Arsenal played their hearts out and crushed Tottenham – We needed that!

This win is for ALL Arsenal fans by Konstantin

I am so happy! Hopefully you are too, lovely Arsenal people, and there is a good reason to be so. We beat Tottenham and we beat them good! It was in all honesty just comfortable. If you are an Arsenal fan, you hate Tottenham. There’s no other way. And with the way they were running their mouths, it’s all the sweetest!

All the talks of “power shifts” and the comedy of Spurs fans saying they’ll easily win. It was just the motivation we needed to beat them good, and we missed a few chances to hammer them, just so they get reminded of where their place is. They finished above us one time and suddenly they thought we’re dead.

Guess what, you’ve won nothing! You pay low wages and soon your best players will be gone and just to get things straight – You’ve won nothing! We got slated for not winning anything 9 long years and for Tottenham it’s all praise for one or two decent seasons. Big teams are judged by trophies and nobody expects anything for Spurs, so yeah, that’s that.

What I really enjoyed in the game was that for the first time in a very long time I can remember, Arsenal looked united. In other home games I’ve seen unspeakable amounts of empty seats in a symbolic form of protest, but none today. This was the best atmosphere I’ve seen at the Emirates since forever.

We made it hell for them and on the pitch our players left their hearts out. It looked like it means for them as much as it means for us fans and it was brilliant! Too many times in the last few years, we saw players looking like they just don’t care, but this time everyone was fighting for each other and as you can see, we can defend.

When Xhaka and Ramsey help the back three, it doesn’t look that bad, but what a return for Mustafi! He had Kane in his pocket! Honestly we were so good defensively, I needed a map to locate Kane, Ali and Eriksen. I was also so happy with players like Hector, Xhaka and Cech who didn’t have the best of spells of late. It was so refreshing to see people talking to each other and helping themselves.

And now the front 3. This is 99% the last time we’ll see Ozil and Sanchez in the NLD at the Emirates, but what a way to go out! This is how you bow out like a man. You give it all and you’ll get a standing ovation at the end. I am baffled why we don’t play Alexis, Ozil and Lacazette every game?

Lacazette opens space, which gives Ozil and Sanchez the opportunity to create more and the way they pressed Tottenham made them make mistakes. We took the game to them, and they crumbled and we scored and we won. I have to give it to the manager as well who was spot on with the team and the tactics on the day.

And touching a little bit more on the manager, he really needed this. He was really picky with the questions the journalists asked him, but I think the pressure brought the best out of him. I even saw him leave his chair and give tactical instructions to the team. I kinda like this attitude to be honest.

It shows that something triggered him to provide a result. Times at the Emirates are hard and what Arsene said about other teams and the good offers they can give our best players was a cryptic way of saying they’ll leave, but that’s a topic for another time. The point is that he needed this win so badly and really wanted it and somehow got it to the players too and that’s all I want.

If I see that level of commitment every game and we finish 5th I’ll raise my hand and say alright, other teams were better, but seeing how when we went, we can dominate teams like Spurs and then on the next game we can play like our players met for the first time 5 minutes before than game is what drives me insane.

And looking forward we have Burnley away, where hopefully the same Arsenal will show up and we can keep it up with the top 4, but this weekend we can be happy. We’ve suffered a lot, but there’s no better way to cheer an Arsenal fan than seeing us crush Tottenham, just like the good old days! Enjoy.



  1. gotanidea says:

    The players strove hard to press Tottenham, because they played in the Emirates, but Tottenham players were also not as energetic as usual. The Champions League and the international matches started to affect them badly.

    I just hope Sanchez would continue with his commitment like what he showed in the Tottenham, Manchester City and Everton games. He should sign for an extension if there is no better offer for him in January.

  2. John Legend says:

    Arsene and the players can not produce performances like this consistently, that is the unfortunate and bitter aspect of our Club.
    I await a season we do this 80% of the time and I can be confident of EPL trophy.
    We are happy this weekend, we hope to be this happy for a long time.

  3. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The North London derby should be renamed the north London massacre after yesterday

  4. Rkw says:

    Burnley away the perfect game to see whether the pressing game we showed yday was a change of mind set or just an adrenalin rush from a derby environment … They are a well organised no thrills team that work hard and difficult to break down … Not to speak of their sense of injustice from last year …The attack and defence played a perfect game yday and if that persists and we can move beyond the stale combo of xhaka and Ramsey in the middle then a top 3 finish would be on the cards but carrying momentum to turf moor will be essential

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Problem is we’ve had the odd fantastic performance like the win over Spurs down the years, but it never leads anywhere. 0-2 away at City, 3-5 away at Chelsea, 3-0 at home against Utd, etc. I don’t expect us to win every tough game after this, but at least show some consistency, not so much in the results, but the performances. Everyone was pressing as a unit yesterday, they all fought for each other (even Ozil), and doubling up, we played with tempo, and for once, we turned up in the first half of a game! That’s the kind of effort we the fans expect each game, win, lose, or draw.

  6. Sue says:

    We did need it & I bloody loved It! Even Podolski tweeted bless him!!

  7. Godswill says:

    Please who was wearing 11 with the name OZIL at the back? I have not seen that player for a very long time in our team. But face resembled Ozil while the the the work rate was far from the Ozil we know if late. My MOTM.

  8. Waal2waal says:

    Arsenal – Arsenal – AR-SE-NAL!! still got “my happy on” 24hrs later but the spuds havnt a weekend filled with utter delight, joy… (#just Arsenal fans bliss).

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