Arsenal planning to bring back loan star to the Emirates

Bild says that Arsenal is looking to recall Matteo Guendouzi from his loan spell at Hertha Berlin after he returned to form at the German side.

The midfielder had fallen out with Mikel Arteta at Arsenal and was already out of the club’s first-team plans at the end of last season.

Although Arteta said he would be given a new beginning, he wasn’t considered for Arsenal’s first few games of the season.

He needed to leave to see more first-team action, and Hertha made a loan move for him.

He has returned to form in the German capital after playing 9 league games for them and scoring twice.

The report says that Hertha is already considering making his loan deal permanent after his series of fine performances.

But the Gunners want to recall him this month.

It didn’t say if Arsenal intends to reintegrate him into their first-team plans for the rest of the season, or if they want to cash in on him now that his stock is high.

Arsenal can benefit from having an in-form Guendouzi in their team, but the Gunners can also sell him and use his transfer fee to sign a solid replacement if Arteta determines that he still doesn’t want him in his team.

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  1. I’ve been watching him play at Hertha and I’m still not convinced he offers the kind of qualities we need moving forward…if our plan is to get another band-aid job half-measure midfielder, simply to appease the angry masses, then of course bring back Guendo instead…on the other hand, if we’re actually going to act like “real” club for once and go after our first choice target, then don’t bother…he’s an odd duck, it’s so difficult to understand his gig…usually you get a feel for a player by how their teammates react towards them when they score or assist on a goal, but there’s a weird sort of awkwardness about his interactions with others that it makes me wonder if he just might be the dickhead from the Brighton game and we should be thankful that he showed his true colors when he did

    1. Please no.
      Will ruin a good squad moral at the moment.
      Too slow, pretentious, sideways passing, one goal for us.

    2. I am convinced he is indeed that same dickhead. It is either in your character , usually for life or , mercifully, it is not

      I do think we will cut short his loan deal but only in order to sell him permanently for the best price (though with our club THAT seems to be against the law!).

  2. The thing we need to consider is if he is better than Xhaka and Elmeny . Who will play alongside Partey Can he replace the 2 DM we have . If yes than why not to give him second chance ? We also have Torriera who can be a good partner for Partey.

  3. I’d rather leave him out on loan. With Partey back now we already have the following to choose from:


    If we are to bring him back we’d need to ship out at least 2 midfielders.

    I also think we should slow down on loaning out too many players. Majority of the time it just let’s players run down their contracts and then we get peanuts for them. Id rather sell unless they have real, genuine potential for the 1st team

  4. Guendouzi has a chip on his shoulder like Ozil and cant be trusted on or off the pitch.
    I hope he is sold along with Ozil and the rest of his gang Kolasniac and Mustafi.
    There is a kid at Afc who might be worth trying Azeez along with Partey,Danni,Xhaka and Smith Rowe
    Willock and Elneney need to be sold too not good enough.


    2. Instead of selling youngsters, its better we sell Xhaka, Mustafi, and Willian. They’re old enough to improve

  5. I think MG should continue his progress on loan, plus publications have put it that he may not be willing to come back soon so he is better off out there playing his football. AFc should now continue with the Ousting of all average and below average players ie Willock, Elneny, Bellerin,Mustafi plus sell permanently the likes of Kola and Many others.

  6. I don’t think Guendouzi adds that much (if anything) to our midfield and can’t see him as an improvement on worthy squad types like Elneny, Ceballos & Maitland-Niles. Coupled with his reputation as a malcontent having virtually no dressing room friends he’s more of a liability than an asset and if he’s proving himself elsewhere then take the quickest procedure to cash in while his value is maintained in advance of the next calamity.

  7. I think Gouendouzi is better of burning it up in Germany under a manager that appreciates him and plays him. He isnt an Arteta favourite and he wont play as much under him as at HB. He is doing well, he is better off there. Hopefully things will be a lot clearer next season and he and Partey could be a formidable duo.

  8. Why are people advocating to sell our young prospects? He’s getting valuable experience now while he’s young and in a few years from now could with the right guidance and coaching could be a real star for the future. We need to hold on to and look past this season and next for some of these young players to form the basis of a really strong team that will challenge for the future. We are not a Chelsea that’s gonna drop 200 million on a couple of players each season so our game should be about development. Agreed nkietia, Willock have been given opportunities to shine and have not taken where as the other youngsters gab, Guendozi,Saka, Nelson, esr, niles and even balogun have played some blinding matches. The hope is that these players which for me they have shown want to win and if they can continue to play at this high level will only get better and better.

  9. Gouendouzi brings the intensity and urgency in the midfield, that’s what we lack at Arsenal. But as long as Arteta is the Manager, Gouendouzi will find it hard to get game time. Look at Maitland-Niles, he’s still struggling to get game time because Arteta keeps grudges

    1. Why are we always in rush to get rid of fringe players ,some of them may later grow to be stars.Let us not forget how this Guendozy guy single handedly carried our club at a point in time.This lad is going to be a star,just give him a chance. You forgot Gnabry so quickly.

  10. My personal opinion is that Matteo Guendouzi is going to be a big player one day.
    Arsenal biggest problem currently is the middle of the park. They are too slow to move the ball forward, too slow to help the defenders like Gabriel and Bellerin. MG is better that most midfielders we have. A holding combination between him and Partey will give our midfield much steel. The ball will move faster forward and there will be better protection for our defenders. MG will learn better and much more from Partey that a slow Xhaka who only stand and shout at the youngsters. I don’t know in what Elneny is better, that just pass the ball safely back to a defender.
    It is actually a shame that MG was through out of the squad while we don’t know if another’s had apology for bigger missteps, but I one thing I know justice always prevail.
    I have a tip for the one eye and blind school, if you don’t want to see MG in Arsenal shirt, you will see him lighting the next WC with France.

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