Arsenal plan SHOCK Dortmund defender transfer (Not Hummels)

Arsenal, along with just about every other big club around Europe, have been linked with a move for the Borussia Dortmund and Germany international star Mats Hummels. But despite many Arsenal transfer rumours and the fact that his current club have had a nightmare season in the German Bundesliga while the player’s contract was running down, Hummels wanted to remain with his current club.

According to an ESPN report it is not Hummels that Arsenal are planning a summer transfer swoop for though, it is his central defensive colleague Neven Subotic.

The 26-year old has been at Dortmund since 2008 and has completed more than 200 games for the club, helping them to back to back league titles, a German cup and two German super cups. The Serbian will have just a year left on his current contract when this season ends and Wenger could see the 6ft 3in defender as a long term replacement for the under fire Per Mertesacker. The recent improvement with January signing Gabriel in the Arsenal side cannot have escaped the manager’s notice.

But there are issues, as Subotic has missed a fair amount of this season and the last with knee problems. We would certainly not be the only club looking at him either, with the report claiming that the likes of Roma and Juventus, Chelsea and Man United have been tracking him.

Is this the right move for Arsenal?

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    1. We will not get a defender this summer. We have Gabriel, boss,chambers,per,I think that’s good enough,we have debuchy coming back too.per still is a good option against lower opposition. He had a great game against manure though

      1. …and what about Jenks???

        I hope Wenger doesn’t move him on, he has improved dramatically at West Ham, been a big part of their success this season.

  1. There’s a photo going round the internet of a Terminator Alexis with a big ass gun, dragging a lifeless T 800 robot in a Rooney jersey. Wish there was a way to upload it on here for everyone to see. Hilarious!

  2. I think Mertsacker is a very good defender but slow. Once in a while he will have a shocker like Monaco. That said he was very effective against United. I think when Gabriel comes back he can play the matches Mertsacker will have difficulty with like fast opponents. So no need to get rid of BFG. He has lost a bit but still quality.

    Some players lose a lot as they grow older but some players age like fine wine ie Rosicky who is 34 years old and still can produce quality performances

    If Wenger brings in another top quality CB, I won’t complain though 😉

  3. I know, maybe his poor form comes down to fatigue and probable burn-out for not being able to rotate? Selling him is a bit over-reaction to be honest, per and K6 still have a good partnership.

  4. As of now we have 4 centre backs and to bring in another we must sell one, d obvious choice being Mertesacker. But deres still a lot to go in dis season and per can still impress d manager. D biggest reason to believe dat per will stay at arsenal even beyond dis season is simply d fact dat at arsenal we don’t sell players immediately after Dey start to play bad. Wenger likes to give chance to players to prove demselves and lets Dem stay at d club if deres any hope. I mean we have players like diaby flamini arteta . Over d years wenger kept giving chances to players like almunia (sorry I reminded u of him!) Gibbs, djouro bendtner, Ramsey, etc etc. While some of Dem failed to reach d heights , some took a giant step and made it to d first team. Per will stay beyond 2015.

  5. Sorry but off topic:

    Dybala in, Podolski out.

    Watched games where he featured and he’s perfect for our system. Folks complain about his goal tally but he’s the main reason Palermo are sitting high in the Serie A table by either scoring himself or being highly involved in other goals…

    Also haven’t heard a lot about Joel Campbell but if we do decide to let him go then Nabil Fekir from Lyon isn’t a bad shout even though this is really his breakthrough year.

    Back to defense I like Louis Gaya from Valencia, young and plays LB or LW. RB I’m very happy with what Bellerin has shown so far and I wouldn’t be hurt or surprised if they moved Jenkinson on because of that plus Debuchy will be back. If we add another CB I would hope we get a very good young player to partner Gabriel for the future…

    1. I’m good with that. Actually both Podolski and Sanogo out for Dybala. I also like lacazette ( scores lots of goals). We won’t miss Sanogo. We have Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom, Campbell (he isn’t a natural goalscorer though)

      But yeah would love a top striker to come.

      1. I like Lacazette too but because he’s banging in goals he carries more attention than Dybala for the top teams to battle it out. Not saying that’s an excuse because we “DO” have the money and we now “CAN” compete again… So with that said I would welcome him as well with open arms, he’s Frances’ future ST for years to come if he continues on the same path.

  6. This is exactly the type of attitude we should be getting rid of. ‘Let’s sneak in and get the bargain whilst the others bid for the world class player’. Subotic is a very good defender, but there’s no denying Hummels is the better player. Therefore Hummels is the one we should be targetting.

    United are targetting him, probably a couple of other rivals too, so why on earth should we sit back an let them have him? The time of taking bargains and saving money at the expense of quality should be over for this club. We should be battling for the best players in the transfer market now.

    1. Hummels is indeed a fabulous player but Wenger IMHO will NEVER spend $40M on a defender.

      I personally would like to see Schar from Basel, Dragavich from DKiev, the youbg CB from Lyon.

      The BFG has had a a great domestic and international career but his days of a starting CB in the Premier League and Europe are long gone

  7. Sorry! I prefer to be talking of the AFC vs WHFC and MFC vs AFC games now than to be discussing on Arsenal transfer rumours. Which I am sure is in the least of the boss thinking at the moment. Rhinosacker did well at Old Trafford on Monday night. But we should not be praising him without telling him his flaws. Did I see him dodging Morouane Fellaini’s shot which he took outside our 18 yards box in the 2nd half, but saved by Szczesny? Rhino’ ought to have blocked Fellaini’s shot as he was one on one directly facing him. Was Rhino’ afraid of deflecting the ball into our net as he dodged off or his old habits are still alive in him? What of if Fellaini’s shot had beaten Szczesny? We surely can do without mediocre defending by Rhino’ at the Stade Louis II at Monaco, as such dodging or ducking defending by Rhino’ may not escape punishment by Monaco players.

  8. Subotic is not good enough for AFC, so is Metersacker…we need quality, e.g Varane, Hummels, Schar etc..

  9. Subotic is not good enough for AFC, so is Metersacker…we need quality, e.g Varane, Hummels, Schar etc…

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