Arsenal player give an insight into how angry Mikel Arteta was

Emiliano Martinez reveals how “angry” Mikel Arteta was at half time against Leeds United.

Arsenal beat Leeds 1-0 in their FA Cup game last night, but if the Championship side had been clinical in the first half, the result could have been very different.

Leeds peppered Arsenal’s goal for much of the first half but they couldn’t find a goal and paid for it after the interval.

After a poor first half, Arsenal came out as the best team in the second half and deserved their goal which turned out to be the winner.

It was interesting to see how improved the Gunners were in the second half and Martinez has revealed that it was Arteta’s half time team talk that sparked them to life.

Martinez told the Arsenal website: “They were pressing really hard and it was very difficult to get out how we did in training but in the second half, the manager said, ‘If we don’t win 50/50s, we are going to lose the game.

“The lads went out there and, the gaffer says we need to ‘run like a wolf’ and have that animal side to us. I thought we did really well, we ran like we should have from the first minute. We’re delighted for the win and we move on.

“He was really angry but that’s what we need. We can’t switch off after a good win against Manchester United and I think we did in the first five minutes, we did switch off and that shouldn’t happen, especially at home.”

Even Alexandre Lacazette revealed how impactful Arteta’s half time talk was in their second-half performance.

“The manager shouted a lot,” Lacazette explained. “He was not happy because we knew they’d play like this and we didn’t respect what he had said.

These comments show clearly that Arteta is making a difference, the fact that the players responded to his anger says a lot. I am not sure Unai Emery or even Freddie Ljungberg would have got the same reaction, especially from some of the biggest egos in the dressing room.

Hopefully, this continues, however, the fact that Arteta had to have a go in the first place shows the huge job he still has on his hands.


  1. Wes says:

    wish was there to record the beat down by Arteta to the lads loved the improved performance in the 2nd half

  2. Nifty says:

    How long will he be angry at half time for we to win matches

    1. Eddie says:

      Nifty that’s exactly what I was trying to point out in a previous article asking if the team became too complacent.
      The answer is a big FAT YES.
      Even Martinez had to admit they switched off after just one win against Utd. That’s why Arteta got angry in the first place.
      Arteta won’t be responsible for everything on the pitch.
      This football club and being complacent for the past four seasons are a big pair.
      They all knew it, Arteta knew it, Nelson, Martinez and Lacazette said that was exactly what Arteta told them would happen and they went out there and expected to walk over Leeds just because we are Arsenal.
      Trying that against a top EPL team would backfire, I said it last night. Arteta knows we can’t continue like this, let’s hope the players accepts this truth also

  3. gotanidea says:

    Arteta is following Guardiola’s psychological method to instill fear and discipline into his players’ mind, just like the military

    1. ken1945 says:

      gotanidea, no you are completely wrong in my opinion.

      Installing “fear” is not the way one earns respect is it? That’s the way a dictator works.

      What he is installing is, apart from discipline, a realization that they are good enough to represent our club, if they follow his plans and tactics.

      Having served in the military, I know fear breeds contempt and a dislike of authority – don’t mix up the two methods.

      1. jon fox says:

        Ken Don’t you think your words of clear wisdom are wasted on such as got an idea. He / or she, not sure which, constantly writes nonsense. I don’t generally read his/ her posts now.

      2. David Rusa says:

        I concur with you Ken. The army works on conscious discipline which simply means that any breach of 5he right way may lead to undesirable consequences. What happened in the first half would have led to the total annihilation of the force if it was war! You can never be complacent and hope to be a true professional. You should always imagine that your opponent is better equipped than you and so you have to try your best to outwit him. Only the stupid are complacent.

        1. ken1945 says:

          DAVID, I think the firing squad might have been in use after that first half my friend!!!!
          Also, complacency breeds contempt – I believe, the players were complacent and the fans showed their contempt…and I include AW’s last year in that personal view.

          JON, I have tried to engage gotanidea, but to no avail.
          So when I question him these days, I answer my own questions…and then it makes complete sense (to me at least)!!!!

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Agree with your assessment Ken, regarding acting due to “discipline” rather than “fear”. Discipline is instilled due to practice, but also requires “self discipline” from each individual. Yes, there should be fear of repercussions of failure, but good leaders get performance from respect, not fear.

      3. Diogenes says:

        “Having served in the military, I know fear breeds contempt and a dislike of authority.”

        My experience exactly, but I couldn’t have put it as well myself.

  4. Trudeau says:

    The fact that Arteta was able to get the team in at halftime and create the changes he knew were necessary is the biggest plus in a growing list of plusses since he took over. Next time hopefully the lads listen to him from the outset.

  5. ACE says:

    Would love to see MA give the same Hair Dryer treatment to the Kroenkes and useless board
    over there speculative lack of financial support during the January window.

    How Josh K, Raul and Edu can honestly expect MA to seriously make a top 4 run and win both the
    FA Cup and Europa League title with the current squad is beyond me and rational comprehension
    for that matter.

    If Arsenal had any ambition to SERIOUSLY make a run at the top 4, FA Cup and EL the following
    positions need to be addressed by the close of the window.

    CB (Ake, Dunk, Upamecano)
    LB (Kurzawa on loan)
    CDM (Sangare or Partey)

    Moving on Miki, El Neny, Mustafi and possibly Xhaka would make this collective expenditure
    more than feasible.


    1. jon fox says:

      Ace, a most enjoyable fantasy about MA giving the creature who owns us a hairdryer dressing down. MA would be sacked the same day though. THIS IS THE REALITY OF HOW CORPORATE SHARKS LIKE KROENKE THINK AND ACT. THEY ARE ONLY FULLY HUMAN IN BODY, NOT IN HEART AND MIND.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Sometimes, if there is not possible change in management attitude jon, it is always better to stand up, stick to your ethics and principles and be sacked or forced out, than stay. I know this from personal experience.
        If Arteta is not supported by the owner and Board in the transfer market, he has a decision to make. If he is forced out, who would be lining up to take his place?
        My concerns are only the mercenaries would apply and the Kroenke philosophy is that it is cheaper to replace head coaches, than address strengthening the squad. “It is a business and we are not here to win trophies, as it is too expensive.”

      2. amo says:

        yeah, they behave like wolfs but maybe that is why they are more wealthy than the guy in the street.

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