Arsenal player rating v Burnley – one player gets a 9

Second win in a row for Arsenal and as fans, we cannot really ask for much more, the opposition may not be what you can describe as the elite but Burnley was certainly a potential banana skin.

It was a bit frustrating in parts but that is being slightly petty, overall it was a win and there were certainly far more positives than negatives to take from the game.

Anyway, let’s give the players a rating.

Bernd Leno 5

He looked vulnerable with the high ball and he was not at his best when bringing the ball out, overall an average performance and not at fault for the goal.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles 6

Did ok overall, was very eager and did some good runs, though on occasions he did let himself down with his passing.

Sokratis 6

I thought he held up well when under pressure but was out of position for the Ashley Barnes equaliser and has to do better.

Luiz 6

Same as with Sokratis, he has to take some responsibility for the goal and I remain unconvinced that he is the right man for the job at the centre of defence. That said, he did the basics well.

Monreal 7

Best of the defenders, in my opinion, was lively down the flanks and a constant threat. Kieran Tierney will have a fight on his hands to claim the left-back spot if Monreal continues like this.

Guendouzi 7

He had a decent game, he has so much energy that on occasions he goes a bit cuckoo, he made some timely interventions but he really does need to calm down and show more assurance on the ball.

Willock 7

Another good performance from the youngster though he did look slightly lost now and then but he is on a huge learning curve and stood up well today.

Ceballos 9

Great game, he has some serious talent, he showed vision and creativity, worked his butt off both attacking and defending and oozed class all afternoon. My man of the match.

Nelson 5

Was a bit disappointing but that is going to happen now and then, he is still learning and he should not be criticised too much. He remains a work in progress.

Aubameyang 8

Clinical as ever, he is far more effective playing through the middle and that showed today, he drifts out of the game on the wing and Emery is going to have to find a solution to how to fit Pepe, Aubamayenag and Lacazette as a front three.

Lacazette 8

Another good performance and was a constant danger up front, he did start to drift out of the game later on but overall was very effective.


Pepe 6

Showed some glimpses of what we can expect from our record signing, was not really the sort of game for him to shine from the bench and there is definitely more to come.

Kolasinac 6

Did well when he came on, bossed Barnes about a bit but only had 18 minutes of play and so hard to give a proper rating.

Torreira 5

Not on the field long enough really and so gets an average 5


  1. ..iv suggested it in previous posts already – we’re gonna do very well this campaign and we’ve not come anywhere near full throttle. Tell me who would really relish playing us – particularly at home? Arsenal win and my weekend is complete 😀 # 10/10 for Unai Emery’s Gunners

  2. Ceballos’s stats in the Burnley game simply showed his class:

    If Ceballos continues to play like this, Real Madrid would most likely want to get him back. Because Modric and Kroos are getting older

    I think he would cost more than 60 M in the summer and I don’t think Arsenal would want to pay that amount of money. It’s better to ask Willock and Nelson to learn from Ceballos

    1. I hate to interrupt the Ceballos circle-jerk but one good game and you have already declared he will cost 60M? I know the signs are good but it’s still too early to tell if his tricks and flicks will turn him into the new Cazorla or he will over-do them like early Ramsey.

    2. F* stats talk is for people with no eye and agents wanting to earn money. So tired of it. You really need stats or can’t you just trust your feeling after watching hes game?

  3. Nacho’s rate and comment is no surprise. He has never been bad in any season subsequent to a previous one. He scored few goals and makes assists. He is very competitive. I feel personal for Montreal in the team, beside the former striker, Giroud.

      1. I love Monreal. Always there fighting no matter what. Even it is not his day he gives his best.
        These are the types of players that i like and miss at Arsenal.

  4. Glad we won.

    We need to improve on our speed and fluidity though. Pay attention to city’s play, almost every time they get the ball they almost score.

    We need to cut out losing possession in dangerous areas. Nelson needs to take this golden opportunity because so far he hasn’t.

    The Liverpool game will be tough.

    1. Sue hehe. You got to handed to Raheem, he improved his game big time. No denying it, city is a beauty to watch for those who love the game.


          1. Jon… I’ve said many times on here, my daughter is a cityzen… so I want them to win, so she’ll be happy (except when they play us, of course!) Plus I like some of their players & they play some damn good football.. but my heart will always belong in NL

  5. Nelson was meh. Hopefully Pepe starts against Liverpool

    I’m hoping that this will be our team against Liverpool



    Niles.. Luiz..Sokr..Monreal

  6. Ceballos was unbelievable. If that is his class on a regular basis, how can Real loan him out????
    I thought Pepe deserves a bit better rating. When he came on instead of Nelson, we looked so much better going forward.

    1. Spain has lost of midfielders who would be stars in the EPL where midfield creativeness is nowhere near the same level. Even Denis Suarez would have been a hit had he not got injured in his 2nd match for us.

      Also, Ceballos may not play as well every match. But if he plays 80 – 90 percent of today’s performance, it will be good enough.

      Surprised no one mentioned how David Luiz makes Xhaka’s presence in the team irrelevant, as his long passes are as good as Xhaka’s and that’s pretty much the only decent thing about Xhaka.

      1. David Luiz had a good game. I don’t know what Chelsea were thinking getting rid of him. And yes, the fact he is capable of Xhaka’s best attribute is a huge benefit. If Guendouzi keeps up his performances I think Torreira and Guendouzi can be our two midfielders, with Ceballos more advance.

    1. IT IS AN ARMCHAIR HE NEEDS! Always lazy and ill, rather than injured, half the time. Never known a young, fit, pro footballer to be ill so often. You have to wonder how genuine this constant illness actually is!

  7. The team is looking better and playing without Xhaka. The need to recycle the ball backwards for the sake of possession stats is far too negative and nonproductive, it suits Xhaka but not Arsenal.
    I hope we continue to use Willock and Guendouzi as the midfield base with Cebalos and the obvious front 3 it is our best combination.

  8. Nelson is slowly integrating and the premier league is so merciless. Martinelli should be giving a trial as I believe he will do a better job than Nelson. The guy has good work rate on the wings, speed, take ons and goal threat than Nelson also he is Brazilian.

    Aubameyang is not too effective on the wings. Lacazette should play the Bergkamp role behind Aubameyang.

    Imagine a starting fully fit 11 like this.

    Martinelli… Aubameyang… Pépé

    Ceballos… Torreira… Lacazette

    Tierney… Luiz… Sokratis… Bellerin


    1. S.J “also he is Brazilian”! It is a well known fact that any player however useless he would otherwise be , if he has BRAZILIAN NATIONALITY,THEN HE IS AUTOMATICALLY A WORLD SUPERSTAR.(SARCASM!!) Or possibly NOT, at least if you are sensible.

      1. I think his point is like good defenders are from Italy, good midfielders are from Spain and good forwards are from Brazil

  9. Ceballos was immense, he reminds me of Carzola;quick feet, great in tight spaces, creative, can dribble & also tackle. Now that’s what a creative midfielder is all about. Pepe showed us a glimpse of what he can do,once he gels with his mates, it’s gona be a crazy front 3. The team needs some time to get along with one another. As long as we grind out the wins, I won’t be bothered at all with how we play. On a side note, we shouldn’t rely so much on Nelson as a starter. He’s still young but he needs to grab his chance or else he’ll be another Iwobi(God forbid).

      1. No surprise on that; Iwobi 23 yrs old 3 yrs with first team

        Nelson 19 yrs old 2nd game.

        But hey, at least you’re not biased right?

        Answer back when nelson has 149 for Arsenal 1st team and then we can compare.

    1. Ceballos, has quick feet yes, but in this game he lacked the ability to make the smart killer pass.

  10. To Phil and other Ozil admirers, what you saw of Ceballos is about all we, other fans are asking of your star man. If Ceballos can perform this way in even two-third of his games, I’m sure everyone including Phil, Sue and co (if they will admit) will be happy to see the back of Ozil.

    1. What more can I say other than it was a very impressive performance from Ceballos and he looks a very very good player.But why would you even think that because of one single game against a team that will likely finish bottom six to eight thatvi would expect Ozil to be replaced.If the Manager has any sense he will find a way to get both Ozil and Ceballos in the same line-up with PAL in front of them.But again I will say the loan signing of Ceballos gives Ozil a lot to do to ge5 game time.And that sort of competition is exactly what is needed.Time will tell if Ozil can raise his game.Iwobi obviously knew he had no chance and took the move-despite saying publicly how he relished the competition for places.Ozil has ability that has never been quest.We will now find out if he still has the desire

      1. Phil, I guess you should re-read my comment. I said IF he performs like this in just 2/3 of his games……. There was no mention that Ozil should be replaced because of a single performance.


        1. Well in that case Jon don’t you believe Emery should be sacked?After all he continued to play this “Lazy Player” with “Zero Workrate” and no “Desire”.
          When you consider all the games the Manager played Ozil it surely proves how totally incompetent Emery must be.
          And I’ve absolutely no doubt Ozil would have played and started both games if fit and available.So Lets sack Emery now.Total incompetence from a manager who just will not see what’s in front of him.
          But of course you conveniently continue to answer this don’t you?For someone with an awful lot to say about your dislike of Ozil you just don’t have an answer to this which is why you sulk off until it all goes quiet the resurface again a few days later.
          You even failed to reply to @Ken1945 with his list of numbered replies he has waited forever to get answers from you.Very typical of yourself and totally expected.
          Full of giving it out but never able to give a reasonable response whenever you are called out.

      3. Yet again Phil, you feel the need to bring Iwobi into a conversation involving Oezil. Your need to scape goat him to buffer Oezil is telling in itself. Thank goodness the poor lad is no longer at Arsenal and yet you still aim barbs at him in comparison to Oezil the ghost.
        The performance of Cabellos who plays the same no 10 role has laid Oezil’s flaws bare. Did you see his passion when he ran to the crowd to celebrate Auba’s goal? Did you notice his immediate reaction each time he gets dispossessed? Did you notice him dropping deep to receive the ball under pressure and emerging with it to lay on accurate passes?
        All he did today, Oezil could be doing but has failed to do so in the past three seasons. His quality or ability is not in doubt but his attitude, motivation and output are.

        1. I saw the game PAL and have said previously Ceballos was very very good.
          Saw Iwobi got on the bench at Everton today.Cant ever see him getting further than that can you?

      1. Yes we can. But I also found it necessary to bring this up so that you all can understand (in case you never did) what we all wanted from your sweetheart.

        1. I can’t seem to understand what your saying-You asked if myself Sue and others would be happy to see the back of Ozil if Ceballos played like he did today in 2 out of 3 games.I answered.Si what’s the problem.

        2. In case I never did?? Are you having a laugh? I read all about it on here daily! And do you know what else? A lot of the time, when people are slating him, Phil & I are mentioned – because we’re fans – I’m not interested Sparkles, we won today, played well.. Mesut wasn’t there.. just leave it at that & less of the sweetheart please….

  11. Your MOM, everybodies man of the game because he had no rival for it. If it wasn’t for the Spanish marvel we would’ve looked lacking a little bit esp for a home game, which we are usually strong in. It was a delightful performance seeing a playmaker with so much commitment and quality throughout. I really hope we get to buy him and that is coming off the back of his full debut. The man himself aside – I believe Monreal would’ve been the man of the match – if not him it’d be either Lacazette for his sheer will to get that ball over the line – or else for Auba again stepping up and making it look easy. The quality stood out in our forwards at decisive moments but Monreal was consistent throughout. Ceballos though, man that was good to see.

  12. The main issue will be finding our best starting 11 and what the bench can do to change the game when it’s tight. Nelson needs time and it showed today and the team defensive work needs to improve. No way Burnley should have had 18 shots today and that’s not just down to the centre halves. Leno does worry me at times claiming the ball but no doubt he can stop a shot. The team has talent so I think it’s now down to emery and his tactical/motivation skills. I’ve never been more confident of a top four in 3 seasons and although I’m holding my breathe if things go well in the next few games maybe in the title mix, at least for a good part of the season.

  13. Also to add, we can’t play out from the back. What’s wrong with mixing it up and playing a few long to push the opponent back. With our pace it would keep Burnley guessing and create a little more space

    1. We are rubbish at playing out from the back.It never worked last season.It won’t work this season.Burnley and Newcastle bothbpressed us high and w3 were at times making it difficult for ourselves.Emery needs to get us playing at a high tempo without all this bullshit playmaking from defenders and GK.

      1. I agree. Liverpool will eat us up if we try that nonsense again. Imagine trying to pass triangles around Firmino, Salah and Mane? It’s like playing with fire. 1 mistake 1 goal.

    1. Oh yeah. VAR will break hearts this season. Good or bad for football? Time will tell but at least it gives room to teams. They won’t feel cheated. Imagine playing against Liverpool. We score them, only for VAR to cancel their late min goal.. Liverpool 0 arsenal 1. Lol

  14. Admin, Auba scored the winning goal from the wing, he will perform well in that position, LAP will thrive, all the guys could rotate the 3 positions

    1. Sorry but we will get destroyed by Liverpool our defence just won’t be able to cope been the same problem for last 5 years and nothing has changed Burnley caused us problems so what the hell will a team like Liverpool do to us absolutely frightening!!

  15. hi gooners,wat I want u guys to see is that ur opinions concerning ceballos and ozil isn’t well balanced,while I want ozil gone for giving us useless performance for huge money,we can’t seriously compare both too much,the difference I saw in that midfield today was the speed, precision and the quick thoughts with which the ball was carried through the midfield,as much as I do not want ozil in dat team I have a feeling that if he was there today instead of willock there would have been more scoring opportunities cos ozil needs the opposition midfield separated from defense to thrive and dats wat ceballos gave us he tore their midfield from their defense but he couldn’t give dat remaining pass dat ozil is so perfect at hence the lack of more goals..dats exactly wats expected from dat tree called xhaka..can’t make a simple dribble,turns like a wheelbarrow,holds onto the ball like it’s hot lava resulting in kicking it somewhere immediately he gets it and worse of it all as slow as a snail..even though ceballos is sweet and ozil could crown it all it’s all a waste if the ozil of last season turns up again

  16. remember Cazorla gave dat to ozil,,and now ceballos can do it too,,this doesn’t take anything away from willocks performance which shows a lot of talent coupled with bravery,it’s no coincidence dat ceballos and Cazorla are Spanish and both names start with letter c…lol..guess I’m too carried away..

    1. That’s too harsh on the young lad. You’re saying so because he had been over hyped like most young British kids with potential. A few years ago Sterling could have been considered a flop as well because he didn’t have the composure to match his speed and positioning. But today, he is arguably one of the best British players of his generation after working with Pep who showed faith and taught him how to finish coolly.
      Nelson is on track but is slightly below the level Iwobi was at his age. He does have the advantage of being a better finisher at 19 than Iwobi was. But he does need to improve his risk taking and actually dribble past opposition players or try getting to the byline to get into a good crossing position.
      The problem with playing youngsters is their inconsistency at the top level until they get a bit more mature. That maturity comes with age and more game time at the top level.

  17. So what’s the excuse for ozil now guys? Cellabos showed that u can be a world class no.10 and still defend

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