Arsenal planning summer clear-out? Who MUST go?

Arsene Wenger has already announced that he has too many players in the Arsenal squad and needs to make room for any new arrivals, but just how many can he afford to let go this summer?

According to a report this morning, Wenger is planning to release EIGHT stars to free up wages and squad places for new arrivals. The Metro reckons that Tomas Rosicky, Abou Diaby, Mathieu Flamini, Joel Campbell, Carl Jenkinson, Ryo Miyaichi and captain Mikel Arteta will all be out the door, but also have added Theo Walcott to the list, despite Wenger already stating that the England winger will definitely be at Arsenal next season.

Of the others, I do agree that Tomas Rosicky will probably leave, Abou Diaby is expected to sign a new pay-per-play contract. Jenkinson has already been told that he will NOT be sold, while Captain Arteta is still hoping for a one-year extension. Perhaps Flamini may be released if Arsenal bring in a new DM, and Miyaichi and Campbell have failed to impress on loan and could also be moved on, but that means there are only a MAXIMUM of five players going, which makes the Metro look like an uninformed ass!

But although the article is full of holes, there is no doubt that some players would have to leave, but which ones would YOU pick to be shown the door?

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  1. I still don’t understand why you guys keep posting the Metro. They have a success rate of like .08%

    To answer your question though: Ryo, Diaby, Cambell, Flamini need to bounce. Arteta was a great leader but has no role in our team anymore, unfortunately the same for Rosicky. I think Debuchy should also be sold and bring back jenkinson to compete with bellerin. Really want Walcott to stay

      1. Why should we keep Debuchy when we have Young Jenkinson, Bellerin and Chambers? In fact we did we buy him in he first place. he is just too average and injury prone. Every time I watch the Southampton game I regret why he was bought!

        1. Iwhy shld we keep a french international?the guys whos an upgrade kn sagna and can slot in as cb? Sorry , you sre soo clueless. Trying to stay calm here… the moment we have a team you fans and ur short memory want to go and break it. Novice

  2. Must Out: Flamini, Diaby, Podolski, Sanogo
    Dont want to go but still will go : Rosicky
    In: MS/Kondogbia, Reus/Kane

    When this page can discuss signing Bale, why not Kane ??

    1. Haha because both are fairy-tale dreamland suggestions!!
      2 wrongs don’t make a right

  3. Kane has only had one good season, it would be a risk to sign him and besides st. Totteringham won’t sell him to us. We need sell/offload players like mert, diaby, sanogo, ryo, podolski, arteta, campbell.

  4. My honest predictions. Not what I’m hoping for or i think YOU are hoping for 😉

    Sold or released: Campbell, Podolski, Flamini, Rosicky, Sczezny, Ryo
    Notable Loans: Gnabry, Zelalem, Hayden, Akpom, Sanogo, Silva

    Diaby’s a big question mark. I personally think he should be kept on a minimal (and i do mean minimal) contract for next season. Train, work his fitness levels and conditioning for the better part of half a year in reserves, then loaned to a mid-table club. If he can shine there then we still could have the potential player we’ve always hoped for. If the more likely scenario is that he struggles with injuries yet again we have no baring on our wage bill or squad numbers.
    Arteta – IMO he’s being groomed for a coaches role at the club. I personally am hoping he doesn’t retain captaincy. We need a captain who actually plays on a weekly basis, not a squad role.

    Wilshere, Cazorla and Theo will stay… Obviously! duh!

  5. out-sanogo,arteta,rosicky-we love him but we cant guarantee game tym,diaby,miachi,prince podi, flamini, cambell and Wojciech Szczęsny- if we can get a w.c goalie

  6. If we Buy Checz, then Schznney will be sold as well
    In- Peter Checz-10 mill
    Morg Schniderine/Kngbodia-25 million
    Huguine-40 million
    Total-75 million

    Out Poldoski-15 million
    Cambell- 5 million
    Schzzney- 5 to 7 million-
    Total 25 million.. Net spend-50 million

    On Loan-Jenkinson, Gnarby etc
    Released Flammini, Rosisky
    So that will be a really solid squad

  7. All these players are
    of no use to Arsenal
    Arteta Diaby Flamini
    Rosicky Podolski
    Ryo Campbell Sanogo
    But who can we get rid of?
    Diaby and Flamini are out of contract.
    They should both go.
    Diaby pay for play? He never plays!!!
    Arteta might go back to Spain or get a
    one season thank you.
    Rosicky at 35 needs to go.
    Ryo is useless but contracted till 2016.
    Sanogo is also useless but contracted to 2017.
    Campbell is mediocre but contracted till 2016.
    Podolski is over the hill but contracted till 2016.
    Getting rid of the deadwood might
    be harder than we think.
    The club needs to be proactive and creative with the dead wood.
    No one wants Diaby Sanogo or Ryo. We are stuck with them.
    Perhaps some teams like Bournmouth Watford Leicester
    might fancy EPL experienced players like Arteta Flamini or Rosicky
    We don’t want Podolski running down his 90k p/w contract,
    not playing then leaving on a free. We need to get 10 mill for him.
    Challenging days ahead

      1. @Sohara, so insane. That really got me mad. Yet the likes of Yam-yam Sanogo stays.

  8. Chelsea is not a better team than arsenal the problem with arsenal is poor tactics and favourism.Look gab is better than mert but Traditional wenger says he cant speak english,Roza wasted,walcot wasted only injuries can force wenger to change team

    1. Very well said. Wenger is the Major problem. You can have worldclass players at your disposal, but u will fail if you do not know how to pick your team and what tactic to use at every point in time.

    2. Mertesacker must go. Never win EPL with him But who will buy him and match his 80 grand a week. No-one is the answer.In fact none of the other players mentioned will leave unless their contracts are up. For some reason Wenger cannot accept that Rhino is a liability. Even not yet speaking English, Gab is far superior than him. Trouble is Koscielny is so good that Rhino gets away with being so inept. Can’t think about next season, because right now I know that nothing will be different.

  9. You don`t have to be a genius to name those most likely to move on, so I`m not going to name names, and anyway I don`t know their contractual circumstance’s. There will , however , be a couple of surprise exits but these will depend on what Wenger is able to sign. I can only see the books being balanced with six moving on and three coming in. Hopefully a striker, centre back and goalkeeper.

  10. Out

    Poldi, BFG, Sanago, Diaby, Rosicky, Flamini, Shezz, Martinez, Jenkinson, Ryo, Arteta, Campbell,

    Sold with buy back clause

    Gnabry, Zalelem, Akomp


    Chambers, Bellerin

  11. Rosicky is a devoted arsenal player and fan we all have this joy when he plays and scores. Looking a Gerrard’s welfare celebration I will like to see Arsenal honour Rosicky like that. Let Wenger give him a couple of mins in a game (epl n FA) n rest Ozil n mk him a regular starter in Capital one. Let him retire at Arsenal he stuck with us thru our struggle n now that we are a trophy winning club again we can’t just throw him out And then we buy Verrati/Kondogbia as DM, Cavani/Benzema n get a world class CB we will compete solidly in all competitions and win more trophies.

  12. You guys speak as if you don’t know the Le Prof. One thing is for sure; wenger will sign some kids and 1 to 2 deadwoods. If not, wenger will make one expensive signing in a position we don’t really need at the moment.
    As far giving the gates, I am guessing that Ryo, campbell, poldi, and may be Walcott will leave.

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