Arsenal played the perfect away game?

Tottenham Hotspur were supposed to be on a great run and have their best chance ever to pull away from Arsenal in the Premier League table, but instead the Gunners fought like lions and were cruising until we lost Francis Coquelin. Our acting captain Per Mertesacker believes that the Gunners played the “perfect away game” but he rued the fact that Francis Coquelin was a bit too enthusiastic in taking out Harry Kane. “I think we need to be more disciplined in those occasions.” Per said on

“There was no danger, he was at the sideline as well. It took us 15 minutes to cope with that, being one man down, but after we played fantastically and could have scored a third one I think. We had couple of good breaks and how the team responded after 15 minutes was great. In between it took us a bit but in the heat of the game it is difficult. Overall, the spirit is great and we fought until the end.

“Even before it was 10 men, we played the perfect away game in my opinion. We defended well together, it was a high tempo from the start. It was unbelievable how we coped with that. We scored first, then we looked dangerous on the break. Up to the red card, we played fantastic and it was a good response. Afterwards, it took us 20 minutes to take advantage 1-0 down. It sounds weird but the team is great.”

It is great that we have finally found our mojo again after such a bad run of games, and now we have to carry on that attitude right through to the end of the season, and see where it takes us….

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  1. He talks too much, he should do more of his talking on the pitch !

    Though over all he had a decent game , but the 2nd Spur goal was a result of his inability to clear the ball at the corner – he was too slow in his movements as usual !

    He should improve his own game and leadership ability before he talks more !

    1. It’s all about contest. We’ve had a bad recent form and the Spuds have been playing well away and home recently. So a 2-2 draw with a man down in such an important match for both teams is a good result.

      1. So, all that makes it a “Perfect away match”?
        When Arsenal starts getting discontent about draws, then things will start getting better. Stop using words like “Perfect away match” when we are 8 points off the top. PLEASE.

  2. Another 5-2 to us would have been perfect, but a draw, better than losing.

  3. no, we didnt play the perfect game, but we did play much better than versus manu and swansea. i cannot imagine what wenger did to motivate them more today than he possibly could’ve done for swansea or manu.

    a perfect game today would be our CDM not losing his head.

    and the “ref” being at least at the semi-professional competence level and sending dier off.

    the refereeing level is a joke now. they need 1 video challenge per game so that the refereeing result bears any resemblance to justice or reality.

  4. Sad truth is……. Le coq may/may not have been taken off after the 1st yellow… it all happened b4 wenger’s favourite sub time “70th mins mark”

    Yes we all agreed that Dier should have been sent off for bringing giroud down…..but the ref’s decisions on the pitch is somehow FINAL!!

    But the spuds boss was clever enough to take off Lamela (who was on a yellow) shortly after the squabble with sanchez…

    My best guess of what pochettino whispered into Lamela’s ears is

    “sorry buddy, i had to take u off as fast as i could….just so u don’t see red like one of their men did…..and considering u were already on a yellow, the ref and probably anyone else must be watching ur every move critically now”

    1. IS THE FOOTBALL WORLD BLIND????? While watching the game live I saw Sanchez and lamela BOTH PUSH EACH OTHER!!!!! Lamela was on a booking already and they both did the exact same thing except while lamela went crying about it Sanchez got on with it. The commentators didn’t mention it live or on match of the day, and neither did any fans or pundits!!!!
      Also it was a perfect away performance AS A TEAM because we pressed well, weathered the storm early on and counter-attacked very well.

  5. I agree with Per’s comments about the Tottenham game. The problem is all the previous missed opportunities this season. Consistently our hopes have been raised to get clear ahead and then dashed by poor performance and results. Now a top four finish is in jeapordy. I expect the team will now perform to achieve fourth place but could not do it to achieve first which was there for the taking.

  6. Per did not say we played
    the perfect home game
    against Swansea, or indeed the
    perfect away game v Man U.
    He said ” We need to go on a run and see where it takes us”.
    Perhaps a hint of resignation that it is dependent on how others do?

  7. I thought we were set up perfectly wenger got it spot on Spurs never really looked like scoring till the red. Mert and gabriel were excellent along with solid performances all around

  8. Given the circumstances maybe it was a good game. However I have said (and I have the literature to prove it) that this is not an Ozil type of game. I guessed right though Gibbs will play but I have expected a 3-5-2 setup. Not sure if we’d won though but judging by the fact that both goals came from the flanks (granted, one was a result of a corner but Chambers is way taller than Bellerin, it may have worked, who knows) then probably it would have helped. Say Coquelin got his red anyway then you could have switched easily to 4-4-1 by taking Ozil out and sending Bellerin in. I fail to see how we would have conceded aagainst them. Meh, is over, dusted and put away.

    1. Not an ‘Ozil’ type of game? What football?

      Seriously, what do you mean by his type of game?

      Ozil is assist King but I think for a top top no.10 you have to do more and bring your game every game because it’s natural to do so and not some huge effort for you to do so. He goes missing too often for me.

      Still I he is one of the best we have.

  9. We need Leicester to
    have these results.
    Newcastle United (H) 3
    Crystal Palace (A) 0
    Southampton (H) 1
    Sunderland (A) 1
    Westham (H) 1
    6/15 (Very optimistic)
    Swansea City (H) 3
    Manchester United (A) 0
    Everton (H) 3
    Chelsea. (A) 0
    W3 D3 L3
    12/ 27.
    So Leicester reach 72 points.
    Arsenal would then need 21/29 points to beat Leicester.
    WestBrom (H) 3 Everton (A) 1
    Watford (H) 3 Westham (A) 1
    Palace (H) 3 Sunderland (A) 3
    Norwich (H) 3 Man City (A) 1
    Villa (H) 3
    W6 D3 L 0
    =21/29 points.
    Arsenal Reach 73.
    Westham Everton and City loom as critical matches.

    1. You’re aware that we would also need bad results from Spurs and City right? When City play their outstanding game, we’ll probably be 4th!

  10. The problem with the club winning the epl/cl is psychological, and it’s wenger, and why I don’t take admin serzly anymore after his comment abt wenger having no replacement.
    1) why do we perform very poorly feb/march every season irrespective of the players?.
    2) why are the players not disciplined?
    3) how come chelsea havn’t lost a single game in d epl since d appointment of guus?
    4) how come Leicester turned to a title winning team with same crop of players and new manager?
    5) why is so hard for wenger to resign when it’s obvious he can’t lead and motivate this team moving forward?.

    1. These are serious questions that lead to the common denominator in it all.

      But while the bank tills roll, and low football targets are met (or not) the Arsenal Board are in no real rush to acknowledge them.

      Just swept under the carpet.

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