day the FA called a stop to football and stays in place until it starts again.

      1. Good call, Ken 👍

        Did you see on Daily Cannon yesterday about ‘leaked’ info regarding Arsene’s autobiography?

        1. Sue, no I haven’t – thanks for the nod, I’ll go check it out.

          SueP, If Ozil wasn’t playing the way Arteta wanted him to, I really don’t believe he would play him, no matter what salary he is on.
          Why would he put his own job at risk, that doesn’t make sense to me.

          I do agree about the same percentage cut in salaries, that is totally unfair, but I was replying to the degree one fan might see a performance, compared to another.

          I did touch on this in another post, with regards to cost of living % pay increases – it is totally unfair, allowing the gap between the rich and poor to increase with every award.

          1. There aren’t many players who have been playing to the required standard Ken in my opinion. I think all I was trying to highlight is that when the highest paid player isn’t playing at the highest level any more it draws comparisons with those who are ‘putting in a shift’ on considerably less
            You and I could go on ad infinitum about his current diminishing level due to age etc versus his income and we will never agree

      2. Todays daily paper said they have already rejected this 12.5 unanimously. IF that is true, as I firmly believe, then the inevitable fan versus player war that will break out among almost all top clubs has already started.
        I hereby declare personal war on the players indefensible greed. They are in effect declaring war on the club and WE FANS are the beating heart of our club. The way I feel right now I never want to watch our lot of greedy scumbags ever again. IF THE PLAYERS ULTIMATELY BREAK THE FAN TO PLAYER BOND, THE GAME IS DEAD. It is THAT serious!

  3. Jon, from what I am reading, the situation is not as you are interpreting it.

    I suggest everyone reads the report from David Ornstein and James McNicholas from the Athletic – they have given a ten point report on what is actually being presented by the club and why the players are objecting.

    Interesting to see what I have been saying for ages, there are clauses in every players contracts, that we have no clue about.

    I am NOT defending the players, but i want to know all the FACTS, before I declare war on anybody – see below:

    Have you read that the MP’s are to receive a further £10,000 to “assist” them working at home – on top of their £26,000 a year they can claim to cover their office costs????
    Not even a pay cut, but a pay increase!!!!

    As a footnote, if you were to work from home, you can claim £4.00 a week, resulting in a yearly sum of £208…for sure, “we’re all in it together”!!!

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