Arsenal planning transfer swoop for La Liga star striker?

Arsenal are hoping to take advantage of a fall out behind the scenes at Spain’s current La Liga champions Atletico Madrid, by making a summer transfer swoop for their star striker Mario Mandzukic.

According to a Daily Star report, the Croatian international and his manager Diego Simeone have had a disagreement which unless it is fixed, will see Mandzukic leave the club he joined only last summer. The fact that he has not started their last two games backs this up, despite him being fully fit and their lead scorer with 20 goals already this season.

Arsene Wenger apparently wanted the big centre forward last summer when it was clear that he would be leaving the Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and so he is now planning to take advantage of the current situation and bring him to the Premier League.

The report claims that Simeone is looking to take Edinson Cavani from PSG in the summer to replace Mandzukic. But Arsenal fans might be left wondering why the Gunners are not going for Cavani and also whether Mandzukic would really be any improvement on what we already have with Olivier Giroud. Their records this season, check out the stats by, and last are pretty similar and playing for Bayern and against the weaker sides in Spain you might expect Mandzukic to have done better. Also, he does not seem to like much competition for a starting place.

Do you think he is the right transfer target for Arsenal?

VIDEO – Danny Welbeck’s winning goal at Old Trafford

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  1. Still buzzing after the win today.

    If we want too create a dynasty I think that buying Dybala or Lacazette are more suited to our style of play. Mandzuk is just another Giroud.

    1. We need a ST that can play as a lone man. That means, build up play, holding up the ball, finishing, work ethic, and generally being a focal point of our attack.

      Can Dybala and Lacazette do that at less than 5’10 against prem league CB’s? I’m skeptical.

      We need another Giroud, but one who has some speed and dribbling ability.

        1. Exception to the rule. Heard of it? Also he played alongside Sturridge, so are we changing tactics and formations too?

        2. @ gunner jack

          You think Suarez is 5’9? He’s like 5’11 175-180 lbs he’s a good sized dude

    2. @ Henry

      Do you not watch arsenal? You do realize we play with a focal point that can link up with the wide players and bring our midfielders into the game?

  2. No absolutely not. Like above said he is like Giroud. We need someone like Costa

    Lacazette, Dybala or Cavani.
    My preference is Lacazette. Scores every game. but Spurs, Liverpool and City are after him.

    it would suck if Spurs got him and we got Mandzucic
    I would even prefer Falcao over Mandzucic

    1. Falcao guarantee goals…..

      Lacazette and Dybala are world class and they have won the top scorer awards for many seasons…..

      1. Your trolling ability is poor Hafiz. Abject input as ever. At least you’re consistent.

  3. lacazette plays for a french club, thus wenger always has the inside track, if spuds ever beat us to a world class target lets pack our bags, i agree w the gents above, Lacazette is my preference, Mandzuk not interested

    1. Hugo Lloris. Case rested quite comfortably.

      The french market is not our little niche corner any longer if you care to pay attention….
      Hazard etc etc..

      1. @champagne

        Oooo that’s right were supposed to acquire EVERY talent that comes out of France? How dumb of me to think otherwise

        1. My comment was a response to luvdaguns, so take your pathetic attempt at sarcasm elsewhere.

          And no, you’re dumb for coming out with the notion that by me listing a bunch of former ligue 1 players I was suggesting we should have bought them all. The point was that NONE of them ended up at Arsenal despite our need for players in those positions at the time.

          You would think, given our managers cornering of the market, that we would have added one or two from the list over the years. Evidently we don’t have monopoly on the French league like yesteryear.

            1. No you’re spot on mate, having Cabaye in midfield the last 4/5 years would’ve been tragic, same with Sissoko – Denilson/Diaby were much better players. BOTH would get in our midfield today. And until this season we’ve not had a DM who could actually defend, Capoue has his limitations but he’s a mile better than Flamini.

              Also, the fact you just suggested we didn’t ‘need’ Drogba the last decade is just complete idiocy.

              1. Cause we would’ve paid £25m for him over 10 years ago? You wanna talk about lunacy? And I would take flame over capoue anyday and you realize for Newcastle cabaye played further up the pitch he played as a dm for 1 season

    2. @ luvdaguns

      Seriously your already dubbing lacazatte world class? People throw that term out way to much

  4. Mandzukic is a very decent striker, and would offer us a lot upfront! Wouldn’t mind him at all!

  5. the question i have is theo, is he done at AFC? he seems to be buried below the dog house…

    1. Not even a possibility!! think he’s just struggling to find form. With the exception of his goal, he hasn’t looked like normal TW14. Think The Boss is just being patient with him, no need to rush him back with the options we have. However, OX probably done for a few weeks. Probably opened the door for theo

  6. Arsenal at present can field different styles of attack, Mandzukic is another Giroud and right now that would not be a bad thing, because our attack is built around a giroud, welbeck offers pace but has not master how to run behind defenders yet and finishing, Sanogo basically the same, but even poorer finishing ability, a Mandzukic would be more clinical than both. It would be quite reasonable to loan out sanogo next season to get more experience, podolski would be sold so i see Akpom stepping up and therefore we will have room for another forward

  7. As stated, Mandzukic is probably a slightly better finisher than Giroud. I like both. They both work hard and seem to find the goal. I understand there are a lot of great strikers to potentially buy, but most will not come. I’m curious if Akpom will get any time. I think with time and confidence he could put in some goals. So happy for Welbeck today. He was ready for a few runs behind defenders but it seemed like Sanchez or Cazorla were not confident in his ability so they didn’t pass. Next time maybe he will get more feeds in behind and chances on goal. Prospect coming to life. Finally a great game, result versus a top opponent.

    1. @ jaweant

      I noticed the same thing there was a few times where Danny boy made some good runs but the players chose not to play him in. I attribute that to lack of chemistry though not the fact that they didn’t trust him. I think with more playtime together those passes will come off

      1. In the first 10 mins Danny got 2 good passes which he clumsily failed to control, giving the ball straight to United defenders on both occasions with his first touch. Understandably, this does not make our midfielders over keen to give him the ball.

    1. Hahaha…that actually happened at ManUtd. They brought in a mgr with a world cup team pedigree. Do you think that has brought about a real significant improvement compare to AW?

  8. Cavani, Benzema, or lewandowski (if bayern are actually dumb enough to sell him) are my striking preferences.

    Tall, strong, pacey, good with the ball, hardworking and good finishers.

    One of those three would make us title contenders instantly.

  9. Why would Wenger bring in another striker the same as OG? this is another bullshit article it has to be Dybala or Lacazette as they are the coming generation and would thrive at the emirates

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