Arsenal planning to dissuade Koscielny from joining Real Madrid?

It was only just over a year ago that Arsenal signed up the France international defender Laurent Koscielny to a new long term contract, so in theory we should not have to worry too much about the Gunners losing our brilliant centre back. But with some recent Arsenal transfer rumours linking Real Madrid with Koscielny, any extra boost to us fending off the Spanish giants would be very welcome.

The best way to do that, in my opinion, would be to show the Frenchman that Arsenal were serious about winning the Premier League title and had a good chance of doing so. The signing of Petr Cech from Chelsea is a good start but bringing in another top quality central defender would show Koscielny that Arsene Wenger really means business.

A report in The Telegraph claims that the manager is now targeting the Argentina international star Ezequiel Garay to compete with Per Mertesacker. The report says that Garay, who only joined his current club Zenit St. Petersburg last summer, is not happy in Russia and is looking for a move – and would only cost around £13 million.

Koscielny and our BFG have formed a great understanding in the Arsenal back line, but the Frenchman has outclassed his partner in recent years and he must worry about the lack of pace that hampers the German and puts him in some sticky situations.

So could Wenger be planning to sign Garay in order to ensure that Arsenal do not lose Koscielny to Madrid?

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    1. Off Topic: Arsenal genuinely interested in Vidal. Juve want 40m Euros. Will Wenger pay it is the question..

      1. 28 mill Quid? No.
        Try 14 mill and settle
        for 17 mill. and toss
        in Podolski + Campbell free.

        1. 28 mill Quid for Vidal is well worth it. He is a beast. We have been too polite for too long, and they have walked all over us.

          I want Vidal and Coq in midfield in away matches in Chelsea and Manu and City, I want them to school those motherfrackers like Petit and Viera used to.

          With Vidal in midfield and Cech in goal we will be the hardest team to beat.

  1. Out of all the people rumoured to leave Arsenal, this would be the worst

    Koscielny is wc, our best defender and the rock of our defense. Without Koscielny, Mertsacker’s weaknesses would be more prevalent

    Also, I guarantee you that Wenger will not replace Koscielny with someone as good or better. He would probably go for someone like Smalling, van Dijk, etc. Who are not bad but not of the same quality

    Koscielny MUST stay
    Wilshere, Walcott can be replaced (I want them to stay) but Koscielny is irreplaceable

  2. Replacing Per to convince Koscielny to stay? Nonsense. Koscielny and Per have a great partnership, on the pitch, and off of it too it seems. Just look at when we lifted the FA Cup last year. When the trophy was passed along to Koscielny he didn’t lift it. He offered it to Per so they could lift it together.

    1. We don’t need someone to compete with Per,we have to replace him. How can Kos be happy to play alongside the German,when he has to watch him more carefully than our opponents.

      1. By the way ,Real are said to want 63 mill for Ramos. Kos is better than him so, we should require 70 plus for our man.

  3. Koscielny will not go, not this year or next he will be here until he is 33-34. He is the best defender in the league. He even makes per looks good.

    1. By the way ,Real are said to want 63 mill for Ramos. Kos is better than him so, we should require 70 plus for our man.

  4. Per, Kos, Gabriel,
    Chambers is enough
    for now. But looking
    ahead Per one season, Kos two more.
    It’s a matter of when to replace that’s all.
    Then it’s a matter of who do you get?
    What about the home grown quota?
    This time next season we will be looking for
    another CB so if the players is out there now
    at a reasonable price then we should consider carefully.
    Last seasons failure to get the defense
    we needed early enough cost us big time.
    No one is irreplaceable otherwise Sol Campbell
    and Tony Adams would still be playing CB for Arsenal.
    Love our players but love the team more.

  5. Would rather a young LB, if there is anything out there. Gibbs is an injury prone, never improving average but very overrated by Arsenal fans kinda player. Monreal, how long has he got left in him, and if he goes down, we can’t count on Gibbs (he will probably go down too).

    Unless we got someone in the academy, never heard of him. Heard about Bellerin for years and knew of his potential. So there was no surprise when he did well.

  6. Vidal, cech, luiz adriano. Adriano only worth 6 million pounds. Vidal 35 million, cech 11 million. Premier League Champions.

    1. Too right Haf 🙂
      I am sure the
      house of Rahman
      is readying the 100 mill
      as we speak 🙂

  7. Let us be realistic. If RM or Barca comes, the player will ask to leave in most cases, loyalty in football is hard to find these days. They will unsettle the player and an unsettled player is of no use for first 3 months of new season. If he asks to go, then what? I assume we have to let go off him. But when quality CBs are not many in market, we have to be careful. Otamendi is 35m, Ramos is heard to be 63m, so our asking price has to be high, and replace with established CB

    1. Just let you know, Barca came sniffing at Kos before and he’s still at Arsenal, he ain’t going nowhere.

  8. that’s frightens…whats makes you feel so sure that we not looking for someone to replace Koscielny? Wenger will remain Wenger…late signings,slot of bargains, selling our best players.

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